Family Fun Thanksgiving Table Ideas

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Although Thanksgiving may have a serious historical backbone, this holiday is all about the family. So rather than keeping your Thanksgiving super serious, why not give it a lighthearted and quirky flair with a family fun table layout?

Get the kids involved in making turkeys out of pom-poms, get into the spirit by decorating fir-cones and make your thanksgiving table layout a literal ode to your family. After all, what is there to be more thankful for then family and friends?

Here are some of our top family fun thanksgiving table layouts that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Leaf Turkeys


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How cute are these little fellas? Turkeys are an integral part of Thanksgiving, so what better way to pop them on your dining table, than by getting the kids involves in some arts and crafts? These turkeys are made out of leaves and nuts, which also reminds the little ones about the true historical roots of Thanksgiving.

If you want to go totally gobble-dy-goop (see what I did there), make these table friends out of felt and pom poms so the kids each have one to take home and keep.

Once you have your turkeys assembled, use them as a centerpiece by dotting them along a table runner. We think they would look right at home on top of the hawthorn leaf table runner.

Pumpkin Trees


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This idea combines two quintessentially Fall elements and mushes them together in a pretty unique way! This stunning and fun concoction is relatively easy to make: all you need is fir-cones, tall glasses and faux harvest vegetables. Fill your tall glasses with lentils for an extra Autumnal touch and add a handful of twigs. Hang faux mini pumpkins off the twigs as you would Christmas baubles. Surround for an aurora of Fall veggies and a few twigs. Whether you opt for faux veggies, or the real deal, pile them high and keep them running down the center of the table for a fun statement!

Add more natural textures with the shimmery spiral place mats and top with cute, Fall-themed mugs to keep it warm and lighthearted.

Kids Coloring In Table


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If your family has a designated kids table, make that table 100% fun!! This crayon centerpiece is colorful and cute and will provide hours of entertainment for those little hands! Have the kids color in white faux pumpkins for something that is really Autumnal! Keep your poor table safe from an explosion of crayons by layering on a dark table cloth, such as our hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth.

King Blue

Buffet Table


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If you’d prefer a buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner, that doesn’t mean you can’t go all-out with a fun table layout! Simply decorate your buffet table into a fun, stylish embodiment of thanksgiving. The table above pairs yummy treats and fun embellishments to absolute perfection.

Begin by giving your table a clean stylish base by layering on a table cloth such as the ornamental embroidered table cloth. Add cute thanksgiving themed bunting along the bottom of the table and inject extra fun with vibrant pumpkins and hanging decor. Next, bake up a bunch of scrumptious desserts for something that the entire family will be thankful for.

Thankful Turkeys


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If you are looking for a way to teach your kids to not take things for granted, these ‘thankful’ turkeys are the perfect way to do so! Simply add a pair of googly eyes to a pine-cone and add a folded, kite shape piece of card for the beak. Next, get them to drawer around their hand to create a DIY turkey tail. Finally, get them to realize what they are truly grateful for by asking them to write what they are thankful for on the turkeys tail.

These cuties would look great along the Thanksgiving table runner and will make the kids feel incredibly proud of their handy work! Line the turkeys up along the jacquard floral table runner and smile at what your children are grateful for!

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Which of these table decorations would you like to try?



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