Inspired By The Best Hotels Around The World

Do the hotels on your bucket list seem a bit, ahem, out of your reach? Don’t worry I’m in the same boat and I’ve come up with a solution. Instead of spending a years wages on one night in that dream hotel, why not bring that dream hotel to your home for a teeny fraction of the price?

Here’s our favorite hotel rooms from around the world and how to re-create them in your home…

The St Regis, New York

You can’t get more glamorous than the St Regis. Located in the Big Apple’s trendy district of Manhattan, the hotel describes its vibe as ‘sophistication meets downtown chic.’


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In a partnership with iconic jewellery brand ‘Tiffany’, the Tiffany suite in the St Regis looks like you have stepped into a magical land in a Tiffany’s jewellery box. With sparkling chandelliers and a giant engagement ring console, guests are expected to fork out a whopping $8,500 a night. Ouch! Luckily, with our home decor hacks, you can bring the sheer glamour of the Tiffany suite to your very own home.

For an elegant silver touch in a leaf print, opt for the damask throw pillow covers and jacquard floral pillow covers.

Give your tables a sparkling makeover by topping them with the hand embroidered table runner and placemat set.

If diamonds aren’t always a girls best friend, why not opt for another designer-inspired suite? The Dior suite takes inspiration from the brands Parisian ateliers and consists of the brands classic soothing and neutral palette.


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The classy element of this suite lies in the hints of warm tones among the cool grey palette. The burnt orange cushions add a warming, yet soothing element. Re-create this effect in your home with the exotic oriental pillow covers in golden orange.

Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island, Australia

Located on a private beach on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Qualia has seen more than its fair share of celebrities. And who can blame them? Although the views of the turquoise waters may be impossible to recreate, the minimal decor is rather easy.


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Clean, crisp and nautical decor makes up this beach-side wonder. To add a little nautical hint to your bed, opt for a stripe scarf as a bed runner. The stripe scarf in green is what nautical dreams are made of.

Add some wooden brown tones to your white or cream bedding with the solid geometric pillow cover in gold.

Now add an arty beach portrait to your wall, turn on some oceanic sound effects and pretend you are in paradise.

Viceroy, The Maldives

Costing a whopping $1,500 a night, this private villa includes a master bedroom that leads to an outdoor shower and a hot tub set amongst a lush, tropical garden. **Sighs**

Although our bank balance won’t let us have a few nights here, it certainly can stretch to give our home decor a little injection of the Maldives.


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The neutral palette of this private villa reminds us of a soft seashell on a bed of white sand. To recreate this soft and fresh look, top your sofa with four gently patterned, yet neutral cushions. The jacquard paisley pillow covers would make a lovely choice.

Next, highlight your cushions with a soft blue cushion as a center piece, such as the ornamental embroidered pillow cover.


Keep your bedding neutral with cream sheets and inject some snugness with a grey fleece throw. The key to making this look work is simplicity, so make sure to clear your home of all that clutter!


The Ritz, Paris

The ultimate European destination has just been refurbished! But with Palace-like interiors and a magnificent attention to detail, rest assured that it still gets the prize for France’s swankiest joint.

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Hello: Marie Antoinette called and said that she wanted her palace back! Jokes aside, how regal can one hotel room be? Luckily, you can the Princess of your very own Palace with a few, quick, DIY tips!

For this jacquard print, golden bed, begin with a gold-hued, silky quilt set with metallic flecks. At just $180, the hand embroidered duvet set is fit for royalty; and you can sleep in it every night!

For an extra royal injection, the hand embroidered brocade pillow covers have the same regal feel as the Ritz’s top suite.

The golden decor of The Ritz is broken up with regal pops of serene pinks and deep purples. The vibrant rug at the bed’s foot adds a certain air of Middle Eastern royalty, which adds a playful edge to the quintessentially European, Romantic-era decor.

To add this air, simply take the hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth and place on the floor at the foot of the bed.

And voila! Your palace is complete!

Which hotel decor will you be copying? Either way, it’s sure to bring you that holiday feeling all year round!

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