Laundry Room Ideas That Are So Chic

Laundry room and chic aren’t exactly known for being synonymous. As a matter of fact, our laundry rooms can often consist of dirty piles of clothes, strewn boxes of laundry powder and a whole lot of junk that we can’t seem to find a home for.

It’s time to turn this room from blah to beautiful! These gorgeous laundry room ideas will make you actually want to take your guests through the laundry room as they enter and exit the house!

Let’s make the laundry room the room we no longer want to avoid!

For The Tiny Laundry Room

laundry room idea for small room

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If you’re laundry room is little more than a cupboard, don’t fret! Having a chic laundry room doesn’t mean it has to be the size of Texas!

The tiny, yet stylish laundry room above packs a whole lot of function into a small space without looking cluttered. This is a fantastic example of making the most of the length of the room.

When using numerous shelves and stacking white goods, keep the decor clean and minimal to ensure it doesn’t look cluttered. This white and wood combo looks neat and tidy.

If you do wish to add a little print or color, do so by hanging an ironing board on a side wall. This ensures it’s functional as well as stylish.

The Navy Bohemian

navy bohemian laundry room
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Who knew that a laundrette could look so darn nautical and boho? Rather than leaving your washer and dryer bare and boring, build a small structure to put them under. This is great for neatly storing washing powder and another goods too.

We often place the ugliest and cheapest sinks that we can find in our laundry rooms, however, this laundrette makes us really re-think our choices. A navy sink with matte gold hard wear makes doing menial chores seem just that little bit more glam.

The room is topped off perfectly with a wooden shelf, hanging plant and stunning, contrasting boho rug. Add some boho chic to your laundrette with our hand painted deluxe floral table runner.

Rustic Orange

For The Pet Lover

laundry room with dog bed
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We love our fur babies, but litter trays and dog beds aren’t exactly gonna make our house look like The Ritz! The laundry room is often where our furry friends sleep, so what better way to make them feel at home than to build their amenities into your laundrette?

This little fella above is loving his new hideaway! Best of all, you don’t need to be a tradesman to do this yourself. Simply take the door out of one of the kitchen cabinets and add his dog bed!

This set up is fantastic for anyone who is refurbishing their kitchen and wishes to reuse their old cabinets. Simply paint them the same color as your washer and dryer and you’re ready to go.

Add color to this neutral set up with statement pots and ornaments. Then compliment this color by using a printed table cloth on your floor.

P.S. Does this dog seriously have this own private shower?
laundry room with cat bed and feeder
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Cat parents, rejoice! We have found somewhere that litter tray will not be an eye soar! Place a double shelf in between your washer and dryer. Place the cat food on the top level and the litter tray on the bottom.

To make the cats area look glamorous, add a place mat under the feeding area. Our Saree border place mat is great for all neutral decor.

Alternatively, opt for a matching set to use under the litter tray and the feeding station, such as our placemat and table runner set.

Cute & Clean

clean minimal chic laundry room
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If this isn’t the definition of a chic laundry room, we don’t know what is! The best part of this design is that it’s relatively simple to recreate.

Begin by adding a wooden shelf on top of your washer and dryer. Add cupboards and shelves and then finish by attaching a clothes rail for those freshly washed linens!

Finally, add cute touches such as shabby chic laundry baskets, faux roses and vintage jars.

Rustic Touches

rustic industrial laundry room
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Here’s one for the thrift shop lovers! Although this laundry room may not be as clean and neat as the others, it still has that stylish charm that makes us want to recreate it!

Metal shelves and hangers give it an industrial edge, whilst floral print rugs and woven basks place it into rustic territory.

To ensure your laundrette doesn’t look overly cluttered, keep it neutral and add a few statement colors and prints. Add one of our printed table runners to add a pretty, vintage edge to this room.

Ocean Blue

From left: jacquard paisley table runner, exotic oriental table runner, ornamental blossom table runner

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