7 Beautiful Indian-Inspired Bedrooms

Indian-Inspired decor is colorful, exotic and timeless. From luxurious embroidered detailing, to silky fabrics and chunky wooden furniture, Indian decor is as versatile as it is stunning.

If you are not already a fan of Indian style decor, I can bet my bottom dollar that you will be by the end of this post! Here’s seven beautiful Indian-inspired bedrooms that we want to copy pronto!

All About Those Shapes



(Photo Source: paintandpattern.com)

Anyone who has ever visited India, or even watched a Bollywood movie, will know that Indian decor is all about contrasting architectural shapes.

This bed head is a perfect example of taking something quintessentially Indian and making it modern. The pointed dome shapes is reminiscent of Indian palaces. The classic lanterns add further to this traditional element.

The embroidered bedding is luxurious and versatile in equal part due to its monochrome palette.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

To recreate this monochromatic, Indian-inspired bedroom, use our white hand embroidered duvet cover on your bed. Use our hand embroidered table runner for a printed contrast.


Genie’s Palace


(Photo Source: dwellingdecor.com)

This decor looks like what we would imagine the inside of a genie’s bottle to look like!

Sloped ceilings add a further air of luxury to gold-embellished oranges and royal purples.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

This one is all about contrast! Get a stunning purple base with our hand painted duvet cover set. Next, add an orange clash with our saree border table runner. Finally, pull it all together with orange and purple pillow covers.

Golden OrangeSilverYellow

Simple & Modern


(Photo Source: stylehaus.jp)

60s bohemian style became popular after icons such as The Beatles visited India. After falling in love with the atmosphere, they brought back these patterns and decor styles to the Western world.

The simple bedroom above is a wonderful example of Indian-inspired boho decor. Embellished, purple bedding is surrounded by clean white drapes and walls. Western wooden furniture is clashed with artisan-style foot stools. This truly is the best of both worlds.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

Contrast clean whites and vibrant purples. Top a white bed frame with the hand painted duvet cover in purple. Add printed blue or purple pillow covers, such as the hand embroidered pillow cover on your bed and any bedroom furniture.

Coffee Brown

Burnished Palace


(Photo Source: beautifulhomedesigns.com)

Who wouldn’t want to live here? The lavish and detailed architectural design of the room is enhanced by carved walls, hanging drapes and detailed wooden furniture.

The fabric is a dark, moody palette of maroon, orange and burnished browns. Although this may seem understated, the detailed nature and prints of the fabric make it work wonderfully.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

To recreate this warm and earthy bedroom, opt for bedding, pillow covers and rugs in burnished orange, maroon and brown hues.  We recommend the hand painted duvet cover set, hand embroidered brocade pillow covers and hawthorn leaf table runner.

Bold & Bright


(Photo Source: diply.com)

If the contrast of the Indian-domed doorway and the wooden ceiling wasn’t enough, add turquoise into the mix and it becomes a masterpiece.

The bedding itself is kept relatively simple and uses accents of warm hues to compliment the carved wood details  on the ceiling and windows.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

This one is all about those pops of fun, Summery colors. Go for coral pillow covers, such as our hand embroidered pillow cover. If you don’t feel like painting your walls deep turquoise, use the ornamental embroidered table cloth to create this stunning contrast.

Ocean Blue

Haute Hippy

(Photo Source: anindiansummer-design.blogspot.pt)

This one is all about the accessories. However, the kale green walls and floor inevitably make those colorful accessories pop.

Nonetheless, an aurora of colors and patterns make this bedroom the ultimate gypsy dream. Hanging lanterns and fairy lights make it look effortlessly thrown together.

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

This aurora of color is a perfect example of ‘more is more’ boho decor. Make it yours with the stunning azure hand painted duvet cover set. Next, opt for contrasting printed pillow covers in contrasting warm hues. We recommend: hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow covers and elegant dahlia pillow covers.

GoldOcean Blue

Demurely Done


(Photo Source: lushbedroom.com)

Indian decor can be demure! This bright, yet feminine combination is perfect for Vintage lovers.

Although the color combination is a little unusual, the embroidered fabrics make it work wonders!

Get The Indian-Inspired Look

This soft array of apricots, azure and apple green is a total dream. To make it a reality in your home, layer up table runners as bed runners to create a multi-tonal look. We recommend the saree border table runner  & luxurious artistry table runner. Next, add printed pillow covers in the same combination. The floral embroidered pillow covers are great for adding that turquoise hue to your home.

Golden OrangeGoldOcean Blue

Love Indian-style boho decor? Check out these dreamy boho kitchens…

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Bohemian Bedroom Ideas For College Dorms

Bohemian bedroom ideas for the dreamy college girl with the #GypsySoul.

Calling all college babes: you spend waaay more room in your college dorm than you think! From sleeping and ahem, napping, to studying, to chilling out, to eating re-heated McDonald’s at 2AM, your college dorm is pretty much your entire home. So you know what would make your time at college a whole lot better? A cheeky dorm makeover.

By nature, a bohemian bedroom is dreamy and relaxing. So if you want to lower those stress levels, whilst making your room cute and on-point, keep on reading for some major inspo…

The Cool & Blue


(Photo Source: jessicairc.wix.com/divadormdesign)

Ok, so the photo above is actually some chicks’ college dorm. Us? Jealous? Never! As well as that oh-so-cute blue Mac Book, this boho babe has kept it clean and soothing with a mixture of baby blue, navy and white.

The arrangement of the boho cushions immediately transform the bed into a functional ‘work sofa’. Hey: college dorms are small, so multi-functional spaces are a must!

The Dorm Ingredients

To recreate this luscious, blue, pop of goodness, you will need:

  • A printed blue bedding set. Paisleys and florals are most certainly welcome!
  • A variety of wall canvases and art works. Think dreamy scenery, dream catchers and inspirational quotes.
  • A string of fairy lights.
  • Faux hanging ivy.
  • 6-10 printed boho cushions. We suggest these beauties (they come in sets of 2- BOOM!):

Ocean BlueBlueGoldYellow

Left to right: floral embroidered pillow cover, ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover

The Hippy Hidaway

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
(Photo Source: dormtrends.tumblr.com)

The best thing about this bohemian bedroom is that everything can be purchased from a thrift store! Check out how good those hideous, standard, dorm room drawers look: yes really! This bunk bed provides a perfect basis for a hidden sleeping area underneath. All you need to do is cover it up with a mandala wall hang. There’s being disturbed by your night owl room mate instantly sorted!

Best of all, the top bunk makes a really cool ‘living area’. Simply add cushions and throws and voila!

The Dorm Ingredients

  • A mandala hang
  • A hammock chair
  • An old sofa cover
  • Various cushions
  • Fleece throws
  • Fairy lights

If you can’t find a mandala hang, a boho print table cloth would make just as chic a cover up!

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

The Minimal & Neutral


(Photo Source: rhteen.com)

If you are after a more polished take on the bohemian bedroom, this one is for you! What this stunning minimalist boho dorm room lacks in color, it most certainly makes up for in texture. So get ready to embrace lots of fluff, knit fabrics and natural wood!

What makes this boho dorm room so appealing is the stunning mix of geometric shapes. The shelves are a great way to store pretties and those faux deer horns mean that your necklaces will never be tangled again!

The Dorm Ingredients

  • 2 x triangle shaped hanging shelf units
  • 1 x hexagonal hanging shelf unit
  • Shell chandelier/hang
  • Faux deer horns
  • 1 x knitted cushion
  • 1 x faux fur cushion
  • Faux fur throw
  • 2 monochrome printed cushions, we recommend:


Solid geometric pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

  • Plain white or cream bedding. We recommend:

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

The Wanderluster


(Photo Source: etsy.com)

Whether you are a seasoned traveler, or you are just holding out for that gap year, this boho dorm room is what you’ve been dreaming about girl!!

With a colorful world map as the ultimate focal point, this dreamy dorm room picks out the colors from the map and pairs them with stunning cushions.

As the rest of the room is quite basic, this is great for all those ladies out there who want a dorm room that is #goals, but do not want to spend a fortune. All it takes is a world map throw and some colorful cushions…

The Dorm Ingredients

  • Plain bedding
  • A fringed cream throw or blanket
  • A world map wall hang
  • A dreamcatcher
  • A wooden arrow
  • 7 cushions, a mix of neutral and colorful prints. We recommend:


Floral embroidered pillow cover, paisley leaf pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover

The Finishing Touches

Integrate these into your dorm room for something really special!


(Photo Source: weheartit.com)

Get some glue and faux flowers and make this statement mirror!


(Photo Source: collegetimes.com)

Crystals can make surprisingly nifty candle holders…


(Photo Source: bohemianromance123.tumblr.com)

Dorm rooms are often stuffy with no windows, making it hard for plants to survive. Cacti are hardy little dudes, so they are perfect for adding a bit of life to your room.

(Photo Source: homeyohmy.com)

How cute are these fringe wall hangs? What’s even more amazing is that you can make them yourself. See the tutorial here.

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Inspired By The Best Hotels Around The World

Do the hotels on your bucket list seem a bit, ahem, out of your reach? Don’t worry I’m in the same boat and I’ve come up with a solution. Instead of spending a years wages on one night in that dream hotel, why not bring that dream hotel to your home for a teeny fraction of the price?

Here’s our favorite hotel rooms from around the world and how to re-create them in your home…

The St Regis, New York

You can’t get more glamorous than the St Regis. Located in the Big Apple’s trendy district of Manhattan, the hotel describes its vibe as ‘sophistication meets downtown chic.’


(Photo Source: stregisnewyork.com)

In a partnership with iconic jewellery brand ‘Tiffany’, the Tiffany suite in the St Regis looks like you have stepped into a magical land in a Tiffany’s jewellery box. With sparkling chandelliers and a giant engagement ring console, guests are expected to fork out a whopping $8,500 a night. Ouch! Luckily, with our home decor hacks, you can bring the sheer glamour of the Tiffany suite to your very own home.

For an elegant silver touch in a leaf print, opt for the damask throw pillow covers and jacquard floral pillow covers.

Give your tables a sparkling makeover by topping them with the hand embroidered table runner and placemat set.

If diamonds aren’t always a girls best friend, why not opt for another designer-inspired suite? The Dior suite takes inspiration from the brands Parisian ateliers and consists of the brands classic soothing and neutral palette.


(Photo Source: stregisnewyork.com)

The classy element of this suite lies in the hints of warm tones among the cool grey palette. The burnt orange cushions add a warming, yet soothing element. Re-create this effect in your home with the exotic oriental pillow covers in golden orange.

Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island, Australia

Located on a private beach on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Qualia has seen more than its fair share of celebrities. And who can blame them? Although the views of the turquoise waters may be impossible to recreate, the minimal decor is rather easy.


(Photo Source: australiantraveller.com)

Clean, crisp and nautical decor makes up this beach-side wonder. To add a little nautical hint to your bed, opt for a stripe scarf as a bed runner. The stripe scarf in green is what nautical dreams are made of.

Add some wooden brown tones to your white or cream bedding with the solid geometric pillow cover in gold.

Now add an arty beach portrait to your wall, turn on some oceanic sound effects and pretend you are in paradise.

Viceroy, The Maldives

Costing a whopping $1,500 a night, this private villa includes a master bedroom that leads to an outdoor shower and a hot tub set amongst a lush, tropical garden. **Sighs**

Although our bank balance won’t let us have a few nights here, it certainly can stretch to give our home decor a little injection of the Maldives.


(Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk)

The neutral palette of this private villa reminds us of a soft seashell on a bed of white sand. To recreate this soft and fresh look, top your sofa with four gently patterned, yet neutral cushions. The jacquard paisley pillow covers would make a lovely choice.

Next, highlight your cushions with a soft blue cushion as a center piece, such as the ornamental embroidered pillow cover.


Keep your bedding neutral with cream sheets and inject some snugness with a grey fleece throw. The key to making this look work is simplicity, so make sure to clear your home of all that clutter!


The Ritz, Paris

The ultimate European destination has just been refurbished! But with Palace-like interiors and a magnificent attention to detail, rest assured that it still gets the prize for France’s swankiest joint.

Photos SITE Ritz hotel Paris 2010
(Photo Source: projects.vanartgallery.bc.ca)

Hello: Marie Antoinette called and said that she wanted her palace back! Jokes aside, how regal can one hotel room be? Luckily, you can the Princess of your very own Palace with a few, quick, DIY tips!

For this jacquard print, golden bed, begin with a gold-hued, silky quilt set with metallic flecks. At just $180, the hand embroidered duvet set is fit for royalty; and you can sleep in it every night!

For an extra royal injection, the hand embroidered brocade pillow covers have the same regal feel as the Ritz’s top suite.

The golden decor of The Ritz is broken up with regal pops of serene pinks and deep purples. The vibrant rug at the bed’s foot adds a certain air of Middle Eastern royalty, which adds a playful edge to the quintessentially European, Romantic-era decor.

To add this air, simply take the hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth and place on the floor at the foot of the bed.

And voila! Your palace is complete!

Which hotel decor will you be copying? Either way, it’s sure to bring you that holiday feeling all year round!

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5 Quick And Easy Ways To Update Your College Dorm Room

Students: Raise your hands if you’ve enjoyed your parents slaving looking after you during the semester break? Thought so. Unfortunately, it will soon be time to swap the egg nog for exams and the beer for books. Yep; it’s time to return to college.

If the idea drains you of all happiness, why not turn that frown upside down and give your dorm room a fresh, trendy and easy makeover. Cos hey; home decor is so much more fun than studying….

1. The Cosy Corner Mural


(Image Source: isforthehome.com)

Making those plain white walls look anything but boring can be quite a challenge. Painting and drilling could result in you loosing your deposit and we all know that would be tragic!

Luckily, you can get a full-blown feature wall whilst creating no actual ‘damage’. How? I hear you ask? Introducing the hanging wall mural! Simply whack this baby over your bed for an instant snug vibe. Opt for an on-trend, bohemian print, such as the exotic silk scarf to have the trendiest room in your student halls! Plus you can totally wear this silk scarf once you move out!


If one statement wall isn’t enough for you, why not drape bohemian print table cloths off your ceiling too! The sturdy fabric of these hand-embroidered Indian beauties ensure that they will have just the right amount of curve.

(Photo Source: dormtrends.tumblr.com)

The ornamental embroidered table cloth would make a great choice!

Ocean Blue

2. Put A Cushion On It!


(Photo Source: collegefashion.net)

Give your bed a quick update by adding some colorful cushions. Plush: they will make your bed even comfier. And as we all know, your dorm bed can never be comfy enough!


Above: Paisley leaf pillow cover & jacquard floral pillow cover

If your content with your bed, why not create a cosy reading nook by pilling up some cushions in your fave corner. Add some candles and say hello to your new fave study spot!


(Photo source: interiorsonline.com.au)

Black & Gold

Above: Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover & floral embroidered pillow cover

3. Update Your Bedding

This one’s a no brainer, but changing your bedding set can really change the atmosphere of your room. Also, with a new bedding set, you will have to make your bed, which, in turn results in a less cluttered room and thus a less cluttered mind. Win!

Don’t know which color to choose?

Psychologists believe that turquoise enhances the clarity of the mind. So why not invest in a turquoise bedding set and see if your grades improve? You’re welcome!

Above: Hand painted duvet cover set
For an even quicker update to your bedding, why not use a printed table runner as a bed runner? Plus: if you get bored of it you can just move it to your desk for an instant change-up! Cos…well… it’s important to keep that mind active!

P.S. Purple is said to be linked to creativity: great for you arts majors!

Above: Exotic oriental table runner

4. Light It Up!

Fairy lights are a cheap and easy way to turn your dorm room into a magical abode. We’ve searched Pinterest far and wide, and here’s our twinkly favorites:


(Photo Source: lights4fun.co.uk)

This twinkly canopy is made for those late-night Netflix binges, erm, we mean study sessions! To re-create drape a white sheet on your ceiling and secure behind a pin-board behind your bed. Then attach a single row of fairy lights. For an extra sparkle, create your draping using the hand embroidered table runner.



(Photo Source: stnkrbug.com)

How pretty is this sparkly photo display? Luckily, it’s super easy to re-create and won’t leave any marks on your dorm room wall. Simply take a row of string lights and zig-zag across the wall above your bed, securing with blue tack as you go. Next, get on those social media channels, choose your fave photos, print and attach.

(Photo Source: wayfaringstranger.tumblr.com)

If you just want a subtle fairy glow, rather than a full on rave, this simple, yet stunning fairy light frame is for you! Simply secure your fairy lights in a square shape around your favorite poster or picture.

5. The Instant Rug



When we say rug, you probably think expensive? Wrong? A printed, round tablecloth makes a cheap and stunning rug! Perfect for covering up those cheeky wine stains!

Above: Hand embroidered round table cloth

Hope you enjoyed our trips! Happy decorating (and studying, of course)!


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Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

As the weather outside begins to chill and the falling leaves collect into luscious piles of amber, there’s nothing better than cosy-ing up inside. And what could be more cosy than warm, Fall tones? Embracing the Autumnal season and adding a touch of fall to each room in your house only takes a few touches. So read on and get ready to feel that warm, fuzzy, Fall feeling…

The Living Room

(Photo Credit: noplacelikehomeally.blogspot.com)

Bringing that Autumnal warmth into your living room is incredibly simple. As a matter of fact, it’s all in the accessories.

Begin by switching your cushion covers to warm, crisp gold, orange and red tones. The Exotic Oriental Pillow Cover will bring the flame-like warmth of an open fire to your sofa. Get ready to snuggle up on those chilly Fall nights!

Fall is defined by golden leaves, so why not inject this picturesque image into your living space? Opt for faux flora in rustic leafy tones in glossy berry-hued vases. If you are feeling quirky mount them on the walls. If you’re not blessed with the wall space, make them the talking point of your coffee table. Place them on top of Embroidered Leaf Placemats for that extra touch of Autumn.

The Bedroom

(Photo Source: davidrennert.com)

If there’s one room in the house that deserves that cosy Autumnal touch, it’s the bedroom! With lush bohemian patterned duvet covers trending in interior design, we don’t blame you if you want to stay in bed all day! I recommend this Ornamental Embroidered Duvet Cover Set in Saffron Red to nail the bohemian and fall decor trends in one.

(Photo Source: balkopugutasarim.com)

If you’re feeling ready to embrace the festive spirit, why not try this drool-worthy Autumnal wonderland? We love the way it has that ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ vibe to it and it is surprisingly easy to re-create.

If you are lucky enough to own a four poster bed, simply drape fabric between the front and back pairs of posts, ensuring there is enough fabric to cascade down on either side. Then attach individual strings of string fairy lights along the fabric. Swap your duvet cover for a warm-shaded, fall appropriate number such as the Hand Embroidered Duvet Cover set in Scarlet red and you have your very own Fall wonderland.

No four poster bed? Don’t fret! Find a cosy corner of the room to re-create this fairy paradise. Then simply hang the draped fabric off the ceiling and single-stranded fairy lights. Make your secret corner more Pinterest-worthy with warm-hued printed cushions. The Hand Embroidered Throw Pillow and Floral Embroidered Pillow are a match made in Autumnal heaven.

The Office

(Photo Source: theinspiredroom.net)

Injecting a little bit of color into your at-home office never hurt. Who knows; it may even make you work better! Add some colorful and comfy Paisley embroidered pillow covers onto your office chair cushions for that comfy fall feeling.

De-clutter that office table by adorning it with a fall-themed table runner. The Saree Border table runner will beat that Autumnal chill and have you dreaming of Indian summers. Invest in some gold-hued binders or folders to keep pesky paperwork neat and tidy.

Not convinced an Autumnal coloured office is for you? Psychologists have discovered that burgundy tones portray control, responsibility and confidence. So if you are looking to succeed in your at-home business, this floral table runner in saffron red is for you. Plus: it totally ticks all the fall trend boxes.

The Kitchen

(Photo Credit: debbie-debbiedoos.com)

If any room deserves a fall makeover, it’s the kitchen. After all, this is where all the Thanksgiving magic and pumpkin carving will take place.

Unsurprisingly, fall kitchen decor is all about those seasonal veggies, so why not use some as decor until you cook them. Storing them in the pantry will do nothing for the atmosphere of your kitchen! Take your favorite veggie and embellish with a faux red leaf and pretty rustic ribbons.

If you must eat that squash tonight, Fall-coloured foliage makes an equally stunning worktop-topper. Place your decorations on a warm-hued, printed table runner, such as the Jacquard Floral Table Runner.

The Dining Room

(Photo Source: digsdigs.com)

Although it seems that nothing could make your mum’s pumpkin pie taste better, a cosy Fall atmosphere just might make it a teeny bit more luscious. Fall Tablescapes are super easy to recreate and only take a few minor changes to your normal decor.

Add a table runner to your neutral table cloth, such as this Hand Embroidered Table Runner to add an atmospheric warmth to your dining area. Pair with matching placemats or invest in a set that has a matching table runner and placemats, such as this hand painted set.

Add faux pumpkins and some berry-dotted twigs and you’re all set for Thanksgiving!

The Bathroom

(Photo Source: astrollthrulife.net)

Make a warm bath even warmer with luscious orange tones. Scented fall candles and orange flora will bring the outdoors in.

For a really easy injection of fall, add a red or orange tissue box cover, such as this Hand Embroidered piece, to your tissue box. Yes: it really is that easy!

Just add some cinnamon scented bubble bath, light your candles and turn the lights off for a relaxing and festive evening.

The only dilemma is… which room will you give a fall makeover to first?

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