The Psychology of Color in Your Home

Want to feel instantly at peace in your living space? Or how about instantly invigorated in your crafting room? Accomplishing these feelings may be easier than you think.

According to interior design Shannon Kaye,

“The power of color is that it can completely alter your experience. You always want to ask yourself how you want to look and feel in a space.”

Let’s take a closer look at the psychology of color, along with tips and techniques for decorating that doesn’t just agree with your interior design aesthetic, but also with your emotional state.

The Power of Color

Color in interior design has been linked with many different influences. For example, red walls are known to stimulate the appetite, explaining why so many restaurants choose to decorate with this bold color.  Wondering what color to paint your baby’s nursery? Stay away from yellow. Researchers at California’s Wagner Institute for Color Research have linked yellow walls with making babies cry due to its anxiety-triggering effects.

Psychology of Color in Your Home

5 Tips to Making Color Count

Interior designers use color every day to prompt everything from increasing time-consciousness (blue) to promoting a state of calm (gray-based shades). Homeowners can also put this powerful design tool to work in their own homes with some pro-inspired tips. Here’s what you need to know.

To create a welcoming feeling…

Choose bright colors, such as verdant green, vibrant blue, cheerful yellow, and bold orange. These “happy” colors typically work well in both the kitchen and dining room, and can help encourage conversation and conviviality. For an eye-catching pop of color, check out the Ornamental Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover in Golden Orange.

To add drama…

Go for dark hues, including deep blue, Marsala, regal purple, and lush forest green. In large doses, these colors can add exotic flair to a living room or bedroom. As accent colors, meanwhile, these colors help ground the space, offering a feeling of comfort and security.  One breathtakingly beautiful look? The Hand Embroidered 7-Piece Duvet Cover in Blue.

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To dress up a room…

Pick purple. An unexpected choice when it comes to interior design, this royal favorite offers a breadth and depth of aesthetic applications depending on the shade you choose. Opulent plum equals instant richness, while light lavender adds a hint of femininity. In fact, just about any shade of purple promises low-effort, high-impact appeal. An elegant example?  The Hand Painted Floral Rectangular Tablecloth in Purple.

To invigorate and inspire…

Seek out “warm,” galvanizing colors, including oranges, yellows, and reds. While they’re not the most restful hues for the bedroom or a child’s room, they’re appropriate in creative spaces. Because of their tendency to take over, many designers choose to incorporate these hot hues as accents instead of as the room’s base cover. For example, the Ornamental Blossom Table Runner in Gold Beige conveys an alluring glimpse of glamour in the dining room without overwhelming the space.

To promote relaxation…

Introduce “cool” colors into your space, such as tranquil tones of icy blue and sea green. Harmoniously at home in bedrooms, these soothing hues also work well for creating a spa-like master bathroom. The Hand Embroidered Tissue Box Cover in Ocean Blue is the perfect finishing touch to any pretty powder room.

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While these guidelines offer a general rule of thumb, they’re anything but written in stone. In fact, the most important factor when choosing colors for your home? How they make you feel — regardless of their typical effect on the psyche. By choosing a color you truly love in an appropriately evocative shade, you’re sure to create a living space you can’t wait to come home to.

Be sure to visit Banarsi Designs to view our extensive collection of chic, colorful accessories for the home. And if you have a tried and tested trick for decorating with color, please share it in the Comments section!

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