Wedding Gifts: A Guide

When it comes to weddings, buying a gift can be a big fat confusing rut surrounded by something that is otherwise beautiful. Whether the groom is your childhood best friend, or the wife is a work acquaintance, the words ‘wedding gifts’ seem to make any knowledge of that couple about as relevant as Kim Kardashian at a political conference. Trans: you could know the person like the back of your hand and still find yourself in utter confusion. How on earth are you meant to find something they don’t already own? How do you choose something they will really appreciate? And, the biggest question mark: how much dollar do you fork out?

Luckily, we are here to give you a helping hand! Read on for our guide to wedding gifts…

How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift


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Let’s start with the big one: how much do you spend on a gift. Some may say that as long as the gift is thoughtful an high quality, price isn’t really an issue. Others believe that the amount you fork out all boils down to your relationship with the bride, groom or couple. If the to-be-wedded is a close friend or relative, $75-$100 is enough to buy something really great. For a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance, $50-$75 is more than enough.

What To Get?

First things first, check if the couple have a wedding gift registry. Around 85% would prefer a gift from their registry list, so this one is sure to be a hit!

No list? No problem! Here’s our gift picks. All you have to do is choose the description that your bride and groom best fit!

The Adrenaline Junkies


Kurt and Jamie were known for taking their love to ridiculous new heights!

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This couple are out of their bloomin’ minds. Climbing mountains, high ropers courses, bungee jumping…. and we are the one’s left feeling scared! They love anything that quickens a heart beat, and if it includes heights, near-death, or great white sharks, even better!

Buy them an experience! Chances are these two aren’t all wrapped up on physical things, so why not give them some crazy memories? Sky diving, scuba diving and other crazy activities can break the bank, so opt for an experience below the $100 bracket. A jet boat ride, go-karting or watersports are all cheaper options that your adrenaline lovers will adore!

The Travelers


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This couple are …are…actually: where are they? Jokes aside, these lovers are thinking anything but babies after the big day, their eyes are all on the globe! Open minded and free spirited, this couple delve into new cultures and experiences wholeheartedly.

Buy them something that reminds them of their travels or fills them with wanderlust. Chances are, you cannot afford to buy them a trip to India (if you can, can I be your friend?) but you can bring India to their home through beautiful pieces of home decor.


Give them memories of a European Autumn with the embroidered leaf placements

Or spark wanderlust for the East with the Arabian velvet table runner.

The Luxury Lovers


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This couple are fans of all the finer things in life. Oysters, champagne and spa retreats are what they live for. Coming across as high maintenance to some, this couple are always preen, polished and proper.

Buy them a couples pampering session! If this is too pricey, luxury toiletries or fine wine are a great idea too!

The New Home Owners

Couple with keys to new home
Couple with keys to new home

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This Couple have just bought their first home! Overcome with excitement, they have this huuuge space and absolutely nothing to fill it! Bless them!

Buy them a pretty piece of decor that will add luxury and personality to their home without breaking the bank. As they’ve just forked out on a wedding, chances are they will have to scrimp on furniture. We all have to start somewhere and the gift of a table cloth will turn that ugly thrift store table into a work of art!

King Blue

This hand embroidered table cloth is an instant beautiful table without breaking the bank!

Still have no clue?

Why not opt for a matching table cloth and place mats combo? With eight stunning color to choose from, there’s one for every couple!


And if all else fails…. there’s always the option of gifting money for the honeymoon! Happy gifting!


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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For YOUR Mum

Our Mum is literally the one that we owe our whole lives to. They’ve been the ones to change our dirty nappies (ew), hold us when we’re sad and there to listen to our endless rants about our 9-5s. One things for sure, the Spice Girls’ song ‘Mama I love you’ was a complete understatement. We don’t just love our Mum’s, we love them more than anything.

With mothers day just around the corner, FYI it’s on the 8th of May (not that you forgot), it’s time to spoil our favorite ladies in our lives! If you’re struggling to find a perfect gift, turn that frown upside down! We’ve got you covered! We’ve pin-pointed five Mum types and provided the perfect gift solutions!

The Home-Maker


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She spends most of the time in the home, her palace. Whether she’s trying out a new cake recipe or sewing up some new curtains for the living room, this Mum is a real home-body at heart. So this mothers day, take her place in the kitchen and whip her up some home made baked goods. What better way to show her that she taught you well?

The Perfect Gift

She’s got her baking skills down to a tee, so why not treat her with something that will add a glamorous edge to her dinner parties? The hand embroidered place mat and table runner set comes with six place mats and one table runner, all of which are hand beaded and embroidered.


If she prefers a cottage-y vibe, this jacquard paisley table runner will add a touch of 1950s elegance to her tea parties.


The New Lease Of Life


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Since you and your siblings have moved out, your Mum metaphorically screamed ‘freedom’ and has reverted back to a younger state of mind ever since. She seems to have acquired a travel list way longer than yours and is ticking them off pretty fast in her retired bliss. She is commonly found partying with backpackers in Thailand a third of her age and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. You spend your days waiting for that fearful moment when she announces she is about to sky dive, then cringe on the inside at how much braver and cooler she is than you. Mum: You’re crazy!

The Perfect Gift

Chances are, you’re not going to be booking her that skydive anytime soon! Instead, indulge in her wanderlust with exotic printed cushion covers. Whether these beauties bring back warm memories of Morocco, or simply inspire her to take a trip there, she will love them.

Exotic oriental pillow cover


Velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

The Nostalgic


(Photo Source:

Her most-used phrases include ‘back in my day’ and ‘when I was younger’. Although it’s 2016, and she’s in her mid sixties, her heart will always belong to the Sixties; the days of her youth! When you turn on the radio, her response is always ‘is this that Justin Beibers?’ and she wouldn’t know who Beyonce and Jay Z were if they stood in front of her and did the macerana. Despite this, the world is waay too fast paced and you adore her old-age attitude and outlook on life. Plus: Boho is so on trend right now!

The Perfect Gift

Embrace her era and get her some suitably hippy-ish home decor pieces to add to her home. The exotic oriental table runner will bring about memories of peace and Woodstock, whilst the solid geometric pillow cover is so Mod, that it could have been seen in Twiggy’s house!

The Mother Earth


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Sunshine is like oxygen for your Mum! As soon as there’s a glimpse of rays in the sky, she’ out in the garden with a weeding bucket and a watering can! Her weekends are spent embracing natures beauty on long hikes or trips to castles and national parks. She is like a living, breathing encyclopedia of local flora and fauna and the question ‘what flower is this?’ is often met with a lengthy explanation of facts and figures. She is an embodiment of mother earth an the world would truly be a greater place if more people treated the planet like she did.

The Perfect Gift

This floral pillow cover will make a perfect addition to your mothers outdoor seating area. The neutral tones will ensure it can easily migrate to the indoor areas during the Winter too.

Although Spring may be filled with rays of sunshine, the chill has not quite completely gone away yet. Let your Mum enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style by treating her to the floral pure wool scarf.

The Youngster


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When you hear the phrase ‘down with the kids’, your stomach turns a little. This phrase was basically made for your Mum. Known by your friends as ‘the life and soul of the party’, your Mum lives for having a good time and often tries to infiltrate your friendship group like she’s ‘one of the girls.’ Your friends love her. Between the shots, life advice and brunches, they see a woman who really knows the definition of a good time. And you’re thankful that she’s this way, she’s a best friend, a Mum and a party pal rolled into one Superwoman.

The Perfect Gift

Let’s be honest, your Mum is one stylish lady! No matter what her home decor theme, these minimalist shimmering spiral placemats would be an on-trend and fashionable addition to her kitchen.


The boho trend is still all the rage! Help your Mum to embrace this trend in an age-appropriate manner with the exotic silk scarf.

Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers! Without you, the world would probably stop turning!

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5 Cheap Winter Date Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, our wallets might as well scream shut in fear when it comes to date nights. Although free dates may bring to mind long Summer walks and trips to the beach, the sun doesn’t have to be shining for a great, bargain date night!

Read on for five date night ideas, that will keep your wallet and your relationship happy…

The DIY Massage

Young couple in bedroom, woman massaging man, smiling

If an exotic holiday is out of your reach, why not bring the warmth of the East to the bedroom with a DIY couples massage? They say what goes around comes around and this date idea is all about sharing. So give what you get so both of you can benefit.

Spa owner Aubrey Rodgers states that “A couples massage is a wonderful gift to share with each other. Not only will it strengthen the bond between a couple, it can reduce stress for both the giver and the recipient’ (Source:

Ready to have some good old fashioned bonding time. Let’s start by setting the scene…

To automatically turn your abode into a resort-style massage centre, begin by injecting an Eastern vibe by laying the ornamental embroidered tablecloth on your carpet or massage table.

Turn up the comfort by dotting around cushions for your partner to rest on. Embellish with exotic oriental pillow covers to bring the relaxing zen of the East to your home.

Scented candles are a must! Scientists at the University of Maryland have found that the scent of lavender reduces stress, insomnia and anxiety. (Source: And there’s us thinking that lavender was for grannies!

And what about the massage itself? If you don’t have a clue where to start, massage masters at recommend these tips for beginners:

  1. Don’t push too hard. Although you do want to apply enough pressure to feel the muscles under the skin.
  2. Work slowly in even strokes.
  3. Avoid bones and joints- ouch!

Check out this beginners massage tutorial below:

Story Board Your Dream Home


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When a friend of mine for told me that her partner and her has spent their evenings story  boarding, I thought she was mad. After a few days, I reaized that Pinterest was no where near as couple-y as the physical thing, I decided that story boarding was the way to go.

So turn up the fire, put the hot chocolate on and grab a piece of A2 paper, a whole bunch of magazines, catalogs and your laptop (with printer).

The beauty of this date night idea is all in the fantasy. Even if you can’t afford that crazy, palace-like living room you just designed, it’s something to aim for. If you’re decorating your home, story boarding is also a great way to ensure there is an element of cohesion through your abode.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Divide your piece of paper into 4 sections (for bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Begin looking through magazines together and browsing the net, cutting out and sticking all the home inspo material you are drawn to as a couple.
  • If you’re stuck, why not check out our range of duvet cover sets to get you started. After all, you spend approximately a third of your life in your bed.

When you have finished, you will have a fabulous idea of your taste as a couple. Plus: you will have had an awesome time embracing your inner child by cutting and sticking. Adult coloring in is so last year!

Ice Skating


(Photo Sourcee:

As Jack Frost comes to town, outdoor ice skating rinks will inevitably start popping up all around the Northern Hemisphere. And is just me or is there something so romantic about iceskating outdoors? So take your partners hand and skate the night away beneath the stars and twinkling Christmas lights.

The most important thing? Snuggle up! Our statement bohemian scarves are a fashionable and practical addition to your date night look. After all, being cold is seriously not fun!

Not sure where to find your nearest rink? Luckily, I’ve done all the work for you! Simply click your country below:

Try Out A New Recipe Together

Playful young couple in their kitchen.

Cooking as a couple is good for more than your tastebuds. Relationship guru Dr John Grey discovered that couples that cook together are significantly more satisfied in all areas of their relationship than those that don’t. (Source: So on your next date night, why not create something really satisfying together?

Try and re-create that oh-so-amazing dish you had on your last vacation, or even search the internet for some exotic new dish that neither of you have ever tried.

You could even celebrate your new creation by throwing a themed dinner party. Why not celebrate your new Eastern dish by decorating your table with our hand embroidered seven piece table runner and place mat set? Invite over your friends or indulge in your senses alone with a few flickering candles.



Unless you live in a cave, you will know that yoga is the new ‘in thing’ when it comes to benefiting your health. Linda McGrath, founder of Yoga Source states that ‘On a psychological level, yoga helps to cultivate mindfulness by shifting your awareness to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that accompany a given pose or exercise.’ (Source:

The first step to creating a relaxed being is to fill your home with the luscious and vibrant prints of Yoga’s Indian origin. Check out this piece on how to give your bedroom a quick makeover. Or for an instant Indian flair, try hanging the hand embroidered table cloth on your wall. With hand-crafted Indian embroidery, be sure that you are getting the real deal!

Once your home is filled with Zen, pop on a yoga tutorial and give it a go. Hey; if you both suck, at least you can giggle about each 0thers ‘tree poses’.

Happy date night!

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5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Travel Lover

We all have that friend/relative who seems to have a passport constantly glued to their hand. Whether they’re hiking in the Himalayas or cruising round the Greek Island’s, they eat, drink and breathe wanderlust.

As they touch base for the festive period, they bring with them tales of places unknown, a trillion photographs and a sack full of souvenirs. So what are you supposed to place under the Christmas tree for them? Read on for the ultimate gift guide for the wanderluster…

The Embroidered Table Cloth

If you can’t buy them a trip around the world, why not buy them something that brings that trip to their home?

This stunning hand embroidered table cloth injects an air of wanderlust into any kitchen. With a vibrant Paisley design that brings vibes of Morocco, India and Aboriginal Australia alike, your wanderluster friend can dream about lands far-far-away every meal time!


(Photo Source:

If their walls need a quick update, this stunning design can also be mounted on the wall to make a bohemian wall hanging! It ticks all the boho-trend boxes and is sure to add some much needed warmth to the Winter chill!

A Statement Scarf

If you thought scarves were just for keeping the chill at bay, think again. Here’s how a scarf could be a beneficial gift to your travel-loving friend:


(Photo Source:

A scarf can be used as a cute beach cover-up to keep sunburn at bay. The tropical floral scarf is the perfect gift for any beach babe!


(Photo Source:

Scarves can be used to snuggle up in during a flight. The pure wool print animal scarf is 100% wool. SUPER COSY!

neutral on neutral-summer

Above: Wearing the abstract floral wool scarf

A scarf acts as a quick and easy shoulder cover-up when visiting Mosque’s, Temples and places of worship.


(Photo source:

A scarf makes a cute addition to a backpack and makes it easier to find in that hostel back pack mound! With the artistic print silk scarf, her bag is bound to stand out for all the right reasons!


(Photo Source:

Last, but certainly not least, a scarf is a stylish, boho injection to any outfit! Traveling is all about embracing that on-trend nomadic vibe. Plus: It takes up ZERO space in their backpack! You can’t get more fashionably bohemian than the exotic silk scarf!

Foreign Currency


(Photo Source:

Know where they’re headed to next? A great and thoughtful gift idea is to give them some foreign currency. It show’s your interested in their adventures and ensures they have that little bit of cash tucked away for necessities when they get there. If their itinerary is a total mystery to you, travelers cheques may be a better choice!

A Cushion/Throw Pillow Cover

What better way to remind them of their epic travels than with a decorated cushion cover? With various prints and colors, you are sure to find one that will give them sweet dreams of their travels! Check out my guide below….


watphoBlack & Gold

(Photo Source:

The hand brocade pillow cover will bring back memories of the stunning architecture of Wat Pho.



(Photo Source:

This floral embroidered pillow cover perfectly captures the bustling vibrancy of a Marrakesh market.



(Photo Source:

The ornamental embroidered pillow cover is very reminiscent of Indigenous Australian art.



(Photo Source:

Nothing says The Netherlands tulips like the Jacquard Damask Pillow Cover.

Boho Print Place Mats

A set of stunning bohemian print place mats gives your loved one the perfect excuse to invite friends round to show them holiday snaps.

They could show off their newly acquired Asian cooking skills with the Saree Border place mats:


Alternatively, they can echo the sophisticated vibe they felt in Europe with the two tone place mats:


Now sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the travel tales these presents bring out…

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Unique Birthday Gifts Everyone Will Love

There’s no escaping it – birthdays are going to happen! Whether it’s your birthday, or someone you know, there comes a time when you’re going to have to spend some time looking for a gift they will love. Anyone can take the easy route and purchase a gift card, but if you’re someone who really likes to go the extra mile, but can’t seem to come up with a special gift for your friend or loved one, take at look at some ideas we have to make this birthday a special one for anyone.

Lipsticks and Nail Polish

Let’s be honest here – which girl doesn’t love beauty products like lipstick and nail polish? If the person your buying for is a beauty fanatic, or just doesn’t have time to pick out new shades of each, gifting her a few new lipsticks and nail polishes is the perfect gift that can be used by most women.

beauty products

photo credit: Glamour

Yoga Mat

Do you have a male or female friend that enjoys yoga? Well, there’s a gift idea for you! Yoga can be a pricey thing, front the Lululemon attire to the proper yoga mat. Why not spend a few dollars and buy a nice, new yoga mat? We can assure you that your friend will greatly appreciate it and get a lot of use out of it.

Yoga Mat

photo credit: Yoga Mat Review

Open Knit Sweater

An open knit sweat is a great gift for a male or a female. Why? Well, let’s be honest, can you ever have too many sweaters? We don’t know about you, but especially when the fall season comes around, we will take all the sweaters we can get.

open knit

photo credit: The Style Spy

Fleece PJ Pants

Another great gift for a male or a female are a great pair or fleece PJ pants. Especially for the colder weather months, there’s nothing more exciting then opening up a fresh new pair of flannel pajama pants. They are comfortable, warm, and everyone likes them and can use them!


photo credit: Fleece PJ Pants


Last, but certainly not least, we love giving scarves as gifts to our friends. Especially those friends who love fashion. Take this Exotic Silk Scarf for example, which is perfect for matching with your elegant, casual, formal, and everyday outfit. This vibrant silk scarf is a wonderful addition to enhance your formal or elegant outfit to achieve a casual or trendy look.

Exotic Silk Scarf


What are some of your gift ideas for a birthday? Tell us in the comments below!

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