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Just like events, gift-giving is a very abundant part of life that will never fade. As a matter of fact, they go hand in hand! Picking out a gift for someone and sharing it with them is the best symbol of your token of appreciation. You may have probably figured out by now that gift-giving can be quite the skill to attain if you find yourself invited to many events and milestones. It’s not as simple as you may think! Big chain businesses make a ton of money on mass producing typical gifts that they expect consumers to buy for numerous occasions, which results in gift-giving becoming a little generic. Why not focus on beautifying their home for a change? After all, home is where the heart is. Today, we want to give you some gift ideas that will set you apart from the rest!


Company Parties

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If you are in the corporate world, you are aware that you spend most of your day with your coworkers and colleagues. Add that up and you’re spending a significant amount of hours per week with them throughout the entire year. When you’ve been at a job for a good amount of time, it’s only natural that you become comfortable and form relationships with the team you got hired into. A good job usually has corporate events that are designed to strengthen the relationships between workers in order to accomplish the common goal. Events like Employee Appreciation Day, award ceremonies, and holiday parties are among the most popular. If you’re tired of the meager selections you‘re forced to choose from at regular stores, try checking out some hand-painted placemat sets! People generally enjoy gifts that will provide great function, multiple uses and long-lasting protection against wear and tear. Giving your fellow colleague the gift of a deluxe placemat set will make them cherish it even more!



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Admit it. The celebration of the day you officially united with your significant other is just as important as the actual day! If this wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t find yourself sweating and making sure you remember to get something extra special to commemorate. As the years that you’ve been together start accumulating, you want to make sure that you keep things fresh and lively. Husbands, the regular flower arrangement gift may be getting a little stale. Wives, his watch collection is probably overflowing by now. Try surprising each other with something different by considering an embroidered 7-piece duvet cover set with a matching 5-piece placemat set to accompany it. These sets are sure to add some much needed zest into your bedroom!


Birthday Parties

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We saved the best for last! Birthday parties provide the ultimate opportunity for unique gift-giving. You are helping to ring in another year of life with your loved ones. With all that goes on in the world, this is definitely something to celebrate! Birthday parties are one of the most popular events known to be completely customizable according to the individual’s creativity. That means that they can go all out! You can go all out with your gifts as will, but again, you want to think about functionality when it comes to giving something of value. No one wants a ton of stuff that they really have no purpose for but to collect dust and take up space. The simplest things can really help transform even the smallest of spaces. Initially, it may sound crazy to give your tissue box a makeover, but you’d be surprised in what can create eyesores in the overall look of a room. Choosing a decorative tissue box cover as a gift to give is a great way to show genuine care for the décor of their home.

Gift giving really doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Putting a little more thought into what you give really makes a difference in the way your gift is cherished. Before you go, here’s a little insider. If you’re looking for more gift idea examples, click here!

Banarsi Designs

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