Inspiration: Boho Christmas Decor

Bo ho ho! Not a fan of everything Santa-embellished or snowman covered? These boho Christmas decor set-ups are so stunning, that you’ll be decking your halls with pom poms and tassels ASAP.

Oh Trendy Tree


(Photo source:

Who said that Christmas decor has to be tacky? This minimalist bohemian Christmas tree is so stunning and chic, that we’d keep it up all year round!

Tassels and wooden instruments bring in an earthy element, whilst matte metallic baubles keep it festive in the cleanest possible way.

Fluffy cushions and bohemian rugs look incredible under a Christmas tree. As a matter of fact, we’d be happy to find those fluffy white cushions waiting for us on Christmas morning!

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Hawthorn leaf table runner and floral embroidered pillow cover

Rum Pum Pom Pom


(Photo source:

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it a million times: bohemian decor doesn’t have to be a literal rainbow of colors.

This minimalist boho Christmas decor shows that creamy dreamy textures and little details can indeed be beautiful and boho.

Switch out traditional Christmas bunting for oversized pom poms and replace your red and green stockings with white, chunky knitted numbers.

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Coffee Brown

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Oh Color-ye Faithful


(Photo source:

Christmas is the epitome of ‘out there’, but this doesn’t necessarily mean a whole ton of snowflakes and glitter.

This rainbow tree is quirky, out there and is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face this Festive Season!

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Beige & Maroon

Glamorous border table runner

It’s The Most Colorful Time of The Year


(Photo source:

How cute is this? Adding a kitsch reindeer or Christmas character adorned pillow to an array of colorful cushion covers makes an on-trend Christmas living area.

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Paisley embroidered pillow cover and jacquard paisley pillow cover

Oh Starry Night


(Photo source:

Holly and stars are both quintessentially festive. This hanging decoration incorporates them in the most magical way possible.

As for the table, sparkling gold tableware and a textured white tablecloth make for something truly stunning.

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Ocean Blue

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

The Holly & The Ivy


(Photo source:

Team classic Christmas red with folky Artisan prints for a trendy and festive vibe.

Black furniture can be easily updated for the Christmas season with printed colorful cushions and fancy throws.

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Jacquard floral pillow cover and paisley print pillow cover

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas


(Photo source:

Whether you live in a college dorm or an intercity apartment, this boho Christmas decor was made for a small space!

A corner Christmas tree looks right at home alongside chunky knits, warming winter rugs and knitted pillow covers.

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Solid geometric pillow cover

Baby It’s Chic Outside


(Photo source:

Wooden chairs, golden details and flowing, beige table runners make this Christmas tablescape a Scandinavian dream.

Add festive greenery and tall candle holders for a Winter warmer that will be more than welcome for your guests.

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Organza hand embroidered table runner

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20 Things That Prove That You Literally Live For Christmas

Do you literally live for Christmas?

Find yourself rocking around the Christmas tree when everyone else is still dreading the big Xmas buzz?

Here’s 20 things that prove that you literally live and breathe for everything Christmas..

1.It’s November 1st & your home looks like the inside of the Macy’s Christmas isle


(Photo source:

2. Your house is decked out in red and green all year round

If it isn’t covered with snowman prints it doesn’t count right?


From top left: Arabian velvet table runner, floral embroidered pillow cover, hand embroidered duvet cover set, luxurious artistry table runner

3. You can say “Merry Christmas” in at least 15 languages


…Yet you failed high school Spanish.

4. The Children in your family actually think you are lame for how excited you are on Christmas Eve


Erm… what happened to your Christmas spirit kiddies?

5. You’d rather eat actual poop than go a year without an iconic Starbucks red cup


You actually have a small display of cups from previous years in your spare bedroom. What can you say, you live for Christmas coffee.

6. This Mean Girls scene makes you excited for Christmas


Christmas is less than a quarter of a year away!!! **squeals**

7. You own Michael Buble’s ‘Christmas’ in both regular and deluxe editions


(Photo source:

Come to think of it, ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas” would be a good first dance song.

8. When you were a kid you wanted to work in the Elves toy factory when you grew up


(Photo source:

And you still hold a slight grudge against your parents for telling you that wasn’t an actual profession.

9. You’ve totally tried to set up some of Kevin McAllister’s traps from Home Alone


And you totally fell down the slippery staircase yourself.

10. People who don’t like Christmas actually scare you


We call is Scrooge-a-phobia.

11. Your friends don’t recognize you when you’re not rocking a Xmas sweater.


Hey, they are cozy!

12. Your December electricity bill is approximately as much as the entire Las Vegas strip added together


(Photo source:

Who said that money can’t buy happiness?

13. You once asked for mulled wine in a bar…


…and the barman actually laughed at you.


14. It’s November… and you’ve already watched The Grinch 23 times


And by the 19th time, you literally know when the hilarious ‘what will I wear scene’ will come on and laugh before it’s actually happened.

It’s just so darn moving.

15. You are pretty sure that your neighbors have heard you belting out ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’


….In June.

16. You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas


(Photo source:

Actually, you have one for ‘Christmas decor’, one for ‘Christmas food’ and one for “Christmas movies.”

17. You can’t drink Coca Cola without murmuring ‘Holiday’s are coming’ with matching train actions


Ah… childhood!

18. The sauciest thing in your closet is this.


And sometimes you just wear it around the house…

19. This dog is your spirit animal


**Cue chorus of awws**

20. By the end of this article you are singing a Christmas song out loud!


Caught you!

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14 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Co-Workers

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but when it comes to gifting co-workers, even the most merry office worker can turn into a downright Grinch.

After all, you’ve spoken to Christina from HR about twice and from those conversations all you know is that she knows how to change a printer cartridge.

Get ready to scream ‘joy to the world’ as we bring you 14 fail-safe secret Santa gift ideas for co-workers.

1.For Anyone


(Photo source:

If your office feng shui is practically non-existent, take a literal leaf out of the book and gift your co-worker a plant. If they can’t deal with the commitment of looking after another living thing, an artificial plant is always a great idea!

2.For The Office Fashionista


This Kate Spade desktop calendar is a fantastic way to add a designer edge to your co-workers desk.

3. For The Workplace Clown


This desktop slingshot will provide giggles and entertainment for the entire office.

4. For The Intern


Fresh out of uni, your office intern will find this elephant letter organizer adorable and useful!

5. For The Office Homeowner

Whether your co-worker has owned a home for 30 years or they have just bought their first property, this table runner and place mat set will be a huge hit.

6.For The Big Boss


Give your boss a relaxing gift they can enjoy in and out of the office such as this shoulder massager.

7.For The Traveler


We all have that co-worker who seems to be jetting off somewhere exciting. This carry on cocktail kit will make their next work trip far more enjoyable!

8. For The Colorful Character

Ocean Blue

Add a bit of color to your co-workers desk by gifting this hand embroidered tissue box cover.

9. For The Techie


Tech lovers would be happy to jazz up their desk with this chic, Scandinavian speaker set.

10. The Serious One


There’s always someone in the office that seems overly serious. Pun mugs and cat-shaped paper clips will not cut it with this one, but this personalized pen holder will.

11. For The Caffeine Head


Coffee lovers will adore the festive charm of this Starbucks fireside holiday gift set.

12. For The Boho Colleague

Ocean Blue

This floral embroidered pillow cover is the perfect secret Santa gift for your hippy workmate!

13. For The Girly Girl


Is Rebecca from accounting sugar and spice and everything nice? This Lush sweet Christmas gift set will please her inner princess.

14. For The Manly Man

Lonely Planet's Global Beer Tour : Lonely Planet Food Guide - Lonely Planet

He enters the office, farts and then scratches his arm pits. Lovely. Luckily, this Global Beer Guide book will please him without insulting his masculinity.

Want more gift ideas? Our range of hand embellished Indian decor will please even the most difficult colleague.

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Christmas Planning: FAQS Answered

Want to know when to start shopping or put up your Christmas decorations? This ultimate Christmas planning guide answers all those sticky common questions.

Christmas? I hear you scream in surprise. It’s the start of November!

True. But the malls are already decked out in giant snowflakes and twinkling lights, Advent calender’s are at the forefront of every grocery store in town and I swear that we heard ‘Last Christmas’ playing on the radio yesterday…

As the temperatures continue to fall and the evenings get a little frosty, we can’t help but feel a little Christmas joy every time we see a speck of tinsel or stray fairy-light.

Not sure how early is too early to start planning for the holidays? We answer the FAQs everyone wants the answers to in our Christmas planning guide…

When Should I Put Up My Christmas Decorations?


(Photo source:

Ah… the age old question. How early is too early? Traditionally Christmas decorations are put up on the first day of Advent, which is the 3rd of December. Despite this, many Holiday fanatics put up their decorations and tree in early-mid November.

If you’re planning on having a real tree this year, don’t buy it until December the first. Any earlier and it will have biodegraded to a pile of fallen pine needles come December 24th!

When Should I Start Christmas Shopping?


(Photo source:

According to, 30 million American’s had already started Christmas shopping by September the 30th. Before you start panicking, we’ll let you in on an even crazier fact: 30% of American’s have not finished their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve! Eeek!

Unless you like feeling like a sheep in a meat market and elbowing your way through hundreds of unorganized husbands and boyfriends to snatch that last perfume bottle for your Mother in Law, don’t leave it until the last minute!

We recommend starting your Christmas shopping whenever you feel like it (duh). However, it’s sensible to be finished by the around the 20th to avoid the last minute Mall-panic!

If you hate crowds and rude retail staff altogether, why not do the majority of your Christmas shopping online? After all, there is far more variety. Here’s our Christmas gift guide to get you started!

Here’s some of our fave gift ideas for Mom:giftsformom

1. Paisley Wool Scarf

2. Paisley Embroidered Pillow Covers

3. Elegant Dahlia Pillow Cover

4. Hand Painted 7 Piece Table Runner and Placemat Set

5. Hand Painted Duvet Cover Set

How Much Should I Spend On Christmas Presents?


(Photo source:

This one’s a little controversial. For many, the thought of buying a family member or friend a $10 gift and receiving a $50 one can be pretty embarrassing. We don’t mean to sound like your preachy Aunt here, but it honestly is the thought that counts!

For some buying expensive Christmas gifts can be too much of a financial strain and it honestly isn’t worth putting yourself and your family through hardships for the sake of a slightly better present.

Disturbingly, one in three Brits put their Christmas gift splurges on credit. American’s aren’t much better and rack up an average debt of  $986 per household. Our neighbours down under buy almost half of their Christmas gifts on credit.

At the start of your Christmas planning, set yourself a strict budget for presents and stick to it!

As a guideline, the National Retail Federation reports that the average American spends $462 on gifts for family members.

Ready to start planning your Christmas? Check out our range of stunning hand crafted Indian decor items that are perfect for gifting.



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Hot Christmas VS Cold Christmas: The Differences

Six years ago I would have spent my Christmas day glued in front of the fireplace, hot chocolate in hand, thanking my lucky stars that we had central heating. This Christmas, I will be stood in front of an air conditioner, my makeup melted halfway down my face, wondering if its possible to get sun burn through a closed window.

This year marks my fourth Australian Christmas, having been born and raised in North East England, a hot Christmas is something that my English blood can’t seem to comprehend. As I sit in the aircon with the tropical Aussie sun blaring through my window, I’m here to bring you a first hand comparison of how hot and cold Christmasses really differ.

It’s time for the ultimate battle… hot Christmas vs Cold Christmas. Who will take the festive crown?

**Insert wrestling ring dinging here**

The Weather


(Photo Source:

You’ve got to love Australia and it’s topsy-turvyness in comparison to the rest of the world! Whilst Europe and America are shivering in their boots, the sun is blazing as we head into a hot hot Summer down under. So what exactly does this mean for Christmas?

First of all, the quintessential Christmas uniform of hats, scarves and coats is completely thrown out of the window! Despite this, houses are still decorated with snowflakes, icicles and Santa pulling a sleigh. I have to admit that I still have to hold back my laughter every time that I see this.

I often bicker with my other half (who is an Aussie) about how unrealistic their Christmas is.  He counter-argues that Australian weather is more realistic than a ‘European Christmas’ because Jesus was born in a desert. Mind blown.

Confused? Join the club!

The verdict:

Cold: Do you wanna build a snow man?


(Photo Source:

Hot: Do you wanna go for a swim man?


(Photo Source:

Where We Spend Christmas Day

For Europeans and Americans, Christmas Day is most likely spent inside near a warm open fire. The family gather round dressed in their finest Winter knits and sip on mulled wine to beat the chill.

In Australia, many people spend their Christmas day in the great outdoors or on the beach. Although the ‘Australian beach Christmas’ is a major stereotype, a lot of families hibernate indoors with the air conditioning on full blast. Sure, this may not be a glamorous as the Bondi beach stereotype, but it’s 40 degrees celcius outside!

The verdict…

Cold: Oh the fire is so delightful…


(Photo Source:

Hot: Crack up the aircon!


(Photo Source:

Christmas Decor

I hate to break it to you, but here in Australia we have pretty much the same Christmas decor as you do in the Northern Hemisphere. Yep, ridiculously enough, this includes Winter animals and sleighs. Even more ridiculous is the amount of snowflake decorations we have when we can’t even keep the iceblocks in our Coca Colas frozen!

Although there are many similarities between Australian and European Christmas decor, the Summer setting gives Australian’s the excuse to give their Christmas a bohemian, beach-y edge.

Even if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, add some boho Summer sunshine to your decor with our gorgeous pieces!

The saree border table runner is great to add a bohemian, yet festive vibe to any Christmas dining table.

Above: Floral embroidered pillow cover and jacquard floral pillow cover.

Use contrasting red and blue pillow covers to add a little bit of the beachy Christmas down under to your living room.

The Verdict….

Hot Christmas


(Photo Source:

Cold Christmas


Yep: really.


Santa here is pretty much the same as he is in Europe and America; he wears the red and white coat and pants, has that crazy beard and mutters ‘ho ho ho’. Lots of depictions of Santa in Australia show him driving a sleigh with his reindeers. Guess he must land his sleigh in the desert…

However, a hilariously Ozzie depiction of Santa also exists! In this depiction, his sleigh is been pulled by six white kangaroos. This idea even has it’s own Christmas song called ‘Six White Boomers.’

My favorite depiction of Australian St Nick is him on a surf board! This cool dude is being pulled by dolphins and is rocking some red board shorts.

The verdict…

Hot: Santa & His Reindeer


(Photo Source:

Cold: Six White Boomers


(Photo Source:

So I guess you’re wondering which is better; a hot Christmas or a cold Christmas? To be honest, you can’t beat a cold and snowy Christmas. But this is probably just my English blood talking!


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