14 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Co-Workers

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but when it comes to gifting co-workers, even the most merry office worker can turn into a downright Grinch.

After all, you’ve spoken to Christina from HR about twice and from those conversations all you know is that she knows how to change a printer cartridge.

Get ready to scream ‘joy to the world’ as we bring you 14 fail-safe secret Santa gift ideas for co-workers.

1.For Anyone


(Photo source: kmart.com.au)

If your office feng shui is practically non-existent, take a literal leaf out of the book and gift your co-worker a plant. If they can’t deal with the commitment of looking after another living thing, an artificial plant is always a great idea!

2.For The Office Fashionista


This Kate Spade desktop calendar is a fantastic way to add a designer edge to your co-workers desk.

3. For The Workplace Clown


This desktop slingshot will provide giggles and entertainment for the entire office.

4. For The Intern


Fresh out of uni, your office intern will find this elephant letter organizer adorable and useful!

5. For The Office Homeowner


Whether your co-worker has owned a home for 30 years or they have just bought their first property, this table runner and place mat set will be a huge hit.

6.For The Big Boss


Give your boss a relaxing gift they can enjoy in and out of the office such as this shoulder massager.

7.For The Traveler


We all have that co-worker who seems to be jetting off somewhere exciting. This carry on cocktail kit will make their next work trip far more enjoyable!

8. For The Colorful Character

Ocean Blue

Add a bit of color to your co-workers desk by gifting this hand embroidered tissue box cover.

9. For The Techie


Tech lovers would be happy to jazz up their desk with this chic, Scandinavian speaker set.

10. The Serious One


There’s always someone in the office that seems overly serious. Pun mugs and cat-shaped paper clips will not cut it with this one, but this personalized pen holder will.

11. For The Caffeine Head


Coffee lovers will adore the festive charm of this Starbucks fireside holiday gift set.

12. For The Boho Colleague

Ocean Blue

This floral embroidered pillow cover is the perfect secret Santa gift for your hippy workmate!

13. For The Girly Girl


Is Rebecca from accounting sugar and spice and everything nice? This Lush sweet Christmas gift set will please her inner princess.

14. For The Manly Man

Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour : Lonely Planet Food Guide - Lonely Planet

He enters the office, farts and then scratches his arm pits. Lovely. Luckily, this Global Beer Guide book will please him without insulting his masculinity.

Want more gift ideas? Our range of hand embellished Indian decor will please even the most difficult colleague.

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Christmas Planning: FAQS Answered

Want to know when to start shopping or put up your Christmas decorations? This ultimate Christmas planning guide answers all those sticky common questions.

Christmas? I hear you scream in surprise. It’s the start of November!

True. But the malls are already decked out in giant snowflakes and twinkling lights, Advent calender’s are at the forefront of every grocery store in town and I swear that we heard ‘Last Christmas’ playing on the radio yesterday…

As the temperatures continue to fall and the evenings get a little frosty, we can’t help but feel a little Christmas joy every time we see a speck of tinsel or stray fairy-light.

Not sure how early is too early to start planning for the holidays? We answer the FAQs everyone wants the answers to in our Christmas planning guide…

When Should I Put Up My Christmas Decorations?


(Photo source: idolza.com)

Ah… the age old question. How early is too early? Traditionally Christmas decorations are put up on the first day of Advent, which is the 3rd of December. Despite this, many Holiday fanatics put up their decorations and tree in early-mid November.

If you’re planning on having a real tree this year, don’t buy it until December the first. Any earlier and it will have biodegraded to a pile of fallen pine needles come December 24th!

When Should I Start Christmas Shopping?


(Photo source: womensday.com)

According to time.com, 30 million American’s had already started Christmas shopping by September the 30th. Before you start panicking, we’ll let you in on an even crazier fact: 30% of American’s have not finished their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve! Eeek!

Unless you like feeling like a sheep in a meat market and elbowing your way through hundreds of unorganized husbands and boyfriends to snatch that last perfume bottle for your Mother in Law, don’t leave it until the last minute!

We recommend starting your Christmas shopping whenever you feel like it (duh). However, it’s sensible to be finished by the around the 20th to avoid the last minute Mall-panic!

If you hate crowds and rude retail staff altogether, why not do the majority of your Christmas shopping online? After all, there is far more variety. Here’s our Christmas gift guide to get you started!

Here’s some of our fave gift ideas for Mom:giftsformom

1. Paisley Wool Scarf

2. Paisley Embroidered Pillow Covers

3. Elegant Dahlia Pillow Cover

4. Hand Painted 7 Piece Table Runner and Placemat Set

5. Hand Painted Duvet Cover Set

How Much Should I Spend On Christmas Presents?


(Photo source: elledecor.com)

This one’s a little controversial. For many, the thought of buying a family member or friend a $10 gift and receiving a $50 one can be pretty embarrassing. We don’t mean to sound like your preachy Aunt here, but it honestly is the thought that counts!

For some buying expensive Christmas gifts can be too much of a financial strain and it honestly isn’t worth putting yourself and your family through hardships for the sake of a slightly better present.

Disturbingly, one in three Brits put their Christmas gift splurges on credit. American’s aren’t much better and rack up an average debt of  $986 per household. Our neighbours down under buy almost half of their Christmas gifts on credit.

At the start of your Christmas planning, set yourself a strict budget for presents and stick to it!

As a guideline, the National Retail Federation reports that the average American spends $462 on gifts for family members.

Ready to start planning your Christmas? Check out our range of stunning hand crafted Indian decor items that are perfect for gifting.



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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

After years and years of sweet marriage, it can seem like you have bought your wife every birthday gift under the sun. As her special day draws closer and closer, you begin to dread the prospect of having to buy her yet another piece of jewellery, box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers.

Before you head to the mall and pick up something she already has twenty of, I beg you to keep reading. We are about to show you some really unique birthday gift ideas for your wife.

Note to confused husband: You’re welcome!

A Personalized Perfume Experience


(Photo Source: alkaya.com)

You’ve probably bought her perfume in the past and we can bet our bottom dollar that you know her favorite scents like the back of your hand.

However, as she is special and unique, she deserves her own signature scent that is an embodiment or her and her alone.

Unique Fragrance is an online store that allows customers to make their own perfume and then design their own bottle to go alongside it. What better way to make her feel like an absolute superstar?

A DIY Tea Party Set-Up


(Photo Source: ruffledblog.com)

As little girls, we all enjoy having tea parties with our dolls and plastic cups. To celebrate your wife turning one year older, treat her to everything she needs to have her own chic, tea party.

You probably don’t know where to start, so let me help. First of all, you need a cute, retro table runner, such as our damask style table runner. This will instantly transform your indoor and outdoor table alike.


Next, you need a vintage style cup and saucer set. We recommend going for cutesy florals or polka dots. This Summertime Roses porcelain tea set is a great example.


Finally, find a beautiful spot in the great outdoors and treat her to a romantic tea party. In the forest, a park, or at the beach are all great options. You will get an A+ for effort!

THIS Nicholas Sparks Movie Pack

nicky-sparksCan you recall a time in your relationship when you wined about watching romantic movies? Well I hate to break it to you, but her birthday is all about her, so what better way to treat her than to buy her the movies she absolutely loves and you hate.

This Nicholas Sparks movie pack includes all of her lovey-dovey favorites: Message In A Bottle, Nights In Rodanthe, The Notebook and A Night To Remember.

Then treat her to a cheese board and a bottle of her favorite bubbly and get the love movies going!

Something To Uplift Her Workplace

You have bought your wife so many things for your own home that they are starting to become clutter. So why not give her something to make her workplace desk a little more uplifting?

Some fantastic ideas include a photo of you two in a beautiful frame, a plant, or even an embroidered tissue box cover.

This hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover will make her work life a little nicer when she needs it most.

Ocean Blue

Concert/Theater/Opera Tickets


(Photo Source: timeout.com)

A birthday gift that is an experience is often better than something material. Rather than giving your wife the regular flowers and chocolates, take her for a night out to the theater, opera or a concert.

The best thing about this birthday gift is that the tickets can be placed inside the card so she receives something physical on the day too.

The Perfect Little Black Dress


(Photo Source: harpersbazaar.com.au)

A little black dress is something that never goes out of style. Once a lady finds the right one, it will be at the front of her closet for years to come.

Help your wife find that perfect little black dress for her body shape. Online stores such as eShakti allow costumers to enter their measurements and have a dress specifically made for them.

Now all you have to do is figure out a sneaky way of finding out her measurements. Don’t worry: it will be worth it.

Is your wife a home decor junkie? Check out our list of home decor gift ideas.

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10 Christmas Gifts For Someone You Don’t Know Well

Christmas gift giving can sometimes be as awkward as sneezing during ‘Away In A Manger’, tripping over fairy lights or letting out a huge burp after overindulging in figgy pudding. Don’t get me wrong, seeing Granny’s face light up over that framed photograph is honestly priceless. However, Christmas gifts for someone you don’t know well can feel like one big confusing sigh.

Shopping for Christmas gifts for someone you don’t know well? Whether it’s a work colleague, a neighbor you’ve spoken to twice or the dreaded secret santa, we’ve got you covered! Here’s 10 amazing Christmas gifts for someone you don’t know well…

For Her

Scented Candles


(Photon Source: myhouseofideas.co.uk)

Unless the lady you are buying for is a vegan, scented candles are always a great idea! Opt for a Christmas-themed scent to make her festive period just a bit more special.

If you want to add something, opt for placemats to put the candle on.

Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats.

Christmas Tree Ornaments


(Photo Source: eggofnihilism.com)

A stunning Christmas tree ornament can make a great Christmas gift. Opt for a high quality and unique ornament to show that you’ve put a lot of thought into your purchase. No one dollar store nonsense!

Matching Table Linen

If you’re buying a Christmas gift for someone over the age of 23, chances are that they either rent or own a property. Although home decor is incredibly down to personal taste, opt for something plain and you are onto a winner.

Matching table is a great idea, as every home has a dining table. To prepare, try slipping home decor into your conversation. For example, next time you see Bec from marketing start talking about kitchen decor, then casually slip in ‘what color scheme is your kitchen’. If you lack all elements of being subtle, simply opt for a plain white table runner, table cloth or table runner and place mat set.

I know I’d be over the moon if I received any of these:

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

Hand embroidered 7 piece table runner and place mat set

Saree border table runner

Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are luxurious, fashionable and will keep her warm in Winter. What’s not to love? Before you go ahead and purchase a scarf, spend a week or so looking at her outfits to see her preference in colors. As much as you think this will make you look like a stalker, she will appreciate the effort!

Left to right: floral paisley silk scarfartistic print silk scarf, exotic silk scarf

For Him

Shaving Balm/ Toiletries Kits


(Photo Source: etsy.com)

Every man needs shaving balm, body wash and cologne. If he’s well groomed, he will be really appreciative of this. On the other hand, if he’s more of a bloke, it will save him from picking up any old junk next time he visits the mall.



(Photo Source: etsy.com)

With men, it’s all about the necessities and socks are certainly something every man needs! If he’s young and hip, opt for branded socks, such as Calvin Klein. If he’s a bit older and has a sense of humor, comedic socks will be a great choice. Perhaps maybe don’t opt for ‘old fart’ socks for someone you don’t know well, those are specifically reserved for Dads and Husbands!

A Laptop Brush


(Photo Source: bustle.com)

Men, no offense: you are a messy breed! Give him the gift of cleanliness this Christmas with a laptop brush. These babies will get all of the crumbs and dirty out of this laptop keyboard. Plus: he is not very likely to already own one of these.

Mind Puzzles


(Photon Source: banggood.com)

Everyone likes a challenge, so give him one this Christmas! Mind puzzles will provide hours of entertainment. Opt for small ones so that he can use them on the commute to work or during his lunch break.

Chocolate & Sweets


(Photo Source: recipehubs.com)

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If this theory is true, chocolates and sweets are always a fantastic buy. To be a little bit different, stay away from the Hersheys and opt for Belgian chocolates, whiskey truffles and something special.



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husband giving wife christmas gift

The Ultimate Wife Christmas Gift Guide

Husbands rejoice: we’ve got you covered! Our ultimate wife Christmas gift guide will guarantee a gift that the special lady in your life will absolutely love!

Although your wife may have been the love of your life for decades, knowing exactly what to buy her can be a bit of a struggle, especially if you’ve been through many Christmasses together. Cos hey, she deserves the best in life, and you are going to give it to her this Christmas!

A Secret Reading Nook


(Photo Source: dwellbeautiful.com)

If you’re other half never seems to break away from the stresses of life and get some much deserved chill-out time, it’s time for that to change! This Christmas, give your wife the gift of peace, harmony and relaxation.

But before you start panicking that we are suggesting a million dollar spa holiday, I’ll stop you in your tracks! Creating a cozy and comfortable reading nook in your home is the perfect way to show your wife that you care. Plus: the sheer effort that has gone into making this special area for her is worth just as much as diamonds.

Wait for a half hour break during Christmas day, and escape to a corner of your home that is quite and has space. Create a reading nook using an abundance of pillows and stunning wall decor. Finally, add some scented candles and lead her there blindfolded. She will have no idea what’s coming…

Get started by choosing your house’s color scheme. Then, shop from our range of stunning pillow covers.



(Clockwise from top left: hand embroidered throw pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover)

Reds & Pinks


(Clockwise from top left: paisley leaf pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover, spring garden floral pillow cover, jacquard floral pillow cover)

Neutral Tones


(Clockwise from top left: ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover).



(Clockwise from top left: solid geometric pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover, jacquard paisley pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover).

A Monthly Subscription Box


(Photo Source: allure.com)

Rather than buying her one gift at Christmas, buy her the gift that keeps on giving! A monthly subscription box will make her feel like it’s Christmas every month of the year.

Not sure what kind of subscription box she’d like. Here’s some of our favorites:

  • Scentbird monthly subscription box– For $15 a month your wife will receive a 30 day supply of new designer perfume.
  • Allure Beauty Box– A monthly dose of full and sample size make up products will please any beauty-loving wife.
  • Regular flower deliveries from The Bouqs– Flowers will make your wife feel special and this concierge service allows flowers to be delivered to your wife weekly.
  • Golden tote– A stunning tote bag full of goodies personalized specifically for your lady. This one-stop shopping spree includes clothes & accessories she is sure to love.

A Stunning Scarf

There’s something so darn romantic about the chilly weather, so why not get all ‘baby it’s cold outside’ and treat your wife to a new scarf.

Gentlemen: leave the woolies and crazy knitted scarves behind and treat her to something a bit more chic and sophisticated. A luxurious silk scarf or a soft wool scarf will allow her to feel like a total queen both indoors and outdoors. Here’s our picks:


(Clockwise from top left: stripe scarf, exotic print silk scarf, tropical floral scarf, artistic print silk scarf, mystic branches scarf, floral paisley scarf)

Personalized Jewelry


(Photo Source: etsy.com)

Chances are, you’ve already bought your other half enough jewelry to fill a small shoe box. So how do you get something that really stands out? Personalized jewelry is a fantastic way to give her something that is really heartfelt and meaningful.

No longer does personalized jewelry equate to a tacky ‘David Loves Victoria’ necklace made from pre-school plastic. As a matter of fact, many personalized pieces are discreet, on trend and timelessly beautiful.

Etsy has fantastic options, including rings with a secret message on the inside of the band, personalized cuffs and birthstone jewelry.

Matching Table Linen

If you’re wife is a home decor junkie, treat her to a stunning set of matching hand-embellished table linen. It gives her the perfect excuse to throw dinner parties!

Our hand embroidered table runner and placemat set comes in eight colors, so you’re sure to find one for her!


A Timeless Handbag

As a woman, I have to admit that I absolutely love it when my other half treats me to a new designer handbag. Although it’s always a good idea to ask her what bag she has her eye one, a surprise can work wonders too!

My advice is to keep it plain, simple and classic. After all, she wants a bag that can look amazing with absolutely everything, will never go out of style and will make her feel a million bucks.

Here’s some that are sure to be a total treat:


(Clockwise from top left: Coach, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Saint Laurent)

Happy shopping!

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