How To Use Table Centerpieces In Your Dining Room Decor

Table centerpieces are often the cornerstone of a gorgeous dining room decor scheme, because this provides a focal point and helps set the mood and tone for the rest of the decor. You often will want to choose your table centerpiece before you choose placemats, tablecloths, dishes and silverware because you’ll want to coordinate it all with your centerpiece rather than vice versa. It becomes much more difficult to find table centerpieces that match placemats and dish sets than it is to do the reverse. Here’s how to use table centerpieces in your dining room to give it an ultra luxurious, finished look.

Gorgeous Table Decor

Always Have A Table Runner Or Tablecloth

A centerpiece on a bare table just doesn’t look right. It doesn’t have that “polished” look, and often will look unfinished, as though it’s missing something. Even if you have a placemat set, you’ll still want to use a tablecloth underneath the centerpiece, or a table runner. The table linens are the first thing you want to coordinate with your centerpiece, so choose something with corresponding or complementary colors. If your linens are going to stay on throughout the season or even all year, make sure you choose high end table linens from quality materials like casino online france dupion silk. Hand beading or embroidery details can add an extra special touch!

Center Your Placemats Around The Centerpiece

Placemats are the next thing you want to coordinate with your centerpiece, but try to look for a complementary color instead of the same color your tablecloth is. You want to create the multi-color “layered” look, as it is richer and has more depth than a monochromatic scheme where the tablecloth and the placemats are the same color. However, if you do prefer the “one color” look, opt for a table runner and placemat set that is sold together. This will give you the uniformity you’re looking for.

Finish With Dishes

Many people keep a nice set of dishes on their dining room tables for display, removing them and replacing them with everyday dishes when the table is being used. While not in use, the nicer dishes provide the finishing touch that brings the entire table together. Again, do not select dishes in the same color as your table linens, or even a shade that is too close. You want your dishes to stand out from your linens. For example, if you have selected a table centerpiece in autumn colors such as burgundy, gold, brown and deep orange, you might choose a tablecloth in a rich golden color, placemats in brown and dishes in burgundy and orange. Use your creativity here to create the color scheme that best complements your home and personality!

Table centerpieces and an overall “pulled together” or polished dining room table look can mean the difference between mediocre home decor and a luxury look. When you use the right pieces, you can achieve the look you want and give your home the “Wow” factor that will have guests talking!

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