Dressing For Your Hair Color: A Guide

Dressing for your hair color is one of the best ways to show off what your Mumma gave you!

Whether you are a beautiful brunette, or a sizzling red head, we all have unique coloring that makes certain colors look incredible on us. Similarly, our hair color often means that certain colors can be unflattering on us.

Ready to learn about dressing for your hair color? Read on for our guide that will have you dressing like a total queen!

The Best Clothes For Blonde Hair


(Photo Source: thetrenddiaries.com)

Beach blonde bombshell Kate Upton slays in red.

Blonde babes will know that there are a huge spectrum of tones in the blonde-sphere! These range from Gwen Stefani platinum, to Cara Delevigne mocha.

So sit down and grab a mirror: it’s time to see whether you are a warm blonde or a cool blonde.

Cool Blonde Hair

Cool blonde hair is characterized by ‘cool’ undertones, such as gray or blue. Examples of cool blonde hair tones include ash blonde, ice blonde and silver blonde.


(Photo source: yahoo.com)

Jennifer Lawrence’s icy blonde is a great example of cool toned blonde hair..

Your Perfect Clothing Colors

Pastel hued tones are your best friend! Indulge in your sweet side with an array of baby blue, lilac and pink. If you fancy trying out red, opt for red tones with cool undertones.

What about dressing for your hair color for the evening or for an event? Metallics will look incredible with your hair hue, especially silver.

Avoid reds and oranges with too many warm undertones, as these may wash you out.


From left: paisley wool scarf, striped print scarf

Warm Blonde Hair

Much unlike cool blonde hair, warm blonde hair has sizzling warm undertones. Warm blonde hair includes honey blonde, yellow blonde, strawberry blonde and golden blonde.


(Photo source: byrdie.com)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s warm-hued beach blonde is to die for.

Your Perfect Clothing Colors

Go bold and sizzle in hot red, peach or coral. Jewel tones will look equally as incredible with your skintone and Khaki was practically made for you!

Unlike your cool-toned sisters, pastels will make your hair appear ‘brassy’. Instead, opt for bolder blues and turquoise shades.

Both black and white look incredible on all blonde haired ladies.


Mixed print scarf and mystic branches wool scarf

The Best Clothes For Brunette Hair

Brunette hair is known for being rich and full. Despite this, every brunette is different and the colors that suit you depend on a combination of your hair tone and your skin tone. This means that dressing for your hair color is vital.

Warm toned skin has green or yellow undertones, whereas cool toned skin has blue or pink undertones.

Confused? We got you! Check out our guide on how to choose the right color for your skin tone.

Brunettes With Warm Toned Skin


(Photo source: dailymail.co.uk)

Warm hued Jessica Alba knows that jade is her color.

Warm hued brunette beauties should opt for bronzes, burnt oranges, mochas and sage greens. Anything quintessentially Fall will look incredible with both your skin and hair color.

If you are after a more vibrant hue, try apple green, peach or yellow.

Solid color scarf and artistic print silk scarf

Brunettes With Cool Toned Skin


(Photo source: marloperry.wordpress.com)

Liv Tyler looks striking in deep blue with contrasting red pops.

Those with pale skin or brunette-black hair are in danger of looking washed out.

Keep your palette rich and full and opt for deep blue, crimson and bright pink.

Alternatively, dusky colors such as lavender, nude and light yellow will look incredible against your dark hair and light features.


Floral paisley silk scarf and pure wool animal print scarf

The Best Clothes For Red Hair


(Photo source: celebmafia.com)

Katherine McNamara knows that green is made for red heads!

When you’re a sizzling red head, you know that your vibrant hair is all it takes to make a statement. Therefore, you want to opt for colors that enhance your blazing locks, rather than dull them down.

Green is your number one hue! As a matter of fact, anything from sage to emerald green will look smoking hot on you!

For neutral hues, opt for navy, tan and cinnamon.

Surprisingly, purple and a full spectrum of blue will look incredible on you too.

Avoid orange and yellow like the plague! However, red can look flattering on you, it’s all about finding the right shade. Fair skinned red-heads should opt for bold crimson, whereas tanned reds should go for softer and more demure red hues.

Exotic silk scarf and tropical floral scarf

Now that you’ve learned about dressing for your hair color, check out our tips on how to dress for your skin color.

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5 Supermodel Style Secrets You NEED To Know

Supermodel style: the thing we think of when falling asleep at night…

Ever dreamed of looking as effortlessly stunning as Gigi Hadid, or perhaps you spend hours at the gym in hope of Elle McPherson’s bod?

Rather than spending hours working out and torturing yourself through the latest diet fads (erm maple syrup diet, no thanks!), there’s a far easier way to channel a supermodel: through your style.

Today, we are sharing the style secrets that the supermodels have tried to keep hush hush.

Although we can’t promise that you’ll be street style snapped by Tommy Tom, or spend your spare time sipping lattes with Michael Kors, we can promise that you will look hot!

Like hotter than a car on fire in the Sahara desert hot.

Oh… I’m waffling? Sorry! Here’s 5 supermodel style secrets you need to know…

1. Use Tactical Layering To Elongate Your Legs


Although Karlie Kloss’s legs may be approximately as long as the River Nile, her layering techniques have enhanced them even more.

To create the illusion of longer legs, simply play with lengths in your various layers. Karlie has made her torso look shorter by layering a button up shirt under a crop jumper. Because of the length and fit of the jumper, her defined waistline has been risen. The tactically worn trench then blends it all together seamless.

Supermodel style tip: Wear your trench open to create the illusion of even longer legs.

2. Vertical Stripes Are Your New BFF


(Photo Source: popsugar.com)

All-over striped pieces can seem a little daunting for us. However, this supermodel style tip is the definition of flattering! Simply wear vertical stripes to either add curves or make a body part appear slimmer.

Rosie’s statement striped pants are made to add definition to long, slim legs. On the other hand, if you want your pins to appear a whole dress size slimmer, opt for very fine vertical stripes, such as pin stripes.

Vice versa, if you would like your bust to appear larger, opt for thicker horizontal stripes up top.

3. Jazz Up A Boring Top With A Statement Scarf


(Photo Source: bravotv.com)

There’s nothing worse than feeling like all of your tops are about as exciting as the inside of an empty paint can. Rather than throwing a cardboard box over your head and declaring ‘I won’t leave the house’, simply layer on a printed statement scarf a la Bella Hadid.

The bigger the better is the rule with this one! We recommend a wool scarf to cover up the majority of that plain Jane top.

Here are some scarves that we could imagine Bella #slaying in!

Left to right: Floral paisley scarf, pure wool animal print scarf, tropical floral scarf

4. Define With A Tie Belt


(Photo Source: peopleandstyles.com)

Cinching your waist in with a belt isn’t exactly breaking news. As a matter of fact, I could cringe at the huge, chunky, plastic waist belts that were in style circa 2006.

Luckily, the tie belt is a more refined and classy way to define that waist. Add it to a flared jumpsuit, oversized dress, or shirt dress for a little bit of boho chic and a tinier waist. Lily Aldridge’s halter jumpsuit ensemble really shows off her slender waist and shoulders.

5. Treat Stripes As A Neutral


(Photo Source: zimbio.com)

Ever wondered how supermodels tend to find print clashing as effortless as, well, breathing?! They are not simply sartorially blessed, they just treat monochrome stripes as they would any other color.

Repeat after me: stripes are a neutral.

Just like their neutral cousins, striped prints can be easily clashed with other prints, such as florals, leopard and paisley.

If you are feeling a bit shy about clashing prints with stripes, start out small and opt for a printed scarf. Go for the Spring roses wool scarf for a look that Claudia Schiffer would truly approve of!


And the final rule for pulling off that supermodel style is…


(Photo Source: spatravelgal.com)

Repeat this like a mantra and you’ll be ready for the paparazzi!

Want more model tips? Here’s how to look like a Victoria’s Secret Model.

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How To Choose The Right Color For Your Skin Tone

Ladies: There is indeed the right color for your skin tone. Don’t believe me? Watch and learn…

Ever thrown on a piece of clothing and thought ‘this just isn’t my color’; you’re not alone. For generations, women have been baffled by what colors  suit them. Many of us are all too quick to blame the other factors when we dislike a piece of clothing, whether it be the fit, the cut or the fabric. Although all of these factors inevitably add up, choosing a color that clashes with your skin tone is one of the most common mistakes that you can make.

So how exactly do you choose the right color for your skin tone? Today we decipher the color spectrum and bring you our favorite printed scarves that will suit your skin tone…

How To Determine If You Have A Warm or Cool Skin Tone


(Photo Source: carlawordsmithblog.com)

There is a never ending spectrum of skin tones, from alabaster white to stunning ebony. But although skin tones vary greatly, it is in fact the undertones of your skin that determine what colors will suit you.

There are several ways to determine your skin tone, the easiest, and perhaps quickest way is to look at the veins on the back of your hand. If your veins appear blue, you have a cool skin tone. If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone.

A more accurate way to determine your skin tone is to literally look at the undertones in your face. Hold up a piece of paper to your face, if your skin appears yellow, green or light brown, you have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if you notice pink or blue undertones, you have a cool skin tone. Neutral skin tones will appear gray or ash.

Once you have a basic idea of your skin tone, it’s important to do a few more tests to ensure you have the right result. Hold up a bright yellow piece of fabric to your skin, if it appears glowing, your skin is likely to have warm undertones. Cool tones will have a similar glowing effect when next to blue fabric.


(Photo Source: anneveckhair.com)

Testing out various foundations is also a great way to determine skin tones. Many brands have specific colors for warm, cool and neutral toned skin. Get to your local makeup counter and have a play!

Colors For Warm Skin Tones

You may be surprised to hear that warm skin tones can rock a range of both warm and cool colors. Not sure what to go for? Here are the colors that you can rock!!

Warm Colors

Actress Sofia Vergara arrives to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on September 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, United States. 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Los Angeles, CA United States September 18, 2011 Photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com To license this image (125597075), contact WireImage.com

(Photo Source: pursebuzz.com)

Honey, coral, orange, amber and red will look incredible with your sizzling warm skin.

Your Perfect Scarf

A scarf literally frames your face, so embrace your warm skin with one of these stunning bohemian printed scarves.

Tropical floral scarf, solid color scarf

Cool Colors


(Photo Source: lizardandliz.com)

Opt for cool tones that are on the warmer side of the scale, such as olive, moss green, deeper turquoise, magenta and orchid.

Your Perfect Scarf

Contrast a warm-toned outfit with one of these uber flattering cool toned scarves.

Multicolor abstract print scarf, striped print scarf

Neutral Colors


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Go for neutral colors that lean towards the warmer side of the color scheme, such as chocolate, taupe, wheat and latte. Opt for cream rather than white.

Your Perfect Scarf

Tone down a printed outfit with our solid color scarf or add a talking point to your plain look with the geometric print scarf.

Colors For Cool Skin Tones

Whether your fair and freckly or have raven skin with blue undertones, here are the colors that will look incredible on you…

Cool Colors


(Photo Source: lizandliz.com)

It doesn’t take a genius to know that all shades of blue will look incredible on you! Lilac, emerald and deep purples will also look great on you. Bring on the jewel tones!

Your Perfect Scarf

Blue and white are both made for you, so wear them both with pride with our exotic silk scarf. Or bring out your sweet side with the floral paisley scarf.

Warm Colors


(Photo Source: nydailynews.com)

Avoid yellow and orange like the plague, as they tend to wash out cool skin tones. However, ruby, dusky pink bright rose and cerise will look incredible on you! Hot pink is certainly the right color for your skin tone.

Your Perfect Scarf

The artistic print scarf and the exotic silk scarf is all of your ideal colors mixed together.

Neutral Colors


(Photo Source: aliexpress.com)

Keep it cool in gray, navy and white.

Your Perfect Scarf

Mixed print scarf

Colors For Neutral Skin Tones

(Photo Source: elle.com)

Neutral toned ladies, you can rock more colors than your cool and warm toned counterparts! Despite this, some colors still look better on you! The right color for your skin tone is just around the corner…

Neutral tones near the middle of the spectrum were made for you, such as blush, jade and cameo green. When choosing vibrant colors, such as red, opt for the more muted variation.

Your Perfect Scarf

Go dark in moody in our solid color scarf, or lighten it up in our tropical print scarf.

Now that you’ve found the right color for your skin tone, it’s time to rock it!




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How To Look Festive AND Classy

Disclaimer: No ugly Christmas jumpers were harmed in the making of this post.

For many, Christmas is some kind of excuse to look as tacky and ridiculous as possible. Cue wannabe Miss Claus heading out on Christmas Eve wearing head to toe red sequins with two baubles hanging from each ear. Erm… you forgot your reindeer antlers love! Not to mention figgy pudding print shirts, tinsel as a dress (yes really) and, god forbid, the worst of all **gasps** sexy Santa’s helper outfits.

If this is your kind of thing, go for it! However, I personally prefer to go a classier route when it comes to my Christmas get-up. There are many ways to look festive and classy, without appearing like you are some sort of sartorial scrooge.

Whether you are after a look for a Christmas party, or looking for an outfit for your Festive family feast, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how to look Festive AND classy.

Ditch…The Ugly Christmas Sweater!


(Photo Source: yandy.com)

Let’s be real here: even Gigi Hadid couldn’t make the quintessential ugly Christmas sweater look sexy! Unless you are headed to a specific ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ themed party, push that one to the back of your wardrobe. Yes: even the one with the 3d reindeer nose that your gran got you when you were 15…

Don…A Festive Scarf

how to look festive and classy

Instead of going heavy on the tack, opt for a pretty printed scarf that you can wear again and again. Scarves themselves are quintessentially Wintery and you can add an extra festive element by opting for a red scarf or even one that portrays a Winter landscape, such as our mystic branches wool scarf.

Ditch…Colorful Head To Toe Sequins


Above: Bianca Jagger’s head to toe red sequin look should stay in the 90s where it belongs! (Photo Source: theyoungradicals.blogspot.com)

Although some colored sequin pieces can look incredible, head to toe colored sequins is in serious danger of entering the tacky zone! Sure, you want to look festive, but you don’t want to look like a Christmas parade threw up on you!

Don…The Sequin LBD


(Photo Source: elle.es)

Take out the color factor and sequins can actually look really classy! A black sequin LBD is the perfect balance of festive and classy. One rule of thumb is to keep it simple with plain accessories and shoes. I adore how Olivia Palermo has toned down her sequin dress with nude heels and a matching nude clutch.

Ditch.. Light Up/Tinsel Jewelry

Unless you are ten years old, light up and tinsel jewelry is pretty much the antithesis of stylish! Sure, it’s fun to don earrings that light up as an office joke, but never, I repeat NEVER, wear them out in public. As for pieces of jewelry that play music…well; they should be banned.

Don… Crystal Jewelry


(Photo Source: earrings.pearljewelryusa.com)

Christmas is made for glowing bling, but rather than having frosty the snowman plastered around your neck, opt for jewel and crystal pieces to make a festive statement.

Clear or silver crystal pieces will always be a winner, or, if you want to add color, statement emerald and ruby pieces are the classy way to embody the Christmas spirit.

Ditch… Santa Hats & Reindeer Antlers


(Photo Source: buycostumes.com)

Santa hats and reindeer antlers are cute for a bit of fun, but wearing them out in public is a whole different kettle of fish. Put it this way; would you go out wearing a Shrek mask? Would you wear bunny feet to do your grocery shopping on Easter weekend? Nosiree!

Don…Silk Hair Scarves


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

In order to look festive and classy, embellish your hair with a red silk scarf. Plus, it’s much more of a versatile piece that you can actually wear throughout the year.

Our exotic silk scarf is perfect for Christmas.

Ditch…The Mrs Claus/Santer’s Helper Outfit


Above: Poor Mrs Claus is been given a bad name! (Photo Source: wholesale4costumes.com)

I probably sound like the actual Grinch here, but every time I see girls out in public dressed as ‘sexy Mrs Claus’ I die inside a little. Newsflash: Mrs Claus would not be a sexy woman in her 20s dressed in skimpy clothes, she would be a sweet old dear wrapped up warm near the fireside. Shame on you! Mrs Claus would be appalled…

Don…A Classy Red Dress


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

If you want to look festive and classy, opt for a sleek red dress! Sizzle in one of this seasons’ silky slip dresses or go for a classic skater shape and be Christmassy AND stylish.

Merry Christmas and stay classy!


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Celebrity Fall Scarf Looks: From 65 To 30 Degrees

Fall weather can be about as unpredictable as the lottery. One minute it’s gleaming sun and you think that Summer is just about holding on, the next it’s snowing. Due to this, dressing appropriately can be a challenge. This season, we’re taking inspiration from celebrity Fall scarf looks and we are loving just how versatile these accessories can be!

Most importantly of all, scarves are perfect for adding a little bit of warmth and style, no matter what the thermometer states!

Today, we bring you scarf looks that will take you all the way from Fall to Winter. From sunny looks to wear in 65 degrees, to outfits to snuggle up in when freezing point is near!

All you need to do is choose which celebrity scarf look is most suitable for your Fall climate!

For 65 Degrees- Elle Fanning

celebrity fall scarf looks elle fanning

(Photo Source: dezdemon-fashion.us)

Summer is holding on, so make the most of it! Either that, or you live in Florida! Although 65 degrees may not exactly scream ‘bikini’, it certainly gives you the excuse to embrace billowy, fine fabrics and light layers.

Steal Elle Fanning’s stunning Victoriana style and layer a fine chiffon blouse under a velvet slip dress. As well as getting a big, fat trend tick, this look is also Fall appropriate. Add a colored silk scarf for a stunning color pop.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Go for a pretty pink silk scarf, such as the artistic print scarf, and tie in a pussy bow above your blouse.

For 60 Degrees- Ashley Olsen


(Photo Source: glamourmagazine.co.uk)

It’s not exactly cold, but that wind is starting to bring a slight chill. Make the most of the lukewarm weather by re-purposing some Summer favorites. Believe me: you will have all Winter to wear that coat!

Give that Summer maxi dress one last whirl with some cute layering! Add an oversized cardi, or shirt and button up! Top with a floral print scarf to keep it light and breezy. If sandals are too chilly, switch them for cute ballet flats or ankle boots.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

A pastel, floral scarf will compliment your Summer wardrobe, whist adding much needed warmth. We recommend the tropical floral scarf.

For 55 Degrees- Kate Middleton


(Photo Source: zimbio.com)

The temperatures are getting milder, so a jacket or blazer are a must! Long pants will also keep the chill at bay.

Make like a royal and copy Kate’s coral pants to add some uplifting color to your Fall wardrobe. Layer up with a nautical blazer and a suitably chic silk scarf. If the white tee is a bit too chilly, layer on a light jumper underneath your blazer.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Silk scarves and army blazers are a match made in heaven. The floral paisley silk scarf is the perfect embellishment for your favorite blazer.

For 45 Degrees- Margot Robbie


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

Anyone else suddenly craving buckles now? 45 degrees is undeniably coat weather and what better way to ensure it look on trend than to go monochrome?

Margot layers up a plan top with a thick, black, longline coat and a buckled skirt. She adds a printed monochrome scarf for a little extra warmth. If 45 degrees can look this good, let that mercury fall!

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Silk scarves can be wonderful for dressing up a wintery coat too. For Margot’s look, opt for a monochrome scarf, such as the mixed print scarf. This thicker scarf is sure to keep the cold at bay!

For 40 Degrees- Kate Moss


(Photo Source: stylebistro.com)

Faux fur jackets are an incredibly stylish way to keep warm. Opt for an oversized shape so you can layer up underneath without looking bulky.

Kate teams her faux fur coat with her signature black, slim-fit pants. She adds a pop of Autumnal color with a burgundy printed scarf. Layer grey-toned pieces underneath your coat to really let the scarf do the talking.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

Burgundy is one color that is made for Fall! Combined the exotic print silk scarf with a grey scale look to channel Miss Moss.

For 35 Degrees- Emma Stone


(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

Freezing is just around the corner, so layers are a must! Jumpers, thick, woolen coats and jeans ensure you look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time!

Emma Stone adds a stunning pop of color to her look by layering a geometric printed jumper under her camel coat. She half-hides it by a black scarf, leaving the tiniest pop of red to catch the eye.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

This one is all about creating an optical illusion. Layer the solid color scarf in black over a printed, vibrant jumper to tone it down.


For 30 Degrees- Ariana Grande


(Photo Source: popcrush.com)

Winter is here and you are waiting for the first snowfall of the year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still look on-point! Get out your woolies, throw on some gloves and get outside and enjoy that Winter wonderland!

The most Wintery of all our celebrity Fall scarf looks, Ariana Grande looks adorable in her Wintery get-up. She layers on thick tights to show off those pins, but keeps wrapped up in a stunning princess coat. The white scarf and gloves keep her warm, whilst letting that fur-trimmed coat be the focal point.

Get The Fall Scarf Look

The solid color scarf adds warmth and detail, yet doesn’t distract from a statement coat.


Ready to rock your Fall look? Browse our range of scarves today!





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