10 Beautiful Rustic Farmhouse Decor Ideas

An abundance of rustic finishes, exposed wood and vintage prints are just some of the reasons that rustic farmhouse decor is popular in country homes and city pads alike.

Whether you are looking for a new theme to your home, or simply want to enhance your farmhouse decor, here’s 10 beautiful rustic farmhouse decor ideas that will certainly inspire you…


(Photo source: instagram.com/thedowntownaly)

This living room brings in the classic elements of rustic farmhouse and combines them with modern tribal prints and an abundance of textures.

The simple color palette of beige, brown, cream and Persian blue ensures that many textures can be mixed and matched.

Live greenery and a modern sofa keeps the living room keeping on-trend rather than dated.

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BlueBlack & Gold

ornamental embroidered pillow cover, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover


(Photo source: a-joyfuljourney.tumblr.com)

This stunning stair-side seating area makes a cute and cozy nook in any country-style home.

The rustic wooden table and bench have a unique shape. The metal-legged chairs add an air of rough industrialism to the set-up. Finally, the array of printed cushions and table decor make the whole area cohesive.

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Golden OrangeRed

Saree border table runner, modern accents block pillow cover


(Photo source: canadianloghomes.com)

This bedroom has all the ingredients to never go out of style!

Classic colors and fabrics, neutral wooden furniture and simple shapes make this room truly timeless.

If you are looking to decorate in a rustic decor style that will stand the test of time, ditch the trend pieces and go for simple , classic designs.


(Photo source: feedpuzzle.com)

Farmhouse decor is all about being snug and homely and it doesn’t get more so than this clever reading nook!

This is perfect idea for an old fireplace or cupboard. Simply add a statement exposed-wood wall, a bench and some cozy cushions.

Those really wishing to make a statement should opt for industrial-style lighting. Although we think that a cute reading lamp would also work wonders!

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Paisley embroidered pillow cover, vibrant throw floral pillow cover


(Photo source: thriftyandchic.com)

Who knew that bathtubs could look so chic?

The woven baskets and chunky wooden shelves give this bathtub an effortlessly farmhouse vibe.

However, it’s the black tap-ware and subtle marble print that we are really obsessed with!

(Photo source: savvysouthernstyle.net)

This navy haven shows that rustic charm doesn’t necessarily equate to a palette of beige.

The contrast between the white-washed wooden walls and the matte black bed frame is perfection. The chunky knit quilt and shabby chic cushion covers keep it looking quintessentially farmhouse.

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Jacquard paisley pillow covers, modern blocks accent pillow cover


(Photo source: mydecoratedhome.com)

Open plan living doesn’t always have to be modern and minimal!

This wooden and white design takes certain aspects of minimalism and rustic farmhouse decor to create something beautiful and comforting.

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GoldCoffee Brown

Hand painted accent pillow cover and hand embroidered throw pillow cover


(Photo source: akadesign.ca)

This adorable set-up brings in elements of coastal decor and rustic to make something truly unique.

White wooden shelves and a sofa make this room ‘cleaner’ than standard rustic decor rooms. Bohemian print pillows and quirky decorations make this modern farmhouse decor anything but grannyish.

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Black & Gold

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, jacquard paisley pillow covers


(Photo source: lizmarieblog.com)

This has to be the most inviting sofa bed we have ever seen!

Layers of blankets and cozy pillows immediately transform this wooden bench into an inviting bed.

Unique wooden furnishings and a muted, retro-print rug ensure the guest room looks inviting.

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Damask style elegant table runner

(Photo source: akadesign.ca)

Metal chairs and a wooden furniture and floor make the perfect contrast.

The black, white and wooden theme gives this kitchen an industrial vibe.

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7 Stunning Bohemian Bathroom Ideas

Step over minimalism, there’s a new way we want to style our bathroom! Enter the quirky decor lovers dream: the bohemian bathroom.

In it’s very nature, bohemian is all about being laid-back and nonchalant. So what better environment to run a hot bubble bath, settle down with a magazine and indulge?

We are saying adios to neat and boring bathrooms! Here’s 7 stunning bohemian bathroom ideas that we want to recreate in our homes. As a matter of fact, we have already started scrolling the net for printed tiles…

(Photo Source: formaplural.wordpress.com)

These green tiles are like the love child of a strict minimalist and a rain forest wanderer. With green been this years’ hottest decor color, these tiles really are bathroom floor goals. Plus, they will look cleaner for far longer than classic white bathroom tiles.

This bohemian bathroom has a quirky artisan edge. Woven wall hangs and bamboo lights really make you feel like are lost in the rainforest.


(Photo Source: thewishingtrees.com)

Frida Kahlo: was this your bathroom?

Chunky, aztec-printed rugs and floral embroidery gives this bathroom a traditional, Mexican vibe with a twist.

An abundance of live greenery is perfect for naturally filtering out those nasty bathroom smells. Plus, you can literally pretend that you are bathing in some sort of lost rain forest pool…


(Photo Source: digsdigs.com)

A modern Moroccan wonderland, this bohemian bathroom is classy, unique and has a regal edge.

The worn blue wall adds such a rustic edge, which compliments burnished silver decor pieces and the clean white bath tub to perfection.

Also, how incredible is that cut out cupboard?


(Photo Source: thejungalow.com)

Now this is the minimalist way to style a bohemian bathroom!

Brick walls and concrete floor say ‘I couldn’t care less’, whilst the striking combination of circle shapes and monochrome makes it clean and classy.

Add timber furnishings and plants into the mix, and this bathroom starts to feel like a luxury 5 star spa in Tulum.


(Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com)

Those tiles, those tiles, those tiles!

In the past, printed tiles have been seen as gaudy and dated, but these boho-printed beauties have really changed our mind.

In a bathroom-perfect palette of sky blues and white, the tiles pop against the clean white vanity and shower.

Don’t even get us started on the rose gold shower head…. Where can we pick up one of those?


(Photo Source: designsponge.stfi.com)

Once again, printed tiles make an appearance and the result is anything but hideous!

Busy tiles are toned down by a clutter-free floor. Our attention is drawn upwards by hanging plants and artwork. This is a great idea for low ceiling bathrooms, as it creates an optical illusion.


(Photo Source: carlaaston.com)

Vintage, princessy and shabby chic. In short, this bohemian bathroom makes our inner Princess scream.

To recreate something this magical, focus on the small details. The regal bath legs, lace curtain trim and tassel hangs are all what makes this bathroom so fabulous.

Our Bohemian Bathroom Picks

Our range of hand-crafted Indian decor pieces make the perfect finishing touch to any bohemian bathroom.


1. Floral Paisley Placemats

These stunning paisley-embellished placemats instantly add a bohemian flair to any surface! Use them to tranform shelves or even hang them on the wall to create a textured piece of art.

2. Glamorous Border Table Runner

This beautiful table runner is a fantastic alternative to a decorative bath mat. Use on longer shelves or even hangrove4 curtain rails to add oh-so-boho paisley prints to your bohemian bathroom.

3. Ornamental Embroidered Table Cloth

Take your bathroom floor to the next level with this stunning table cloth. Alternatively, drape from the ceiling for a dreamy boho vibe.

4. Embroidered Tissue Box Cover

Make your bathroom even more aesthetically pleasing by covering up that ugly tissue box! Blowing your nose has never been so chic…

5. Exotic Oriental Table Runner

This Moroccan-inspired print will take your bathroom away to warmer and more exotic climates. Use it to bring any wall or surface to life.

6. Saree Border Placemats

Placemats are fantastic for hiding worn furniture or beautifying any surface. These Saree border placemats would look fantastic under tooth brush holders or soap dishes.

Loving boho decor? Check out these dreamy boho kitchens that you have to see to believe.

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Decor Trend Alert: Leaf & Palm Prints

Be like a palm tree: Stand tall, wear a crown in your head and bask in the sun.

As Summer starts to appear on our radar, we find ourselves craving more and more leaf and palm prints in our abode.

Arguably one of the most popular trends on Pinterest and Instagram currently, leaf and palm prints offer more than just another decor style’. They allow us to live in a tranquil, tropical oasis. Bliss.

With greenery and kale the hottest hues of the year, greenery has made the transition from potted plants, to on our walls, sofas, and, well… everywhere!

From Balinese-style, palm-dotted bathrooms, to farm house fern prints, palm and leaf prints are headed right to the top of the 2017 decor trends.

So stop dreaming of blissful vacations under the palm trees, and experience them everyday in your own home. Here’s enough leaf and palm print inspiration to fill the entire Hawaiian coastline…

A Wall Of Palms


(Photo Source: instyle.com)

Floral wallpaper may be as goudy as sparkly dresses with shoulder pads, but palm prints seem to have transcended this ‘hideous flora’ mold.

Clean, simple and green, this simple palm-covered wallpaper turns any room into a resort. Pair with wooden furnishings and live plants for a laid-back, tropical haven.


(Photo Source: thezhush.blogspot.com)

Palm and tropical leaf prints will always be associated with the ocean, so they are perfect for bathroom walls.

When opting for a bold, leaf print wallpaper, keep the rest of the decor, clean and simple. This white, gold and palm bathroom looks like something from a luxurious, tropical resort.

Relaxed Minimalism


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

Stuck in your minimalist mindset? Add a bit of fun to your abode! Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to turn your home into a walk-in Mardi Gras, but a bit of print never hurt anyone.

Add an instant spark of Summer into your home with some palm print decor pieces. Pillow covers will instantly change things up, whilst real plants will, quite literally, liven up any room.


(Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com)

Canvas prints are another cheap and easy way to inject some tropical charm into your minimalist abode.

Add them to your office to spend hours dreaming of that special vacay you have booked…

Palms and Pink?


Palm prints and pink may seem like cheese and chocolate, but they actually melt together into something pretty tasty…

To keep it in trendy territory, keep the rest of the palette clean and minimal. However, don’t be afraid to add a pop of green here and there.


(Photo Size: nordstrom.com)

Flamingos and palm prints= double the dreamy tropical vibes…

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle…


(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

If minimalism isn’t your middle name, turn your house into a chic jungle! As you can see by the bohemian dream above, anything goes! So if you want to combine wild wallpaper, with vintage furniture; be my guest!


(Photo Source: labelmagazine.com)

Checkered floor, blue wall, hanging lights: it shouldn’t work, but it totally does!

Sweet Leaves


(Photo Source: livcorday.com)

If you live in a colder climate, palm leaves may seem like a bit, fat lie. If you would prefer a print that blends more seamlessly into your outdoor environment, various leafy green prints will do just the trick!

Oak leaf prints and dark kale hues are a match made in heaven. Add undone wooden furniture and shabby chic accessories for a forest take on farmhouse style.


(Photo Source: vibekedesign.blogspot.nl)

Finer leaf prints look fantastic with dainty and vintage-style furniture. Instead of styling with vibrant green and kale tones, pair pine prints with soft duck egg blues and pale mint hues.

Our Picks


Clockwise from top left: Jacquard floral table runner, paisley leaf pillow cover, embroidered leaf placemats, ornamental embroidered duvet cover set, floral paisley placemats, hawthorn leaf table runner, velvet floral embroidered table runner

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Classy Ways To Add Velvet Decor To Your Home

For us home decor moguls who went through the 90s, velvet will inevitably remind us of turtleneck tops, The Spice Girls and Drew Barrymore. Fast forward almost 20 years (gosh, we are old) and velvet is making a return on a different cultural scene: velvet decor.

So how exactly do you embrace the velvet decor trend without it looking tacky? Don’t worry: we aren’t going to turn your home into Hugh Heffner’s mansion! We’ve trawled the world wide web for these surprisingly classy takes on the velvet decor. Believe us when we say: once you go velvet, you never go back!

So blast The Spice Girls from your speakers, don your tattoo choker and get ready to add velvet decor to your home…

Emerald Is In


(Photo Source: domino.com)

If you want to kill two home decor birds with one fat trend stone, opt for dark green velvet.

With both greenery and kale topping the charts in Pantone’s 2017 colors of the year, it seems that green is coming off our plates and into our home decor.

As both velvet and dark emerald are not for the faint hearted, we recommend incorporating statement pops into neutral or minimalist decor set ups. This foot stool and cushion combination is stunning and classy, without being too garish or overbearing.

Put A Pillow On It


(Photo Source: ibtblog.tumblr.com)

Our number one rule for testing out any trend in your home is: put a pillow on it!

Why? A pillow cover is a small, yet statement piece that will instantly transform any piece of furniture. Plus: it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg if you decide that the trend is not your cup of tea.

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See how the velvet trend would look in your bedroom or living room with one of our velvet pillow covers.


Velvet throw sparkle pillow cover

Think Pink


(Photo Source: weheartit.com)

Ok, so velvet and pink may sound rather twee, but hear us out! There is something so sweet, sugary and feminine about plush velvet and pink, that it is rather irresistible.

If a whole sofa of this unicorn-like goodness is too much for you, opt for velvet accessories, such as a table runner, a pillow cover, or a bed throw.

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Pink may not be the most popular choice with the hubby, but pink velvet really lights up our inner princess. Go for small, statement accessories for an easily interchangeably, non-permanent look.

Creamy Brown

Velvet hand embroidered pillow cover

Dark Neutrals


(Photo Source: decorpad.com)

Velvet and brown may make you think of those vile, Seventies sofas from your Nan’s house, but it doesn’t always have to be that way!

Neutral hues are often the best way to style any tricky decor trend and when it comes to velvet, it’s all about choosing the right neutral hue.

Lighter beige and brown tones can look slightly ‘mucky’, whereas tan hues are smack bang in tacky 70s territory.

So how exactly do you nail neutral velvet decor? The trick is to opt for tones that are on either end of the lightess-darkness scale. Creams will look clean and cute, whilst deep chocolate tones will add an understates regal air to your home. Contrast the two tones for something that will look truly magical.

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The Arabian Velvet Table Runner will add an on-trend touch of velvet to any room. Glam up your kitchen table or dresser, or drape over your sofa for an instant style update.

Coffee Brown

Green On Green


(Photo Source: domino.com)

If you haven’t already guessed, green really is the color of 2017! What makes green even more appealing and on-trend? Greenery!

Add a leafy friend next to a green velvet piece for a beautiful textural contrast. The sheer luxury of the velvet next to the raw and natural leaf is the definition of a beautiful juxtaposition.

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Opt for our green velvet table cloth and dot with fresh greenery for an instant take on the velvet decor trend.


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Pinterest Inspired Home Decor Trends

Pinterest has quite honestly become a mecca for home decor. Unlike ten years ago, when searching for decor inspiration took hours and effort, now all it takes is the click of a button!

Today we look at the home decor trends that are trending on Pinterest…

Copper Everything


(Photo Source: sheerluxe.com)

Using their data to analyze the top trends from 2016, Pinterest predicts that copper and rose gold isn’t going anywhere! As a matter of fact, the search for copper and rose gold decor rose by a whopping 90% last year.

So how exactly do you integrate copper into your home? Carrie Dagenhart of decoist.com highlights the biostatic nature of copper. Trans: it stops the growth of bacteria. Clever stuff. This makes copper a fantastic option for the kitchen, especially worktops and splash-backs.

However, we do not all have the bank account of The Kardashian’s to splurge out on solid copper. Luckily, rose gold decor items can look just as classy and nail this Pinterest trend all in one fall swoop! Begin by integrating small flourishes of rose gold, such as candle holders, vases and lanterns. Once you’ve fallen in love with the metal, commit to bigger pieces, such as pendant lights and even furniture.

Word of warning though: this quirky metal works best with cool or neutral color palettes.

Food For Thought

Layer our damask style table runner with an abundance of rose gold lanterns and terrariums for a modern art-deco look.


Rustic Farmhouse


(Photo Source: princesspinkygirl.com)

Another pick from Pinterest’s trend predictions for 2017, the rustic farm house look is what we need to warm us up this February!

Although this trend uses a predominately neutral palette, what it lacks in color it certainly makes up for in texture! Think snug chunky knit throws, woven artisan baskets and fluffy pillows and you’re on the right track!

The best thing about this trend is it’s versatility. The neutral color palette makes it timeless and the understated, country vibe means that it would look equally as stunning in a country cottage as it would in a loft apartment.

To recreate, go for textures that make you feel all warm and snuggly on the inside! Combine these with wooden and woven furniture and bring in black metal for a slightly industrial edge.

Food For Thought

To recreate this snug, hallway seating area, combine printed pillow covers with snug throws and quirky details.

Paisley embroidered pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

Minimalist Boho


This itself may sound like a huge juxtaposition, but Pinterest has ignited a need for a clean minimalist bedroom with a bohemian edge. Rather than full-blown boho, which consists of an abundance of color and pattern, minimalist boho is all about the accessories.

To recreate Pinterest’s drool-worthy minimalist boho vibes, opt for a predominately clean palette. Think light, distressed wood, white bedding and white walls. Next, take this clinical edge and juxtapose it with bohemian elements. Dot your room with fresh greenery, add quirky artwork and line your bed with colorful, bohemian printed pillow covers.

Keep it looking clean by opting for pillow covers in one particular color palette. We love this warm, burnished palette of deep reds, oranges and navy.

Food For Thought

With this trend, feel free to mix as many patterns as your heart desires. However, a strict color scheme is needed to prevent it from looking cluttered.

Floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

Quirky Terrariums

Unless you’ve been living in a trend-repelling cave, you will know that terrariums and greenery are all the rage right now! If you’re looking for greenery with a quirky edge, Pinterest has got you covered!

From upcycled lightbulbs (yes really) to glass bottles, Pinterest really is proof that when it comes to terrariums, anything goes!

Here are some of our favorite Pinterest picks:


(Photo Source: blog.kmnelsondesign.com)

Fill a glass bauble with cute succulents for a miniature decoration that you can hang all year round!


(Photo Source: cladandcloth.com)

Ok.. you may need help taking the electrical components out first! Nonetheless, these lightbulb terrariums completely fulfill our rustic-industrial dreams.


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

The bigger the better is certainly true when it comes to this succulent chair! How cute would this look in a garden?

As Pinterest continues to grow (it is expecting 329 million users by the end of 2018), we can expect that home decor enthusiasts will continue to use it as a source of inspiration. So Pinterest, we are eagerly anticipating what you have forecasted next for home decor!

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