The Boho Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Love moon jewellery, paisley and stunning beachy styles? These boho fashion bloggers and their stunning Instagram feeds will give you all the inspiration you need!

Gypsy Lovin Light @gypsylovinlight


@gypsylovinlight is an array of tanned, bohemian goodness set against dreamy blue seas, white sands and stunning destinations.

The account stars Finnish born Helen Janneson Bense, who now lives in Western Australia with her photographer husband. Together with their children, the couple travel to some of the worlds most stunning destinations, providing us with enough bohemian style inspiration to make us want to fill our closet with sparkles and paisley prints.

As a trained naturopath, Helen writes her blog posts and Instagram captions with a sense of peace and mindfulness that truly makes her stand out from the crowd.

Rachel Barwick (@life.with.three)


South-Australian based Rachel is the quintessential Aussie beach babe: long blonde hair, perfect tan and a stunning boho wardrobe.

Whether she’s frolicking in the sand in a gorgeous bikini or exploring palm-dotted paradises in a flowing dress, Rachel has that on-trend boho flair that we just want to steal!

Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes)


With a body to die for and a boho wardrobe to match, it’s no surprise that this Los Angeles based model has over one million followers.

Funnily enough, the 31 year old shot to the spotlight when she appeared in a Justin Beiber video back in 2013. Fast forward 4 years and she’s an online force to be reckoned with!

This boho fashion bloggers’ style is an eclectic mix of classic bohemian pieces and more on-trend looks, making her total #stylegoals.

Lisa Homsy (@lisahomsy)


Although this Canadian-born babe may describe her Instagram as more of a lifestyle destination, her wardrobe choices make her a must-follow for any boho babe.

Her cute boho dresses and stunning swimwear pieces will make you want to makeover your entire wardrobe and head to warmer climes.

Lisa Smith (@lisadanielle__)


As an Australian-based girl, I can honestly say that there is something in the water that makes these girls the epitome of #bohogirls.

Exhibit B: @lisadanielle__. This total bohemian stunner is also a Vogue AU contributor. See: boho fashion bloggers can be total girl bosses too!

Molly Hogan (@trendychickadee)


Molly’s feed is so clean and beachy that it almost looks like it’s been through the laundry.

This California beach babe gives us a more minimalist take on the bohemian trend, and we totally love it!

Olive Cooke


Another Australian boho style and travel blogger, Olive Cooke gives us total wanderlust and makes us want to go shopping at the same time. Now that’s a talent!

Rachel Holliday @thedailyluxe


Ok so this one is pretty bias, as this is my Instagram feed! I love sharing my boho style and tropical Australian environment with my followers.

Steal The Boho Fashion Blogger Style

Ready to take your wardrobe to a whole new bohemian level? Our boho printed scarves will give you the gorgeous prints and textures needed to take your look to the next level.


Clockwise from top left: abstract floral wool scarf, floral paisley silk scarf, solid color scarf, exotic silk scarf





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30 Signs You’re A Boho Girl

Think you’re more free than the ocean and a total moon child? Here’s 30 signs that you’re a boho girl…

1.If you had to be an emoji, you’d be a peace sign.


(Photo Source:

2. The ocean totally ‘gets you’

(Photo Source:

3. This print appears so much in your home, that you may as well live in a giant mandala.


Exotic oriental table runner

4. You spend your days dreaming up awesome road trips in a vintage RV.

(Photo Source:

5. If you were a superhero, this would be your weapon.


6. You always carry a moonstone.


(Photo Source:

7. And a rose quartz. You can never be too careful!

(Photo Source: fengshui.about,com)

8. When you shop online, your basket looks like you’ve robbed the entire audience at Coachella.


(Photo Source:

9. Talitha Getty is the absolute babe of all babes. #styleicon


(Photo Source:

10. You get weirdly jealous when your parents talk about their ‘wild and free’ youth in the 70s. If only time machines existed.


(Photo Source:

11. This GIF is your ultimate outfit.


12. Crochet is the new black for you.


(Photo Source:

13. Speaking of fashion, your boho girl wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a boho printed scarf.


Exotic silk scarf

14. It it ain’t organic or cruelty free, you don’t buy it!



(Photo Source:

15. You own at least 2 pieces of furniture older than you.


(Photo Source:

16. And you adorn them with an abundance of boho printed pillow covers.

Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

17. You’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with Indian culture.


(Photo Source:

18. You plan on getting married barefoot…


(Photo Source:


19. …And with flowers in your hair.

(Photo Source:

20. You are your real self when you are totally indulged in nature.


(Photo Source:

21. You’ve dated a guy with dreadlocks


(Photo Source:

22. You sing along to Fleetwood Mac with your dad.


(Photo Source:

23. Raw chocolate cake is an actual gift from the divine.


24. This print speaks to your soul.

Floral embroidered pillow cover

25. The Olson twins were so much cooler in the Naughties.


(Photo Source:

26. You have an entire drawer/box solely for the purpose of holding your chunky, burnished metal jewellery.


(Photo Source:

27. You spend more time on the Free People website than you do eating.


(Photo Source:

28. As a child, your favorite Disney princess was Esmeralda.


(Photo Source:

29. When you enter your house, there is an actual haze from all the incense you burn.


(Photo Source:

30. YOU READ THIS POST! After all, being a boho girl is all about what you feel inside!


(Photo Source:

These articles were practically written for the boho girl:

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Boho Accessories: The 10 Styling Tips You NEED To Know

When it comes to nailing bohemian chic, it’s all about the boho accessories! For the free spirits, gypsy souls and boho babes: here are the ten styling tips you need to know!

1. There’s No Such Thing As Too Much

boho accessories hair scarf

(Photo Source:

Whilst the more minimalist fashionista would gasp at the idea of wearing more than one almost-invisible necklace, the bohemian babe is all about maximal-ism! Combine chunky coin necklaces with printed hair scarves and finish with enough bangles to fill a small boutique.

The gypsy girl is anything but a wallflower, so combine as many metals, chunky stones and printed fabric as your wandering heart desires. Now that’s how to make a statement!

If you’re after a beautiful bohemian printed scarf for that perfect finishing touch, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for!


Floral paisley scarf, paisley wool scarf

2. THIS Necklace Equation

Boho accessories layered chunky silver coin necklaces

(Photo Source:

We’ve all seen those Pinterest photos of the tanned beach babe with that perfectly layered necklace. Before you go browsing away for that perfect boho necklace, I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s probably already in your jewelry box!

Boho accessories are all about layering and this layered necklace can be created by layering up three single pieces. The trick here is to choose necklaces that are the right length to compliment each other.

Just follow this equation and you’re on the right track:

Choker + cleavage + belly button= banging boho babe!
Funnily enough, this equation works with a variety of jewelry pieces, from statement gypsy necklaces, to stone adorned body chains. Even the more minimalist gypsy can rock this look by combining fine, gold pieces.

minimalist gold boho necklace layering

(Photo Source:

3. Have An Arm Party

bohemian bangles arm party

(Photo Source:

There’s an arm party happening and your whole jewellery box is invited! Get your gypsy on by layering on statement burnished and gold bangles, then cleverly adding in pops of bright color. Extra points for bringing in shades to compliment your outfit!

As for the rings, keep them chunky, silver and exotic! If you are looking for a quirky addition to your arm party, try tying a printed silk scarf around your wrist! Our floral paisley silk scarf will really pop!


4. Opt For Earrings For Your Face Shape

Although bohemian fashion is rebellious by nature, there a few rules you should follow when it comes to boho accessories. You have probably heard about sunglasses and hairstyles for your face shape, but you may be surprised to know to certain earring styles compliment certain face shapes.

Here’s a basic guide of what you should be going for…

Long/ Oval Face


(Photo Source:

Those with a longer face shape should look to add volume to the ears. Statement studs, short round drop earrings and hoops are your BFFS. Avoid anything long and fine, as these will emphasize the length of your face.

Heart Shaped Face


(Photo Source:

A heart shape face consists of a wide forehead, narrow chin and high cheekbones. As your bone structure is #goals, show it off! Longer earrings with a lot of volume around the chin will make your face appear more symmetrical, whilst still allowing you to rock that bone structure!

Square Face


(Photo Source:

Those with a square face should opt for long, fine earrings. Chunky earrings will tend to emphasize your face shape.

Round Face


(Photo Source:

A round face can pull of any earring style, so have fun and go for crazy, oversized drops!

5. Put Your Best Foot Forward


(Photo Source:

Cliche puns aside, the barefoot bohemian look calls for an abundance of foot accessories! Layer on barefoot sandals, toe rings, anklets and metallic tattoos for something truly magical. Just when you thought that an anklet was the only option…

6. Go For Ethnic

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

(Photo Source:

Whatever boho accessories you choose to throw on, make sure that they have some element of overseas ethnicity to them to make it look authentic. Whether you choose Indian-inspired elephant rings, or Native American style feathers or symbols, there is something so undeniably gypsy-chic about the exotic.

7. Invest In A Handmade Bag


(Photo Source:

Whether you opt for a stunning crochet shoulder bag, or a carved leather masterpiece, invest in an artisan bag to really stand out from the crowd.

For a quick injection of boho chic to an old bag, simply tie a boho printed scarf onto the handle! Our tropical floral scarf will give your handbag an effortless, flowing edge.

8. Tan + White Nails


(Photo Source:

Perhaps actual hippies will totally tut-tut at this suggestion, but there’s nothing more lovely than a tan, white nails and an influx of layered chunky jewelry. Give your skin a Summer edge by using fake tan.

9. Be A Queen, Wear A Crown

Ok, so not literally, but hair accessories are a sure way to nail boho chic! Hair chains, feathers and hats are all great choices. However, we think that hair scarves truly make the biggest statement! For more inspiration, check out our piece on hair styles using hair scarves.

Wearing the exotic silk scarf.

10. Be Different!

boho mermaid crown

(Photo Source:

Find some truly unique boho accessories and rock them! Who knows, you may even set off a whole new trend and be featured in one of these guides one day!

Stay wild moon child!


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Print Trends: New York Fashion Week S/S 2017

Print trends are coming out of fashion week faster than we can keep up with! As New York Fashion Week, the creme-de-la-creme of the sartorial world, comes to a close, we are left with a stunning glimpse of the trends that will be taking over our wardrobes next Spring/Summer.

Florals were in abundance, from Eastern European style folklore at Tory Burch, to ditsy and dainty daisies at Rebecca Taylor. All of these florals, together with artistic hippy prints and saucy stripes, proves one thing: retro is still in!

It’s undeniable that the runways have a huge effect on both our wardrobe and our home decor, and believe me when I say that there is a lot to get excited about!

To mark the end of New York Fashion Week, we show you the print trends you will be craving in your wardrobe and home decor in Spring/Summer 2017!

(All photos are sourced from

The Print Trend: Folk Florals

We have seen the shift towards bohemian prints in both fashion and interior design over the last few seasons and Spring/Summer 2017 saw this trend explode into a literal plethora of folk-y florals. Out of all the print trends, folk florals are certainly the one to watch!

tory burch print trends spring summer 2017 new york fashion week folk floralstory burch print trends spring summer 2017 new york fashion week folk florals

Tory Burch (above) was a folk fairytale! Contrasting patterns of floral and paisley were weaved together in wanderlust-inducing wrap dresses. The more feminine side of folk-law was present on asymmetric dresses, that were embellished and printed to utter perfection.

alice-olivia-folk-florals-print-trend alice-olivia-print-trend-folk-florals

Alice & Olivia‘s designs came with a side of Elizabethan elegance, with the kind of high a-line shapes and embroidered florals we would expect to see on Anne Boleyn. Pair this with cute butterflies and scalloped lace and get ready to embrace your feminine side.


If Scotch & Soda isn’t the epitome of folk, we don’t know what is! Flow-y gypsy skirts were teamed with floral embroidered waistcoats and slipper shoes. Embroidered stars screams from out-of-this-world metallics that take us back to the 60s at one glance!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Arabian velvet table runner

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Get The Look: Fashion

Paisley designs floral scarf

The Print Trend: Mod Florals

Keeping in close call with fashions retro love affair, huge punchy florals came with an air of 60s radical!


Orla Keily packed a punch with explosions of oversized posies and multi-colored daisies that echo 70s wallpaper. Add flared shapes and wooden wedges and get ready for a psychedelic time!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Jacquard floral table runner

Tropical floral place mats

The Print Trend: Stripes

Due to the timeless nature of stripes, they make an appearance every season without fail. This season, they came in a plethora of clashed ways. Stripes headed in different directions were combined to sculpt the body and create movement. Different colors were combined in close proximity and spread across garments. It’s time for the new era of the stripe.


Whistles combined different colored stripes to create statement ‘super stripes’. Add fringing and interesting textures and here you have evidence that stripes are anything but boring!

alice-olivia-spring-summer-2017 alice-olivia-stripes

Alice & Olivia cleverly combined horizontal and vertical stripes to slim, or add volume to the body. The result? Interesting, feminine shapes. The striped hair scarves look like they were created for cruise season!


Zimmerman gave us the most girly stripes we’ve possibly ever seen! Combined with frills pinned diagonally across garments, the prints were used to create movement and dimension.

Get The Look: Home Decor

Sophisticated two tone placemat


Solid geometric pillow cover

Get The Look: Fashion

Striped print scarf

The Print Trend: Hippy Art

This is Warhol’s kind of fashion. Swirls of mod-esque color and paintbox patterns make hippy art a total prints trend to watch! If it looks like a psychedelic rainbow or wave, you’re on the right track!

red-valentino-2017-spring-summer red-valentino-spring-summer-2017

Red Valentino was all kinds of oceanic swirls and vibrant rainbows. Waves of color were clashed with sheer fabrics, leather and suede. How cute is that handbag? It’s like a mini ode to nature!

trina-turke-new-york-fashion-week-2017 trina-turke-spring-summer-2017

Trina Turke was a spectrum of vibrancy! Multi-colored CD prints came with an air of late 80s funk, whilst rainbow halter necks combined the best of all decades in one crazy piece!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Exotic oriental table runner

Get The Look: Fashion


Geometric print scarf

The Print Trend: Ditsy Florals

Ditsy florals were accompanied by a beautiful romance of dainty ruffles, pleats and frills. This is the most innocent and demure of all this seasons’ print trends.

rebecca-taylor-spring-summer-2017-florals rebecca-taylor-spring-summer-2017

Rebecca Taylor presented a ditsy floral dress for every kind of girl. The tomboy can embrace florals by baby steps in sporty, shirt dresses. On the other hand, the romantics at heart can live their dreams in enough frills and florals to put Laura Ashley to shame.


3.1 Phillip Lim, on the other hand, mixed elements of ditsy florals with solid-toned chiffon and yoke blouses. Cute as a button!

Get The Look: Home Decor

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set


Floral embroidered place mats

Get The Look: Fashion

Tropical floral scarf

The Print Trend: Animal Print

karen-walker-2017-animal-print karen-walker-spring-summer-2017

Karen Walker made a roar with striking leopard prints, which were ruffled and silky. This is animal print that you can totally wear to the office!

Get The Look: Fashion

Pure wool animal print scarf

Which of this season’s print trends is your favorite?




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Why You Need A Printed Scarf This Summer

Let me guess, when you saw the title of this post, you let out a little snicker? Scarves for Summer? Have I lost my mind? Actually, no! A printed scarf is seriously handy when it comes to Summer.

Don’t believe me? I bet you five dollars that I can convince you. Here’s why you need a printed scarf in your life this Summer…


It’s The Beach All-Rounder

Is it a printed blanket? Is it a shawl? Is it a sarong? Nope, it’s a scarf!

Sarcasm and infomercial references aside, a scarf is like one of those crazy multi-tools your Dad has when it comes to the beach.

Exhibit A:

Beyonce on vacation wearing sarong and bikini

(Photo Source:

Whole rules the world beach? Girls! Recreate Bey’s tropical beach cover-up by wrapping around a lightweight printed scarf.

Recreate this tribal beach look with our pure wool animal print scarf.

animal print scarf

Exhibit B:

scarf beach cover up

(Photo Source:

It’s a total sunburn saver. Plus, you can snuggle up in it when the sun starts to go down. You:1, Uv rays: nil!

Go for Oceanic blue with our soft and pretty paisley wool scarf.

Blue paisley scarf

Exhibit C

scarf beach blanket

(Photo Source:

We’ve all been in that predicament where we’ve arrived at the beach with only one towel and lying on a wet towel is about as fun as pruning a rose bush with bare hands. Luckily, it’s scarf to the rescue! Your scarfy friend will keep away pesky sand flecks and will reserve your much loved spot on the beach. Score!

When it comes to a scarf for a beach blanket, I recommend using a dark colored one in case it gets grubby. The geometric print scarf is perfect.

It’s A Bad Hair Day: Totally Disguised

If i had a dime for every time my post-beach hair looked like a salty, greasy mess, I’d be as rich Kimmy K! Leave the bulky, heavy hair products at home and cover up that ‘do with a printed scarf!

The Nonchalant Bandana

hair bandana

(Photo Source:

Suitable for even the laziest beach babe. Just whack it on and you’re ready to go!

Braid It In

hair braid with scarf

If you’re feeling more experimental, try braiding a scarf into your hair. For full instructions on how to recreate this do, head to ‘7 Boho Hair Styes with Scarves

This style features the exotic silk scarf.

boho printed scarf

It’s A Million Summer Outfits In One

Ok… I may have over-reacted when I said a million. Nonetheless, this cheeky piece of fabric Exhibit make one heck of a varied wardrobe! So next time you’re packing for a vacation, take a scarf: it’s lightweight and can make all of these oh-so-saucy pieces.

A One Shouldered Dressscarf as one shoulder dress

(Photo Source:

This pool-side babe is rocking her scarf-come-one-shoulder-dress to total perfection. It looks so easy breezy and seriously boho chic! Throw it one to go from pool to bar or layer over shorts for a vibrant casual look.

Just Doooo It!

When styling a scarf as a dress opt for a solid color piece with a vibrant print, such as the floral paisley scarf

orange summer scarf

Cute Crop Top

scarf as crop top

(Photo Source:

Crop top kinda gal? Your scarf makes a pretty neat cross-over top too! Simply wrap around and tie at the nape of the neck. Hows that for easy DIY fashion?!

Just Dooo It!

When it comes to crop tops, we recommend a silk scarf, as this provides full coverage and actually makes the top look unbelievably expensive!

paisley silk scarf

Exotic silk scarf

Wrap Skirt


(Photo Source:

Got a plain skirt you want to add an edge to? Wrap a scarf around and boom: new, on-trend, piece!

Dooo It!

tropical floral scarf

The pattern on this tropical floral scarf was made for Summer!

And… if you’re still not convinced, scarves look great as…well..scarves!

summer scarf outfit

(Photo Source:

The little white dress is such a Summer staple! Funk yours up with a vibrant tribal print scarf.

Get The Look

aztec print scarf

Geometric print scarf

silk scarf summer outfit

(Photo Source:

Go for French Riviera chic by pairing a silk neck scarf, crisp whites and a woven fedora.

Wrap around our artistic print scarf until short for a Parisian look.

multicolor silk scarf

off shoulder dress with scarf

Off-the-shoulder shapes are seriously everywhere right now! Give yours an edge by throwing on a printed scarf. Now that’s gypsy luxe!

Recreate with our tropical floral scarf.

floral print scarf

Have I convinced you yet? Don’t forget: You owe me five bucks!






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