How To Add A Moroccan Flair To Your Home

With the Winter approaching fast, the last thing you want to do is re-enact the dull, dark weather in your home decor. To add a spark of sunshine that is guaranteed to make you feel at least twenty degrees warmer, why not deck out your home in a Moroccan get up?

If you thought that Moroccan meant bright colored walls and carpets, think again! You can create a Marrakesh wonderland in any home; all you need is a few clever accessories. As a matter of fact, most classic Moroccan styles combine neutral, stone-like structures with accents of color, texture and pattern.

Want to visit Marrakesh but can’t afford the plane ticket? Read on for my top tips on how to add a Moroccan flair to your home…

The Bedroom


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Got that inner-child that screams Princess? Let her out in a classy and chic way with this rich, pink and purple Moroccan paradise. Begin by topping your bed with a vibrant pink or purple duvet cover. The hand painted duvet set in purple features a hand embroidered design that is more than perfect for this feminine set-up.

Next, it’s time to inject a little Princess into your bed head. A statement Moroccan tapestry with metallic accents will truly give your room that royal treatment. The hand painted floral tablecloth will make a vibrant and sturdy wall tapestry.

What a palace be without statement drapery? We recommend hanging the solid color scarf in fuchsia firmly above your bed head.

As for your night table, give it a Moroccan makeover with a statement place mat. Try the saree border place mat for a little Eastern injection,


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For a more earthy and neutral Moroccan vibe, keep you bedding neutral, but detailed. The Hand embroidered duvet set in beige echoes the stone-like colors of classic Moroccan architecture, whilst adding a modern flair through it’s stunning embroidered detailing.

If you own a four poster bed stick to this stone palette when it comes to fabric draping. The rich, regal vibes of Marrakesh are all down to the accessories! Juxtapose your stone-hued duvet with a patterned throw in deep ocher and red tones. The hand painted floral table cloth in rustic orange will compliment wooden furniture perfectly.

Take these rich burnt orange tones and compliment them in two pattern pillow covers. Both the damask throw pillow cover and the exotic oriental pillow cover have undeniable Moroccan vibes.

For your third pillow, opt for a rich, metallic tone, such as the elegant dahlia pillow cover in silver. This will work wonderfully with any metal accents you decide to add to your decor.

Finally, add some metal hanging lanterns and you will truly feel the balmy warmth of Marrakesh.

The Living Room


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If you have a beat up old sofa that is waay too expensive to replace, a little Moroccan makeover might be just what your living room needs. Begin by highlighting your sofa with a fabric runner, the Arabian velvet table runner will add instant luxury to your sofa.

Make your living room a comfort haven by adding six or more colorful cushions. The more colors and prints, the merrier! The hand embroidered brocade pillow case and paisley leaf pillow case will bring the color of a Marrakesh market right to your couch!

Add a touch of metal with decorative trays, flower vases and lanterns.

The Bathroom


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This dreamy bathroom looks like the inside of a genie’s lamp! Although we can’t magically guarantee you star-dotted ceilings and turret-shaped details, we can help you inject that little bit of Moroccan magic into your bathroom.

Firstly, swap your dowdy bath mat for a lush, bohemian print rug. It may not be as absorbent, but it certainly looks a million dollars!

Add fresh flowers and tall candles around your sink. For extra trend-points, add burnished silver accessories.

Take a vibrant piece of purple fabric and hang is a cascade from a corner of the bathroom. This solid color scarf will work a treat and is only $12!

Use outdoor fairy lights (as they are waterproof) along your ceiling as an easy cheat for this star-dotted effect. Add a few hanging lanterns and poof! You are officially in the genies lamp!

For an ultra-easy injection of Marrakech, try adding one of our hand decorated tissue box covers.

The Kitchen


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A Moroccan-esque kitchen is the perfect excuse to cook up Moroccan cuisine every night! Mmmm! To make your kitchen a cultural experience, simply change your table decor!

Bring the bright hues of the Marrakesh markets home with the hand embroidered table cloth. To re-create this vibrant, floral effect, top your tablecloth with the deluxe floral table runner.

Now; sit back relax and enjoy! You can practically smell the Moroccan food…

No matter how you decide to inject Morocco into your home decor, one things for sure; it’ll keep you warm throughout the long winter! Who needs a plane ticket?

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