How To Do Statement Wallpaper The Right Way

Statement wallpaper is back! But before you go ahead and pop all sorts of retro prints on every single wall of your abode, listen up. Statement wallpaper needs to be approached with caution.

If styled the wrong way, statement wallpaper can make your home appear cluttered, uncohesive and more dated than the back of your Nan’s attic.

However, when styled with class, statement wallpaper can add a fun, unique and uplifting edge to your home.

Here’s our guide on how to do statement wallpaper the right way…

Contrast With White


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Very vibrant wallpapers are the most fun, as this stunning palm print shows. Surprisingly, they are also the easiest to style.

When plastering your walls with a very brash print, keep everything else simple.

This tropical themed bedroom is a prime example of how to nail printed wallpaper. The white bedding and wooden table are simple, uncluttered and plain. The low-lying bed also ensures that the harsh print doesn’t make the room look too swamped.

However, all-plain, all-white everything is about as fun as a trip to the dentists. Keep it playful by adding fun accents in colors that appear in the wallpaper. This toucan cushion compliments the wallpaper and overall theme of the bedroom perfectly.

Enhance Less Occurring Colors


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Print clashing with statement wallpaper can be trickier than parking a car in a blindfold. The general rule of thumb is: find a color that is less occurring in the print and enhance it with a simple print.

This geometric bench highlights the pink of the flamingos in the wallpaper perfectly.

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Do a fancy clash with a simple print. The jacquard paisley table runner is a simple print to enhance underlying tones in any printed wallpaper.

Go For Monochrome


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When in doubt, go for monochrome! The absence of color in black and white decor is a sure-fire way to avoid any unsightly clashes.

Keep the furniture in block black or white sections to ensure that the wallpaper really stands out.

We adore the combination of the retro printed wallpaper and modern matte black vanity in this bathroom.

The rounded mirror also enhances the stunning print.

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Compliment monochrome statement wallpaper with white or black accessories.


Solid geometric pillow covers and hand embroidered table runner

Create Layers


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In theory, floral wallpaper, a blue sofa and printed pillow covers sounds far too much. However, as this photo proves, it’s all about how you style it.

To add interest to statement wallpaper without overpowering it, think of your living room as having layers. If you wish to add other detailed items such as multiple colors or prints, ensure that there is a block color in-between.

This living room cleverly layers a blue sofa in front of the floral wall, then adds extra color and pattern through printed pillow covers.

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Pink, brown and yellow pillow covers really enhance this blue sofa.

YellowCoffee Brown

Damask throw pillow cover, hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

Try Bohemian Vibes


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If you love statement wallpaper and prints and patterns in all their glory, boho decor may be your home’s calling!

The best aspect of bohemian decor is that you can mix and match as many prints as your heart desires. However, it pays to have a method to the madness.

Notice how the floor of this living room is mainly orange toned, whereas the walls and sofa are gree-blue toned? This color chunking technique ensures that the room doesn’t look too crowded or messy.

The orange printed pillow covers ensure that the hues of the floor are complimented at eye level.

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Orange, turquoise and brown hues seamlessly blend the statement colors of this living room.

GoldOcean BlueSilver

Vibrant floral throw pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover

Combine Scandi Prints With Pops Of Color


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Monochrome Scandinavian prints are some of the easiest to embrace in your home!

Add vibrant pops of colorful furniture to make the room truly come alive. Keep the rest neutral and the result will be stunning!

Combine Retro Prints & Soft Hues


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With retro floral prints comes images of country cottages, shabby chic and all things vintage.

Embrace these quintessential elements by pairing retro floral wallpaper with soft and demure tones and textures.

As the stunning bedroom above proves, the colors don’t necessarily have to appear in the print itself. However, keep your base tones beige and it will look effortlessly vintage chic.

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Demure baby blue and beige will compliment country floral statement wallpaper beautifully.


Hand painted duvet cover set, paisley embroidered pillow cover

Embrace Opulence


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Nothing was ever too much for Marie Antoinette! Embrace regal opulence and team statement wallpaper with lavish and luxurious details.

Chandeliers, embroidery, draping and 3d florals will add to the opulence of any printed wallpaper in a demure palette.

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Compliment the hues of your wallpaper with lavish embroidered details.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

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