How To Style Citrus Tones In Your Home

Ah…citrus tones, you are like vegemite: we either love you or hate you. Punchy oranges, vibrant chartreuse and loud lime may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are beautiful ways to style these colors in your home without it looking like you live in a pack of highlighter pens.

Let’s call these colors our under-rated, little secret. Although they are not necessarily the most popular choice in home decor, if used in small quantities and styled in a certain way, they can produce an absolutely stunning effect!

Today we show you a plethora of bright and beautiful decor inspiration and show you how to style citrus tones in your home.

A Slight Splash Of Chartreuse


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This room is a baby steps introduction into citrus colors. A monochrome and wood palette is a stunning backdrop for pops of beautiful chartreuse. The chartreuse pillows really reflect the foliage on the bedroom balcony and give the room an instant fresh feel. The neutral patterned rug and blanket juxtapose this crisp freshness stunningly, and give more of a vintage, homely vibe to the room.

The placement of the chartreuse embellishments is incredibly important. If you look at the photo, you will see that the chartreuse items are all at the same height, this ensures it looks streamlined, rather than messy.

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Nautical Orange


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Who knew storage areas could actually be a feature of your house? Although orange is a color that many fear when it comes to home decor, this storage area has gone all-out clementine! The result? Something surprisingly classy, Summer-y and nautical!

The beauty of this area is due to the clever combinations of colors. Icy mint is laid against sizzling orange walls, then is brought back down to earth by the addition of red, pink and yellow tones. Keeping this room to a very nautical theme by using seaside ‘props’ such as anchors, wicker baskets and ship wheels, ensures all of these crazy colors run together smoothly. Then there’s that very clever rug, which has a pattern that contains all the colors in the decor. Smart stuff!

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Golden OrangeOcean Blue


Lemon & Gray


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Lemon and gray go together like lemons and pancakes! There is something so beautiful in the contrast between something very dull and something very vibrant! Can you imagine the living room above without yellow? It would be no where near as stylish! The pops of yellow in the artwork, cushions and table may be small in quantity, but they really give this room a ‘mod’ element.

Proving that other detailed elements can indeed be used with citrus colors, this decor cleverly brings in monochrome and grey scale prints to make it really retro chic! This room still looks classy and polished due to the large quantities of wood, white, grey and black. The decor has also been kept detailed and colorful solely around the sofa area. This ensures it doesn’t look to ‘busy’ and avoids any unsightly clashes.

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Vibrant Bohemian


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Before I saw this living room, I never ever would have thought that a bright yellow sofa could look good. Enter the color clashers best friend: bohemian. Rather than adding citrus tones, this living room has toned down the bright yellow sofa by adding a plethora of bohemian Aztec prints. The printed cushions and complimented by an aqua cushion, which is, indeed, on the exact opposite side of the color wheel to the yellow. This marvelous clash, alongside the mish-mash of random textures is what makes this room quintessentially boho. In some ways, bohemian decor has no rules!

This color explosion remains stunning due to the plain,white walls, oaky floors and rustic, wooden furniture. Although this much color may not be the easiest look to pull off, if done right, it is undeniably gorgeous.

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Are you a fan of citrus? Have I managed to convert you? Let me know in the comments below…



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