Pet Home Decor Hacks That Dog & Cat Owners Will Love

These pet home decor hacks are the answer to every cat or dog owners prayers.

Anyone who has ever owned a furry friend will know that it’s hard to incorporate their needs into our homes without having to sacrifice on style.

From hidden litter trays, to cat hammocks, here’s the pet home decor hacks that dog and cat owners will love…

Pet Home Decor Hacks For Dog Lovers


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This nautical style dog bed is so darn adorable, that I’d be tempted to crawl in there myself and have a nap!

This old chest of drawers has been truly transformed into a treasure. I bet my bottom dollar that the most spoiled dog in the world sleeps in here.

Yep: it’s pretty much nicer than my entire living room…

If you fancy turning your dog into some sort of pirate and re-creating this captain bed, opt for rustic blue hues, with pops of bright red. Finish with nautical printed pillow covers and sailor style wallpaper.

Solid geometric pillow cover

DIY Dog Crate Bunk Bed


Whether you are beginning to crate train your puppy, or have a dog who loves to chill out in his crate, this next hack is for you!

A crate, which is essentially a large cage, isn’t exactly appealing to look at. I turned my crate into a bohemian-style bunk bed by covering the top with two table runners. I then added the exotic oriental pillow covers to ensure it blended seamlessly into my decor.

Artie loves sleeping up here above his best friend!

Rustic Orange

Above: Jacquard leaf table runner, hand painted deluxe floral table runner, exotic Oriental pillow cover.

Under Stair Dog House


(Photo Source:

Are you the lucky owner of an under-stairs closet? It’s time to clear out all the junk and turn it into a built-in dog house!

This means that toys, dog bits and bobs, and of course your buddy himself can dwell in one neat, organized corner of the house.

Pet Home Decor Hacks For Cat Lovers

What Litter Tray?


(Photo Source:

Cat litter trays are about as aesthetically pleasing as a punch in the retina. Luckily, there are ways to hide Salem’s, ahem business, from those who visit your home.

A fantastic way to hide a litter box, is to put it under a table. Next, add a funky curtain to hide the tray. I love the way that the above design has incorporated scratching posts into the table legs too.

If you have zero sewing skills, or simply want to keep your table intact, grab a printed table runner and drape off the end of the table until it is just above ground level.

What litter box?

Cat Condo


(Photo Source:

This old drawer set, turned cat condo is a fabulous example of how pet home decor can be aesthetically pleasing and purposeful!

Rather than throwing away this old draw set, this crafty pet owner removed some drawers and turned the remainder into a multi-purpose cat decor piece. The best part? It’s a litter tray hider and a bed all in one! Plus, it has oodles of rustic charm.

Under-Chair Hammock


(Photo Source:

As a crazy-cat lady in the making, I can honestly say that I am doing this!

The dinner table is a place for everyone, so surely that includes your furry pals? Thanks to these creative hammocks, your cats can have a place at the dinner table too!

Cat Tree & Bed


(Photo Source:

Got any old milk or vegetable crates lying around? Grab some white paint and some nails and create this oh-so-adorable cat tree and bed.

To ensure it fits in with your home decor theme, adorn the top with a printed pillow cover. The hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover adds perfectly to the shabby boho vibes.

Cactus Scratching Post


(Photo Source:

Thought cat scratchers had to be as ugly as the back end of a camel? Think again!

This DIY cat cactus, or catcus (sorry, had to), adds all the beautiful bohemian vibes to your abode, whilst giving your feline friend a place to sharpen his claws.

Head over to Buzzfeed for the DIY tutorial.

After more DIY home decor ideas? Check out:

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10 Ways To Makeover An Old Table

An old table is a little bit like an abandoned house: the foundations are there, it has potential use, but it looks a little worse for wear.

Tables have been around since the Ancient Chinese times, and were even used by our Ancient Greek and Roman predecessors. However, as useful as tables may be, buying a new, good quality table could set you back a lot of money! Bet Caesar didn’t fork out an arm and a leg for his tables!

Rather than spending your precious earnings, why not makeover your old table?

Whether it’s your kitchen table that needs sprucing up, or your bedside table is looking like Shrek with a hangover, it’s time to get your DIY game on!

Here’s 10 ways to makeover an old table

1. Rustic Dining Table


(Photo Source:

A kitchen table is undoubtedly the most necessary table in any modern household. Nothing is more off-putting than eating your gourmet salad on a cracked and rusty old table. It’s time to change that…

How cute is this rustic, farm house style, dining set? It’s hard to believe that it began life as a beat-up, faded, black set.

Although this makeover may look like it needs a professional, all it takes is paint and wooden boards. Yep: you don’t even need to sand back the black paint!

2. Put A Runner On It


Lazy decor lovers: You’ll be glad to know that transforming your old table doesn’t necessarily have to take 20 hours. As a matter of fact, it can take 10 mins.

If your table is scratched, simply add a printed runner to cover up any worn or market areas. Dot your runner with greenery for a statement and on-trend dining table. We think that our damask style table runner adds a cute, retro vibe to this old table.

Check out more on-trend table layouts with runners here.

3. Stencil It


(Photo Source:

If you love your wooden table, but it isn’t exactly on trend, why not give it a bit of oomph with a stenciled design?

To ensure that your wood base is clean and tidy, sand back the woods service, stencil on your design with paint and then seal with polish.

See the full tutorial here.

5. The Magic Of Mosaic


(Photo Source:

This mosaic patio table looks like it has been transported straight from a Mediterranean resort. Nope: it actually started off life as a cheap, plastic nobody.

Mosaic is a great way to completely transform a small patio or bedside table. Craftier folk can break up tiles and create unique designs. However, if this sounds too complicated, mosaic pieces, grout and glue will do the trick!

6. Upholster It


(Photo Source:

Rather than shopping for a coffee table to match your new sofas, buy matching fabric and upholster your existing one!

Check out this tutorial on how to upholster a table.

7. Gold Chevron


(Photo Source:

Now this is DIY at it’s best! We recommend that you read the full tutorial, but all it took was masking tape and spray paint (yes, really!)

This gold chevron print is a big fat tick for so many of the latest home decor trends.

8. Poster Table

(Photo Source:

Your kids will absolutely love this one! Take their favorite poster and turn it into a cute and quirky bedroom table. Grab the PVA glue and a poster and get to it! Then watch their faces light up at their new Elsa/ Lego/ **insert kids cartoon** here table.

Tutorial here.

9. Malachite Delight


(Photo Source:

You are probably laughing and thinking “there is no way that someone made that”, but alas: they did!

This is the most complicated of all of our table makeover hacks, but the stunning result is well worth it!

See full tutorial here.

10. Cover It Up

Rustic Orange

Above: Hand painted floral tablecloth.

If you plan on eventually buying a new dining table, but can’t bear the eyesore of your current one, just cover it up!

Select a table cloth that matches your home decor theme and highlight with an on-trend table runner.

What old and ugly dining table?

For a quick old table fix, check out our range of table cloths, table runners and placemats

Whilst your at it, why not try one of these DIY sofa makeovers!

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How To Clear Out & Organize Your Closet

Girls and clothes go together like strawberries and cream, and although we enjoy leaving the mall drowning in bags, an overly full closet can be a pain.

Picture this scenario: You wake up at 7AM and open your closet, only to be greeted with an overly-stuffed array of prints, fabrics and garment types.

Sound familiar? Ask yourself, how long does it take for you to choose an outfit?

Thought so! Ladies: it’s time to clear out and organize your closet.

Simply follow these steps for a streamlined and envy-inducing closet that is filled with clothes you actually wear…

How To Clear Out Your Closet


Above: Ahhh to have Carrie’s closet

(Photo Source:

You will need:

3 x trash bags

Some pumping music

A positive attitude

A mirror

Cleaning your your closet may be a longer process than labor itself, but we promise you: it’s worth it. To get the ball rolling, select pieces from your closet one by one.

Each piece has four possible fates: keep, sell, donate or trash. But first of all, we will sort the clothes into three styles: Keep, toss or maybe.

So how exactly do you decide what to keep? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I actually like it? If it’s a no, but it straight in the toss pile.
  • Have I worn it in the last six months? No= one point
  • Does it fit me well? If not, will you get it tailored? No= one point
  • Is it flattering? If it’s no, but it straight in the tossd pile.
  • Is it currently in style or your style? No= one point
  • Is it damaged? If so, will you get it repaired? No= toss it
  • Does it have sentimental value? No= one point
  • Is it a wardrobe staple? No= one point
  • Does it fit my lifestyle? No= one point
  • If you saw this in a store now, would you buy it? No= one point

If a certain piece has accumulated more than three points, it’s time to say goodbye!


(Photo Source:

How To Handle The Toss Pile

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and just because a dress doesn’t suit you, doesn’t mean that another lady might look like an absolute babe in it.

If the garment is a designer or high market label, is in great condition and has no or little signs of wear or tear, consider selling the garment on a consignment site or Ebay.

If the piece is a low end label, was cheap, or has a few signs of wear, donate it to a thrift store. Someone else will get a fantastic bargain, plus you will be helping out a charity.

If the garment is very worn, damaged or ripped, bin it or use as a cleaning rag. People have limits.

How To Handle The ‘Maybe’ Pile

(Photo Source:

If you are unsure about a garment, hang it back up in your closet with the hanger facing in the opposite direction. If you wear the piece, turn the hanger around. Check back in three months: if you haven’t hung the hanger up in the right direction, it’s time to part with that piece.

How To Organize Your Closet

Now that your closet is streamlined, it’s time to organize it! Taking the time to organize your garments into clothing types and colors will save you those precious moments in the morning, plus your wardrobe will be the epitome of #ClosetGoals!

Organize By Garment Type & Style


(Photo Source:

Make life easier for yourself by organizing your closet by garment type and style. It’s easy! Simply put all of the short skirts together, long skirts together, dresses together etc.

If you want to get more detailed, you can group by subcategory. For example, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, tank tops, crop tops.

Color Code

Once you have organized your closet by garment type, color code it! Placing similar colors together will make styling a perfect outfit an everyday occurrence.

If you want to get really fancy, this order of colors would look truly stunning in any wardrobe:


(Photo Source:

Make Your Closet Versatile

Rather than splashing out on new clothes for new outfit ideas, add a few key accessories into your wardrobe.

Printed scarves are a great way to mix up your look and funk up a plain dress or top. Best of all, these versatile accessories can be worn all year round and in a multitude of ways.

Here are the scarves every closet needs for ultimate versatility:


Floral paisley silk scarf, solid color scarf, mixed print scarf

Now that you’re wardrobe is all sorted, check out these Spring/ Summer scarf styling ideas

Get the most out of your scarf with this scarf folding guide!

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De-clutter With These Hidden Storage Spots

‘Out of clutter, find simplicity’, Albert Einstein

To de-clutter is the new trend.  In a world where we have everything, the ‘less is more’ mentality is something that is an up and coming zeitgeist. As a matter of fact, ‘The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering’, by Marie Kondo, is a New York Times #1 best seller.

But as much as we would like to dwell in a sparkling, ridiculously minimalist home, let’s be real. We need ‘stuff’. Those boxes of Christmas decorations are literal joy come December, those gardening tools are not just ‘a waste of space’ and your childhood toys can be as uplifting as a whole crate of chocolates. Long story short, ‘stuff’ is a must, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be on display to gather dust and be frowned upon by our tidier relatives.

It’s time to de-clutter without throwing any necessities away! All you need is some sneaky hidden storage spots for a clutter-free home!

Under Stair Storage


(Photo Source:

This has to be the neatest storage area we’ve ever seen! Rather than having a simple cupboard under your stairs, opt for open-out drawers to store all of your bits and bobs in an easily accessible and organized way.

Unless you are a DIY expert, we highly recommend you bring in the experts for this one!

The Easy Hide


Even the most organized shelves can look as messy as a pig stye. The easiest, and quickest, solution is simple: cover it up! Use a printed table runner to hide the contents of your shelves! Plus, the design itself will add a further stylish edge to your room.

This is also an easy hack for covering under-bed storage areas, or even under shelving units.


I used the hand embroidered table runner to hide my internet and electricity cables.

DIY Under Bed Storage


(Photo Source:

When storing bits and bobs under the bed, it doesn’t have to look ugly! Invest in some stylish, wooden crate boxes to give your bed frame an industrial edge. Opt for boxes in a wood that is the same shade as your bed frame to avoid unsightly clashes.

If your boxes end up a slightly different shade to your bed frame, add some printed pillow covers to your bed in the same shade as your new storage boxes.

The Bookshelf Hack


Book shelves filled with old classics add a little bit of class and culture to every home. But if your books weren’t, ahem, books? For an easy, and really safe, storage space, glue old book spines to a large box.

This is a fantastic space to store keys, passports and everything valuable.

Extra Bathroom Storage


(Photo Source:

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house that always needs a de-clutter! And with your bathroom drawers bulging, how on earth are you expected to find your bobby pins or nail clippers?

Take a cue from this ingenious hack and add a magnetic strip to the side of a bathroom drawer. This is the perfect place to store all of your essentials that would normally get lost in a sea of ‘stuff’.

De-clutter Your Garden Shed


(Photo Source:

Gardening is far much more fun when your tools are organized! De-clutter your shed by installing a simple rack made from PVC pipes.

Laundry Storage


(Photo Source:

The space between your washing machine and tumble dryer can totally be utilized! A small, pull-out shelf is the perfect place to store cleaning products and other necessities.

Happy de-cluttering!


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Trendy Dining Table Decor Ideas For Small Tables

Finding trendy dining table decor ideas can be a bit of a struggle, especially when you own a small kitchen table. Pinterest and home decor magazines are jam packed with inspiration from large tables. I hate to break it to you world, but not everyone owns a ten seat, ‘Mad Hatter’ style, dining set!

Got a small kitchen table? I feel you. As a relatively new first home owner, my partner and I eat our dinner on a second hand four seat. It isn’t exactly glam, it isn’t the trendiest thing in the world, but hey, it gets the job done!

It’s time to turn your small table into a hip dining destination! Using the cutest decor pieces, I have transformed my tiny table into six different on-trend table decor layouts.

Get your small table at the ready, it’s about to have a makeover!

The Trendy Boho

table decor idea boho on trend

Who doesn’t love marble and funky, tribal patterns? This table decor is so on-trend that it is almost a cliche!

The best thing about it, is that it can be edited to suit any home decor palette! Simply switch out the colorful table runner to one that compliments your abode.


The way that the red table runner pops from the predominately white accessories is so stunning! Succulents and small, marble shapes are a wonderful way to add detail to a small dining table without it looking swamped.

Keep your table decorations to a minimalist, bohemian theme to ensure it looks streamline. Think chunky shapes, cacti and geometric prints and you’re on the right track!


My puppy, Nala, loves her new ‘den’!


To add a further element of style and comfort, I dotted my seats with the stunning exotic oriental throw pillows. That’s one way to sort out uncomfortable chairs!

Products used: Damask style elegant table runner in red, exotic oriental pillow covers in coffee brown.

Rose Gold Accents


Rose gold is set to be a huge home decor trend for 2017! Combine rose gold accents with cottage-like neutrals and nature-inspired prints for something that feels immediately like home.

To make the place markers, I folded the floral paisley placemats into chic triangles, than dotted with marble coasters. Using fruit or faux fruit is a fabulous way to compliment the stunning embroidery.


If this table layout didn’t already make you feel fuzzy inside, I added some fairy lights in a jar. This accessory alone made my table a force to be reckoned with!


As well as being fantastic to drink, wine can also look really elegant in a fruit bowl. **Wink wink**

Products used: Jacquard floral table runner in gold, floral paisley placemats in beige

Welcome To Bollywood


Minimalists: overt your eyes! This one is for the color-lovers and the gypsy souls! Whether you dream of the exotic East, or even plan to throw a Bollywood-themed dinner party, this is for you!

Bollywood is an abundance of color, so don’t feel shy to clash to your hearts content! The slightly warm edge of this purple table runner works really wonderfully with the red place mats.


If this table had feelings, it would feel like a freaking Princess right now!

I added a chandelier style candle holder and crystal glasses for something really glam. Yes: those are statement necklaces hung on the candle holder! There are no rules and I think that jewelry really can be used as table decor.

Products used: Exotic oriental table runner in purple, hand embroidered placemat and runner set in red.



If this doesn’t make you want to eat healthily, I don’t know what will! Succulents make fantastic center pieces, so why not adorn your entire table runner with their green goodness?!


I used a variety of real and faux succulents here. I then used sweet potato runners to weave them together. The greenery really brings out the stunning khaki shades in the floral paisley place mats.


When going for a large amount of plants or table decor in your center, keep the rest of the table neutral and simple.

Products used: Hand embroidered table runner in beige, floral paisley placemats in beige

By The Seaside














Summer may still be a few months away, but that doesn’t mean seaside decor shouldn’t make an appearance! Pops of blue, natural materials and fun characters make this table decor a little bubble of happiness in your home.


In order for a look that combined authenticity and fun, I added terrariums dotted with shells and a wooden fish and boat.

Rather than using place mats, I used a piece of coral and a large shell to mark each table place.


Keep your table on the right side of tacky by opting for pale blue tones and neutrals. As fun as turquoise may seem, it may place your table decor in childish territory.

Product used: Chic jacquard table runner in sky blue

Which table layout is your fave?


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