10 Sleek and Chic Ways To Use Gold Decor

Copper may still be ruling the ranks in the metallic trend, but gold decor is forever.

Metallic accents are a great way to add depth and dimension to any room in your home. Although you may be yearning for copper, chances are that in ten years times, it will be more dated than 80s chintz. On the other hand, gold has been a popular interior choice since the Ancient Egyptian times. Long story short: gold is a trend that is timeless.

Today we show you ten stunning ways to decorate with gold that will give your home a stunning and on-trend edge.

1. Gold Tapware


(Photo source: domino.com)

For decades, silver has been our go-to hue for tapwares, shower heads and other bathroom goods. Despite this, there is something so stylish and eye-catching about gold tapware.

When paired with dark tiles or a statement pattern, gold tapware has a bohemian elegance that makes it a quirky and beautiful choice for any bathroom.


(Photo source: escapebuttonblog.com)A

Alternatively, gold tapware is perfect for a Scandinavian minimalist style bathroom. The combination of subway tiles, gold tapware and marble gives our inner-minimalist literal heart eyes.

2. Statement Gold Pendant & Pillow Covers


(Photo source: instagram.com/inspire_me_home_decor)

A monochrome living room can be given a stunning modern edge with the clever addition of gold accessories.

The statement pendant light, gold pillow cushions, table and photo frame break up the greyscale decor and blend in the wooden floor.

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Paisley embroidered pillow covers and solid geometric pillow covers

3. Green and Gold























(Photo source: swoonworthy.co.uk)

If you are looking to decorate with gold in your living room, green may just be the way to go!

Although this combination may seem quintessentially ‘Christmas’, deep jungle greens and splashes of gold decor are a match made in tropical heaven.

Opt for deep, cool-toned greens such as emerald and teal to stop it from screaming ‘ho ho ho’.

4. Princess Dresser


(Photo source: bloglovin.com/blogs/daily-dream-decor)

Every woman has an inner-Disney Princess waiting to come out and this regal dresser allows her to indulge in her childhood dreams.

A gilded gold mirror is perfectly modernized by a pin-leg dresser and sleek, golden chair. This sleek setup is sure to make her feel like the queen she is.

5. Cream & Gold Kitchen


(Photo source: zgallerie.com)

This kitchen is a perfect example of how items that seem so ‘wrong’ can be right in certain circumstances.

The thought of quilted chairs in a kitchen is enough to make us cringe. Despite this, in this creamy dreamy setup, they totally work! A glass table is a fantastic addition to the shiny gold and the statement printed rug and gold canvas pulls it all together perfectly.

Yes, it may be a little ‘Vegas’, but we love it!

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Arabian velvet table runner, exotic Oriental table runner,

6. Desert Chic


(Photo source: brit.co)

The sleek and stunning desert trend is driving home decor junkies wild this Autumn/Winter! With oodles of gold decor and leafy cactus prints, we are totally on the  bandwagon with this one!

A minimalist palette is given an edge of endless Summer with a cadet blue Summer and live greenery. It is given a classy edge with a mix of high-sheen and matte gold pieces.

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Velvet hand embroidered pillow covers

7. Texture Clash


(Photo source: api.shopstyle.com)

Gold decor pieces will feel right at home in bohemian style bedrooms.

A glitzy gold bed runner or throw will make a stunning contrast to macrame or delicately textured cream bedding.

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Exotic Oriental table runner

8. Moroccan Style Bedroom


(Photo source: decorationbros.com)

When it comes to Moroccan style decor, feel free to mix elements of gold and silver.

Contrast highly detailed pieces, such as this carved head board, with solid metallic accents. Compliment with gold-beige pillow covers or throw.

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Elegant dahlia pillow covers

9. Modern Indian Living Room


(Photo source: decoholic.org)

Gold to Indian Decor is like white to Swedish decor, so indulge in it!

Uplift a white wall with a gold mandala throw. Add a rug with soft golden embroidery to compliment without being too over the top.

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Ornamental embroidered rectangular tablecloth, exotic Oriental table runner

10. Sleek & Slim


(Photo source: redohomeanddesign.com)

Very fine and sleek gold furniture is huge right now! Add a hint of gold decor to your living room with a slim photo frame or metal-edged shelving unit.


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Find Your Perfect Decor Style by Telling Us About A Day In Your Life

Looking for a home decor style that fits your personality and lifestyle? Simply tell us about a day in your life and we’ll tell you your perfect decor style!

It only takes ten questions!! Take our quiz below:


The Results


Those who love bohemian decor are a bit like a colorful leaf caught on a warm Summer’s breeze. They go with the flow, they are creative and they tend to see the metaphorical glass of life as half full.

Boho babes and boys are all about that color and texture; the more of it the better. Add in prints and quirky details that look like treasures from an around the world trip and it becomes truly magical.

If bohemian is the perfect decor style for your home, go bold or go home! These absolute palaces of color will provide enough inspiration to get those creative juices flowing…



(Photo Source: thewishingtree.com)


(Photo Source: domino.com)


(Photo Source: formaplural.wordpress.com)

Our Recommendations

Boho is the perfect decor style for going all out! Clash ethnic prints, quirky details and bright colors.

Exotic oriental table runner, velvet sparkle pillow cover, ornamental embroidered duvet cover

Scandi Minimalism

Whether it’s a skim cappuccino, or a crisp white shirt, you’re all about the classics with a modern twist. With sleek lines and a muted palette, Scandinavian minimalism is your perfect decor style.

Although this decor style may seem as dull as dish water to more eclectic souls, Scandinavian minimalism is all about understated magic.

Practical, minimal and clutter free, this decor style invites neutral hues, soft wood and metal furnishings, and modern textiles.



(Photo Source: homeyohmy.com)


(Photo Source: elledecor.com)


(Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDm2qntva6g)

Our Recommendations

Go for streamlined shapes and a neutral black and white palette.

Coffee Brown

Sophisticated 2 tone placemats, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Shabby Chic

Retro and vintage are like oxygen to you! As a matter of fact, you’re friends often describe you as an ‘old soul’ and you can totally talk all things 1950s with your Mum, even though you didn’t even exist in that era!

Shabby chic is all about mixing the lavish and haute-feminine with worn and torn treasures. Your perfect decor style is lashings of lace, crystal chandeliers, rustic metals and more chintz than the 80s could possibly provide.

Embrace retro and cute prints, thrift store finds and pastel hues. Shabby chic decor proves that there is no such thing as too girly!



(Photo Source: hgtv.com)


(Photo Source: digsdigs.com)


(Photo Source: pinimg.com)

Our Recommends

Girly girl retro prints, florals and pastels are a must for this decor style!


Damask style table runner, hand painted duvet cover set, spring garden floral pillow cover

Laid Back Coastal

Is laid back coastal your perfect decor style? If so, I can bet my bottom dollar that you’re  favorite place is the beach!

Bring the effortless beauty of the seaside to your home with an array of blue tones, nautical prints and muted wood.

If you like to live on the bolder side of life, opt for chunky navy and white stripes and anchor prints for a Hamptons-worthy look.

Prefer a more muted look? Opt for natural textures, such as driftwood and rope. Top them off with an effortless color palette of pale blues, beige and cream.



(Photo Source: homestolove.com)


(Photo Source: allaboutclair.com)


(Photo Source: tuvalohome.wordpress.com)

Our Recommendations

Opt for an aurora of ocean hues and natural textures.


Floral embroidered pillow cover, shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats, chic jacquard table runner


The rough and tough older sibling of Scandi Minimalism, industrial is all about the raw, the exposed and the unfinished.

Exposed concrete, wooden beams, dark hues and natural materials make this decor style seem utterly effortless. Perhaps your own lifestyle reflects this?



(Photo Source: industrial-modern.tumblr.com)


(Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com)


(Photo Source: danaz-home-decorations.xyz)

Our Recommendations

Top off raw materials with dark accessories with strong lines.


Solid geometric pillow covers, colorblock placemats

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Crazy Celebrity Homes That Put Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory To Shame

These crazy celebrity homes are like a trippy dream come to life…

When you were five years old, did you dream of a home with chocolate walls? Perhaps you begged your Mum and Dad for a pink moat, complete with glowing, unicorn pedalos and a waterfall made from cotton candy?

Whilst most of us grow out of these dreamy, rainbow-embellished, fantasies, some celebrities haven’t. From scratch and sniff wallpaper, to spaceships , here are the crazy celebrity homes that make Willy Wonker’s chocolate factory look as boring as an Ikea Outlet.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Florida Mansion


(Photo Source: elledecor.com)

Although his runway collections are the epitome of ‘all American luxe’, Tommy Hilfiger’s beach-front, Florida mansion is like walking into a psychedelic rainbow.


(Photo Source: elledecor.com)

Brash, colorful and futuristic, the mansion features color-themed rooms adorned with giant polka dots, zig-zags, and even bananas! Best of all, this fruit wallpaper is scratch and sniff; how’s that for guest perks?


(Photo Source: elledecor.com)

Designed to be ‘part gallery, part home’, the abode is a crazy homage to the 1970s psychedelic era. We just hope that Mr Hilfiger’s guests appreciate color…

Get The Look

Opt for matching accessories in a single color and print for a thematic pop art look.

Damask style elegant table runner and damask throw pillow cover

Jacquard paisley table runner and jacquard paisley pillow cover

Dr Seuss’s Beverly Hills Home


(Photo Source: flickr.com)

We have to admit: we didn’t exactly expect Dr Seuss to live in a 5 bedroom brick apartment in the suburbs. However, this crazy concoction looks a bit like a melted birthday cake. Despite it’s absurdity, there is something truly intriguing about this Beverly Hills home.


(Photo Source: keepcalmandwander.com)

The swirling walls surrounding the home look like a real-life illustration from his books. We honestly wouldn’t think we had lost the plot if we saw his characters barging through these walls babbling nonsense.

Get The Look

Whimsical swirls in blue and white will add a little Seussian flair into your home.


Jacquard damask pillow cover, ornamental embroidered table cloth

Nicholas Cage’s Castle


(Photo Source: curbed.com)

Nicholas Cage really is the king of crazy celebrity homes. His real estate portfolio includes the most haunted house in America and two castles. No wonder this actor often finds himself in financial strife!

With as many financial issues as movie rolls, Nicholas has unfortunately had to sell many of his glorious abodes. We are not exactly sure who currently dwells in this Los Felis hill top castle.


Although the outside looks surprisingly tame, the castle hosts some more crazy elements. These doors look like they have been taken straight from a ‘Game Of Thrones’ set.

Other lavish features include purple velvet walls and ceilings with Egyptian stenciling.

Get The Look

Go for Medieval-chic with velvet pieces.

Coffee BrownPurple

Arabian velvet table runner, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

Naomi Campbell’s Moscow Home


(Photos Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Is it a spaceship? Is it a plane? Nope it’s Naomi Campbell’s Moscow home that was built for her specifically under the order of her Russian billionaire beau.


Above: We’re not exactly sure what this room is, but it looks like it should be hovering above the Earth’s atmosphere!

The 90s supermodel undoubtedly has legs that are out of the world and now she has the home to match! The Russian abode is decked out like a spaceship to match its quirky exterior.


(Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk)

The home was designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid, whose quirky architectural designs include the London Olympics Aquatic Center.

Get The Look

Opt for smooth, curves in blocked colors.

Solid geometric pillow covers

Which of these crazy homes would you like to live in?


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Laundry Room Ideas That Are So Chic

Laundry room and chic aren’t exactly known for being synonymous. As a matter of fact, our laundry rooms can often consist of dirty piles of clothes, strewn boxes of laundry powder and a whole lot of junk that we can’t seem to find a home for.

It’s time to turn this room from blah to beautiful! These gorgeous laundry room ideas will make you actually want to take your guests through the laundry room as they enter and exit the house!

Let’s make the laundry room the room we no longer want to avoid!

For The Tiny Laundry Room

laundry room idea for small room

(Photo Source: hometreeatlas.com)

If you’re laundry room is little more than a cupboard, don’t fret! Having a chic laundry room doesn’t mean it has to be the size of Texas!

The tiny, yet stylish laundry room above packs a whole lot of function into a small space without looking cluttered. This is a fantastic example of making the most of the length of the room.

When using numerous shelves and stacking white goods, keep the decor clean and minimal to ensure it doesn’t look cluttered. This white and wood combo looks neat and tidy.

If you do wish to add a little print or color, do so by hanging an ironing board on a side wall. This ensures it’s functional as well as stylish.

The Navy Bohemian

navy bohemian laundry room
(Photo Source: brepurposed.com)

Who knew that a laundrette could look so darn nautical and boho? Rather than leaving your washer and dryer bare and boring, build a small structure to put them under. This is great for neatly storing washing powder and another goods too.

We often place the ugliest and cheapest sinks that we can find in our laundry rooms, however, this laundrette makes us really re-think our choices. A navy sink with matte gold hard wear makes doing menial chores seem just that little bit more glam.

The room is topped off perfectly with a wooden shelf, hanging plant and stunning, contrasting boho rug. Add some boho chic to your laundrette with our hand painted deluxe floral table runner.

Rustic Orange

For The Pet Lover

laundry room with dog bed
(Photo Source: thisoldhouse.com

We love our fur babies, but litter trays and dog beds aren’t exactly gonna make our house look like The Ritz! The laundry room is often where our furry friends sleep, so what better way to make them feel at home than to build their amenities into your laundrette?

This little fella above is loving his new hideaway! Best of all, you don’t need to be a tradesman to do this yourself. Simply take the door out of one of the kitchen cabinets and add his dog bed!

This set up is fantastic for anyone who is refurbishing their kitchen and wishes to reuse their old cabinets. Simply paint them the same color as your washer and dryer and you’re ready to go.

Add color to this neutral set up with statement pots and ornaments. Then compliment this color by using a printed table cloth on your floor.

P.S. Does this dog seriously have this own private shower?
laundry room with cat bed and feeder
(Photo Source: BHG Style Spotters)

Cat parents, rejoice! We have found somewhere that litter tray will not be an eye soar! Place a double shelf in between your washer and dryer. Place the cat food on the top level and the litter tray on the bottom.

To make the cats area look glamorous, add a place mat under the feeding area. Our Saree border place mat is great for all neutral decor.

Alternatively, opt for a matching set to use under the litter tray and the feeding station, such as our placemat and table runner set.

Cute & Clean

clean minimal chic laundry room
(Photo Source: frenchcountrycottage.com)

If this isn’t the definition of a chic laundry room, we don’t know what is! The best part of this design is that it’s relatively simple to recreate.

Begin by adding a wooden shelf on top of your washer and dryer. Add cupboards and shelves and then finish by attaching a clothes rail for those freshly washed linens!

Finally, add cute touches such as shabby chic laundry baskets, faux roses and vintage jars.

Rustic Touches

rustic industrial laundry room
(Photo Source: southernliving.com)

Here’s one for the thrift shop lovers! Although this laundry room may not be as clean and neat as the others, it still has that stylish charm that makes us want to recreate it!

Metal shelves and hangers give it an industrial edge, whilst floral print rugs and woven basks place it into rustic territory.

To ensure your laundrette doesn’t look overly cluttered, keep it neutral and add a few statement colors and prints. Add one of our printed table runners to add a pretty, vintage edge to this room.

Ocean Blue

From left: jacquard paisley table runner, exotic oriental table runner, ornamental blossom table runner

Still want to de-clutter? Check out these hidden storage spots!

On a roll with a home decor makeover? Here’s how to make your home look more expensive.

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De-clutter With These Hidden Storage Spots

‘Out of clutter, find simplicity’, Albert Einstein

To de-clutter is the new trend.  In a world where we have everything, the ‘less is more’ mentality is something that is an up and coming zeitgeist. As a matter of fact, ‘The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering’, by Marie Kondo, is a New York Times #1 best seller.

But as much as we would like to dwell in a sparkling, ridiculously minimalist home, let’s be real. We need ‘stuff’. Those boxes of Christmas decorations are literal joy come December, those gardening tools are not just ‘a waste of space’ and your childhood toys can be as uplifting as a whole crate of chocolates. Long story short, ‘stuff’ is a must, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be on display to gather dust and be frowned upon by our tidier relatives.

It’s time to de-clutter without throwing any necessities away! All you need is some sneaky hidden storage spots for a clutter-free home!

Under Stair Storage


(Photo Source: roomdecorideas.eu)

This has to be the neatest storage area we’ve ever seen! Rather than having a simple cupboard under your stairs, opt for open-out drawers to store all of your bits and bobs in an easily accessible and organized way.

Unless you are a DIY expert, we highly recommend you bring in the experts for this one!

The Easy Hide


Even the most organized shelves can look as messy as a pig stye. The easiest, and quickest, solution is simple: cover it up! Use a printed table runner to hide the contents of your shelves! Plus, the design itself will add a further stylish edge to your room.

This is also an easy hack for covering under-bed storage areas, or even under shelving units.


I used the hand embroidered table runner to hide my internet and electricity cables.

DIY Under Bed Storage


(Photo Source: bobvila.com)

When storing bits and bobs under the bed, it doesn’t have to look ugly! Invest in some stylish, wooden crate boxes to give your bed frame an industrial edge. Opt for boxes in a wood that is the same shade as your bed frame to avoid unsightly clashes.

If your boxes end up a slightly different shade to your bed frame, add some printed pillow covers to your bed in the same shade as your new storage boxes.

The Bookshelf Hack


Book shelves filled with old classics add a little bit of class and culture to every home. But if your books weren’t, ahem, books? For an easy, and really safe, storage space, glue old book spines to a large box.

This is a fantastic space to store keys, passports and everything valuable.

Extra Bathroom Storage


(Photo Source: buzzfeed.com)

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house that always needs a de-clutter! And with your bathroom drawers bulging, how on earth are you expected to find your bobby pins or nail clippers?

Take a cue from this ingenious hack and add a magnetic strip to the side of a bathroom drawer. This is the perfect place to store all of your essentials that would normally get lost in a sea of ‘stuff’.

De-clutter Your Garden Shed


(Photo Source: craftriver.com)

Gardening is far much more fun when your tools are organized! De-clutter your shed by installing a simple rack made from PVC pipes.

Laundry Storage


(Photo Source: homeanddecor.org)

The space between your washing machine and tumble dryer can totally be utilized! A small, pull-out shelf is the perfect place to store cleaning products and other necessities.

Happy de-cluttering!


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