Inside Chris Hemsworth’s Byron Bay Beach-side Home

When it comes to celebrities, there is only a rare handful that both you and your other half admire. Gushes about certain celebrities are often met with a huff-puff and an eye roll by our men, but there are some celebs that our other halves can actually handle. Chris Hemsworth is totally one of them! For men, Thor= total goals! And as for us ladies, whats not to, ahem, enjoy about Chris Hemsworth?

Today, I am taking a break from oogling the hunky Chris Hemsworth himself, and am instead drooling over his new beach side abode. Having recently relocated to the hipster surf town with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and their three children, from Malibu, Chris has wasted no time transforming his new $7 million home into a bohemian beach palace!

With a slightly rustic vibe, bohemian decor and those sea views, I’m literally about to pack my bags and head to Byron Bay! But before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a closer look behind the closed doors of this hotties home and see how we can recreate this look in our own home. After all, if we can’t have Chris Hemsworth, at least we can have his decor style!


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This rustic decor looks like it could easily be in a modern Moroccan apartment, but that glimpse of aqua surf could only be in Australia! The high-shine woodwork is a beautiful contrast to the more undone elements of this semi-outdoor room. Color is added through the pops of vibrant crimson in the seating. Though red and stripes combined would normally equate to nautical, the rainbow of colors in this sofa and the satin-like texture gives it more of a bohemian vibe.

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Dot your sofa with our vibrantly printed pillow covers for the perfect balance of nautical and bohemian.

Solid geometric pillow cover

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Loving the striped effect of this sofa? Simply cover your sofa’s back cushion with our stripe scarf for an almost identical look.

Alternatively, the Arabian velvet table runner would really give your sofa some boho edge! This hippyish design is so Byron Bay!


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Hows this for feng shui friendly? This naturally-lit living room contains so much Vitamin D, that you are practically outside! Adhering to the ancient practice of feng shui, the sofas are placed along the wall. Although the beige-y tone may seem a little dated, it’s brought truly into the modern bohemian trend with striped and floral cushions. The Moroccan inspired rug adheres to the shabby boho vibe perfectly, whilst the fresh bouquets of tropical blooms keep it looking fresh and polished.

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This hand painted table runner would make a perfect addition to any table for a little rustic boho injection. Use it as a rug too for a double whammy!

Striped and floral cushions are the perfect way to uplift a dowdy, old Sofa; Hemsworth style!

Jacquard floral pillow cover

Velvet hand embroidered pillow cover

The Hemsworth’s home is dotted with accents of sunny yellow. Top the modern squares table cloth with a vase of tropical flowers for a similar look.




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If you’re an early riser, I can’t imagine a more perfect bedroom for you! Just image those sunrises over the sea! Honeycomb wooden flooring and furniture contrast beautiful with terracotta beams and window panels. Once again, all color comes from the decor. This vibrant, checked duvet cover is cute, timeless and summery. And is that another Moroccan style rug we see there peeping in the corner?

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With metallic hues and an oh-so-boho print, this exotic oriental table runner would make a perfect rug or table runner on a wooden floor or table.

If your wooden surfaces are a looking a little worse for wear, pop on a shimmering spiral place mat and guests will be none the wiser!



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This balcony is literally the size of our living room! Despite its largeness, the Hemsworth’s have kept it pretty minimal with a few chairs and some potted plants. I guess that with a view like that, you’d want to enjoy it!

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Red is the perfect pal for your wooden balcony. Dot your outdoor chairs with some of our red cushions for a warming and exotic look.

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Exotic oriental pillow cover


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A luscious lagoon pool is sandwiched in-between outdoor, Balinese style, pergolas! We can’t imagine a more relaxing place to call out home. Plus, how many times a day would you see Thor sans clothes? Exactly.

And…just to make your day that tiny bit better, here’s a shirtless Chris wandering the beach! (I suggest you bookmark this for future bad days!)


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Ah… aren’t we just the best?

What do you think of Chris Hemsworth’s multi million dollar home?



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