5 Cheap Winter Date Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, our wallets might as well scream shut in fear when it comes to date nights. Although free dates may bring to mind long Summer walks and trips to the beach, the sun doesn’t have to be shining for a great, bargain date night!

Read on for five date night ideas, that will keep your wallet and your relationship happy…

The DIY Massage

Young couple in bedroom, woman massaging man, smiling

If an exotic holiday is out of your reach, why not bring the warmth of the East to the bedroom with a DIY couples massage? They say what goes around comes around and this date idea is all about sharing. So give what you get so both of you can benefit.

Spa owner Aubrey Rodgers states that “A couples massage is a wonderful gift to share with each other. Not only will it strengthen the bond between a couple, it can reduce stress for both the giver and the recipient’ (Source: sheknows.com)

Ready to have some good old fashioned bonding time. Let’s start by setting the scene…

To automatically turn your abode into a resort-style massage centre, begin by injecting an Eastern vibe by laying the ornamental embroidered tablecloth on your carpet or massage table.

Turn up the comfort by dotting around cushions for your partner to rest on. Embellish with exotic oriental pillow covers to bring the relaxing zen of the East to your home.

Scented candles are a must! Scientists at the University of Maryland have found that the scent of lavender reduces stress, insomnia and anxiety. (Source: umm.edu) And there’s us thinking that lavender was for grannies!

And what about the massage itself? If you don’t have a clue where to start, massage masters at divinecaroline.com recommend these tips for beginners:

  1. Don’t push too hard. Although you do want to apply enough pressure to feel the muscles under the skin.
  2. Work slowly in even strokes.
  3. Avoid bones and joints- ouch!

Check out this beginners massage tutorial below:

Story Board Your Dream Home


(Photo Source: pilotonline.com)

When a friend of mine for told me that her partner and her has spent their evenings story  boarding, I thought she was mad. After a few days, I reaized that Pinterest was no where near as couple-y as the physical thing, I decided that story boarding was the way to go.

So turn up the fire, put the hot chocolate on and grab a piece of A2 paper, a whole bunch of magazines, catalogs and your laptop (with printer).

The beauty of this date night idea is all in the fantasy. Even if you can’t afford that crazy, palace-like living room you just designed, it’s something to aim for. If you’re decorating your home, story boarding is also a great way to ensure there is an element of cohesion through your abode.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Divide your piece of paper into 4 sections (for bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Begin looking through magazines together and browsing the net, cutting out and sticking all the home inspo material you are drawn to as a couple.
  • If you’re stuck, why not check out our range of duvet cover sets to get you started. After all, you spend approximately a third of your life in your bed.

When you have finished, you will have a fabulous idea of your taste as a couple. Plus: you will have had an awesome time embracing your inner child by cutting and sticking. Adult coloring in is so last year!

Ice Skating


(Photo Sourcee: budapestchristmas.com)

As Jack Frost comes to town, outdoor ice skating rinks will inevitably start popping up all around the Northern Hemisphere. And is just me or is there something so romantic about iceskating outdoors? So take your partners hand and skate the night away beneath the stars and twinkling Christmas lights.

The most important thing? Snuggle up! Our statement bohemian scarves are a fashionable and practical addition to your date night look. After all, being cold is seriously not fun!

Not sure where to find your nearest rink? Luckily, I’ve done all the work for you! Simply click your country below:

Try Out A New Recipe Together

Playful young couple in their kitchen.
(Source: wonderslist.com)

Cooking as a couple is good for more than your tastebuds. Relationship guru Dr John Grey discovered that couples that cook together are significantly more satisfied in all areas of their relationship than those that don’t. (Source: foodal.com) So on your next date night, why not create something really satisfying together?

Try and re-create that oh-so-amazing dish you had on your last vacation, or even search the internet for some exotic new dish that neither of you have ever tried.

You could even celebrate your new creation by throwing a themed dinner party. Why not celebrate your new Eastern dish by decorating your table with our hand embroidered seven piece table runner and place mat set? Invite over your friends or indulge in your senses alone with a few flickering candles.



Unless you live in a cave, you will know that yoga is the new ‘in thing’ when it comes to benefiting your health. Linda McGrath, founder of Yoga Source states that ‘On a psychological level, yoga helps to cultivate mindfulness by shifting your awareness to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that accompany a given pose or exercise.’ (Source: everydayhealth.com)

The first step to creating a relaxed being is to fill your home with the luscious and vibrant prints of Yoga’s Indian origin. Check out this piece on how to give your bedroom a quick makeover. Or for an instant Indian flair, try hanging the hand embroidered table cloth on your wall. With hand-crafted Indian embroidery, be sure that you are getting the real deal!

Once your home is filled with Zen, pop on a yoga tutorial and give it a go. Hey; if you both suck, at least you can giggle about each 0thers ‘tree poses’.

Happy date night!

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