Give Your Tables a Run for Their Money: Tips to Getting More Creative with Table Runners

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Imagine your favorite shirt or dress. What makes it your favorite? Is it the fabric, cut, or texture? Or is it the fact that that particular article of clothing is versatile enough to be dressed up or down for different occasions? You may find yourself wanting to agree to all the questions posed, which is completely fine! Likewise, when it comes to decorative table linens, you want to be able to use them in a variety of ways that will compliment virtually any occasion that you can dream up. Table runners don’t have to be limited to just your dining room table. So today, we want to inspire you to start thinking of some new and out-of-the-box ways to use table runners!


Housewarming Gifts

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Finding out that your friends have just purchased a new home or became new homeowners is most certainly something to celebrate. If you find that you have been invited to their housewarming but not quite sure what would be a purposeful gift, an elegant hand-painted table runner would be the perfect touch. For housewarming gifts, it’s best to give items that will be beneficial to the general upkeep of the house, but we also believe that it’s even more beneficial to include gifts that will spruce up the decorative aspects of their home as well. After all, everyone secretly wants their home to resemble a page out of Better Homes and Gardens!


Make Your Dining Room Table Jealous

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There are other furniture items in house that may need a little extra loving. Sometimes you need to take a quick survey of what other décor could be boosted throughout your lovely abode. Maybe you have some furniture that seems a little bland but you decided to look past that because you know you won’t be able to find a piece like that anywhere else. Or perhaps that bland furniture fits perfectly with the layout of your room and switching it out for something else may completely kill the flow. Whatever the case may be within your reasoning of keeping plain furniture, you can always keep it right where it is and add a little something to it that will transform the entire room or area! Livening up your living room or even bedroom with luxurious table runners for dressers, bookcases, coffee tables and the like will create great contrast with an exciting burst of culture!


Out with the Old, In with the New..DIY!

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Are you itching to take matters into your own hands? If you have some cool fabric and other random décor items laying around your house that could serve a much better purpose in your home, why not start brainstorming ideas to craft together your very own designer table runner? Not only will you be creating your own custom design straight from your own creative prowess that can potentially turn into designs used for social events, but you will also be reducing the amount of dust accumulation in your home from unused (and sometimes forgotten) knick-knacks. How’s that for a good spring cleaning?

Whichever directions you are thinking about going in, remember to always find keep it fresh and interesting!

Banarsi Designs

Banarsi Designs

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