The Boho Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Love moon jewellery, paisley and stunning beachy styles? These boho fashion bloggers and their stunning Instagram feeds will give you all the inspiration you need!

Gypsy Lovin Light @gypsylovinlight


@gypsylovinlight is an array of tanned, bohemian goodness set against dreamy blue seas, white sands and stunning destinations.

The account stars Finnish born Helen Janneson Bense, who now lives in Western Australia with her photographer husband. Together with their children, the couple travel to some of the worlds most stunning destinations, providing us with enough bohemian style inspiration to make us want to fill our closet with sparkles and paisley prints.

As a trained naturopath, Helen writes her blog posts and Instagram captions with a sense of peace and mindfulness that truly makes her stand out from the crowd.

Rachel Barwick (@life.with.three)


South-Australian based Rachel is the quintessential Aussie beach babe: long blonde hair, perfect tan and a stunning boho wardrobe.

Whether she’s frolicking in the sand in a gorgeous bikini or exploring palm-dotted paradises in a flowing dress, Rachel has that on-trend boho flair that we just want to steal!

Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes)


With a body to die for and a boho wardrobe to match, it’s no surprise that this Los Angeles based model has over one million followers.

Funnily enough, the 31 year old shot to the spotlight when she appeared in a Justin Beiber video back in 2013. Fast forward 4 years and she’s an online force to be reckoned with!

This boho fashion bloggers’ style is an eclectic mix of classic bohemian pieces and more on-trend looks, making her total #stylegoals.

Lisa Homsy (@lisahomsy)


Although this Canadian-born babe may describe her Instagram as more of a lifestyle destination, her wardrobe choices make her a must-follow for any boho babe.

Her cute boho dresses and stunning swimwear pieces will make you want to makeover your entire wardrobe and head to warmer climes.

Lisa Smith (@lisadanielle__)


As an Australian-based girl, I can honestly say that there is something in the water that makes these girls the epitome of #bohogirls.

Exhibit B: @lisadanielle__. This total bohemian stunner is also a Vogue AU contributor. See: boho fashion bloggers can be total girl bosses too!

Molly Hogan (@trendychickadee)


Molly’s feed is so clean and beachy that it almost looks like it’s been through the laundry.

This California beach babe gives us a more minimalist take on the bohemian trend, and we totally love it!

Olive Cooke


Another Australian boho style and travel blogger, Olive Cooke gives us total wanderlust and makes us want to go shopping at the same time. Now that’s a talent!

Rachel Holliday @thedailyluxe


Ok so this one is pretty bias, as this is my Instagram feed! I love sharing my boho style and tropical Australian environment with my followers.

Steal The Boho Fashion Blogger Style

Ready to take your wardrobe to a whole new bohemian level? Our boho printed scarves will give you the gorgeous prints and textures needed to take your look to the next level.


Clockwise from top left: abstract floral wool scarf, floral paisley silk scarf, solid color scarf, exotic silk scarf





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Minimalist Boho Bedrooms That Are Beyond Cute

Minimalist boho bedrooms offer the best of both worlds: on-trend minimalism and funky boho elements.

Best of all, minimalist boho bedrooms are a fantastic choice for those who prefer a neutral or more refined palette in their home decor. Having a neutral palette doesn’t necessarily have to equate to boring. As these stunning minimalist boho bedrooms prove, pops of color, an abundance of texture and prints alone can turn your bedroom into a bohemian dream.

Read on for the bohemian bedrooms with a minimalist edge that will have you craving a bedroom makeover…


(Photo source:

Live greenery and chunky knits will look just as at home in a Scandinavian minimalist style bedroom as they would in a full-blown boho set-up.

This beautiful bedroom mixes the best of both worlds with a basic palette of brown and gray, interesting textures and fun boho details. We are adding that palette side-table to our list of DIY projects ASAP!


(Photo source:

White, cream and wood is the definition of a minimalist dream. Add wicker textures, boho print cushions and a macrame wall hang into the mix and you have something classy, with a little edge of hippy.

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Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover


(Photo source:

There is something so chic and beachy about this muted bohemian-style bedroom. Perhaps it’s the very light oak bed frame and wicker lamp shade?

Although we can’t quite put our finger on the magic, this more pastel bohemian look is fantastic for those who want to venture into bohemian territory, but don’t like loud or brash hues.

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Jacquard paisley pillow cover, damask style elegant table runner


(Photo source:

Greenery and leaf prints remain one of the biggest trends in home decor for Autumn/Winter 2017.

This predominately white bedroom is given a tropical edge with cactus prints and a large plant.

Despite the very basic color palette, this room is brought alive by the mix of stunning, bohemian textures. A fluffy cushion, a chunky knit throw and a wicker plant pot all compliment each other seamlessly.


(Photo source:

If a Moroccan resort and Ikea were to have a baby together, this is what it would look like.

A sleek four poster bed consists of crisp white curtains, an oak bed and gorgeous coastal accessories. The pops of blue in the pillow covers and the wall art makes it a wonderful option for those who live on the coast.

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Exotic Oriental pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


(Photo source:

Macrame and cute, Native-American style prints turn this minimalist bedroom into something a little bit more unique.

Dots of rose gold and a trestle-leg chair make this minimalist bohemian bedroom a great choice for those who like to incorporate the latest trends.

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Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow cover


(Photo source:

Who knew that sequins and live greenery could be such a perfect match?

The juxtaposition of the raw and natural and glitz and glamor works wonderfully here.

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Hand embroidered throw pillow cover, ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover


(Photo source:

This bedroom is a great option for college students or those with a small bedroom.

The wooden mirror makes the room appear bigger, whilst pops of cute hippy prints give it a trendy, boho edge.

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Ocean Blue

Ornamental blossom table runner, floral embroidered pillow cover,


(Photo source:

Beige bedding is warmed up by orange-hued wood and a vibrant wall hang.

A beautiful conglomeration of textures make this boho set-up just as interesting as its more colorful counterparts.

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Arabian velvet table runner


(Photo source:

This bedroom nails minimalism, boho and coastal in one fall swoop.

The limited palette means that a variety of details, textures and prints can be incorporated without it looking too much.

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Hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

Want more bohemian bedroom inspiration? Here’s our ultimate guide to injecting boho chic into your bedroom.

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Bohemian Balcony Decor That Is Chic & Easy

Inner-city living can offer a vibrant and fast-paced lifestyle, but it often lacks the greener side of things. If you find yourself pining over your lack of garden, a plant-dotted bohemian balcony is just what you need!

With just a few simple decor pieces, your apartment balcony will be transformed into an outdoor mecca.

Here’s the bohemian balcony decor ideas that are chic and easy…

Small & Monochrome


(Photo source:

Those with a small apartment balcony, turn that frown upside down! This stunning monochrome bohemian balcony proves that size doesn’t always matter.

Add a cozy corner with old sofa cushions. Next, add a blanket and printed pillow covers for a stylish look. Finally, dot plants and candles around the area. Then sit back and relax with a good book and a glass of bubbly!

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The solid geometric pillow covers will completely transforme an old mattress or sofa cushion.

Inner-city Luxe


(Photo source:

This day bed may have been made for poolside decks, but it looks equally as at home on this bohemian balcony.

Give your balcony a luxurious edge by adding decking to the floor and walls. Decorate with wicker furniture pieces and knick-knacks for a resort feel.

Add to the tropical edge with a large plant and printed blue pillow covers that echo the Summer ocean.

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Blue and wood= a Summer haven.

Coffee BrownSilverYellow

From left: hand embroidered throw pillow cover, exotic Oriental pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover

Rustic & Neutral


(Photo source:

If you are looking for a bohemian balcony that is snug and stylish in equal part, I think you’ve found your perfect match!

This palette bed will make a fun and rewarding DIY project. Add an old mattress, an abundance of pillow covers and a textured throw to make it total #decorgoals.

Add detail to the floor with a printed mat and add unique lamps for a balcony that is made for after-dark chills.

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Black & WhiteBlack & Gold

The hawthorn leaf table runner is great for adding some style to your balcony floor. Carry on the rustic white theme with cream and beige printed cushions. The hand embroidered brocade pillow cover and paisley embroidered pillow covers are great choices.

Eastern Getaway


(Photo source:

Dreading the oncoming chill of Fall? Turn your apartment’s balcony into an Indian style chill-out zone for the perfect Exotic escape.

Rather than breaking the bank on a outdoor sofa, we recommend using old sofa cushions and placing against the perimeters of your balcony. Give them an exotic makeover with warm-hued throws or blankets. Add an abundance of printed cushions in pink, oraneh, and red.

Finally, create a stunning contrast by adorning your floor with a blue-hued mat or mandala hang.

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Begin by layering up your sofa bed with warm-hued table runners.

Golden Orange

From left: Saree border table runner, exotic Oriental table runner, Arabian velvet table runner

Warm up your balcony even more with red, orange and pink pillow covers.

From left: floral embroidered throw pillow cover, paisley leaf pillow cover, ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover

Cute & Scandi


(Photo source:

This boho balcony is so easy to create, we bet our bottom dollar you could do it in one day!

Firstly, create a seat with a bench, or even a wooden crate. Add white and cream throws and top with pink and white cushion covers.

Next, add a little side table and dot with succulents. Add hanging plants, hanging Edison bulbs and finish with glowing candles.

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Baby pink and white pillow covers will ensure that this balcony is an on-trend Scandinavian dream.

Coffee Brown

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Statement Plant Wall


(Photo source:

Who says you need a garden to grow plants? This garden wall is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors to your apartment. Best of all, it can be easy made with wooden crates.

Add extra plants in random pots and don’t be afraid to go over the top!

This bohemian balcony is all about being random! Head to the thrift store and pick up random furniture and knick knacks to really make this balcony unique.

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Add random colorful cushion covers for comfort and style.

Ocean BlueYellow

Floral embroidered throw pillow cover and elegant dahlia pillow cover

All About The Greenery


(Photo source:

This balcony is another example of how to incorporate greenery!

Go for sleek bohemian vibes with wooden furniture and a monochrome rug.

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Ocean Blue

The ornamental embroidered tablecloth is a stylish alternative to a heavy rug.

Want more apartment decor tips? We have you covered:

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10 Idyllic Modern Moroccan Bedrooms

Moroccan bedrooms offer a warm, exotic touch to any home.

For centuries, Morocco has been a cultural melting pot of colourful diversity, culture and traditions. From the rainbow-hued bustling markets of Marrakech, to the intricate architecture of Casablanca, Morocco holds a magic that has travellers hooked.

Morocco is an absolute gem when it comes to décor inspiration. Take the carved details from the country’s intricate stone work and use as inspiration for furniture. Embrace the silky textures and bright hues in your bedding. With Moroccan bedrooms, the options are endless.

Here’s 10 idyllic modern Moroccan bedrooms that will have you dreaming of your next renovation project…


(Photo source:

This modern bedroom takes cues from classic Moroccan décor and tones them down to be modern and on-trend.

The carved bed head is the ultimate bohemian dream, whilst the soft blue hues make it an ideal choice for a beach home or those who prefer a more neutral look.

Don’t even get me started on those tassel cushions or that rug, they will haunt me as I fall asleep tonight…

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Ocean Blue

Elegant color block placemats and floral embroidered pillow cover


(Photo source:

Hello stunning color clash! This turquoise and woody red combination has me dreaming of the warm Moroccan sun.

The white bedding tones it down and ensures it isn’t too cluttered.

That carved ceiling is so stunning that it doesn’t even look real!

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Use the hand painted floral table cloth as a rug.


(Photo source:

This modern Moroccan bedroom makes me want to give my entire home a bohemian makeover! The deep blue walls have a tumblr-style moodiness to them, whilst the textured cream bedding brightens it up a little.

Rather than investing in an expensive bed head, give an old bed head a makeover by covering it up with a wall hang or printed table cloth.

Add bright printed pillow covers to lift the dark blue base.

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Spring garden floral pillow cover, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover



(Photo source:

This bohemian floral bedroom takes elements of classic Moroccan décor and Eastern European folklore and effortlessly combines them.

The baby pink walls and floral pops makes this a fantastic bedroom for big princesses and little princesses alike.

Recreate the vibrant furniture by painting old thrift store finds in electric green and bright blue hues.

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Arabian velvet table runner, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


(Photo source:

This modern Moroccan bedroom is another example of how color clashes can look stunning!

The regal headboard and bedding make this bedroom a wonderful choice for those looking for a classic and timeless style.

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Rustic OrangeSaffron Red

Hand painted deluxe floral table runner,  ornamental embroidered duvet cover set


(Photo source:

Incidentally, this stunning bedroom is equally as regal! In my opinion, the maroon hues give this room a slight boudoir vibe alongside its regal air..

However, the stunning four-poster drapes, gilded gold headboard and printed pillow covers give it that inevitable air of the East.

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Creamy Brown

Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set, velvet hand embroidered pillow cover


(Photo source:

Moroccan bedrooms don’t get more Instagram-worthy than this stunning array of white, cream and silver!

The details in the walls are incredible. Furthermore, the crystal chandeliers add to the elegance without overpowering the walls.

Similarly, the bedding is kept in block colors and textures, letting that beautiful, detailed wall do the talking.

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Black & GoldSilver

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, exotic oriental table runner


(Photo source:

This bedroom takes classic elements of Moroccan décor and puts them through a metaphorical washing machine.

The result is a clean palette of white and light greys, beautiful textures and exquisite details.

Note to self: never drink red wine here.

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Make up for the lack of color with lashings of texture.


Hand embroidered table runner, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


(Photo source:

Cute, hippy and rustic are three words to describe this folky Moroccan bedroom.

Furthermore, pops of yellow and orange give it an undeniable Seventies edge. The whimsical four poster curtains and vibrant floral bed runner are a total homage to the hippy era.

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Hand painted deluxe floral table runner, solid geometric pillow cover


(Photo source:

Wooden carvings: check. Lanterns: check. Hand embroidery: check. Arch shapes: check. This bedroom is like a literal ‘how to’ guide for Moroccan bedrooms.

The nude and wooden tones ensure that those beautiful details are the focal point.

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Black & Gold

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, Saree border table runner

Loving the Moroccan décor look? Check out our guide to Moroccan décor.


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30 Signs You’re A Boho Girl

Think you’re more free than the ocean and a total moon child? Here’s 30 signs that you’re a boho girl…

1.If you had to be an emoji, you’d be a peace sign.


(Photo Source:

2. The ocean totally ‘gets you’

(Photo Source:

3. This print appears so much in your home, that you may as well live in a giant mandala.


Exotic oriental table runner

4. You spend your days dreaming up awesome road trips in a vintage RV.

(Photo Source:

5. If you were a superhero, this would be your weapon.


6. You always carry a moonstone.


(Photo Source:

7. And a rose quartz. You can never be too careful!

(Photo Source: fengshui.about,com)

8. When you shop online, your basket looks like you’ve robbed the entire audience at Coachella.


(Photo Source:

9. Talitha Getty is the absolute babe of all babes. #styleicon


(Photo Source:

10. You get weirdly jealous when your parents talk about their ‘wild and free’ youth in the 70s. If only time machines existed.


(Photo Source:

11. This GIF is your ultimate outfit.


12. Crochet is the new black for you.


(Photo Source:

13. Speaking of fashion, your boho girl wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a boho printed scarf.


Exotic silk scarf

14. It it ain’t organic or cruelty free, you don’t buy it!



(Photo Source:

15. You own at least 2 pieces of furniture older than you.


(Photo Source:

16. And you adorn them with an abundance of boho printed pillow covers.

Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

17. You’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with Indian culture.


(Photo Source:

18. You plan on getting married barefoot…


(Photo Source:


19. …And with flowers in your hair.

(Photo Source:

20. You are your real self when you are totally indulged in nature.


(Photo Source:

21. You’ve dated a guy with dreadlocks


(Photo Source:

22. You sing along to Fleetwood Mac with your dad.


(Photo Source:

23. Raw chocolate cake is an actual gift from the divine.


24. This print speaks to your soul.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

25. The Olson twins were so much cooler in the Naughties.


(Photo Source:

26. You have an entire drawer/box solely for the purpose of holding your chunky, burnished metal jewellery.


(Photo Source:

27. You spend more time on the Free People website than you do eating.


(Photo Source:

28. As a child, your favorite Disney princess was Esmeralda.


(Photo Source:

29. When you enter your house, there is an actual haze from all the incense you burn.


(Photo Source:

30. YOU READ THIS POST! After all, being a boho girl is all about what you feel inside!


(Photo Source:

These articles were practically written for the boho girl:

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