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Is it just me or is Winter seeming to last forever this year? Hey Mother Nature: We are so over freezing down to our bones, bring on the rays!

With balmy, Mediterranean breezes and famous sunshine-filled days, Greece is certainly where we would rather be! If flights are out of the question, why not give your house a little Grecian lift?

After all, Greece is famous for it’s decadent marble pillars, bright white hill top homes and classic Mediterranean decor. The Greeks really know their stuff when it comes to interior design, so let’s jump on their brick-filled bandwagon and give our homes some Mediterranean charm!



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Ah… Santorini! This tumbling hill of white stone houses set against the stunning, blue Aegean Sea is the dictionary definition of paradise. If the real deal is a little out of your reach, bring this European paradise into your home with this idyllic blue and white patterned decor. I personally promise that it will give you that Summer feeling!


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To transform your living room into this bright and breezy resort, you need to invest in a few key pieces in snorkel blue, one of the biggest color trends for 2016. Color moguls Pantone describe it as ‘happy and energetic’. It seems the Greeks were onto something!

For the chance to relax in your own paradise, begin by transforming your seat cushions by layering them with the ornamental embroidered table cloth in blue. Next, add some Grecian comfort with printed blue and white cushions. We love the print on the damask floral pillow cover: so Mediterranean!

Jacquard floral pillow cover

Damask throw pillow cover

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Finally, inject some more oceanic colors with a sea-toned table. Don’t fret! You don’t have to invest in a new piece of furniture; we don’t all have Bill Gate’s bank account! Simply adorn your table with the hand painted floral table cloth in ocean blue.

With Spring approaching, what better time to inject a sense of Santorini into your outdoor area? Take inspiration from the islands traditional cave houses with an array of greenery and homely cushions.


Dot your outdoor area or porch with potted greenery to create a more believable Mediterranean landscape. Invest in a round wooden coffee table; perfect for hosting brunches! Then add a cosy edge with lime, stone-blue and neutral cushions. These can add comfort to your bench, chairs or even a brick ledge or wall! To copy the true Santorinian color scheme, invest in these cushions:

Solid geometric pillow cover


Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Hand brocade pillow cover

All you need to do now is invite the neighbors round (Togas optional)!



(Photo Source: mykonosblu.com)

Mykonos is where the young folk go to party! This tourist hot spot is all about the beaches, with sea-front bars pumping out tunes 24/7.  And what comes with such a vibrant nightlife? Top notch restaurants!


(Photo Source: littlebalilove.com)

Can you get more quintessential Greek than this restaurant? With wall paintings of classic Greek architecture and table layouts that resemble the countries flag, this decor makes you literally smell the halloumi!

If you are looking for an excuse to hold a Greek dinner party, why not take a decor leaf out of this restaurants book? Let’s start by giving our table a Greek makeover! Embellish your table with a plain white table cloth, then lay the hand painted deluxe floral table runner in king blue along the center.

Alternatively, dot your guests places with the two tone embroidered place mats in blue; so Greek!



(Photo Source: bbc.co.uk)

When it comes to architecture, you can’t really beat Athens for inspiration. The Acropolis of Athens, with its marble columns and intricate textures, makes us want to turn our home in a neutral, minimal paradise. Luckily, for inspirations sake, this Athens townhouse, designed by Ese Studio, has already done so. Get ready to recreate!


(Photo Source: designmup.blogspot.com)

To give your tables a neutral edge, top them with the shimmering spiral place mats in gold. If you can’t afford brand new marble tables (and who can?) you can try topping your table with marble slabs or even marble coasters. This gives your table an instant air of Grecian luxury.

Top your sofa with some cushions in pale beige and highlight with two statement cushions in a darker shade. We recommend the exotic oriental pillow cover in coffee brown.

Keep your furniture neutral and invest in natural wood tables and storage vessels. This neutral look is one that you will never grow old of!

Are you loving this quintessentially Greek decor as much as we are? Which one is your dream home? Let us know in the comments below…

Rachel Holliday

Rachel Holliday

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