7 Blue Living Rooms That Will Life Your Spirits

As juxtapositional as it sounds, blue living rooms are a fantastic way to embrace the Summer spirit in your home.

Blue (adjective): “depressed in spirits; dejected; melancholy”.

In linguistic terms, “blue” is often associated with low moods. In terms of color and it’s effects on the spirit and emotions, this definition couldn’t be more contradictory.

Often compared to the serene hues of the ocean, blue brings about wonderful daydreams of long, sunshine-drenched Summer days, exotic holidays and enough vitamin d to make your face seamlessly melt into a Cheshire Cat grin.

With the Summer solstice upon us, it’s time to uplift your living room and inject that irresistible Summer spirit.

Here’s 7 blue living rooms that are sure to lift your spirits…

Clean & Blue


(Photo source: pinterest.com)

This soft conglomeration of gray, navy and steel blue fabrics is about as laid back as blue living rooms get.

Add cool-hued, industrial, wooden furniture into the mix and it becomes something modern, clean and versatile.

Also, is that pendant light some sort of hanger? We need this!!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Keep it cool and steel-hued, and avoid ruddy or overly warm woods at all costs.


Solid geometric pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

Classic Greenery


(Photo Source: potterybarn.co.uk)

There is something so stunning about pops of kelly green next to bold zaffre!

To keep it looking streamlines, opt for a color palette of predominately blue and  off-white, then add adornments of green with effortlessly placed accessories.

The inspiration photo above beautifully utilizes vintage-inspired furniture and prints to add further detail to the set up.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

If you don’t want to invest in a giant rug or carpet, add a clever retro pop with the damask elegant table runner.  A floral, green cushion, such as the jacquard floral pillow cover will add that green hue whilst adhering to the theme.


Warm Meets Cool


(Photo Source: bhg.com)

This living room proves that blue and coral are a love affair that may just work. The key lies in the neutral base hues, which tie these opposite ends of the color spectrum together seamlessly.

When adding these hues, you need to be very careful. Add accessories, such as printed pillow covers, flowers, or art, in specific colors and keep them consistent.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Muted blue and pink-coral pillow covers are the easiest way to add this stunning clash to your living room.

Paisley embroidered pillow covers

Beautiful & Boho


(Photo Source: belivindesign.com)

Blue living rooms don’t get more uplifting than this! Soft bohemian textures, natural woods, nomadic prints and pops of cacti have us filled with wanderlust.

Although bohemian decor can often be incredibly vibrant, this muted palette has just as stunning an effect.

Also, how well are those pillows organized? If you’re not sure how to arrange your pillow covers, check out our guide.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

A mix of blue pillow covers in various boho prints to recreate this look.


Jacquard paisley pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover, vibrant floral throw pillow cover

Modern Luxe

(Photo Source: thedesignchaser.com)

This relaxed, coastal living room mixes classic nautical elements with the clean lines of Scandinavian Minimalism.

Those smoky gray walls and that deep Oxford Blue sofa together are literal heart eyes. Add the marbled, matching artwork into the works and you have a stunning living room that will leave you feeling relaxed all year long.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Invest in a deep blue sofa and adorn it with retro blue printed pillow covers.


Jacquard floral pillow covers, damask throw pillow cover,

Add the hawthorn leaf table runner along the floor next to your sofa.

Black & White

Coastal Chic


(Photo Source: thelilypascottage.com)

Another example of how less is sometimes more! White walls, a jute sofa and white furniture make this coastal chic home fresh and chic.

Navy and white prints add an inevitably nautical edge, whilst live greenery brings the air of the Summer outdoors in.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for nautical, navy cushion covers and a blue table runner to contrast with the white furniture.


Hand embroidered blue table runner and modern two tone accent pillow cover

Clean & Crisp


(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

This abundance of baby blue is cuter than cute! Pops of gold and classic furniture makes this living room a set-up that will last for year!

There’s absolutely no trend fads here!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for the lightest baby blue pillow covers and accessories you can find and combine these with neutral pieces.

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Cushion Arranging 101

Cushion arranging: yep, it’s actually a thing.

As tempted as we are to throw our cushions onto our bed/sofa/general seating area and lay on down, cushion arranging can actually make a huge impact on your decor.

Ready for a crash course in cushion arranging?

Fantastic. Here’s cushion arranging 101….

For The Sofa

A sofa without cushions is a little bit like an ice cream sundae with no toppings. Grab those cushions, arrange them for your sofa type and get cozy!


(Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com)

The most simple way to arrange cushions artfully, is to place them next to each other, coming forward, with a slight overlap. Think of your sofa formation as a V shape and you’re on the right track!

Although you don’t necessarily have to, it’s a great idea to place similar cushions in the mirror image spot. Symmetry is proven to be aesthetically pleasing.


(Photo Source: blogchegadebagunco.com)

The illustration above highlights the key fundamentals of cushion arranging. Start from the outside with the largest cushions at the back, alternate between patterned and block colors and put shaped pieces in the center.

Yep: it’s really that simple!

Using Textures


(Photo Source: babyneedslist.com)

If you have a neutral sofa, textured pillow covers can really make it look interesting. However, style textured pillow covers with caution! Too many and it looks like you have the cast of The Muppets taking camp on your sofa!

Alternate fluffy or knitted cushions with plain textured pillows. Keep the palette minimal here too, otherwise your risk it looking a little brash.

For The Bedroom

Mixing Shapes & Sizes

Wanting to up your cushion game? Try adding various shapes and sizes.


(Photo Source: dream-decor.com)

As the above examples show, rectangular cushions look great grouped in front of square cushions. If you have various sized square cushions, start with the largest at the back and gradually get smaller towards the front.


(Photo Source: sarahbartholemew.com)

Dotting smaller cushions in between a line of larger ones also looks polished and effortless.


(Photo Source: immiandindi.com.au)

When it comes to round cushions, less is more. Draw attention to contrasting shapes by dotting one or two round cushions in among square or rectangular ones.

Playing With Color & Pattern

With an absolute rainbow of cushions out there, why stick to white? Add pops of print and block colors to really make your bed come to life!


(Photo Source: hative.com)

Clever cushion arranging is vital when it comes to mixing colors and patterns.

The bedroom above combines vintage, floral cushions and navy blue cushions perfectly. The reason it works so well is that the two different types of cushions are in separate lines. This ‘line’ mimics the effect that the blue bed runner has on the white bed.  This also compliments the lined wallpaper. It’s all about repetition.

Recreate It

To recreate this stunning combination, line three of the hand accent pillow covers behind two of the elegant dahlia pillow covers.



(Photo Source: theroomalive.com)

Only got one printed pillow cover? Make it an accent piece by putting it right at the front-center of the arrangement. Spread the other colored pillow covers equally throughout to make it symmetrical.

Now you’ve got the cushion arranging skills, it’s time to invest in some stunning pillow covers! Check out our beautiful range of hand embroidered and painted Indian cushion covers here.


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Pinterest Inspired Home Decor Trends

Pinterest has quite honestly become a mecca for home decor. Unlike ten years ago, when searching for decor inspiration took hours and effort, now all it takes is the click of a button!

Today we look at the home decor trends that are trending on Pinterest…

Copper Everything


(Photo Source: sheerluxe.com)

Using their data to analyze the top trends from 2016, Pinterest predicts that copper and rose gold isn’t going anywhere! As a matter of fact, the search for copper and rose gold decor rose by a whopping 90% last year.

So how exactly do you integrate copper into your home? Carrie Dagenhart of decoist.com highlights the biostatic nature of copper. Trans: it stops the growth of bacteria. Clever stuff. This makes copper a fantastic option for the kitchen, especially worktops and splash-backs.

However, we do not all have the bank account of The Kardashian’s to splurge out on solid copper. Luckily, rose gold decor items can look just as classy and nail this Pinterest trend all in one fall swoop! Begin by integrating small flourishes of rose gold, such as candle holders, vases and lanterns. Once you’ve fallen in love with the metal, commit to bigger pieces, such as pendant lights and even furniture.

Word of warning though: this quirky metal works best with cool or neutral color palettes.

Food For Thought

Layer our damask style table runner with an abundance of rose gold lanterns and terrariums for a modern art-deco look.


Rustic Farmhouse


(Photo Source: princesspinkygirl.com)

Another pick from Pinterest’s trend predictions for 2017, the rustic farm house look is what we need to warm us up this February!

Although this trend uses a predominately neutral palette, what it lacks in color it certainly makes up for in texture! Think snug chunky knit throws, woven artisan baskets and fluffy pillows and you’re on the right track!

The best thing about this trend is it’s versatility. The neutral color palette makes it timeless and the understated, country vibe means that it would look equally as stunning in a country cottage as it would in a loft apartment.

To recreate, go for textures that make you feel all warm and snuggly on the inside! Combine these with wooden and woven furniture and bring in black metal for a slightly industrial edge.

Food For Thought

To recreate this snug, hallway seating area, combine printed pillow covers with snug throws and quirky details.

Paisley embroidered pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

Minimalist Boho


This itself may sound like a huge juxtaposition, but Pinterest has ignited a need for a clean minimalist bedroom with a bohemian edge. Rather than full-blown boho, which consists of an abundance of color and pattern, minimalist boho is all about the accessories.

To recreate Pinterest’s drool-worthy minimalist boho vibes, opt for a predominately clean palette. Think light, distressed wood, white bedding and white walls. Next, take this clinical edge and juxtapose it with bohemian elements. Dot your room with fresh greenery, add quirky artwork and line your bed with colorful, bohemian printed pillow covers.

Keep it looking clean by opting for pillow covers in one particular color palette. We love this warm, burnished palette of deep reds, oranges and navy.

Food For Thought

With this trend, feel free to mix as many patterns as your heart desires. However, a strict color scheme is needed to prevent it from looking cluttered.

Floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

Quirky Terrariums

Unless you’ve been living in a trend-repelling cave, you will know that terrariums and greenery are all the rage right now! If you’re looking for greenery with a quirky edge, Pinterest has got you covered!

From upcycled lightbulbs (yes really) to glass bottles, Pinterest really is proof that when it comes to terrariums, anything goes!

Here are some of our favorite Pinterest picks:


(Photo Source: blog.kmnelsondesign.com)

Fill a glass bauble with cute succulents for a miniature decoration that you can hang all year round!


(Photo Source: cladandcloth.com)

Ok.. you may need help taking the electrical components out first! Nonetheless, these lightbulb terrariums completely fulfill our rustic-industrial dreams.


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

The bigger the better is certainly true when it comes to this succulent chair! How cute would this look in a garden?

As Pinterest continues to grow (it is expecting 329 million users by the end of 2018), we can expect that home decor enthusiasts will continue to use it as a source of inspiration. So Pinterest, we are eagerly anticipating what you have forecasted next for home decor!

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5 Ways To Make Your Home More Zen

2016: you may be filled with the best technology, travel opportunities and out of this world inventions, but you are making our heads hurt! Between all the emails, phone calls and office- driven Tweets, it seems that switching off from our 9-5 is now harder than ever! And with a whopping three quarters of the population suffering from regular work related stress, leaving behind your work qualms is certainly a must.

It’s time to grab the reigns back on our stress levels! How? Through a little home makeover. With just a few tips and tweaks, turning your home into a more zen abode is sure to make those cortisol levels drop!

So sit back, light a scented candle and ‘oom’ your way through our top tips…

1. Go For Neutral, Earthy Tones

(Photo Source: voguehome.info)

Just as in nature, harmonization in your home is everything! Neutral and earth tones such as beige, cream and and grey have being scientifically proven to induce a state of relaxation. Continuity between elements such as the furniture, ceiling and floors is very important, so ensure that similar neutral tones are woven throughout your home.

Living Room


Neutral tones doesn’t have to equate to boring! Play with textures and patterns in a few neutral tones to stop your home appearing clinical. However, take caution! Ensure that your larger pieces of furniture, such as your flooring and sofa, are block colored. A patterned sofa with patterned cushions and wall decor can appear cluttered, which is the anti-thesis of zen.

Get The Look

Opt for neutral toned cushions in relaxing Moroccan prints.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Elegant dahlia pillow cover



(Photo Source: cimots.com)

Warm golden neutrals ensure that the bedroom is still cosy and welcoming. When choosing a bed, opt for a shape that matches the symmetry of the overall room to create a harmonious balance. A neutral carpet adds comfort whilst acting as a zen-enhancing noise blocker.

Get The Look

It doesn’t get more blissful then neutral tones and soft, silk fabrics.

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

2. Hide Sharp Edges

Feng Shui master Ann Bigley Gallops states that ‘hard table edges are called poison arrows’ and recommends covering them up with soft fabric (Source). When one of these ‘arrows’ faces you, you unconsciously take it’s sharp energy into your body. Ouch! So it’s time to embrace those table runners and table cloths! Luckily, we’ve listed our favorite picks in oh-so-zen tones.


Hawthorn leaf table runner


Hand painted floral table cloth

Soft Gold

Saree border table runner

Pink- Beige

Exotic oriental table runner

3. Add Soft Blues & Greens

There’s a reason that spas choose a color palette of soft blues and greens, they are the definition of relaxing! To ensure your room is unwinding, not cluttered, dot a few items of this color in among a room that has a neutral palette.

Living Room


(Photo Source: housebeautiful.co.uk)

These soft blue-hued cushions add an understated oceanic vibe to this neutral living area. The slightly Scandinavian vibe of the rest of the room adds to the tones soothing qualities.

Get The Look

The geometric print pillow cover is cooling and calming in both tone and texture.



(Photo source: homecol.com)

A neutral palette of brown, white and beige is complimented and uplifted by a duck egg chair and pillows. When it comes to the bedroom, less is more with these cool tones. A few pillow cases or a bed runner alone will ensure that the room reserved for love isn’t left too cold.

Get The Look

Ocean Blue

The ornamental blossom table runner is a calming way to dress up any neutral bed.

4. Incorporate The 5 Elements

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui thrives on the harmonious balance of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Ok, we don’t expect you to have a fire breathing dragon, a magical koi carp pond and a giant fan in your home, but there are some methods that allow you to easily inject the 5 elements into your abode.



(Photo Source: 10kblessingsfengshui.typepad.com)

The easiest element to add by your home, you can add wood, by, well, adding wood! Whether this be through natural branches, or wooden furniture, embrace wood and the vibrant health that it brings.



(Photo Source: tumblr.com)

Scented candles are a must! If you don’t like their smokey counterpart, you can also inject the element of fire into your home with red decor. The Arabian velvet table runner is a regal way to inject some fire!


(Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com)

The most beneficial way to add the earth element, is through live greenery. As well as encouraging nourishment and knowledge, plants also act as natural air purifiers. And old, dirty air is such a killer when it comes to zen.



(Photo Source: blog.freepeople.com)

This ones totally literal! Those who follow feng shui believe that the metal element encourages strength and independence. So grab some metal pots, ornaments and furniture and allow your strength to develop.



(Photo Source: blog.freepeople.com)

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water! Embrace this element in all it’s glory with a soothing, indoor water feature. If that’s too expensive, flowers floating in a water bowl is a beautiful addition to any room.

5. Natural Materials

natural textures

(Photo Source: decoholic.org)

Wood, marble, stone and bamboo all have highly zen qualities. As well as Being neutral in color, these materials literally bring the freshness and peace of nature into your home. If you’re on a budget, a DIY driftwood ornament can work wonders. Or add an air of bamboo to your kitchen with our shimmering spiral placemats.


And exhale! I don’t know about you, but I feel zen!

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Our Top 5 Celebrity Homes

The Oscar’s has been and gone, but we can’t seem to get rid of our celeb-high! To quench our thirst for the rich and famous, we’re taking you on an exclusive tour of celebrity homes!

From a celebrity whose home has a ceiling a bit like a barn, to a celeb whose dedicated an entire room to sweet treats for her little one, nothing is too glam when it comes to these celebs!

So get on-board our tour bus as we show you our top 5 celebrity homes!

5. Jennifer Anniston

She inspired our haircuts in 1996, but can she inspire our home in 2016? With ditsy florals and classic femininity with a touch of New York, the answer is a resounding yes! Jen’s home is even better than the apartment on ‘Friends’, and here’s why…


(Source: forbes.com)

This pretty bedroom shows that you can never have too many muted floral prints. An abundance of ditsy prints is broken up by a strong black, wooden bed frame and strong square elements. The ceiling is some sort of architectural wonder. I bet this room even smells sweet; just like Jen’s infamous down-to-earth personality.

Get The Look

Hand painted 7 piece floral duvet set

Jacquard floral table runner


(Source: forbes.com)

The open-plan kitchen and dining room comes with a more modern edge. The strong, square bookcase and photo frames look like they’ve been swiped straight from a New York penthouse. The leather coffee table and striped chairs give the room a shabby 1960s vibe, which juxtaposes with the glitzy chandelier. It’s a little bit thrown-together, but we love it!

Just one question: was that leopard print chair nabbed from the ‘Friends’ set? I’m sure we’ve seen that 90s number in Joey’s apartment…

Get The Look

Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Sophisticated two tone placemats

4. Reese Witherspoon

If a castle, a Hollywood home and a quaint cottage were to have a baby, it would be Reese Witherspoon’s home. Rustic, with a edge of French countryside, the starlet’s home gets top points for being unique. I mean, who would have imagined Tudor style beaming and arched, Mediterranean staircases could actually co-exist?


(Photo Source: huffingtonpost.com.au)

Reese opts for an open-plan living room with a vintage air. Off-cream sofas are complimented with rusty-toned, jacquard cushions. Tan leather sofas add to the vintage edge, whilst aqua lamps and table decor bring the room further into the 20th Century.

Get The Look

Damask throw pillow cover

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover


(Photo Source: huffingtonpost.com.au)

Want the good news? Reese’s kitchen is totally obtainable. With a round, wooden table, chrome fridge and white walls, it looks like we have just stepped into a stylish friends home; no crazy, Hollywood gliteratti in sight! And check out the pop of red with the chairs, French countryside here we come!

Get The Look


Chic jacquard table runner

3. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi

When you combine Ellen’s bubbly personality and Portia DeRossi’s classy taste, this is what you get: A cosy, neutral home with a slightly bohemian edge. With a palette of woody browns, creams and blues, these ladies have certainly gone all out when it comes to texture! This home perched on that beautiful line between cosy and chic, and that’s why it comes in at number three…


(Photo Source: buzzfeed.com)

Combining Western comforts with an Eastern edge, the couples’ living room looks equally as appealing as a Winter warmer and as a Summer sanctuary. The over-sized, chimney structure has a certain Arabic edge, which is contrasted by the Western-barn vibe of the exposed wooden beams.

Sheepskin chairs and creamy sofas are topped with an array of cosy cushions and bohemian throws and the carpet looks like a Moroccan art work. But our eyes are on the wood-pile arrangements either side of the fire, a warming, yet appealing way to add a rustic touch to the room. I think I’ve found my next DIY project!

Get The Look

The floral paisley scarf would make a cheap and cheerful throw.

Paisley embroidered pillow covers


(Photo Source: thenewdaily.com.au)

No doubt inspired by their travels, Portia and Ellen have brought a certain Mediterranean flair to their bedroom. Both the floor and the textured bed spread bring to mind Roman mosaics, while the pops of snorkel blue bring around wanderlust for the ocean.

Get The Look

Saree border table runner

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

2. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air has matured into the Fresh Prince of boho! Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s home looks like the Moroccan retreat of our dreams. Rich, clay-like, walls, oriental patterns and fresh flora make this home a serious Bohemian inspiration!


(Source: johnnymetbird.com)

Please excuse me whilst I stop drooling! This giant, clay-oven, fire place makes this reading nook the perfect place to while away the day. Add a plethora of printed cushions, a shaggy mattress and a cute cat, and it’s all purr-fect (sorry- couldn’t resist!)

This bath looks like something that the Roman Goddess Athena would take a dip in. Round, retro and adorned with a fairy tale floral chandelier, we could literally spend our entire lives in here!

Get The Look

Hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover

Exotic oriental pillow cover

Floral embroidered pillow cover


(Source: bccommanderinchic.tumblr.com)

This living room is our definition of timeless. A leather sofa, gilded painting and glass table make it a room that will never go out of style. We want warm-toned cushions and fresh flowers pronto! I think we’ll leave the hand though….

Get The Look

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover

1. Beyonce and Jay Z

This converted church home has a whopping 26 rooms! Well, could be expect anything less from the infamous Mr and Mrs Carter?

With a sense of bohemian regal-ness and marble floors that we literally can’t stop drooling over, Queen Bey’s palace is one hundred percent our top pick! So coming in at number one, is Beyonce and Jay Z’s not-so-humble abode..


(Photo Source: http://pursuitist.com)

A room fit for royalty! The King and Queen of hip hop have styled their room in a classic, regal palette of rich oranges and creams. The carved bedhead and wardrobe probably cost more than a year of our wages! And we could bet out bottom dollar that the silky bed is the most comfiest thing ever!

Get The Look

Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set

Vibrant floral throw pillow cover


(Photo Source: linkedin.com)

Blue Ivy can enjoy her own cinema-style candy dispenser, right at home! And our parents wouldn’t even let us have one bag…


(Photo Source: http://pursuitist.com)

This is an eclectic home decor style if we’ve ever seen one! The sofas are an Instagram-shaped boho square surrounded by a more modern style decor. The pop art paintings, polished wooden furniture and open-plan design are all a huge tick in our books! Erm… can we come and stay?

Get The Look

Damask throw pillow cover

Exotic oriental pillow cover

(Photo Source: http://pursuitist.com)

I think that the word marble-gasm should be invented solely to describe this floor. Like the entrance to some grand hotel lobby, guests are greeted to Grecian style adornments and gilded chandeliers. A twirling staircase gives the image of a classic mansion, whilst glass doors and fresh plants give it a high score in the feng shui game.

Get The Look

Hand embroidered tablerunner

Whose home would you most like a vacation at? (We wish!)




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