5 Dinner Party Themes To Wow Your Guests

It’s official: staying in is the new going out. But before you make another Facebook event called ‘cheese and wine night’ or ‘get together’, why not go a little outside your comfort zone and try something different?

A themed dinner party is sure to be the talking point of your social circle! With themed decor, menu and costumes, transport your guests into another world and have a whole lot of fun whilst your doing it!

Not sure which themed dinner party route to take? Check out our five dinner party themes that are sure to wow your guests…

Great Gatsby


(Photo Source:plaza.rakuten.co.jp)

Following the Baz Luhrmann movie adaptation of the classic novel, Great Gatsby themed parties are certainly trending! As well as being on the pulse, this theme is surprisingly easy to pull off at little cost. Plus; it totally gives you the excuse to don lashings of pearls and feather hairbands, Daisy style. The only thing missing is your own Di Caprio! Maybe make your other half wear a mask? If it’s not too creepy….

Your Menu

Keep it upscale with a bit of American charm. Add some little canapes and champagne if you want to go all out.

To start- Pan seared scallops

The Main- Oven baked brisket

Dessert- Creme brulee with a raspberry compote

Your Table


(Photo Source: karaspartyideas.com)

Go for metallics and sharp, art deco prints. Stick to a palette of gold, silver and black and make it as lavish as possible. Sparkling glass wear, diamond-textures and tall, gold candles will all add the luxurious air.

Our Picks

Give your table a luxurious, deep base by adorning it with the hand embroidered rectangular tablecloth in black.

Then layer on the exotic oriental table runner in gold for some much-needed art deco vibes.

Your Costumes


(Photo Source: beonliest.com)

This is the fun part! Ladies, embrace your inner flapper of opt for embellishments, ruffles and fringing. More is totally more when it comes to Gatsby dressing, so pile on those pearls, get out your silk gloves and wear an abundance of diamante and feathers in your hair. As for color palettes, pastel tones , creams and black were all popular choices, but they key here is embellishments!

Gentlemen, you have it a little easier! A two piece black suite, a crisp white shirt and a bow tie will work wonders! Don’t forget that dapper hair though! Simply part your hair to the side and smooth down with gel. Leo, eat your heart out!

Alice in Wonderland
alice in wonderland

(Photo Source: hellogiggles.com)

One of the famous tea parties in the history of literature came courtesy of Lewis Carroll and his Alice books. If you have a long table and a lot of vintage tea wear lying around, why not take your guests on a trip down the rabbit hole!

Your Menu

I think that the menu here all comes down to presentation! Serve canapes in tea cups and attach ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ labels and all will be well!

Starter: Hearty carrot and lentil soup (served in teacups) with bread-and-butter-flies

Main: Meat pie with crushed potatoes

Dessert: Gourmet tea, homemade ‘eat me’ biscuits and apple tarts

Your Table


This one depends on your table! If you go for a long, slim table, as illustrated in the novel and Disney cartoon, opt for a candy-toned tablecloth with shabby-chic patterns. Top with quirky vintage tea wear, fresh flowers and random bits and bobs, such as vintage books, packs of cards and clocks. If you are joining several tables together, opt for different table cloths, as in the Tim Burton movie. Don’t stress about the chairs, make them as random as possible! After all, Lewis Carroll himself was influenced by surrealism.

Our Picks

The damask style table runner and jacquard paisley table runner are suitably shabby chic.


To be really authentic to the novel, why not layer ‘drink me’ bottles on top of the floral embroidered place mats?


Your Costumes


(Photo Source: respinola.com)

With so many characters to choose from, it is quite easy to create an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ costume using the contents of your own wardrobe! Ladies can dress as Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Mouse, the Rabbit or the Cheshire Cat.

Gents: embrace your inner goofball and go for the mad hatter or show your softer side and dress as the red rabbit, the playing cards or tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

Hawaiian Luau


(Photo Source: koolinafun.com)

With Summer on the way, what better time than to host a Hawaiian themed dinner party? This vibrant and positive atmosphere is sure to be a hit with your guests!  Plus: this theme is the perfect excuse to play as many silly games as possible.

Your Menu

Treat your guests to a new culinary experience by serving up some traditional Polynesian food.

Starter- Poi with soy sauce and taro rolls.

Main- A hog roast

Dessert- Fresh tropical fruit platter

Your Table


(Photo Source: babble.com)

Go for a mixture of bright colors and natural textures. I suggest putting grass fringing around the sides of the table, then topping with a vividly hued table cloth or runner. Finally, add faux tropical flowers, glowing candles and shells for a beachy look.

We Recommend

Add some bright florals to your table with our hand painted deluxe floral table runner.

Echo the natural fabric of the grass fringing with our shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats.


Your Costumes


(Photo Source: richardcurtainpartyguru.wordpress.com)

This has to be the easiest costume to throw together ever! Grass skirts, floral lays and flower crowns are a must. Shyer party-goers can still get into the spirit in a vibrant Hawaiian-print shirt.

Cinco Di Mayo


(Photo Source: destination360.com)

Get your maracas out, as Mexican is coming to a table near you! Vibrant and spicey in both colors and food, a Cinco Di Mayo themed party is perfect for everything from birthdays to baby showers. What will you need? Several sombreros, some tacos and perhaps some stick on mustaches all in the name of fun! It’s time to embrace the Mexican theme!

Your Menu

Mexican of course! This food is always such a crowd pleaser!

Starter: Chilli and avocado nachos

Main: Sizzling chicken and beef fajitas with all the sides

Dessert: Cinnamon dusted churros with hot chocolate dipping sauce

Your Table


(Photo Source: hgtv.com)

This one needs to be the definition of vibrant! Begin with a sangria-red table cloth and clash with orange table runners. Add colored perspex glasses and decorative chillis to make it a little spicey. For your centerpiece, place a sombrero on a large candle holder. This can even be used as a cupcake holder (as shown on the above photo).

We Suggest

Add some colorful, Aztec charm to your table with our ornamantal embroidered tablecloth in red.

Ocean Blue

Your Costumes


(Photo Source : victoriacostumes.com)

Olay!! Gentlemen, get those mustaches out! Add a sombrero and a rainbow poncho for something really stereotypically Mexican. Or if you want to be sauve, you can take the el matador route.

Ladies, get out your flamenco skirts! Dresses in rainbow colors and Mexican sugar skull makeup are easy options too.



(Photo Source: hindustantimes.com)

Transport your guests away to far away exotic lands by throwing a Bollywood themed dinner party. Grab your incense, don a sari and get ready to tempt with some spicy treats! If you’re looking for something truly unique, this theme is the one for you!

Your Menu

A Bollywood themed party deserves some Indian delights.

Starter- Homemade vegetable samosas with mango salsa

Main- Tandoori butter chicken served with basmati rice.

Dessert- Mixed fruit khulfi

Your Table


(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Adorn your table with rich, warm tones with metallic detailing. Quintessential Indian prints to opt for include paisley prints and sari borders. Make it really vibrant by combining two table cloths or a table runner and table cloth in different colors. For plates, opt for pieces with gold or silver edges, burnished metal would also be a great choice. Complete your Bollywood table with colorful candles and fresh flowers.

We Suggest

Create a vibrant and patterned base through combining our saree border table runner and Arabian velvet table runner.

Golden Orange

For more of a color contrast, add the hand embroidered seven piece table runner and place mat set into the mix!

Your Costumes


(Photo Source: fancydressforever.co.u

If you’ve ever wanted a stunning, hand-embroidered sari, this is the perfect excuse to buy one! Team with with chunky gold coin jewellery, gems and a jeweled hairpiece for a regal look. If you are looking for a piece you are more likely to wear on a daily basis, why not treat yourself to one of our solid color scarfs?


Gents:go for an oversized white shirt and white pants A bit of bling never hurt either!

Enjoy your dinner party!

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5 Fall Tablescapes To Try NOW

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees and we find ourselves reaching for that woolly jumper, it’s fair to say that Fall is well and truly here. This picturesque season brings to mind images of jack-o-lantern’s, apple bobbing and the warm, fuzzy feeling of sipping hot coco next to an open fireplace.

And what if I told you that injecting a Autumnal feel into your home decor is just as easy as reaching for that second cup of cocoa?

Put the kettle on boil, sit back, relax and check out these stunning fall table scapes that are so Autumnal, you can practically smell the pumpkin pie.

The Bohemian Dream


(Photo Credit: ths.gardenweb.com)

Bohemian remains at the forefront of fashion and interior trends alike; so why not incorporate this fun vibe into your new season tablescape? This trend is not for the shy at heart; think vibrant colors and ethnic prints. Turn your table into a bohemian paradise with a paisley print table cloth, such as this Ornamental Embroidered Tablecloth, which has enough embroidered paisleys and florals to make even the most seasoned hippy jealous.

Top your tablecloth with two cream table runners adorned with statement, vintage candles. Throw on some faux berries and fallen leaves and you’re in serious fall-trend territory.

The Golden Goddess


(Photo Credit: houseologie.com)

Who said that gold was just for Christmas? This glowing fall tone will add a quick touch of glitz and glamour to your dining area. For a beautiful table base, highlight your table’s center with the Exotic Oriental Tablerunner in gold.  Next, bring the outdoors indoors by dotting dried fir cones and dainty twigs around your table runner. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can even spray paint them gold! Add some soft, glowing candles and let the warmth of the gold decor radiate.

Keep glassware plain, simple and sparkling and let the stunning center be the talking point.

The Minimalist


(Photo Credit: blovelyevents.com)

More of a monochromatic diner? This minimalist fall tablescape is all about texture. Start with a plain white, embroidered table runner to add a vibrant freshness to the fall weather. I recommend this stunning chic jacquard piece, which, with a soft, whimsical texture adds an instant lift to your table.

Now: let’s get contrasting! Keep your place mats clean and dark, leaving the texture of your table to do the talking. These spiral place mats feature a fine circle embellishment, which compliments the cream tones of the table runner beautifully.

Now you’re base layers are ready, it’s time to add some center pieces! Faux squashes and pumpkins really add to the Autumnal vibe; just keep it clean and monochrome! Throw in a few clean, cream flowers and some candles and you’re ready for Thanksgiving!

The Rich Palette


(Photo Credit: aneverydayoccasion.com)

Remember the color wheel that you studied in school art class? Well, it’s about to come in handy! Contrasting colors are made for each other, which is why you should certainly inject a touch of purple into your Fall tablescape. Purple and Orange are a match made in heaven and it is the equal combination and contrast of these two colors that make this table decor so striking.

Let’s begin with a table cloth in a rich purple tone, such as this Velvet Sparkle Tablecloth in purple, which wouldn’t look out of place in a palace! Next, add these rich orange embroidered leaf placemats, which, with hand-embroidered leafs, are a must have for your Autumnal dining table.

Plates and bowls should be kept to a orange and brown palette and draped with striking purple handkerchiefs.

The center of the table should have a warm and comforting aura about it. I suggest using a soft beige table runner, such as this, and topping it with a plethora of faux berries and flowers in rich crimson and magenta tones. The more the merrier! Add candles consecutively down the length of the table and watch the warm glow of fall become materialized in front of you.

The Rustic

rich red

(Photo Credit: cute-ecakes.blogspot.com)

Undoubtedly, burnished oranges and burnt reds are the first colors that come to mind when it comes to Fall and this tablescape embraces this palette wholeheartedly. Transform your table into an instant Fall wonderland with this Handpainted Floral tablecloth in rustic orange.  Add simple white chinaware dotted with plain, black napkins and topped with a leafy embellishment.

Adorn the centre of your table with wooden-based decorations. Think wooden baskets of berry-dotted twigs and small, flower-topped logs. One thing’s for sure: keep it rustic. And don’t forget the candles!

So whether you choose to decorate your table bohemian-Fall or minimalist-Fall, rustic or rich, the warm and comforting feeling from dining at this seasonal-appropriate setting will be enough to keep you warm until summer. Although a jumper still may be needed! So get those candles out, look in the local forest for pine cones and blood-red berries and get tablescaping!

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