Top Home Decor Colors For 2016

When it comes to freshening up your home decor vibe, you can never be too far ahead. Although Christmas may just be around the corner, we find ourselves wondering what colors we will be coveting in our home next Spring.

If only we had some sort of home decor weather man? Enter Pantone, the ‘Color Institute’, whose sole mission is to find out what colors will be the next big thing. It’s safe to say that these guys know their maroon from their burgundy!

Let’s take a look at Pantone’s top ten color picks for 2016. Let’s get the Spring makeover started…

Rose Quartz


One of the two of Pantone’s ‘colors of the year’, Rose Quartz is a soft, warm rosy shade that ‘coveys compassion and a sense of exposure. Pastel and warm with the slightest edge of cool, Rose Quartz is sure to inject some Spring sunshine into your home.

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Add a soft air of romance to your bedroom with this stunning, rose-quartz hued pillow cover. The combination of the zen paisley prints and this compassionate tone will guarantee you a great night’s sleep.


Spring garden floral pillow cover

Peach Echo


(Photo Source:

Our obsession with coral takes a turn to the peachy side. ‘Peach echo’ keeps the tropical sizzle of past seasons’ coral tones, whilst bringing in toned-down feminine edge. Pantone describes this shade as ‘warm and accessible.’

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A peachy, table runner will look stunning a wooden table. The gold accents add a beautiful, exotic contrast, whilst remaining faithful to the hues Summery vibes.

Exotic Oriental Table Runner



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If lilac and duck-egg blue had a baby, it would be serenity. This tranquil shade is Pantone’s second ‘color of the year.’ Through pairing this shade with ‘Serenity’, Pantone wanted to represent the shift of gender roles and the move towards a gender-less society. This shade is fabulous way to add blue to your home without it appearing cold.

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The contrast of warm of cool tones in this table has a truly serene effect. Exotic paisley prints and hand-embroidered details will truly take you to a palace far far away.

Luxurious Artistry Table Runner

Snorkel Blue


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This is everything nautical encompassed in one color. Bright, positive and summery, I need some Snorkel Blue in my life, pronto!

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Tribal meets nautical; this stunning cushion could act like a little slice of vacation on your sofa.


Ornamental embroidered pillow cover

Snorkel blue is perfect with neutral tones. These striped place mats take the nautical vibe to a new level.

Sophisticated Two Tone Placemats


(Photo Source:

Buttercup takes us to days filled of sunshine and fields of daffodils. Pantone included this vibrant hue to contrast with many of the calmer tones in the selection.

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If you’ve never had anything yellow in your home, why not bring the Sunshine indoors with printed yellow pillow covers?

Jacquard Paisley Pillow Cover

Limpet Shell


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Somewhere between the hues of the tropical ocean and the Summer skies lies ‘Limpet Shell’. Another of Pantone’s tranquil shade, this shade is certainly turquoise’s softer sister. Inject lashings of this refreshing shade into your home to transform any dull and aging rooms.

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Never have a boring meal again by topping your table with a ‘Limpet Shell’ table cloth.

Oriental Embroidered Table Cover


Blue may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of a new shade for your bedroom, but this shade may just change our mind!

Hand Painted 7 Piece Duvet Cover Set

Lilac Gray


(Photo Source:

Less girly than lilac, but more feminine than gray, the aptly named ‘Lilac Gray’ is the neutral shade to add to your home next season.

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Lilac grey and white are a match made in heaven! Bring this stunning combo to your living room with these retro patterned pillow covers.

Jacquard Floral Pillow Cover

Damask Throw Pillow Cover



(Photo Source:

Is it just me, or does even the name of this saucy shade transport you to some sort of Spanish party? A rich red with a slight hint of coral, ‘Fiesta’ has all of the vibrance of red without the loudness of its Scarlett and Fire Engine counterparts. One things for sure: it will make your home look lively!

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An exotic hue is made for exotic food! Bring the Mediterranean fiesta come with a paisley printed table runner.

Jacquard Paisley Table Runner

The shade takes us to a more Eastern destination when combined with border prints and hand embroidery.

Hand Painted Deluxe Accent Pillow Cover
As this hue is softer than many other reds, it will not look overly brash! These floral-dotted placemats need a pina colada on them pronto!

Tropical Floral Placemats

Iced Coffee


(Photo Source:

Our obsession with coffee has reached a whole new level! Pantone describes this tone as ‘trans-seasonal’ and with it’s cool, coffee hues, we couldn’t agree more!

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Contrast with vibrant tones in your home for a stunning effect. This pillow cover is the perfect example of how stunning this can look!

Floral Embroidered Pillow Cover


Green Flash


(Photo Source:

This demure green shade represents ‘nature’s persistent influence in urban environments.’ It is certainly a more neutral shade than more vibrant green tones, but it still carries an air of Spring about it.

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We personally think that this shade was made for the kitchen. This table runner and placemat set is literally Spring!

Hand Embroidered Placemat and Table Runner Set

Take this shade to the orient with bamboo-hued place mats. Pass the wasabi, please?

Elegant Colorblock Placemats

Which is your favorite Spring 2015 shade?


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