How To Look Festive AND Classy

Disclaimer: No ugly Christmas jumpers were harmed in the making of this post.

For many, Christmas is some kind of excuse to look as tacky and ridiculous as possible. Cue wannabe Miss Claus heading out on Christmas Eve wearing head to toe red sequins with two baubles hanging from each ear. Erm… you forgot your reindeer antlers love! Not to mention figgy pudding print shirts, tinsel as a dress (yes really) and, god forbid, the worst of all **gasps** sexy Santa’s helper outfits.

If this is your kind of thing, go for it! However, I personally prefer to go a classier route when it comes to my Christmas get-up. There are many ways to look festive and classy, without appearing like you are some sort of sartorial scrooge.

Whether you are after a look for a Christmas party, or looking for an outfit for your Festive family feast, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how to look Festive AND classy.

Ditch…The Ugly Christmas Sweater!


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Let’s be real here: even Gigi Hadid couldn’t make the quintessential ugly Christmas sweater look sexy! Unless you are headed to a specific ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ themed party, push that one to the back of your wardrobe. Yes: even the one with the 3d reindeer nose that your gran got you when you were 15…

Don…A Festive Scarf

how to look festive and classy

Instead of going heavy on the tack, opt for a pretty printed scarf that you can wear again and again. Scarves themselves are quintessentially Wintery and you can add an extra festive element by opting for a red scarf or even one that portrays a Winter landscape, such as our mystic branches wool scarf.

Ditch…Colorful Head To Toe Sequins


Above: Bianca Jagger’s head to toe red sequin look should stay in the 90s where it belongs! (Photo Source:

Although some colored sequin pieces can look incredible, head to toe colored sequins is in serious danger of entering the tacky zone! Sure, you want to look festive, but you don’t want to look like a Christmas parade threw up on you!

Don…The Sequin LBD


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Take out the color factor and sequins can actually look really classy! A black sequin LBD is the perfect balance of festive and classy. One rule of thumb is to keep it simple with plain accessories and shoes. I adore how Olivia Palermo has toned down her sequin dress with nude heels and a matching nude clutch.

Ditch.. Light Up/Tinsel Jewelry

Unless you are ten years old, light up and tinsel jewelry is pretty much the antithesis of stylish! Sure, it’s fun to don earrings that light up as an office joke, but never, I repeat NEVER, wear them out in public. As for pieces of jewelry that play music…well; they should be banned.

Don… Crystal Jewelry


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Christmas is made for glowing bling, but rather than having frosty the snowman plastered around your neck, opt for jewel and crystal pieces to make a festive statement.

Clear or silver crystal pieces will always be a winner, or, if you want to add color, statement emerald and ruby pieces are the classy way to embody the Christmas spirit.

Ditch… Santa Hats & Reindeer Antlers


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Santa hats and reindeer antlers are cute for a bit of fun, but wearing them out in public is a whole different kettle of fish. Put it this way; would you go out wearing a Shrek mask? Would you wear bunny feet to do your grocery shopping on Easter weekend? Nosiree!

Don…Silk Hair Scarves


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In order to look festive and classy, embellish your hair with a red silk scarf. Plus, it’s much more of a versatile piece that you can actually wear throughout the year.

Our exotic silk scarf is perfect for Christmas.

Ditch…The Mrs Claus/Santer’s Helper Outfit


Above: Poor Mrs Claus is been given a bad name! (Photo Source:

I probably sound like the actual Grinch here, but every time I see girls out in public dressed as ‘sexy Mrs Claus’ I die inside a little. Newsflash: Mrs Claus would not be a sexy woman in her 20s dressed in skimpy clothes, she would be a sweet old dear wrapped up warm near the fireside. Shame on you! Mrs Claus would be appalled…

Don…A Classy Red Dress


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If you want to look festive and classy, opt for a sleek red dress! Sizzle in one of this seasons’ silky slip dresses or go for a classic skater shape and be Christmassy AND stylish.

Merry Christmas and stay classy!


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