8 Steps To An Instagrammable Dorm Room

A College dorm room is pretty much like a student budget: you make do with what you’ve got!

But how would you like your dorm room to be like The Ritz in comparison to the rest of your student halls?

Here’s 8 steps to an instagrammable dorm room….

Make your bed a work of art


(Photo source: byshnordic.com)

If your dorm room was some sort of plastic crown, the bed would be the jewel at the center. So go on… polish that jewel!

Opt for a cute bedding set, then make it your own with knitted throws and an abundance of statement pillow covers.

Add live greenery


(Photo Source: society19.com)

Chances are that your college dorm room has the tiniest, most pathetic window known to mankind.

Rather than depending on that dusty window as your one source of fresh air, why not add some natural air filters.

Before you panic over the potential expense and ugliness of air filters, we’ll let you know that we are talking about plants here!

All biology majors will know that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, meaning more fresh air for you to help you sleep, study and survive! Plus, they will help get rid of any nasty college smells such as sweaty socks, old plates and wet towels. Hey, we can’t all choose our roommates!

But I killed a cactus when I was 15, I hear you say. Here is the plants that even the most forgetful of students can keep alive:


(Photo source: laurenconrad.com)

Add mason jar storage


(Photo source: sheskindacrafty.com)

Ban Traditional Storage and opt for cute, pastel-hued mason jars.

An Instagrammable college dorm room would never contain a dollar store pencil holder or a see through pencil case **shudders**.

Grab some vintage mason jars and paint with pastel or metallic paints for an on-trend and cute effect.

Add a runner to an ugly desk or furniture

Chances are that the furniture that comes with your dorm room isn’t exactly going to be stunning.

Hide that hideousness with a cute printed table runner!

These table runners will add an on-trend vibe to any college dorm room:

Exotic oriental table runner, jacquard floral table runner, hawthorn leaf table runner

Make your desk a talking point


(Photo Source: bloglovin.com)

How many times have you drooled over Instagram snaps of desks, planners and pretty stationary! Your college dorm room is the perfect place to put all of this inspiration into play.

Go for a streamlined Scandinavian style with a wooden lamp, faux flowers and a pin board.

If you feel inspired you’re more likely to complete that dreaded essay! Plus, who doesn’t want a pretty place to streamline ‘Pretty Little Liars’ on Netflix?

Create a chill out nook


(Photo source: dig-mid.blogspot.nl)

Your dorm room is one room (really Sherlock?), so make it more homely by creating little ‘areas’ within it.

A chill out nook is a wonderful way to create a space just for relaxing. No work allowed here! Best of all, it only requires a few printed pillow covers and a bit of elbow grease.

Create a stunning, bohemian style nook with these printed pillow covers:


Floral embroidered pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover

Hang some fabric


(Photo source: ladyscorpio101.com)

The worst thing about college dorm rooms is that you can’t paint over that vile yellowing white wall.

That’s where hanging tapestries or throws come to the rescue!

Hang bohemian printed mandalas, pretty fabrics, or even table runners, over any area of your wall that needs a little oomph!

Get crafty with your lighting


(Photo source: instagram.com/urbanoutfitters)

Lighting is a great way to add mood and character to your dorm room.

Go for twinkling fairy lights or cute hanging pendants to make it look ready for the ‘gram.

Word of warning: stick carefully! Blue tack marks will land you in trouble.

Want more dorm room inspo? Check out these stunning bohemian dorm rooms.

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5 Quick And Easy Ways To Update Your College Dorm Room

Students: Raise your hands if you’ve enjoyed your parents slaving looking after you during the semester break? Thought so. Unfortunately, it will soon be time to swap the egg nog for exams and the beer for books. Yep; it’s time to return to college.

If the idea drains you of all happiness, why not turn that frown upside down and give your dorm room a fresh, trendy and easy makeover. Cos hey; home decor is so much more fun than studying….

1. The Cosy Corner Mural


(Image Source: isforthehome.com)

Making those plain white walls look anything but boring can be quite a challenge. Painting and drilling could result in you loosing your deposit and we all know that would be tragic!

Luckily, you can get a full-blown feature wall whilst creating no actual ‘damage’. How? I hear you ask? Introducing the hanging wall mural! Simply whack this baby over your bed for an instant snug vibe. Opt for an on-trend, bohemian print, such as the exotic silk scarf to have the trendiest room in your student halls! Plus you can totally wear this silk scarf once you move out!


If one statement wall isn’t enough for you, why not drape bohemian print table cloths off your ceiling too! The sturdy fabric of these hand-embroidered Indian beauties ensure that they will have just the right amount of curve.

(Photo Source: dormtrends.tumblr.com)

The ornamental embroidered table cloth would make a great choice!

Ocean Blue

2. Put A Cushion On It!


(Photo Source: collegefashion.net)

Give your bed a quick update by adding some colorful cushions. Plush: they will make your bed even comfier. And as we all know, your dorm bed can never be comfy enough!


Above: Paisley leaf pillow cover & jacquard floral pillow cover

If your content with your bed, why not create a cosy reading nook by pilling up some cushions in your fave corner. Add some candles and say hello to your new fave study spot!


(Photo source: interiorsonline.com.au)

Black & Gold

Above: Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover & floral embroidered pillow cover

3. Update Your Bedding

This one’s a no brainer, but changing your bedding set can really change the atmosphere of your room. Also, with a new bedding set, you will have to make your bed, which, in turn results in a less cluttered room and thus a less cluttered mind. Win!

Don’t know which color to choose?

Psychologists believe that turquoise enhances the clarity of the mind. So why not invest in a turquoise bedding set and see if your grades improve? You’re welcome!

Above: Hand painted duvet cover set
For an even quicker update to your bedding, why not use a printed table runner as a bed runner? Plus: if you get bored of it you can just move it to your desk for an instant change-up! Cos…well… it’s important to keep that mind active!

P.S. Purple is said to be linked to creativity: great for you arts majors!

Above: Exotic oriental table runner

4. Light It Up!

Fairy lights are a cheap and easy way to turn your dorm room into a magical abode. We’ve searched Pinterest far and wide, and here’s our twinkly favorites:


(Photo Source: lights4fun.co.uk)

This twinkly canopy is made for those late-night Netflix binges, erm, we mean study sessions! To re-create drape a white sheet on your ceiling and secure behind a pin-board behind your bed. Then attach a single row of fairy lights. For an extra sparkle, create your draping using the hand embroidered table runner.



(Photo Source: stnkrbug.com)

How pretty is this sparkly photo display? Luckily, it’s super easy to re-create and won’t leave any marks on your dorm room wall. Simply take a row of string lights and zig-zag across the wall above your bed, securing with blue tack as you go. Next, get on those social media channels, choose your fave photos, print and attach.

(Photo Source: wayfaringstranger.tumblr.com)

If you just want a subtle fairy glow, rather than a full on rave, this simple, yet stunning fairy light frame is for you! Simply secure your fairy lights in a square shape around your favorite poster or picture.

5. The Instant Rug



When we say rug, you probably think expensive? Wrong? A printed, round tablecloth makes a cheap and stunning rug! Perfect for covering up those cheeky wine stains!

Above: Hand embroidered round table cloth

Hope you enjoyed our trips! Happy decorating (and studying, of course)!


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