14 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Co-Workers

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but when it comes to gifting co-workers, even the most merry office worker can turn into a downright Grinch.

After all, you’ve spoken to Christina from HR about twice and from those conversations all you know is that she knows how to change a printer cartridge.

Get ready to scream ‘joy to the world’ as we bring you 14 fail-safe secret Santa gift ideas for co-workers.

1.For Anyone


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If your office feng shui is practically non-existent, take a literal leaf out of the book and gift your co-worker a plant. If they can’t deal with the commitment of looking after another living thing, an artificial plant is always a great idea!

2.For The Office Fashionista


This Kate Spade desktop calendar is a fantastic way to add a designer edge to your co-workers desk.

3. For The Workplace Clown


This desktop slingshot will provide giggles and entertainment for the entire office.

4. For The Intern


Fresh out of uni, your office intern will find this elephant letter organizer adorable and useful!

5. For The Office Homeowner


Whether your co-worker has owned a home for 30 years or they have just bought their first property, this table runner and place mat set will be a huge hit.

6.For The Big Boss


Give your boss a relaxing gift they can enjoy in and out of the office such as this shoulder massager.

7.For The Traveler


We all have that co-worker who seems to be jetting off somewhere exciting. This carry on cocktail kit will make their next work trip far more enjoyable!

8. For The Colorful Character

Ocean Blue

Add a bit of color to your co-workers desk by gifting this hand embroidered tissue box cover.

9. For The Techie


Tech lovers would be happy to jazz up their desk with this chic, Scandinavian speaker set.

10. The Serious One


There’s always someone in the office that seems overly serious. Pun mugs and cat-shaped paper clips will not cut it with this one, but this personalized pen holder will.

11. For The Caffeine Head


Coffee lovers will adore the festive charm of this Starbucks fireside holiday gift set.

12. For The Boho Colleague

Ocean Blue

This floral embroidered pillow cover is the perfect secret Santa gift for your hippy workmate!

13. For The Girly Girl


Is Rebecca from accounting sugar and spice and everything nice? This Lush sweet Christmas gift set will please her inner princess.

14. For The Manly Man

Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour : Lonely Planet Food Guide - Lonely Planet

He enters the office, farts and then scratches his arm pits. Lovely. Luckily, this Global Beer Guide book will please him without insulting his masculinity.

Want more gift ideas? Our range of hand embellished Indian decor will please even the most difficult colleague.

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