Orange Home Decor That Is Surprisingly Chic

All too often, orange home decor brings about images of tacky, Seventies-style decor, the inside of Spongebob’s pineapple, and nothing much in between.

Surprisingly, orange home decor, if styled correctly, can add a spicy, Summer edge to your home. Our fave ways to style orange? Bohemian, clashed with pastels and as a color pop.

Don’t believe us? Read on for some stunning orange home decor that will have you seriously craving some tangerine…

Clash That Neutral


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Pastel greys and light, dusky blues look surprisingly beautiful clashed against vibrant orange.

For an easy hack to improve your home decor in under an hour,  simply take an old display cabinet and give it a little makeover. Paint the inside of the cabinet a Summery tangerine and paint the front or outer of the cabinet a pale blue/gray. Now that’s a happy clash!

Home Decor Hack

Want to try before you buy? Before you get that paintbrush out, try layering the Saree border table runner or floral paisley placemats against your cabinet for an instant stunning clash.

Golden OrangeOrange

Pop It!


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If the thought of orange alone is enough to make minimalist you run to the hills, try starting off small.

A neutral home consisting of white’s, creams and beiges can be given an instant lift with a cheeky color pop.

For example, this neutral bedroom is given a tropical edge with a simple orange throw and a handful of blue, floral pillow covers.

In short, it’s an easy and non-permanent way to switch up your bedroom decor for Summer.

Get The Look

Blue and orange are at the opposite ends of the color wheel, making them a stunning contrast. Add the Saree border table runner to the end of your bed and embellish the head with two elegant dahlia pillow covers.

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From The East


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Orange and bohemian will always go together like strawberries and cream. Add an abundance of Indian hand embellished pieces, warm pinks and hanging lanterns into the mix, and it truly feels like your home has been transported to somewhere more exotic.

When decorating orange home decor to a bohemian theme, opt for detailed pieces with embellishments, patterns and quirky details. Style with other warm-hued pieces and don’t be afraid to add one or two statement cool-hued accessories in there to really mix things up.

Bohemian styling is all about being random, but aesthetically pleasing.

Get The Look

If you want to add an easy bohemian edge to your sofa without breaking the bank, printed scarves are a great way to add that soft and whimsical texture. We recommend the solid color scarves in fuchsia and orange.

Next, add a variety of embellished cushion covers in warm, Summer-y hues.

SilverGoldGoldCoffee Brown

Above: Exotic Oriental pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Cute & Nautical


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Doesn’t this just scream Summer? Rather than the standard navy and white nautical decor, this orange home decor set-up is like an eclectic cocktail of sunshine-drenched memories.

The orange wall is beautifully compliments with orange and red printed pillow covers, aqua accessories and a classic nautical navy and white striped towel.

Get The Look

This one is all about balancing those gorgeous printed cushions!

Ocean BlueOrange

Floral embroidered pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover, jacquard paisley pillow cover

Home Decor Hack

Keep the details to the wall! Try the orange purple clash in your home by hanging up two table runners. The Saree border table runner in orange and the hand embroidered table runner in purple would look incredible.

Golden Orange

The Frida Kahlo


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This stunning artistic, bohemian home could have easily belonged to Frida Kahlo.

Exotic wall art, vintage plates, and a folk, patterned tablecloth make this look thrift-store chic in all the right ways.

To recreate this orange decor look, opt for pieces that are as artisan and unique as possible. If you have a talent for painting, why not paint your own wall with a folklore print?

Home Decor Hack

For those of us who are the antithesis of Picasso, hanging a printed table runner is a fantastic way to cheat! Frida Kahlo would certainly approve of the jacquard floral table runner.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Add a beautiful hand-painted finishing touch with the hand painted floral round table cloth.

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