5 Stunning Christmas Table-Scapes

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With Christmas a day less than two weeks away, it’s time to start ticking off the nitty, gritty, details. Tree: check! Presents perfectly wrapped: check! Christmas table?…

Don’t fret! We are here with your fool-proof guide to 2015’s hottest table-scapes. Just keep on reading to find out how they could be coming soon to a table near you….

The Classic


(Photo Source: echristmasideas.hol.es)

‘Have a holly jolly Christmas’ by injecting the shade of these luscious red berries onto your table. Begin by adding a plain white table cloth. For an extra festive sparkle, why not invest in a white table cloth with glistening embellishments, such as the embroidered, ornamental table cloth?

Then, add your pop of festive red by adding the hand embroidered 7 piece table runner and place mat set. Don’t worry about the place mats for now, they’ll come in handy later!

Add a snowy feel to your table with giant snow flake decorations. If you are feeling crafty, why not make them yourself?

To continue the red and white palette, stack round white plates on top of square red ones and top with a shiny silver Christmas cracker.

Finally, re-create these cute knife and fork holders by folding the place mats around your cutlery.

The Go-All-Out


(Photo Source: www.festmih.com)

There is something very ‘Scottish Highlands’ about this crazy table-scape. Whether it’s due to the plethora of tartan or the huge stack of bushy flowers, we have to admit that we love it.

Begin by dotting your table places with the embroidered leaf place mats in red. Then get your Scottish on my topping your place mats with Tartan handkerchiefs or fabric squares.

Re-create this cute plate stack by sandwiching another embroidered leaf place mat in between a small and large white plate. Top with a cute, keepsake jar or jam.

To re-create this vibrant floral center-piece, take a tall glass vase and fill with flowers. You can use natural leafy greens and roses or opt for faux if you wish. Either way, ensure the flowers are arranged so that the volume lies solely at the top of the vase.

Add two triple candle holders on either side of the glass vase. Place three tall red candles in the holders.

Next mix together faux grass or heather ferns with red roses and place evenly around the vase and candle holders.

Now sit and watch your family react in awe when you tell them that you didn’t hire a florist!

The Starlit Wonder


(Photo Source: housetohome.co.uk)

Bring the Eastern vibrancy of Bethlehem to your dinner table with this star-dotted and metal embellished table.

Firstly, opt for a neutral table cloth with an Eastern edge, such as the ornamental embroidered table cloth. Place a main and entre plate at each place and top with a folded up hand embroidered place mats. Weigh down in place with a whiskey glass.

For the center, fill a large, glass vase with silver and gold Christmas tree baubles. Dot further baubles around your tables center.

Now for that Eastern injection! Take three silver candle holders and dot with tall candles. Now light them up and feel the festive warmth!

The Elegant


(Photo Source: hidrolatam2014.org)

I wonder what the table layout looks at in Buckingham Palace on Christmas day? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was very similar to this royal dark cerise and gold combination.

Turn your kitchen into an instant palace with the hand-embroidered table cloth in light gold. Add a further regal edge with the sari border place mats in red.

Add gold plates to each place and one large plate in the center. Embellish the center plate with metallic-brushed faux flowers and a sparkling candle.

The Winter Wonderland


(Photo Source: betterdecoratingbible.com)

It’s the big day and there isn’t a sprinkle of snow in sight… Don’t fret! Create your own Winter wonderland with this stunning, ice-white layout.

To create stand-out snow white features, you need to create a beige-toned base for this table. The hand embroidered table cloth in light gold is perfect for this.

Next, bring the snow indoors by adding three chic jacquard table runners in white vertically along the table. Then add some extra magic with two glass vases and fill with a few branches. Place three white-toned candle holders in the center of the table and light for that Christmas glow.

Finally, dot your plates with fir cones to truly bring the outdoors in.

How will you be styling your table for Christmas?


Rachel Holliday

Interior design and fashion contributor at Banarsi Designs. Writer and Aussie-based fashion and personal style blogger at www.thedailyluxe.net