How To Create A Gender-Neutral Boho Nursery

A boho nursery is a fantastic idea for parents-to-be who want to decorate their nursery in a gender neutral theme.

Not sure where to start? Here’s our guide to creating a gender-neutral boho nursery…

Create A Gender-Neutral Color Scheme


(Photo source:

Creating a gender-neutral boho nursery is all about avoiding those colors that are stereo-typically associated with gender. Baby pink and lilac are too girly and should be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, baby blue is often associated with boys so we suggest avoiding this color too.

The inspiration photo above is a wonderful example of a gender-neutral color scheme. Beige and neutrals make a perfect basis to add gender-specific colors to once the baby is born.

Deep reds and crimsons add warmth to the room without being associated with a specific gender.

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Arabian velvet table runner and damask throw pillow cover


(Photo source:

Orange, white, olive and burnt orange all give that warm, bohemian edge without being gender specific.

For an extra vibrant nursery, add a printed quilt and wicker accessories.

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Ornamental embroidered table cloth

Deep Blue


(Photo source:

Unlike baby blue, deep blue is a stunning gender-neutral choice.

When paired with gold and brown, it creates a stunning contrast that will give any nursery that wow factor.

We adore the wallpaper with the woodland creatures.

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Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover and hand embroidered table runner

Opt For Animal Prints


(Photo source:

Stereotypical nurseries may have car prints for boys and florals for girls, but what prints are gender-neutral?

Animal prints of course!

The innocence and cuteness of animals can be applied to any gender, which makes animal prints a wonderful choice.

Create a safari-themed, boho nursery with a mix of African boho prints and animals such as lions, giraffes and elephants.

Animal prints are the perfect excuse to fill the nursery with stuffed toys too!

Add A Printed Rug


(Photo source:

The best thing about a printed rug is that it is easily interchangeable!

Start by jazzing up your nursery floor with a burnished orange or red table runner or rug. Once the baby is born, you can easily switch it out for something more girly or boyish.

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Golden Orange

Saree border table runner and hawthorn leaf table runner

Go For Statement Lighting


(Photo source:

A statement light is a wonderful way to add a stylish and unique edge to your nursery.

Scandinavian shaped pendants, such as the one in the photo above, will remain stylish whilst your little one is growing up too.

Also, how beautiful do the grey and white chevron prints look in the white crib?

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Solid geometric pillow cover

Add An Element Of Wanderlust With An Accent Wall


(Photo source:

An accent wall with mountains or a bohemian print is a fantastic option for a gender-neutral nursery.

As a matter of fact, the more statement the wall is, the plainer you can leave the rest of the nursery!

Add Printed Accessories


(Photo source:

Boho printed accessories are a fantastic way to add detail to any nursery.

Geometric prints such as triangles are incredibly gender neutral and can be reused in other rooms once your child grows up.

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Solid geometric pillow cover and hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

Want more inspiration? Check out our other boho decor ideas!


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20 Indian Inspired Rooms You’ll Fall In Love With

Looking to give your home an essence of the exotic? You’re in luck! Here’s 20 Indian inspired rooms that you are guaranteed to fall in love with…

1.The true blue


(Photo source:

This blue dream will make a wonderful addition to any hallway or outdoor area. The combination of dark wooden furniture and printed blue cushions makes this Indian inspired room is totally gorgeous.

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Chic jacquard table runner, damask pillow cover, jacquard paisley pillow covers

2. The Warm & Traditional


(Photo source:

Looking for a more traditional Indian inspired room? This bedroom is sure to add an authentic essence of India to your home!

Deep tawny reds and burnished oranges make it the perfect decor to warm you up on those cold days. Carved wooden details and an array of Indian prints prove that there is never such a thing as too much detail!

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Ocean Blue

Ornamental embroidered table cloth, hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

3. The bathroom that’s straight out of a palace


(Photo source:

This bathroom looks like it’s been copied and pasted from a luxurious resort!

A clean white sink and live greenery are a wonderful and modern contrast to a traditional gilded mirror and pendant.

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Luxurious artistry table runner

4. The New Modern


(Photo source:

After Indian inspired rooms with an eclectic twist? Look no further than this living room.

The bright pops of colors and pop art prints make this room the perfect combination of 60s chic and Indian luxe.

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Solid geometric pillow covers, damask throw pillow covers

5. The exotic lobby


(Photo source:

The deep purple walls and cut-out nook make this room scream ‘traditional India’.

Luxurious velvets and burnished gold accessories add to the regal essence of this room.

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Elegant dahlia pillow cover, deluxe accent pillow cover, Arabian velvet table runner

6. #SplashbackGoals


(Photo source:

This Indian inspired kitchen splash-back takes this kitchen from cute to quirky.

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Luxurious artistry table runner

7. The Boho Bliss


(Photo source:

The combination of colors and prints in this boho bedroom are perfectly balanced.

This is a fantastic example of how Indian inspired rooms can be both traditionally inspired and on-trend.

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BlueOcean BlueGold

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set, floral embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

8. The Hot Pink


(Photo source:

Hot oranges and pinks majorly clash with lime green in the best possible way.

The sheer fuchsia curtain makes this room a fantastic option for a teenage girl.

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GoldOcean Blue

Luxurious artistry table runner, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover

9. The New Traditional


(Photo source:

Fresh bricks and orange cushions make are the perfect combination in this dreamy indoor-outdoor set-up. Live greenery makes a wonderful contrast.

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Golden OrangeOrangeBlack

Saree border table runner, paisley embroidered pillow cover, solid geometric pillow covers

10. The minimalist


(Photo source:

The carved headboard adds a wonderful ethnic essence to this trendy minimalist bedroom.

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Coffee Brown

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

11. The secret garden


(Photo source:

You don’t need a garden to have a beautiful outdoor area! Exhibit A: this Indian inspired, cacti-dotted balcony.

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Floral embroidered pillow cover, game of chess pillow cover

12. The haute hippy


(Photo source:

This living room is a total bohemian dream!

A traditional Indian sofa and gilded mirrors add a beautiful Eastern essence to this colorful boho living room.

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Hand painted deluxe floral table runner, jacquard damask pillow cover

13. The loft bed


(Photo source:

Add Indian embellishments and prints to a loft bed to give it a quirky, bohemian edge.

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Rustic OrangeSilver

Hand painted floral rectangular table cloth, exotic Oriental pillow cover

14. The cozy reading nook


(Photo source:

Comforting shades of red and stunning drapes make this reading nook the perfect space to cuddle up with a good book.

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Golden OrangeGoldBlack & Gold

Saree border table runner, hand painted deluxe floral pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

15. The cute corner


(Photo source:

Cut-out wooden furniture and solid oak pieces make this corner a talking point of any room.

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Vibrant floral pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

16. The actual masterpiece


(Photo source:

This veranda is so stunning that it deserves its own symphony!

An Indian-style structure surrounded by a lush green entrance makes this set-up a total utopia.

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Hand painted floral table cloth

17. The elephant embellished


(Photo source:

Elephant printed accessories and printed mandalas go together like strawberries and cream.

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Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set, floral embroidered pillow cover

18. The banquet


(Photo source:

When it comes to Indian inspired rooms, the more bright colors the better!

This table set-up will make every meal feel like a celebratory banquet.

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BeigeJacquard Floral Table RunnerRustic Orange

Hand embroidered table runner, jacquard floral table runner, hand embroidered 7 piece place mat set, hand painted floral table cloth

19. The draped damsel


(Photo source:

This bedroom is what we’d imagine the inside of a genie’s lamp to look like!

Luxurious drapes and jewel tones make this bedroom a stunning set up that will never go out of style.

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Exotic Oriental pillow covers

20. The dream bath


(Photo source:

A bath with drapes? Yes please.

Take your home a little bit closer to a royal palace with this stunning set-up.

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Velvet sparkle throw pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover

Ready to give your home an Indian inspired makeover? Browse our range of Indian inspired home decor today!


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7 Stunning Bohemian Bathroom Ideas

Step over minimalism, there’s a new way we want to style our bathroom! Enter the quirky decor lovers dream: the bohemian bathroom.

In it’s very nature, bohemian is all about being laid-back and nonchalant. So what better environment to run a hot bubble bath, settle down with a magazine and indulge?

We are saying adios to neat and boring bathrooms! Here’s 7 stunning bohemian bathroom ideas that we want to recreate in our homes. As a matter of fact, we have already started scrolling the net for printed tiles…

(Photo Source:

These green tiles are like the love child of a strict minimalist and a rain forest wanderer. With green been this years’ hottest decor color, these tiles really are bathroom floor goals. Plus, they will look cleaner for far longer than classic white bathroom tiles.

This bohemian bathroom has a quirky artisan edge. Woven wall hangs and bamboo lights really make you feel like are lost in the rainforest.


(Photo Source:

Frida Kahlo: was this your bathroom?

Chunky, aztec-printed rugs and floral embroidery gives this bathroom a traditional, Mexican vibe with a twist.

An abundance of live greenery is perfect for naturally filtering out those nasty bathroom smells. Plus, you can literally pretend that you are bathing in some sort of lost rain forest pool…


(Photo Source:

A modern Moroccan wonderland, this bohemian bathroom is classy, unique and has a regal edge.

The worn blue wall adds such a rustic edge, which compliments burnished silver decor pieces and the clean white bath tub to perfection.

Also, how incredible is that cut out cupboard?


(Photo Source:

Now this is the minimalist way to style a bohemian bathroom!

Brick walls and concrete floor say ‘I couldn’t care less’, whilst the striking combination of circle shapes and monochrome makes it clean and classy.

Add timber furnishings and plants into the mix, and this bathroom starts to feel like a luxury 5 star spa in Tulum.


(Photo Source:

Those tiles, those tiles, those tiles!

In the past, printed tiles have been seen as gaudy and dated, but these boho-printed beauties have really changed our mind.

In a bathroom-perfect palette of sky blues and white, the tiles pop against the clean white vanity and shower.

Don’t even get us started on the rose gold shower head…. Where can we pick up one of those?


(Photo Source:

Once again, printed tiles make an appearance and the result is anything but hideous!

Busy tiles are toned down by a clutter-free floor. Our attention is drawn upwards by hanging plants and artwork. This is a great idea for low ceiling bathrooms, as it creates an optical illusion.


(Photo Source:

Vintage, princessy and shabby chic. In short, this bohemian bathroom makes our inner Princess scream.

To recreate something this magical, focus on the small details. The regal bath legs, lace curtain trim and tassel hangs are all what makes this bathroom so fabulous.

Our Bohemian Bathroom Picks

Our range of hand-crafted Indian decor pieces make the perfect finishing touch to any bohemian bathroom.


1. Floral Paisley Placemats

These stunning paisley-embellished placemats instantly add a bohemian flair to any surface! Use them to tranform shelves or even hang them on the wall to create a textured piece of art.

2. Glamorous Border Table Runner

This beautiful table runner is a fantastic alternative to a decorative bath mat. Use on longer shelves or even hangrove4 curtain rails to add oh-so-boho paisley prints to your bohemian bathroom.

3. Ornamental Embroidered Table Cloth

Take your bathroom floor to the next level with this stunning table cloth. Alternatively, drape from the ceiling for a dreamy boho vibe.

4. Embroidered Tissue Box Cover

Make your bathroom even more aesthetically pleasing by covering up that ugly tissue box! Blowing your nose has never been so chic…

5. Exotic Oriental Table Runner

This Moroccan-inspired print will take your bathroom away to warmer and more exotic climates. Use it to bring any wall or surface to life.

6. Saree Border Placemats

Placemats are fantastic for hiding worn furniture or beautifying any surface. These Saree border placemats would look fantastic under tooth brush holders or soap dishes.

Loving boho decor? Check out these dreamy boho kitchens that you have to see to believe.

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7 Reasons We LOVE Decorating Our Homes With Boho Decor

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you will know that boho decor and Banarsi designs go together like salt and pepper. If you’re yet to get on the boho decor bandwagon, I suggest you hop on there with dreams of exotic prints, paisley and everything hippy.

Get ready, as you’re about to seriously fall in love with bohemian decor! Here’s seven reasons why we are obsessed with boho decor.

1. Boho Decor Represents A Nomadic Lifestyle

If you dream of backpacking the world and getting lost in nature, boho decor is a perfect reflection of who you are. This is because boho prints became popular in the 60s an 70s when travelers brought them back from India and the Far East.  Whether you have traveled the world, or simply dream of doing so, bohemian decor will bring that nomadic lifestyle into your home.

nomadic boho decor with world map and morrocan prints

(Photo Source:

This decor is about as nomadic as you can get! Moroccan printed cushions and throws sizzle in an array of warm oranges and reds, whilst the world map mural is the epitome of wanderlust. Recreate this stunning living room by topping your sofa with our floral embroidered pillow cover and ornamental embroidered pillow cover. Top your sofa with our Arabian Velvet Table Runner.

2. It’s Uplifting

Consider how you feel when you walk into a clinically styled doctors surgery. Chances are, it makes you feel worse rather than better. There is something incredibly uplifting about boho decor. In among the rainbow of colors and punchy prints lies positive vibes. Due to this reason, it’s unsurprising that many spas and massage parlors choose to decorate in a bohemian style.


This boho pool area is what dreams are made of! Recreate the muted and relaxing tones with our exotic oriental pillow cover and solid geometric pillow cover.


3. There Are No Rules

The best thing about boho decor is that there absolutely no rules! No color palettes, no texture limits, nothing! So if you love a plethora of prints, a bucketful of textures and just about everything under the sun, a boho themed home gives you the excuse to get away with it! As a matter of fact, more is often merrier when it comes to bohemian. So feel free to chuck absolutely everything up on your walls and rejoice in the random, yet stylish look.


When I created my DIY boho outdoor area, I mixed and clashed as many prints as my heart desired.

4. It’s Creative & Artistic

By definition of the Oxford dictionary, the term ‘bohemian’ refers to ‘a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practice.’ (Source: The artistic nature of boho undeniably translates into boho home decor. Exotic, detailed prints are indeed works of art themselves, and, when styled well, can act as an inspirational creative space.

The artistic and unconventional aspects of boho decor are also present in the way the pieces are made or purchased. Boho homes often incorporate pieces that are vintage, hand made, from overseas and from flea markets.

5. It’s SO On Trend

Due to fashion’s revival of everything Seventies over the last few seasons, boho decor is huge! So if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to make your home more stylish, bohemian is one hundred percent the way to go!

6. It Makes Everyday Feel Like Summer

Fall may be coming faster than a freight train, but that doesn’t mean that our homes have to feel dull and cold.  With boho decor, it’s Summer all year round. Be whisked away to the Greek islands with beautiful Mediterranean prints in an abundance of white and snorkel blue. Or feel the heat of India with saree prints, stunning embroidery and beautiful embellishments. In short, boho decor gives you the flight to the place that you can’t afford to visit!


(Photo Source:

Bring the sunshine of Santorini to your living room with printed blue and white cushions. We recommend the jacquard paisley pillow cover and the solid geometric pillow cover. Add the oriental blossom table runner for a beautifully oceanic effect.

BlueOcean Blue

Or opt for a warming, Indian bedroom with an array of red and fuchsia silks.


(Photo Source:

To recreate this look, turn up the heat with the hand embroidered duvet cover set. Embellish with the paisley leaf and exotic oriental pillow covers.

7. It Takes Us Back To The ‘Peace’ Era

Boho and hippy style decor has a comforting nostalgic effect. Just a few paisley prints and earthy browns is all it takes to be transported to the peaceful era of the 1970s. We live in a post-modern, turbo speed world, full of terrorism, mental illness and environmental damage. Boho decor takes us back to a less scary time in the world.


(Photo Source:

This genuine 1970s decor captures the ‘free spirit’ of the era to perfection! Get that hippy effect with pops of red and orange tones. The jacquard floral table runner is super 70s!

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

What do you love about boho? Let me know in the comments below…



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10 Boho Decor Instagram Accounts To Follow

I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably spending waaay longer on your phone than you think. As a matter of fact, the average American spends a whopping 4.7 hours on their phone. Erm… what? But before you start moping about time wasted on your phone, why not use that screen time to do something useful, such as getting inspiration for your home! With a seemingly ridiculous amount of home decor Instagram accounts one click away, where exactly do you start?

You’re in luck! We’ve rounded up our ten top Instagram accounts that will make you drool away in a bohemian home-decor dream. So sit down, get your phone out, and hit follow for these cool cats…


If you like your decor raw and nomadic, you need to check out this account! Ran by interior stylist Jennifer Harrison, this account is full of decor that incorporates pieces found at flea markets! We approve, as do a happy 125 thousand Insta-users!


We are honestly in awe of this dreamy boho shack. There’s a whole lot happening… hanging plants, beaded hangs and enough punchy prints to fill China, but we love it! If you want to recreate it, we suggest an array of bohemian printed cushions, rustic wood, hanging plants and shabby rugs.


We provide a range of stunning hippy-print cushions for you to add that va-va-voom to your living room! We recommend orange toned pieces for this warming effect.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Jacquard damask pillow cover

Use a printed table runner as a funky rug or to give a table a bohemian flair.

Exotic oriental table runner



Jody Lee’s array of dreamy bohemian decor has attracted a whopping following of 40,000 Instagrammers! The talented lady often features her own handmade items in her dreamy decor feed.


This shot makes us want some kind of minimalist-boho jungle in our home! Get your own leafy paradise by hanging up a hammock, adding some cosy cushions and surrounding by leafy foliage. Add a plethora of cute cacti to your windowsill and you’re practically outside!


Add some green printed pillow covers to totally nail this look!

Jacquard floral pillow cover


This account is a whole lot of bohemian goodness in the middle of the desert! Aztec prints, cactuses and an array of minimalist boho decor make it a must follow!


Minimalist, which a touch of desert-y Aztec, we are seriously loving this bedroom. Give your white bedding a desert babe update with Aztec print cushions and a throw. Add wooden furniture and desert plants and relax!


All it takes is a matching boho printed throw and cushion!

Throw our floral paisley scarf over your bed for an instant update.

Solid geometric pillow cover


The decor boffins behind popular account ‘the jungalow’ aim to ‘inspire the world to decorate wild.’ One look at their dreamy feed makes us want lashings of leaves, potted plants and a whole lot of ethnic prints!


Whoever said that lots of clashing prints was a bad thing obviously hadn’t seen this rainbow delight of a room! Punchy Eastern European florals, Aztec stripes and everything boho makes one big happy clash. Decorated mirrors, antique tables and an aurora of greenery make it even more quirky.


Make your sofa a happy clash with two contrasted, printed table runners.

Arabian velvet table runner

Exotic oriental table runner


We are utterly baffled how this account only has 1,900 followers, as it is deserves a hundred times that amount! This feed completely embodies all of  our macrame dreams!



A raw wooden table makes for the perfect centerpiece in this raw Western-inspired paradise. Watery blue accents are teamed with fluffy throws and weaved chairs. Random bits and bobs give it that thrown together, nomadic vibe.


Beachy blue hues + stripes and boho prints= this look, nailed!

Exotic oriental pillow cover

Ocean Blue

Ornmantal Embroidered Tablecloth


Judy Alridge is our ultimate boho decor icon! Plus, she lives with seven rescue chihuahuas, even more reason to follow this account!


A more neutral take on the boho trend, this bedroom sticks to a palette of dark tan, black, white and cream. But what is lacked in color is certainly made up for in texture! A fluffy throw is perfectly top with a fringe throw and is backed by a wooden mirror.


Go for exotic prints and neutral tones!

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Black & White

Hawthorn leaf table runner


This high street store has seriously upped its home decor game. The evidence? This lust-worthy account.


This simple bedroom shows how much difference a simple wall hang and a string of faux ivy can do. Plus: Those cats make it even better! Choose your favorite print, hang behind yor bed and compliment with a matching cover.


Our luxurious artistry table runner would dress up any room!

The exotic oriental table pillow will compliment this beautifully.


This photographer and interior stylist sure knows how to add a vibrant bohemian flair to a room. Carly is also a stunning fashionista, so it’s barely surprising that she has 68.8 thousands users following along!


Now this is what we call a Moroccan wonderland!  Woven rugs, a warm color palette and lots of texture make this outdoor area what we want in our lives this Summer


Mix textured pink and cerise textures with quintessential Moroccan prints and inject into your outdoor area.

Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

Velvet sparkle throw pillow cover



We want to live in this desert hotel! A whole lot of hippy hotness, this building dates back to 1948 and is gradually being transformed into a stunning 1958 casita.


This dreamy hippy-ish outdoor area looks heavenly, plus it’s super easy to recreate! Layer a pink rug with colorful cushions on the ground. Add a flowy backdrop of a boh0 mandala and re-create the deserts starry sky with drapes of fairy lights.


The ornamental embroidered table cloth will add some style and comfort to your outdoor area. Throw on the floor and layer on printed cushions for an effortless boho look.

Damask throw pillow cover


The most popular account on our list, designlovefest has almost three quarter of a million followers! With decor and travel photos like this beauty below, we can totally see why!


Simple, with a rustic bohemian edge, this shot will leave us dreaming of pom poms and shabby rugs.


Brown and orange table runners are a great alternative to a vintage rug.

Chic jacquard table runner

Which account is your top pick?




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