Pinterest Inspired Home Decor Trends

Pinterest has quite honestly become a mecca for home decor. Unlike ten years ago, when searching for decor inspiration took hours and effort, now all it takes is the click of a button!

Today we look at the home decor trends that are trending on Pinterest…

Copper Everything


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Using their data to analyze the top trends from 2016, Pinterest predicts that copper and rose gold isn’t going anywhere! As a matter of fact, the search for copper and rose gold decor rose by a whopping 90% last year.

So how exactly do you integrate copper into your home? Carrie Dagenhart of highlights the biostatic nature of copper. Trans: it stops the growth of bacteria. Clever stuff. This makes copper a fantastic option for the kitchen, especially worktops and splash-backs.

However, we do not all have the bank account of The Kardashian’s to splurge out on solid copper. Luckily, rose gold decor items can look just as classy and nail this Pinterest trend all in one fall swoop! Begin by integrating small flourishes of rose gold, such as candle holders, vases and lanterns. Once you’ve fallen in love with the metal, commit to bigger pieces, such as pendant lights and even furniture.

Word of warning though: this quirky metal works best with cool or neutral color palettes.

Food For Thought

Layer our damask style table runner with an abundance of rose gold lanterns and terrariums for a modern art-deco look.


Rustic Farmhouse


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Another pick from Pinterest’s trend predictions for 2017, the rustic farm house look is what we need to warm us up this February!

Although this trend uses a predominately neutral palette, what it lacks in color it certainly makes up for in texture! Think snug chunky knit throws, woven artisan baskets and fluffy pillows and you’re on the right track!

The best thing about this trend is it’s versatility. The neutral color palette makes it timeless and the understated, country vibe means that it would look equally as stunning in a country cottage as it would in a loft apartment.

To recreate, go for textures that make you feel all warm and snuggly on the inside! Combine these with wooden and woven furniture and bring in black metal for a slightly industrial edge.

Food For Thought

To recreate this snug, hallway seating area, combine printed pillow covers with snug throws and quirky details.

Paisley embroidered pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

Minimalist Boho


This itself may sound like a huge juxtaposition, but Pinterest has ignited a need for a clean minimalist bedroom with a bohemian edge. Rather than full-blown boho, which consists of an abundance of color and pattern, minimalist boho is all about the accessories.

To recreate Pinterest’s drool-worthy minimalist boho vibes, opt for a predominately clean palette. Think light, distressed wood, white bedding and white walls. Next, take this clinical edge and juxtapose it with bohemian elements. Dot your room with fresh greenery, add quirky artwork and line your bed with colorful, bohemian printed pillow covers.

Keep it looking clean by opting for pillow covers in one particular color palette. We love this warm, burnished palette of deep reds, oranges and navy.

Food For Thought

With this trend, feel free to mix as many patterns as your heart desires. However, a strict color scheme is needed to prevent it from looking cluttered.

Floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

Quirky Terrariums

Unless you’ve been living in a trend-repelling cave, you will know that terrariums and greenery are all the rage right now! If you’re looking for greenery with a quirky edge, Pinterest has got you covered!

From upcycled lightbulbs (yes really) to glass bottles, Pinterest really is proof that when it comes to terrariums, anything goes!

Here are some of our favorite Pinterest picks:


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Fill a glass bauble with cute succulents for a miniature decoration that you can hang all year round!


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Ok.. you may need help taking the electrical components out first! Nonetheless, these lightbulb terrariums completely fulfill our rustic-industrial dreams.


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The bigger the better is certainly true when it comes to this succulent chair! How cute would this look in a garden?

As Pinterest continues to grow (it is expecting 329 million users by the end of 2018), we can expect that home decor enthusiasts will continue to use it as a source of inspiration. So Pinterest, we are eagerly anticipating what you have forecasted next for home decor!

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