10 Reason’s Lauren Conrad’s Homes Are Goals

Lauren Conrad has had us hooked since she first appeared as the tanned all-California highschooler on ‘Laguna Beach: The Real OC’. Over the years we’ve watched her wail her way through relationship turmoils,  fall outs with her BBFs (“I want to forgive you and forget you” anyone?) and don an enviable closet.

Now, at 31, the blonde bombshell is a multi-millionaire and business mogul. To add to this, she has a pretty impressive real estate portfolio for someone her age. And while the magic of Google (“searchgardium-lauren-os-aaaaa”) can’t give us an exact number of properties, we can concur that the babe owns or has recently owned a Beverly Hills Penthouse, a house in Pacific Palisades, a house in Brentwood Hills and one in Laguna Beach.

Now join us as we put on a bit of Natasha Bedingfield and drool our way through 10 reasons that Lauren Conrad’s homes are absolute goals…

The rest is still unwritten.


1.Her $6M mansion has an actual waterslide.


(Photo source: popsugar.com.au)

Jaw, meet floor.


Just when you thought that a hot tub and a large pool were enough, she goes and gets a darn tree house slide!

This gorgeous spot of paradise is part of Lauren’s Pacific Palisades abode, which is worth a reported six million bucks.

We can imagine her having heaps of fun in the sun with her hubby and baby here.

2.The living room is the epitome of ‘Cali chic’


Just when we thought that Lauren Conrad couldn’t be more dictionary definition ‘Cali chic’, we see this gorgeous living room.

With large wooden windows, leather couches and pops of boho goodness, her living room is more ‘fetch’ than Gretchen Weiners entire wardrobe.

As a matter of fact, if we had no morals we would just totally rob this room bling ring style.

But we’d rather keep our morals and just deck out our abode with these goodies:


Solid geometric pillow covers and paisley embroidered pillow covers

3.Her entranceway is prettier than our whole house put together


(Photo source: mydomainehome.com.au)

No lie: If we added all the prettiness of our abodes together and compared it to Lauren’s entraceway, it would fall short.


This stunning tiled archway welcomes guests to her Pacific Palisades home in the most stunning way possible.

4.She has a luxury bar. In her home.


(Photo source: instyle.com)

Mind blown.

Her Beverly Hills penthouse has its very own high-end bar equipped with black marble kitchen tops, gold taps and beautiful glasswear.

Jealous? Us? Never!

5.Her bathroom is like walking into a Pinterest board


(Photo source: mydomainehome.com)

It’s decked out with a stand-alone bath, subway tiles and a boho rug. So yep: it’s basically everything we’ve collected on Pinterest made into one drool-worthy room.

Get The Look

Black & WhiteRustic Orange

Hawthorn leaf table runner and hand painted floral table runner

6.Her office is what every #GirlBoss dreams of


(Photo source: instyle.com)

Who can forget Lauren’s hilarious days at Teen Vogue?



These days she’s her own boss and gets to work from this seriously dreamy office in her Los Angeles pent house.

Decked out with stylish, colorful furniture and a mixture of classic and trend pieces, this office offers the best of both worlds. We would totally eat, sleep and generally exist in here too.

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Golden OrangeYellow

Saree border table runner and elegant dahlia pillow covers

7.Her Pacific Palisades mansion is straight out of Romeo & Juliet


(Photo source: popsugar.com.au)

We could easily imagine Juliet up on that balcony, or a Montague vs Capulet showdown outside this stunning, ivy-covered home.

8.This walk in closet


(Photo source: variety.com)

A round walk in wardrobe? Going to a balcony? It looks like Lauren has picked this straight out of fairytale!


Floral wallpaper and an antique-style couch make our inner princesses just scream!

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Rustic Orange

Hand painted rectangular tablecloth and hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

9.This sea front view


(Photo source: zillow.com)

Lauren’s sea views from her Laguna Beach home were so pristine that her home may has well be on stilts and placed smack bang in the middle of the ocean!

10.She has NAILED minimalism


(Photo source: glamour.com)

Lauren Conrad’s kitchen is an absolute minimalist dream!

Pops of rose gold, black taps and subway tiles are all on our must-have list and Lauren has managed to put them all into this gorgeous kitchen!


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10 Beautiful Rustic Farmhouse Decor Ideas

An abundance of rustic finishes, exposed wood and vintage prints are just some of the reasons that rustic farmhouse decor is popular in country homes and city pads alike.

Whether you are looking for a new theme to your home, or simply want to enhance your farmhouse decor, here’s 10 beautiful rustic farmhouse decor ideas that will certainly inspire you…


(Photo source: instagram.com/thedowntownaly)

This living room brings in the classic elements of rustic farmhouse and combines them with modern tribal prints and an abundance of textures.

The simple color palette of beige, brown, cream and Persian blue ensures that many textures can be mixed and matched.

Live greenery and a modern sofa keeps the living room keeping on-trend rather than dated.

Get The Look

BlueBlack & Gold

ornamental embroidered pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover


(Photo source: a-joyfuljourney.tumblr.com)

This stunning stair-side seating area makes a cute and cozy nook in any country-style home.

The rustic wooden table and bench have a unique shape. The metal-legged chairs add an air of rough industrialism to the set-up. Finally, the array of printed cushions and table decor make the whole area cohesive.

Get The Look

Golden OrangeRed

Saree border table runner, modern accents block pillow cover


(Photo source: canadianloghomes.com)

This bedroom has all the ingredients to never go out of style!

Classic colors and fabrics, neutral wooden furniture and simple shapes make this room truly timeless.

If you are looking to decorate in a rustic decor style that will stand the test of time, ditch the trend pieces and go for simple , classic designs.


(Photo source: feedpuzzle.com)

Farmhouse decor is all about being snug and homely and it doesn’t get more so than this clever reading nook!

This is perfect idea for an old fireplace or cupboard. Simply add a statement exposed-wood wall, a bench and some cozy cushions.

Those really wishing to make a statement should opt for industrial-style lighting. Although we think that a cute reading lamp would also work wonders!

Get The Look


Paisley embroidered pillow cover, vibrant throw floral pillow cover


(Photo source: thriftyandchic.com)

Who knew that bathtubs could look so chic?

The woven baskets and chunky wooden shelves give this bathtub an effortlessly farmhouse vibe.

However, it’s the black tap-ware and subtle marble print that we are really obsessed with!

(Photo source: savvysouthernstyle.net)

This navy haven shows that rustic charm doesn’t necessarily equate to a palette of beige.

The contrast between the white-washed wooden walls and the matte black bed frame is perfection. The chunky knit quilt and shabby chic cushion covers keep it looking quintessentially farmhouse.

Get The Look


Jacquard paisley pillow covers, modern blocks accent pillow cover


(Photo source: mydecoratedhome.com)

Open plan living doesn’t always have to be modern and minimal!

This wooden and white design takes certain aspects of minimalism and rustic farmhouse decor to create something beautiful and comforting.

Get The Look

GoldCoffee Brown

Hand painted accent pillow cover and hand embroidered throw pillow cover


(Photo source: akadesign.ca)

This adorable set-up brings in elements of coastal decor and rustic to make something truly unique.

White wooden shelves and a sofa make this room ‘cleaner’ than standard rustic decor rooms. Bohemian print pillows and quirky decorations make this modern farmhouse decor anything but grannyish.

Get The Look

Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, jacquard paisley pillow covers


(Photo source: lizmarieblog.com)

This has to be the most inviting sofa bed we have ever seen!

Layers of blankets and cozy pillows immediately transform this wooden bench into an inviting bed.

Unique wooden furnishings and a muted, retro-print rug ensure the guest room looks inviting.

Get The Look


Damask style elegant table runner

(Photo source: akadesign.ca)

Metal chairs and a wooden furniture and floor make the perfect contrast.

The black, white and wooden theme gives this kitchen an industrial vibe.

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7 Blue Living Rooms That Will Life Your Spirits

As juxtapositional as it sounds, blue living rooms are a fantastic way to embrace the Summer spirit in your home.

Blue (adjective): “depressed in spirits; dejected; melancholy”.

In linguistic terms, “blue” is often associated with low moods. In terms of color and it’s effects on the spirit and emotions, this definition couldn’t be more contradictory.

Often compared to the serene hues of the ocean, blue brings about wonderful daydreams of long, sunshine-drenched Summer days, exotic holidays and enough vitamin d to make your face seamlessly melt into a Cheshire Cat grin.

With the Summer solstice upon us, it’s time to uplift your living room and inject that irresistible Summer spirit.

Here’s 7 blue living rooms that are sure to lift your spirits…

Clean & Blue


(Photo source: pinterest.com)

This soft conglomeration of gray, navy and steel blue fabrics is about as laid back as blue living rooms get.

Add cool-hued, industrial, wooden furniture into the mix and it becomes something modern, clean and versatile.

Also, is that pendant light some sort of hanger? We need this!!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Keep it cool and steel-hued, and avoid ruddy or overly warm woods at all costs.


Solid geometric pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

Classic Greenery


(Photo Source: potterybarn.co.uk)

There is something so stunning about pops of kelly green next to bold zaffre!

To keep it looking streamlines, opt for a color palette of predominately blue and  off-white, then add adornments of green with effortlessly placed accessories.

The inspiration photo above beautifully utilizes vintage-inspired furniture and prints to add further detail to the set up.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

If you don’t want to invest in a giant rug or carpet, add a clever retro pop with the damask elegant table runner.  A floral, green cushion, such as the jacquard floral pillow cover will add that green hue whilst adhering to the theme.


Warm Meets Cool


(Photo Source: bhg.com)

This living room proves that blue and coral are a love affair that may just work. The key lies in the neutral base hues, which tie these opposite ends of the color spectrum together seamlessly.

When adding these hues, you need to be very careful. Add accessories, such as printed pillow covers, flowers, or art, in specific colors and keep them consistent.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Muted blue and pink-coral pillow covers are the easiest way to add this stunning clash to your living room.

Paisley embroidered pillow covers

Beautiful & Boho


(Photo Source: belivindesign.com)

Blue living rooms don’t get more uplifting than this! Soft bohemian textures, natural woods, nomadic prints and pops of cacti have us filled with wanderlust.

Although bohemian decor can often be incredibly vibrant, this muted palette has just as stunning an effect.

Also, how well are those pillows organized? If you’re not sure how to arrange your pillow covers, check out our guide.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

A mix of blue pillow covers in various boho prints to recreate this look.


Jacquard paisley pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover, vibrant floral throw pillow cover

Modern Luxe

(Photo Source: thedesignchaser.com)

This relaxed, coastal living room mixes classic nautical elements with the clean lines of Scandinavian Minimalism.

Those smoky gray walls and that deep Oxford Blue sofa together are literal heart eyes. Add the marbled, matching artwork into the works and you have a stunning living room that will leave you feeling relaxed all year long.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Invest in a deep blue sofa and adorn it with retro blue printed pillow covers.


Jacquard floral pillow covers, damask throw pillow cover,

Add the hawthorn leaf table runner along the floor next to your sofa.

Black & White

Coastal Chic


(Photo Source: thelilypascottage.com)

Another example of how less is sometimes more! White walls, a jute sofa and white furniture make this coastal chic home fresh and chic.

Navy and white prints add an inevitably nautical edge, whilst live greenery brings the air of the Summer outdoors in.

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for nautical, navy cushion covers and a blue table runner to contrast with the white furniture.


Hand embroidered blue table runner and modern two tone accent pillow cover

Clean & Crisp


(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

This abundance of baby blue is cuter than cute! Pops of gold and classic furniture makes this living room a set-up that will last for year!

There’s absolutely no trend fads here!

Make This Blue Living Room Yours

Opt for the lightest baby blue pillow covers and accessories you can find and combine these with neutral pieces.

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Orange Home Decor That Is Surprisingly Chic

All too often, orange home decor brings about images of tacky, Seventies-style decor, the inside of Spongebob’s pineapple, and nothing much in between.

Surprisingly, orange home decor, if styled correctly, can add a spicy, Summer edge to your home. Our fave ways to style orange? Bohemian, clashed with pastels and as a color pop.

Don’t believe us? Read on for some stunning orange home decor that will have you seriously craving some tangerine…

Clash That Neutral


(Photo Source: entirelyeventfulday.com)

Pastel greys and light, dusky blues look surprisingly beautiful clashed against vibrant orange.

For an easy hack to improve your home decor in under an hour,  simply take an old display cabinet and give it a little makeover. Paint the inside of the cabinet a Summery tangerine and paint the front or outer of the cabinet a pale blue/gray. Now that’s a happy clash!

Home Decor Hack

Want to try before you buy? Before you get that paintbrush out, try layering the Saree border table runner or floral paisley placemats against your cabinet for an instant stunning clash.

Golden OrangeOrange

Pop It!


(Photo Source: instagram.com/alidaandmiller)

If the thought of orange alone is enough to make minimalist you run to the hills, try starting off small.

A neutral home consisting of white’s, creams and beiges can be given an instant lift with a cheeky color pop.

For example, this neutral bedroom is given a tropical edge with a simple orange throw and a handful of blue, floral pillow covers.

In short, it’s an easy and non-permanent way to switch up your bedroom decor for Summer.

Get The Look

Blue and orange are at the opposite ends of the color wheel, making them a stunning contrast. Add the Saree border table runner to the end of your bed and embellish the head with two elegant dahlia pillow covers.

Golden OrangeYellow

From The East


(Photo Source: anindiansummer-design.blogspot.com)

Orange and bohemian will always go together like strawberries and cream. Add an abundance of Indian hand embellished pieces, warm pinks and hanging lanterns into the mix, and it truly feels like your home has been transported to somewhere more exotic.

When decorating orange home decor to a bohemian theme, opt for detailed pieces with embellishments, patterns and quirky details. Style with other warm-hued pieces and don’t be afraid to add one or two statement cool-hued accessories in there to really mix things up.

Bohemian styling is all about being random, but aesthetically pleasing.

Get The Look

If you want to add an easy bohemian edge to your sofa without breaking the bank, printed scarves are a great way to add that soft and whimsical texture. We recommend the solid color scarves in fuchsia and orange.

Next, add a variety of embellished cushion covers in warm, Summer-y hues.

SilverGoldGoldCoffee Brown

Above: Exotic Oriental pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Cute & Nautical


(Photo Source: housebeautiful.com)

Doesn’t this just scream Summer? Rather than the standard navy and white nautical decor, this orange home decor set-up is like an eclectic cocktail of sunshine-drenched memories.

The orange wall is beautifully compliments with orange and red printed pillow covers, aqua accessories and a classic nautical navy and white striped towel.

Get The Look

This one is all about balancing those gorgeous printed cushions!

Ocean BlueOrange

Floral embroidered pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover, jacquard paisley pillow cover

Home Decor Hack

Keep the details to the wall! Try the orange purple clash in your home by hanging up two table runners. The Saree border table runner in orange and the hand embroidered table runner in purple would look incredible.

Golden Orange

The Frida Kahlo


(Photo Source: anindiansummer-design.blogspot.com)

This stunning artistic, bohemian home could have easily belonged to Frida Kahlo.

Exotic wall art, vintage plates, and a folk, patterned tablecloth make this look thrift-store chic in all the right ways.

To recreate this orange decor look, opt for pieces that are as artisan and unique as possible. If you have a talent for painting, why not paint your own wall with a folklore print?

Home Decor Hack

For those of us who are the antithesis of Picasso, hanging a printed table runner is a fantastic way to cheat! Frida Kahlo would certainly approve of the jacquard floral table runner.

Jacquard Floral Table Runner

Add a beautiful hand-painted finishing touch with the hand painted floral round table cloth.

After more home decor inspiration?

Check out 7 ways to improve your home decor in an hour.

Or, get your sofa in tip-top shape with our ultimate guide to cushion arranging.

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