How To Throw The Perfect Bollywood Party

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just an excuse to have fun, a Bollywood party provides the ultimate experience! Whisk your guests away to a divine alternate world of stunning color, delectable food and fun activities.

So you’ve bought a Saree, you’ve watched some Bollywood films, but how exactly do you throw a Bollywood party?

Here’s our top tips on throwing the ultimate Bollywood party that is bound blow your guests away!

The Decor

When in India, decorate as the Indian’s would.

It’s all well and good inviting your friends over for a ‘Bollywood’ party but when they walk into your plain, old living room, they aren’t exactly going to get into the Spirit!

Grab some Paisley prints, embrace bold colors and turn your home into an Indian extravaganza!

Outdoor Bollywood Banquet

With Spring underway and Summer looming like a jolly ray of sunshine in the close distance, an outdoor Bollywood party will certainly impress your guests.


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If you have a conservatory or marquee, this would be perfect. If not, simply find a shady spot in your garden or patio, and create this wonderful floor banquet.

For the low table, we recommend using wooden blocks or crates. If you are hosting the party in your garden, hang chiffon fabrics off the trees to create this stunning ‘curtain’ effect.

You Will Need

At Banarsi Designs, we have everything you need to put together this quintessentially Indian floor banquet. We suggest…

For the floor:

4 x hand painted floral table cloths

Exotic oriental pillow covers, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover


For the table:

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

Ocean Blue

Exotic oriental table runner

Sit Down Dinner

For this Bollywood party decor, we are taking inspiration directly from India itself. This purple-hued wedding banquet is a fantastic idea for parties of any size.


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To recreate, adorn your table with the hand embroidered round table cloth. If you have a long, or random shaped, dining table, simply highlight the table’s center with the hand embroidered table runner.

Mystic BlackBeige

Compliment the fabrics purple hue by using plates in gold or copper. Add a further element of contrast by topping each plate with vibrant, turquoise napkins. Our hand embroidered place mat and runner set would be a wonderful addition.

Next, add to the regal vibes by adding two glass vases with purple orchids. Finish with sparkling crystal wine glasses.

Lounge Area


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Your living room is the easiest room to transform into a Bollywood wonderland. Why? All it takes is a few printed cushion covers to completely place it in Bollywood territory.

For this set-up, we recommend opting for bright, warm hued cushions, and adding a few cool, blue-hued ones for contrast.

Ocean BlueBlack & GoldGold

Floral embroidered pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, vibrant floral throw pillow cover.

If your sofa still looks more Hollywood than Bollywood, add a printed table runner to liven it up a little.

The Menu


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Tasty, Indian cuisine is one of the best parts of a Bollywood party! But with so much to choose from, where exactly do you start?

We recommend having a few starters, platters that allow your guests to taste some classic Indian bites. We recommend samosas, bajis, poppadoms, raita and tikki chaat.

For the main course, cook up a variety of mild and spicy options. Those with more sensitive taste buds will enjoy creamier concoctions such as butter chicken and chicken korma.

But there’s a dare devil at every party! And Indian food is food that can be super fun. Get the guys together and see who can handle the hottest curry. The burning Phall Curry contains the eye-watering habanera chilli; who will be brave enough to give it a go?

The Costume


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Ladies: it’s time to embrace the rainbow! Those who are feeling more daring can bare all in an embroidered crop top and pants combo. Layer over a chiffon scarf or wrap to keep it more modest.

If you’re planning on indulging in party food, opt for a classic Saree, or silk, paisley print dress.

Been invited to a last minute Bollywood party? Simply throw on a paisley print scarf and some chunky gold jewellery.

More is more when it comes to nailing Bollywood, so go for giant gold cuffs, coin necklaces, gold hairbands and huge earrings.


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Gentlemen: Go for long white shirts, white pants and embroidered waist coats. If you can’t find a waist coat, use a gold-embellished or printed fabric strip and tie around your white shirt at the waist.


A party without games or activities would practically be a funeral. Luckily, the Bollywood theme lends itself perfectly to some unique and hilarious party games.

If you and your buddies are knowledgeable about Bollywood, why not try a Bollywood-themed charades. Totally clueless? Go for a Bollywood dance off! Simply show dance clips from Bollywood movies and see who can nail it.

Henna painting is another fun idea for the more artistic party-goers.

Now all that’s left to say is:पार्टी!! (PARTY!!)

After more party ideas? These dinner party themes are sure to impress your guests!


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