Pet Home Decor Hacks That Dog & Cat Owners Will Love

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These pet home decor hacks are the answer to every cat or dog owners prayers.

Anyone who has ever owned a furry friend will know that it’s hard to incorporate their needs into our homes without having to sacrifice on style.

From hidden litter trays, to cat hammocks, here’s the pet home decor hacks that dog and cat owners will love…

Pet Home Decor Hacks For Dog Lovers


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This nautical style dog bed is so darn adorable, that I’d be tempted to crawl in there myself and have a nap!

This old chest of drawers has been truly transformed into a treasure. I bet my bottom dollar that the most spoiled dog in the world sleeps in here.

Yep: it’s pretty much nicer than my entire living room…

If you fancy turning your dog into some sort of pirate and re-creating this captain bed, opt for rustic blue hues, with pops of bright red. Finish with nautical printed pillow covers and sailor style wallpaper.

Solid geometric pillow cover

DIY Dog Crate Bunk Bed


Whether you are beginning to crate train your puppy, or have a dog who loves to chill out in his crate, this next hack is for you!

A crate, which is essentially a large cage, isn’t exactly appealing to look at. I turned my crate into a bohemian-style bunk bed by covering the top with two table runners. I then added the exotic oriental pillow covers to ensure it blended seamlessly into my decor.

Artie loves sleeping up here above his best friend!

Rustic Orange

Above: Jacquard leaf table runner, hand painted deluxe floral table runner, exotic Oriental pillow cover.

Under Stair Dog House


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Are you the lucky owner of an under-stairs closet? It’s time to clear out all the junk and turn it into a built-in dog house!

This means that toys, dog bits and bobs, and of course your buddy himself can dwell in one neat, organized corner of the house.

Pet Home Decor Hacks For Cat Lovers

What Litter Tray?


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Cat litter trays are about as aesthetically pleasing as a punch in the retina. Luckily, there are ways to hide Salem’s, ahem business, from those who visit your home.

A fantastic way to hide a litter box, is to put it under a table. Next, add a funky curtain to hide the tray. I love the way that the above design has incorporated scratching posts into the table legs too.

If you have zero sewing skills, or simply want to keep your table intact, grab a printed table runner and drape off the end of the table until it is just above ground level.

What litter box?

Cat Condo


(Photo Source:

This old drawer set, turned cat condo is a fabulous example of how pet home decor can be aesthetically pleasing and purposeful!

Rather than throwing away this old draw set, this crafty pet owner removed some drawers and turned the remainder into a multi-purpose cat decor piece. The best part? It’s a litter tray hider and a bed all in one! Plus, it has oodles of rustic charm.

Under-Chair Hammock


(Photo Source:

As a crazy-cat lady in the making, I can honestly say that I am doing this!

The dinner table is a place for everyone, so surely that includes your furry pals? Thanks to these creative hammocks, your cats can have a place at the dinner table too!

Cat Tree & Bed


(Photo Source:

Got any old milk or vegetable crates lying around? Grab some white paint and some nails and create this oh-so-adorable cat tree and bed.

To ensure it fits in with your home decor theme, adorn the top with a printed pillow cover. The hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover adds perfectly to the shabby boho vibes.

Cactus Scratching Post


(Photo Source:

Thought cat scratchers had to be as ugly as the back end of a camel? Think again!

This DIY cat cactus, or catcus (sorry, had to), adds all the beautiful bohemian vibes to your abode, whilst giving your feline friend a place to sharpen his claws.

Head over to Buzzfeed for the DIY tutorial.

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