7 Stunning Bohemian Bathroom Ideas

Step over minimalism, there’s a new way we want to style our bathroom! Enter the quirky decor lovers dream: the bohemian bathroom.

In it’s very nature, bohemian is all about being laid-back and nonchalant. So what better environment to run a hot bubble bath, settle down with a magazine and indulge?

We are saying adios to neat and boring bathrooms! Here’s 7 stunning bohemian bathroom ideas that we want to recreate in our homes. As a matter of fact, we have already started scrolling the net for printed tiles…

(Photo Source: formaplural.wordpress.com)

These green tiles are like the love child of a strict minimalist and a rain forest wanderer. With green been this years’ hottest decor color, these tiles really are bathroom floor goals. Plus, they will look cleaner for far longer than classic white bathroom tiles.

This bohemian bathroom has a quirky artisan edge. Woven wall hangs and bamboo lights really make you feel like are lost in the rainforest.


(Photo Source: thewishingtrees.com)

Frida Kahlo: was this your bathroom?

Chunky, aztec-printed rugs and floral embroidery gives this bathroom a traditional, Mexican vibe with a twist.

An abundance of live greenery is perfect for naturally filtering out those nasty bathroom smells. Plus, you can literally pretend that you are bathing in some sort of lost rain forest pool…


(Photo Source: digsdigs.com)

A modern Moroccan wonderland, this bohemian bathroom is classy, unique and has a regal edge.

The worn blue wall adds such a rustic edge, which compliments burnished silver decor pieces and the clean white bath tub to perfection.

Also, how incredible is that cut out cupboard?


(Photo Source: thejungalow.com)

Now this is the minimalist way to style a bohemian bathroom!

Brick walls and concrete floor say ‘I couldn’t care less’, whilst the striking combination of circle shapes and monochrome makes it clean and classy.

Add timber furnishings and plants into the mix, and this bathroom starts to feel like a luxury 5 star spa in Tulum.


(Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com)

Those tiles, those tiles, those tiles!

In the past, printed tiles have been seen as gaudy and dated, but these boho-printed beauties have really changed our mind.

In a bathroom-perfect palette of sky blues and white, the tiles pop against the clean white vanity and shower.

Don’t even get us started on the rose gold shower head…. Where can we pick up one of those?


(Photo Source: designsponge.stfi.com)

Once again, printed tiles make an appearance and the result is anything but hideous!

Busy tiles are toned down by a clutter-free floor. Our attention is drawn upwards by hanging plants and artwork. This is a great idea for low ceiling bathrooms, as it creates an optical illusion.


(Photo Source: carlaaston.com)

Vintage, princessy and shabby chic. In short, this bohemian bathroom makes our inner Princess scream.

To recreate something this magical, focus on the small details. The regal bath legs, lace curtain trim and tassel hangs are all what makes this bathroom so fabulous.

Our Bohemian Bathroom Picks

Our range of hand-crafted Indian decor pieces make the perfect finishing touch to any bohemian bathroom.


1. Floral Paisley Placemats

These stunning paisley-embellished placemats instantly add a bohemian flair to any surface! Use them to tranform shelves or even hang them on the wall to create a textured piece of art.

2. Glamorous Border Table Runner

This beautiful table runner is a fantastic alternative to a decorative bath mat. Use on longer shelves or even hangrove4 curtain rails to add oh-so-boho paisley prints to your bohemian bathroom.

3. Ornamental Embroidered Table Cloth

Take your bathroom floor to the next level with this stunning table cloth. Alternatively, drape from the ceiling for a dreamy boho vibe.

4. Embroidered Tissue Box Cover

Make your bathroom even more aesthetically pleasing by covering up that ugly tissue box! Blowing your nose has never been so chic…

5. Exotic Oriental Table Runner

This Moroccan-inspired print will take your bathroom away to warmer and more exotic climates. Use it to bring any wall or surface to life.

6. Saree Border Placemats

Placemats are fantastic for hiding worn furniture or beautifying any surface. These Saree border placemats would look fantastic under tooth brush holders or soap dishes.

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