Hot Christmas VS Cold Christmas: The Differences

Six years ago I would have spent my Christmas day glued in front of the fireplace, hot chocolate in hand, thanking my lucky stars that we had central heating. This Christmas, I will be stood in front of an air conditioner, my makeup melted halfway down my face, wondering if its possible to get sun burn through a closed window.

This year marks my fourth Australian Christmas, having been born and raised in North East England, a hot Christmas is something that my English blood can’t seem to comprehend. As I sit in the aircon with the tropical Aussie sun blaring through my window, I’m here to bring you a first hand comparison of how hot and cold Christmasses really differ.

It’s time for the ultimate battle… hot Christmas vs Cold Christmas. Who will take the festive crown?

**Insert wrestling ring dinging here**

The Weather


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You’ve got to love Australia and it’s topsy-turvyness in comparison to the rest of the world! Whilst Europe and America are shivering in their boots, the sun is blazing as we head into a hot hot Summer down under. So what exactly does this mean for Christmas?

First of all, the quintessential Christmas uniform of hats, scarves and coats is completely thrown out of the window! Despite this, houses are still decorated with snowflakes, icicles and Santa pulling a sleigh. I have to admit that I still have to hold back my laughter every time that I see this.

I often bicker with my other half (who is an Aussie) about how unrealistic their Christmas is.  He counter-argues that Australian weather is more realistic than a ‘European Christmas’ because Jesus was born in a desert. Mind blown.

Confused? Join the club!

The verdict:

Cold: Do you wanna build a snow man?


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Hot: Do you wanna go for a swim man?


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Where We Spend Christmas Day

For Europeans and Americans, Christmas Day is most likely spent inside near a warm open fire. The family gather round dressed in their finest Winter knits and sip on mulled wine to beat the chill.

In Australia, many people spend their Christmas day in the great outdoors or on the beach. Although the ‘Australian beach Christmas’ is a major stereotype, a lot of families hibernate indoors with the air conditioning on full blast. Sure, this may not be a glamorous as the Bondi beach stereotype, but it’s 40 degrees celcius outside!

The verdict…

Cold: Oh the fire is so delightful…


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Hot: Crack up the aircon!


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Christmas Decor

I hate to break it to you, but here in Australia we have pretty much the same Christmas decor as you do in the Northern Hemisphere. Yep, ridiculously enough, this includes Winter animals and sleighs. Even more ridiculous is the amount of snowflake decorations we have when we can’t even keep the iceblocks in our Coca Colas frozen!

Although there are many similarities between Australian and European Christmas decor, the Summer setting gives Australian’s the excuse to give their Christmas a bohemian, beach-y edge.

Even if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, add some boho Summer sunshine to your decor with our gorgeous pieces!

The saree border table runner is great to add a bohemian, yet festive vibe to any Christmas dining table.

Above: Floral embroidered pillow cover and jacquard floral pillow cover.

Use contrasting red and blue pillow covers to add a little bit of the beachy Christmas down under to your living room.

The Verdict….

Hot Christmas


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Cold Christmas


Yep: really.


Santa here is pretty much the same as he is in Europe and America; he wears the red and white coat and pants, has that crazy beard and mutters ‘ho ho ho’. Lots of depictions of Santa in Australia show him driving a sleigh with his reindeers. Guess he must land his sleigh in the desert…

However, a hilariously Ozzie depiction of Santa also exists! In this depiction, his sleigh is been pulled by six white kangaroos. This idea even has it’s own Christmas song called ‘Six White Boomers.’

My favorite depiction of Australian St Nick is him on a surf board! This cool dude is being pulled by dolphins and is rocking some red board shorts.

The verdict…

Hot: Santa & His Reindeer


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Cold: Six White Boomers


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So I guess you’re wondering which is better; a hot Christmas or a cold Christmas? To be honest, you can’t beat a cold and snowy Christmas. But this is probably just my English blood talking!


Rachel Holliday

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