What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite color says about your personality?

Your favorite color is something you often use to identify yourself in preschool; girly girls choose pink and red is often associated with the rebellious. But, according to psychologists, the colors we like can provide an interesting insight into our personalities.

Read on to find out what your favorite color says about you (featuring our fave preschool pals)…

If Your Favorite Color Is Blue

what does you favorite color say about you blue cookie monster

(Photo Source: pinshape.com)

Although you may appear strong and brave on the surface, deep down you are a vulnerable softy! This sensitive side makes you calm and easy for others to talk to about their problems.

Not one to overly care about what others think, you march to the beat of your own drum and aim to truly find your inner peace. Although you may be a little bit different, you certainly are lovable!

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Find your inner serenity by adorning your home with your top color pick.


Hand embroidered duvet cover set

Ocean Blue

Hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover

If Your Favorite Color Is Red

what does you favorite color say about you red

(Photo source: twitter.com)

You are a confident extrovert who loves to experience life through all five senses.  Psychologists have found that both genders are attracted to those who wear red and this air of sexual confidence is certainly part of your personality!

You love to be a leader and work in an action-orientated way and set yourself pretty high expectations! Despite your motivation in all aspects of life, you can be easily aggravated and are known for loosing your temper.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

If you love red more than the rest of the spectrum, dot your home with stunning red accents with an exotic edge.

Ocean Blue

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Coffee Brown

Arabian velvet table runner

If Your Favorite Color Is Yellow


(Photo Source: huffingtonpost.com)

You are already a rarity, as only 5% of the world choose yellow as their favorite color. Keeping away from the norm, you enjoy trying out new things and always approach your day to day life with an infectious smile. Despite your positive outlook on life, you tend to keep your problems to yourself in order to please others.

Creativity and intelligence are part of your nature and with your idealist attitude, you have the power to change the world!

Your Favorite Color For Your Home


Damask throw pillow cover


Elegant dahlia pillow cover

If Your Favorite Color Is Green


(Photo source: etonline.com)

Genuine, kind and balanced, your love of green shows you to be a genuinely nice person. Your friends describe you as down-to-earth and loyal, but underneath it all, you feel the need to be reassured that you are truly loved.

Security is one of your greatest needs in life and you constantly strive to find it in your relationships, hobbies and career.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Embrace your earthy nature by adding more of your favorite color to your home!


Shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats


Hand painted floral table cloth


If Your Favorite Color Is Pink


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Something tells me that you are avoiding growing up. The impending doom of adulthood scares you and you cling to a childlike sense of wonder to try and make them disappear. This may be the sign of a deeper need to be accepted and loved unconditionally.

Despite this, your kind nature makes you one of the sweetest people out there. You’re a romantic at heart and always put your heart and soul into your relationships.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Girly is your middle name, so why not make your home super feminine too? All it takes is your favorite color: pink!

Coffee Brown

Arabic velvet table runner


Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


If Your Favorite Color Is Orange


(Photo Source: tinsel.tv)

Hello you social butterfly! You love to be part of a group and are a self-confessed extrovert. Although your bubbly nature may make you the life and the soul of party, try not to be too much of a drama queen!

You have an inner strength and fearlessness that makes you strive for your goals and passions.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Compliment your flamboyant nature by styling your home with pops of orange.


Floral paisley placemats

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Jacquard floral table runner

If Your Favorite Color Is Purple


(Photo Source: sundaytimes.lk)

An endless dreamer, you tend to get stuck in your imagination. Due to this people often don’t get you, but this doesn’t stop you from wanting to help those in need. As a result of this, you crave emotional security.

Creativity is your middle name, and, as a result of this, you strive to be a unique individual who tends to rebel from societal norms.

Your Favorite Color For Your Home

Add a unique mystery to your home with your favorite color.

Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set

Ocean Blue

Ornamental embroidered rectangle tablecloth



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5 Ways To Make Your Office Boardroom Less Boring

It’s that big meeting, that make or break deal. You’ve repeated that speech to utter perfection, you’ve got the team prepared, you’ve made a slideshow that is amazing enough to put the works of Mozart to shame. You’re all ready, but one problem: your office boardroom is about as interesting as the back of your Grandma’s refrigerator. Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with five sure-fire ways to make your boardroom a less boring!

Add That Greenery


(Photo Source: premierplanters.co.uk)

As well as impressing business partners, an interesting environment for meetings is likely to have a positive effect on your team members too. Research has proved that different elements of office decor can actually improve employee performance. For example, green plants have been shown to increase happiness amongst employees. Alongside this, live plants improve air quality, add a bit of natural beauty and just generally make the office seem less ‘clinical.’

So what plants are likely to survive in an indoor office environment? Hilariously enough, mother-in-law’s tongue is made to withstand indoor office conditions. If even the idea of anything to do with a mother-in-law is too stressful for you, why not opt for the complete office: a peace lily. These beautiful plants love low-light conditions, making them the perfect office companion.

Worried about making a mess of that oh-so-expensive timber desk? Pop your potted plant on one of our place mats to stylishly leave any mess at bay!

The floral embroidered place mats will hide any dirt, as well as add a floral edge to your office.


If you want to make your boardroom more colorful, the floral paisley placemats will be perfect for you!

Give Your Tables A Psychological Uplift

Let’s be honest, a plain brown or black table isn’t exactly the most stimulating thing to the working brain! Colors are uplifting to the soul and can have surprisingly positive psychological effects on the brain.

If you work in creative industry, blue is sure to get those juices flowing, as well as calm any jitters during important work meetings! For a plain and classy injection of blue, we recommend the hand embroidered table runner. The velvet floral table runner is perfect for adding a more exotic touch of blue.



If you want a confidence boost for boardroom meetings, pop some red on your table! Psychologists have shown that red is shown to enhance power and increase confidence and self-esteem. Give your office some retro appeal with our damask-style table runner.

The Wall Of Positivity


Got a work mantra or culture statement? Pop it on the wall! What better way to remind your team of the companies ethics? This ensures that your companies mission statement is always at the forefront of the teams’ mind and will make the board room look more interesting in the process!

Create A Theme

If your brand or company has a strong theme or color scheme, why not incorporate this into your office boardroom decor? This could be through table decor, chairs or the color of the walls.

Just for fun, here’s our dream office boardrooms for some of our favorite brands:

Coca Cola

White and red table runners, such as the jacquard paisley table runner.



Minimal, monochrome table decor such as the sophisticated two tone placemats.



Happy themed, yellow and blue table decor such as the chic jacquard table runner.


Let That Light In!


(Photo Source: viewpictures.co.uk)

Blessed with a boardroom next to a window? Open up those curtains! Vitamin D is sure to lift everyone’s spirits! Not near a window? The lighting fixtures you choose can decide what kind of impact you make in your meetings! Psychologists have found that direct lights create stimulation, making them the perfect choice for getting those brain synapses firing! If you would like your team to take the time to relax and create, indirect lighting is your best option! For a stylish indirect lighting try hanging pendant lights or a Scandinavian style lamp.

Finally, and most importantly of all, don’t forget a happy atmosphere!




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What Color Is Your Aura?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘s/he has a certain aura about him’? Far from just ‘another saying’, an aura can be described as a magnetic field of energy that can be felt and sensed around the human body. Spiritualists believe that this ‘air’ around a person consists of various colors from the spectrum. These colors make up certain traits in your personality.

When it comes to the color that you surround yourself with, choosing those that are present in your aura can have a harmonizing affect on your psyche. So if you want to feel more positive and at ease, why not choose home decor colors that match your aura? Read on for my guide on aura colors and how to integrate them in your home.


(Photo source: thespiritscience.net)

Red Aura



If you’re a self-confessed dare devil, you may have a red aura. Your outgoing and adventurous attitude gives you an enthusiastic outlook on life. Despite this, you tend to run quite hot-headed and if you loose your temper, people will know about it!

You have a strong mental and physical fitness and sports come naturally to you. Your friends are most likely to describe you as confident and generous. But beware, your adventurous attitude could see you becoming bored of relationships and career paths before they are truly over!

Compliment Your Red Aura

Above: Hand embroidered tablecloth

Above: Vibrant floral pillow cover

Saffron Red

Above: Ornamental embroidered duvet cover set

Orange Aura


(Photo source: blogthings.com)

Are you a people person? Maybe your aura is orange! You love being part of a group, whether that means being the center of attention or blending into the crowd.  Your high level of empathy makes you popular to others and your high emotional well being is also reflected in your reproductive stamina.

Although some may describe you as impatient, your high level of creativity and your productive nature makes you a go-getter in the workplace!

Compliment your orange aura


Above: Paisley embroidered pillow cover

Golden Orange

Above: Saree border table runner


Above: Floral paisley place mats

Yellow Aura


(Photo source: blogthings.com)

Well you’re just a ray of positivity, aren’t you? Like the sunshine, you are a beaming ray of energy and optimism. Your attitude to life is simply infectious. Even though you’re pretty easy to get along with, you’re happy enough enjoying your own company.

You’re intelligent and have top notch communication skills. Your confidence and inspiring attitude will see you excel at University and in the work place. Beware: your perfectionist nature and outward confidence may see you facing mental health pressures.

Compliment your yellow aura


Above: Damask throw pillow cover


Above: Elegant dahlia pillow cover

Green Aura


(Photo source: depositphotos.com)

You are a social being and you have a huge crush on life, especially the great outdoors. Animals and humans are your best friends alike. Your domestic nature sees you enjoying cooking and home decorating.

You’re a business person at heart and others are often in awe of your ideas. Your friends see you as loyal, stable and good at giving life advice.

Compliment your green aura

Above: Hand painted floral round table cloth

Above: Hand embroidered decorative tissue box cover

Above: Jacquard floral pillow cover


Blue Aura


(Photo source: allwallpaper.in)
Chilled is your middle name. Cool, calm and collected like the still ocean, your loving and caring nature is most admired by those around you. Your friends describe you as having an intuitive nature; you always know when something is wrong and your equal head-heart balance makes you the perfect candidate to find a  solution!

Despite your success at romantic relationships, you have a tendency to become a workaholic. Although your charisma and intelligence will get you far in life, it’s ok to say no every one in a while. Your hard working attitude means the world is your oyster! Get out there and change the world!

Compliment your blue aura


Above: Hand embroidered duvet cover set

Above: Hand embroidered table cover

Above: Hand painted tissue box cover

Indigo Aura


(Photo source: youtube.com)

Have you always felt a little bit different? According to psychic experts, those with a high amounts of Indigo in their auras have a psychic ability! You are a spiritual being who feels in touch with things that most of us can’t explain and you often feel that you have the power to help others improve their spirituality.

You despise conformity and others often don’t understand you’re unique outlook on life.

Compliment your indigo aura

Above: Hand painted 7 piece duvet cover set

Above: Ornamental embroidered tablecloth

Above: Hand painted table runner and placemat set

Violet Aura


(Photo Source: ashtarcommandcrew.net)

You want to save the world! Often acting as a voice for those who cannot be heard, you’re here to make the world a better place! You’re a natural born leader with a purpose and your outlook on life often acts as an inspiration for others.

Don’t fall too hard if you don’t make it though! Your narcissistic edge can cause you to become lost and confused. Keep focusing on your creative and artistic side and you will go far! Travel the world, inspire others and make a difference!

Compliment your violet aura

Above: Sophisticated two tone place mat

Above: Hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Above: Exotic oriental pillow cover

What aura color are you? Let me know in the comments below…

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5 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

Psychologists state that January is the most depressing month in the year. **Sighs** Dr Cliff Arnell, of Cardiff University, proved this theory to be true through a formula he developed, which took into consideration weather, debt and failed New Years Resolutions.

One thing we can change is how we interpret the dreary weather in our homes. By bringing elements of Spring inside, our moods will be uplifted. So let’s make January positive month, by bringing elements of the outdoors indoors!

Here’s 5 ways to bring the vibrancy of the Spring outdoors into your home…

1. Spring Floral Prints


(Photo Source: twelveoeightblog.com)

One thing that makes Winter so depressing? The lack of color. The Spring countryside is associated with newly blooming flora such as yellow daffodils, colorful tulips and, of course, freshly grown, green leaves.

Bring the Spring woodlands into your home with a vase of colorful faux flowers. I suggest faux flowers, as out of season Spring flowers could cost an arm and a leg. Plus: Fakies are so much lower maintenance!

Echo the blooms of your new bouquet through new additions to your sofa. Opt for Spring-like shades of yellow, green and bright fuchsia for an instant mood uplift. A mixture of floral and cottagey prints will work wonderfully and will create that outdoorsy, cottagey vibe.

Here are our top picks:

Jacquard floral pillow in green

Paisley pillow cover in yellow

Jacquard damask pillow cover

2. Natural Fibers And Materials


(Photo Source: naturalhomes.org)

Ok: So the photo above is obviously from some sort of fairy tale, but the same idea remains: go for natural materials. This is very easy to implement into your kitchen, and no: you don’t need to change your entire work top to do so!

Go for details and focal points made of natural wood; this could include kitchen tools such as chopping boards, or more decorative items such as vases and wooden sculptures.

To give your dining table an au-naturale vibe, opt for bamboo or pine look-a-like place mats, such as the shimmering spiral hand embroidered place mats.

Marble or stone plates will work wonders too! Opt for look-a-likes to avoid any hefty costs.

3. Floral Bedding


(Photo Source: Pinterest)

There is something so outdoorsy and uplifting about florals, so why not add more of them to your bedroom? We absolutely adore the floral abode above and it can be yours in a few simple steps!

Begin by switching your bedding set to a more floral design. I recommend the hand painted floral duvet cover set in an eye-catching purple or ocean blue tone.

For a certain air of nonchalance, add a contrasting fleece throw in a fuchsia tone. Psychologically, fuchsia increases feelings of positivity, hope and compassion: Perfect for keeping those January blues at bay!

Next, adorn your bed with a plethora of floral-printed cushions in a pink, blue and purple palette. I recommend the designs below:

Hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover


Paisley leaf pillow cover

Ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover

Now: time to add some magic! If you are lucky enough to own a four poster bed, decorate the wooden beams with faux pink and purple flowers and green vine leaves. This is sure to make your bedroom look like a stylish love child between a Pinterest board and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’

No four poster bed? No problemo! Simply attach faux vine leaves above your headboard in a neat line. Dot with faux flora for an extra outdoorsy vibe.

(Photo Source: www.dailysomething.com)

Alternatively, attach strings of faux flowers to a wooden stick, as shown in the inspiration photo above.

4. Greenery


(Photo Source: dreamhomedsgn.blogspot.com)

This one’s a no-brainer! The easiest way to bring the outdoors into your home is inevitably through adding real plants. Plus: they have great health benefits too! If you are looking for an air purifier, go for a ficus alli. Palms are great for adding moisture to that cold, Winter air, as well as giving a warm, beach-y vibe to your home.

And the best thing about plants? They look great in every room in your house! To compliment your kitchen’s new greenery, why not embellish your table with the suitably outdoors-y jacquard floral table runner?

5. Water Features


Whether it takes up a corner of your kitchen table or half of your living room floor, a water feature is a sure-fire way to bring outdoor tranquility into your home.

What better way to beat the Winter blues than listening to the soft trickle that brings familiarity of warm, Summer streams?

Worried about potential leakage? A printed table cloth is a beautiful way to protect your floors from any water overflow.

The hand embroidered round tablecloth is a perfect addition to any water feature.

Do you wish your home was more outdoors-y? Which of our tips are you going to try?

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