5 Beautiful Boho Dressing Rooms

Men dream of that perfect ‘man shed’, whereas women lust over that perfect dressing room or walk in wardrobe. With the shabby, boho trend still high up in the home decor stakes, a boho dressing room is a cheap and easy way to get that ‘celebrity wardrobe’ in your home.

Messy at heart, but polished on the surface, boho dressing rooms can be created using everyday items. Absolute zero rotating shoe racks & fancy cupboards are needed! The best thing about this look is that you don’t even need a designated room, just choose a wall or corner somewhere in your home and you are ready to go!

Have I peaked your excitement? Good! Here’s five beautiful boho dressing rooms that you will want in your home…

The Pretty & Simple


(Photo Source: frenchyfancy.com)

Who knew that creating such a show-stopping dressing room could be done with such few ingredients? The minimal, yet quintessentially b0ho nature of this dressing room is what makes it so in Vogue. Pops of color look great against the rustic floor and walls and potted greenery brings that sense of outdoor wanderlust in.

Recreate It!

Begin by propping an oversized mirror (preferably wooden) against the wall. Surround your mirror with fresh or faux greenery in clay pots, and arrange on different sized stands to ensure it looks random. Add some color to the floor by adorning it with the exotic oriental table runner. Add a freestanding clothing rack and arrange your garments randomly. Hang vibrantly hued hats on the wall to add some more color and add a variety of adornments to the floor, alongside a metal chair.

Above: exotic oriental table runner

The Geo-Girly


(Photo Source: everythingjustpurelovely.tumblr.com)

Disney Princess meets Scandinavian minimalism, this living room is all pinks, squares and burnished metals. A Vintage-style dressing table adds an air of shabby chic, while a modern lamp and scaffolding-style light fitting bring it forward to 2016. This boho dressing room was made for the girly-girl with an edge!

Recreate It!

Go to an antique or second hand shop and pick up a vintage-style table. Don’t worry if it’s a bit too shabby, it can be easily be transformed by a coat of white paint! Add some bright pink flowers to your table and attach a large, metal rimmed, mirror just above the table. Adorn your table with a array of girly stationary and a rustic gold lamp. Compliment the lamp with a large, burnished metal vase, under the table. Add a cushioned, pink chair and dot with the paisley embroidered pillow cover. Compliment with other square furniture and adornments.


Above: Paisley embroidered pillow cover.

The Western Wanderer


(Photo Source: blog.soulmakes.com)

If there was a definition of rustic, boho, I think this was sum it up down to a tee! The mish-mash of furniture, dream catchers and hanging jewellery is an absolute dream. If you have a lot of beautiful jewellery pieces that you would like to show off, this dressing room is perfect for you!

Recreate It

Grab an old chair and dress it up with a couple of printed cushions. We recommend floral embroidered pillow cover and hand embroidered brocade pillow cover. Adorn your dressing table with some feathers in glass jars and hang fringed accessories up for an extra statement. Attach a small wooden self set and a photo frame and decorate with jewellery. Finally, hang dream catchers and statement bohemian, necklaces and voila!

Above: floral embroidered pill0w cover & hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

The Hepburn


(Photo Source: picslove.com)

How’s this for timeless with an edge? Think Audrey Hepburn, in 2016, who spends her days trekking the globe. The flawless wood and sleek, white cupboards would be a worthy addition to any home. The aztec-style, mon0chrome rug and makeup bags adds a modern, boho flair, whilst remaining glamorous.

Recreate It

Begin by adding two printed, monochrome table runners in front of your wardrobe. We recommend the hawthorn leaf table runner and the hand embroidered table runner. Add a minimalist, white stool to your vanity and dot the shelf with a few patterned, monochrome makeup bags. For an extra classy edge, add vintage black and white fashion photos.

Black & White

The Vintage Attic


(Photo Source: dominiquedecoratrice.wordpress.com)

Now you can have a literal vintage treasure chest in your home. Transform your attic into a shabby, silky wonderland with brocade florals and metallic-hued seating. Although this dressing room may be the hardest to recreate, it is undeniably the most lavish!

Recreate It!

In your attic, fill one wall with freestanding clothes racks. Add drawers under half of the racks and leave the other half for full-length garments. On the other wall, add shoe racks or a dressing table. Add a metallic chaise to the center of the room and non-nonchalantly throw on pillows and blankets. If you want to add the floral brocade print, use our jacquard floral table runner.

Which dressing room is your dream?






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What Does Your Home Decor Say About You?

Home decor is a bit like high school. You’ve got the hippys, the jocks, the arty kids… but whose lunch table to you sit at when it comes to your abode? And, more importantly, what does this say about you?

Like our fashion sense, our home decor provides instant cues about our personalities. Want to know what your home decor says about you? Read on to find out…

The Beach Bum


(Photo Source: nauticaldecor.info)

Your home decor style is…

A mish mash of everything nautical and beachy. Think classic blue and white sailor stripes, driftwood embellishments and the odd starfish thrown in here and there.

What it says about you…

Outdoorsy and a sucker for vitamin D, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were secretly a mermaid. The sea air is your medicine. You are constantly searching for the most beautiful beaches and once you get there you aren’t afraid to glam it up with a pina colada and some designer sunglasses.

Although those around you may see you as having a laid back approach to life, you are far more organized than you let on. You have goals as far and wide as the ocean, and you won’t stop sailing until you get there!

Despite your strong ambitions, you find pleasure in stopping and living in the moment. Both the beauty of nature of the sheer talent of architecture inspire you. Keep riding on that sea of inspiration!

Get The Look

Sophisticated two tone placemats

Paisley embroidered pillow covers


The Marie Antionette


(Photo Source: domienova.com)

Your home decor style is…

A lacy, brocade, pink palace. Topped off with a lavish chandelier and pleated lampshade, this feminine palace is fit for a princess.

What it says about you…

You admire the lavish things in life, whether that’s the finest wine, Egyptian cotton, or a luxury cruise. You know what makes quality like the back of your hand and others may often take this for you being difficult.

Despite your somewhat ‘Princessy’ ways, you are all heart. Your friends often come to you for comfort and advice and who can blame them? You possess knowledge beyond your years!

Get The Look

Arabian velvet table runner


Spring garden floral pillow cover

Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set

The Mid-Century Modernist


(Photo Source: homedit.com)

Your home decor style is…

A 60s and 70s extravaganza of geometric, retro patterns, with classic wood furniture and pops of color thrown in.

What it says about you…

Well you’re a groovy one, aren’t you? With ‘The Beatles’ blaring from your stereo, you live with a sense of nostalgia for brighter times and are inspired by stories from you grandparents era.

In your spare time you enjoy visiting art galleries and find that they ignite your own creative spark. Although you work the 9-5 grind, your real passions are art and music and guess what? You are actually really good at it! Share your talent with others and spread that positive vibe, karma will thank you!

Get The Look

Solid geometric pillow cover

Jacquard damask pillow cover

Jacquard floral pillow cover

The Scandi


(Photo Source: decoist.com)

Your home decor style is…

Clean, minimal and free of clutter. Neutral tones and modern shapes are in abundance

What it says about you…

Stylish, organized and creative, it seems you are the picture perfect example of a human being. But is this all a bit of a facade? Don’t be ashamed to let others see the bad bits that are outside that tiny Instagram square. There’s always beauty to be found in mess!

You are an innovative perfectionist and the cliche, ‘hardworking is your middle name’, was practically written for you. No one can stand in your way, you have your eyes sternly set on the top of that career ladder, and you’re destined to get there! #GirlBoss

Get The Look


Shimmering spiral hand embroidered place mats

Elegant dahlia pillow covers


The Bohemian


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Your home decor style is…

Taken from the home of a nomadic hippy. Clashing ethnic colors and prints consist of everything from elephants to paisley prints.

What it says about you…

The world is your home and you can’t see enough of it! You embrace new cultures, environments and experiences with open arms. Nature is your calling, you find your inner peace when you’re embraced in the wonders of the world.

But beneath all of this zen is a colorful and playful extrovert! You are the life of the party and aren’t ashamed to be the first one on the dance floor. A quick warning though: no-one likes an attention seeker and your will to stand out, yet embrace the crowd, can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Despite this, you are undeniably a ‘people person’ and will find great enjoyment working in a creative, team environment. You are one of life’s cheerleaders, go for it!

Get The Look

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

Exotic oriental pillow cover

Exotic oriental table runner

Hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover

The Southern Belle



Your home decor style is…

Sweet, cottagey and oh-so-cute, you love florals polka-dots and check prints. Add to this a soft spot for pastels and anything lacy.

What it says about you…

You are such a sweetheart! A country bumpkin at heart, you love to embrace your domestic side. Whether that’s sewing, baking cookies or doing some work in the garden.

But we are not fooled! Underneath your classic feminine charm, is a feisty feminist who knows what she wants. You’re strong minded, intelligent and not afraid to show it! **Cue triple finger snap**

In the workplace you are often seen as the underdog, going along each day quietly. But they better watch out, you know what you’re doing, and you’ll be promoted to the top of your game in no time!

Get The Look


Damask style elegant table runner


Modern blocks accent pillow cover


Floral embroidered place mats

How would you describe your home decor taste? Let me know in the comments below…

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5 Quick And Easy Ways To Update Your College Dorm Room

Students: Raise your hands if you’ve enjoyed your parents slaving looking after you during the semester break? Thought so. Unfortunately, it will soon be time to swap the egg nog for exams and the beer for books. Yep; it’s time to return to college.

If the idea drains you of all happiness, why not turn that frown upside down and give your dorm room a fresh, trendy and easy makeover. Cos hey; home decor is so much more fun than studying….

1. The Cosy Corner Mural


(Image Source: isforthehome.com)

Making those plain white walls look anything but boring can be quite a challenge. Painting and drilling could result in you loosing your deposit and we all know that would be tragic!

Luckily, you can get a full-blown feature wall whilst creating no actual ‘damage’. How? I hear you ask? Introducing the hanging wall mural! Simply whack this baby over your bed for an instant snug vibe. Opt for an on-trend, bohemian print, such as the exotic silk scarf to have the trendiest room in your student halls! Plus you can totally wear this silk scarf once you move out!


If one statement wall isn’t enough for you, why not drape bohemian print table cloths off your ceiling too! The sturdy fabric of these hand-embroidered Indian beauties ensure that they will have just the right amount of curve.

(Photo Source: dormtrends.tumblr.com)

The ornamental embroidered table cloth would make a great choice!

Ocean Blue

2. Put A Cushion On It!


(Photo Source: collegefashion.net)

Give your bed a quick update by adding some colorful cushions. Plush: they will make your bed even comfier. And as we all know, your dorm bed can never be comfy enough!


Above: Paisley leaf pillow cover & jacquard floral pillow cover

If your content with your bed, why not create a cosy reading nook by pilling up some cushions in your fave corner. Add some candles and say hello to your new fave study spot!


(Photo source: interiorsonline.com.au)

Black & Gold

Above: Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover & floral embroidered pillow cover

3. Update Your Bedding

This one’s a no brainer, but changing your bedding set can really change the atmosphere of your room. Also, with a new bedding set, you will have to make your bed, which, in turn results in a less cluttered room and thus a less cluttered mind. Win!

Don’t know which color to choose?

Psychologists believe that turquoise enhances the clarity of the mind. So why not invest in a turquoise bedding set and see if your grades improve? You’re welcome!

Above: Hand painted duvet cover set
For an even quicker update to your bedding, why not use a printed table runner as a bed runner? Plus: if you get bored of it you can just move it to your desk for an instant change-up! Cos…well… it’s important to keep that mind active!

P.S. Purple is said to be linked to creativity: great for you arts majors!

Above: Exotic oriental table runner

4. Light It Up!

Fairy lights are a cheap and easy way to turn your dorm room into a magical abode. We’ve searched Pinterest far and wide, and here’s our twinkly favorites:


(Photo Source: lights4fun.co.uk)

This twinkly canopy is made for those late-night Netflix binges, erm, we mean study sessions! To re-create drape a white sheet on your ceiling and secure behind a pin-board behind your bed. Then attach a single row of fairy lights. For an extra sparkle, create your draping using the hand embroidered table runner.



(Photo Source: stnkrbug.com)

How pretty is this sparkly photo display? Luckily, it’s super easy to re-create and won’t leave any marks on your dorm room wall. Simply take a row of string lights and zig-zag across the wall above your bed, securing with blue tack as you go. Next, get on those social media channels, choose your fave photos, print and attach.

(Photo Source: wayfaringstranger.tumblr.com)

If you just want a subtle fairy glow, rather than a full on rave, this simple, yet stunning fairy light frame is for you! Simply secure your fairy lights in a square shape around your favorite poster or picture.

5. The Instant Rug



When we say rug, you probably think expensive? Wrong? A printed, round tablecloth makes a cheap and stunning rug! Perfect for covering up those cheeky wine stains!

Above: Hand embroidered round table cloth

Hope you enjoyed our trips! Happy decorating (and studying, of course)!


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