Scarves that Are Fashionable and Will Keep You Warm

Scarf season is almost here and we can’t wait for it! Whether you live in a warm weather state, such as Florida, or a cold weather state, such as New York, there are several different scarves you can wear that are both fashionable and will keep you warm. You really found the perfect scarf that can serve both purposes  – keep you warm and looking fabulous with any outfit you choose! Take a look at some of our favorite scarves this season.

Artistic Print Silk Scarf in Fuchsia

Add a splash of color to your dreary winter ensemble with the Artistic Print Silk Scarf. Bright and vivacious, this scarf easily transfers from winter to spring.   This is your go to accessory for dressing up a casual t-shirt and jean or adding a touch of romance to a classic dress. Made with 100 percent pure silk, this scarf will certainly add elegance to any wardrobe.

Artistic Print Silk Scarf in Fushia

Floral Pure Wool Scarf in Blue

On a cold, windy day, the Floral Pure Wool Scarf is not only functional, it’s also chic. Why wear a plain, bland scarf when you can wear this trendy scarf and get some style along with the cozy, warm, comfort? The floral pattern and lively colors will leave you feeling put together and sophisticated.

Floral Pure Wool Scarf

Paisley Wool Scarf in Blue

If floral patterns just aren’t your thing, the Paisley Wool Scarf may be exactly what you are looking for.  This subtle print is easily matched with any outfit and any occasion. Go from a day at work to a night out with friends seamlessly with this timeless scarf.

Paisley Wool Scarf

Mystic Branches Wool Scarf in Turquoise

The Mystic Branches Wool Scarf is a great option for those looking for a more organic, earthy pattern. This print reflects the natural splendor of tree branches blowing in the wind. Effortlessly graceful, this is the perfect accessory for those looking to add a little class to an everyday outfit.

Mystic Branches Wool Scarf

Banarsi Designs Geometric Print Scarf in Orange

Do you go for a more modern look? Then the Geometric Print Scarf is right up your alley. This scarf will never go out of style with its mod design and expert craftsmanship. Add a bit of warmth to a chilly day with the bright shades of orange and red seen in this must have accessory.

Geometric Print Scarf


What is your favorite scarf to wear that is both fashionable and will keep you warm? Tell us in the comments below!

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