Instantly Improve Your Home Office With These Tips

If you’re reading this, I can assume that your home office isn’t exactly the Google headquarters. Whether your home office is old, unstylish, or just dull, all it takes is a few nifty hacks to completely transform it into an inspiring haven.

On a budget? This post was made for you. Read on to see the simple and thrifty tips that will instantly transform your office…

Add Motivational Artwork


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A motivational piece of art or quote canvas may be all that it takes to give your office that trendy kick. For the best effect, choose a quote that really motivates you and place it smack bang above your desk.

Turn Your Filing Cabinet Into A Chalk Board


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A dated filing cabinet alone can be enough to make you want to press the snooze button on your alarm clock. So how do you stay organised and add a fun edge to your office decor?

The answer: chalk board paint. Paint your filing cabinet and you have a multi-purpose office filing cabinet and chalk board to jot down any important thoughts. Plus, there is something so effortlessly chic about matte black.

Makeover Your Office Chair


An ergonomic office chair can set you back a whopping $300, so you want to get as much use out of it as possible.

If your old office chair still does the job, but is looking a little worn out, give it a much-needed makeover! I took my office chair from battered to beautiful by covering it with the hand painted floral table runner and exotic oriental pillow covers.

Voila! An on-trend, ergonomic office chair without even picking up a needle!

Mason Jar Storage


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Throw those dowdy pencil cases and ‘stationary stations’ in the bin, you’re not in elementary school anymore!’

Instead, grab some mason jars and spray paint rose gold and pastel tones. Fill with stationary and flowers to make a useful storage area that is pretty too!

Create A ‘Feature Block’

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Forget a feature wall, this office decor idea will only cost you a tiny can of paint! Uplift a white or cream office by painting the area behind  your desk a vibrant and uplifting hue.

It’s important to take the psychology of colors into consideration here. Yellow is known to have an energizing effect, whereas purple is perfect for sparking creativity in writers or artists.

Add Comfort & Color With Printed Pillow Covers


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Although Scandinavian Minimalism may be the leading trend for home offices right now, clean and colorless can be about as inspiring as blank paper. What do you do with blank paper? You add color!

Rather than faffing around with paints, simply add a vibrant printed pillow color to your office chair for an instant makeover. Team it with a complimentary canvas print for happy office vibes.

We Love


From left: floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard floral pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

Go For Greenery


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Plants will, quite literally, put the life back into your office!

As well as making stylish decor accents, live greenery also makes the air in your office cleaner and oxygen is a must when it comes to brain power!

If your home office is near a window, opt for an air purifier, such as a broadleaf lady palm or a spider plant. Those with an office not near a window should opt for cacti and succulents.

Add A Peg Board


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An office is all about efficiency, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly! A peg board is a fantastic storage facility and is great for notices, stationary and inspiration. Best of all, it looks amazing too!

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