Bohemian Bedroom Ideas For College Dorms

Bohemian bedroom ideas for the dreamy college girl with the #GypsySoul.

Calling all college babes: you spend waaay more room in your college dorm than you think! From sleeping and ahem, napping, to studying, to chilling out, to eating re-heated McDonald’s at 2AM, your college dorm is pretty much your entire home. So you know what would make your time at college a whole lot better? A cheeky dorm makeover.

By nature, a bohemian bedroom is dreamy and relaxing. So if you want to lower those stress levels, whilst making your room cute and on-point, keep on reading for some major inspo…

The Cool & Blue


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Ok, so the photo above is actually some chicks’ college dorm. Us? Jealous? Never! As well as that oh-so-cute blue Mac Book, this boho babe has kept it clean and soothing with a mixture of baby blue, navy and white.

The arrangement of the boho cushions immediately transform the bed into a functional ‘work sofa’. Hey: college dorms are small, so multi-functional spaces are a must!

The Dorm Ingredients

To recreate this luscious, blue, pop of goodness, you will need:

  • A printed blue bedding set. Paisleys and florals are most certainly welcome!
  • A variety of wall canvases and art works. Think dreamy scenery, dream catchers and inspirational quotes.
  • A string of fairy lights.
  • Faux hanging ivy.
  • 6-10 printed boho cushions. We suggest these beauties (they come in sets of 2- BOOM!):

Ocean BlueBlueGoldYellow

Left to right: floral embroidered pillow cover, ornamental embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover

The Hippy Hidaway

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The best thing about this bohemian bedroom is that everything can be purchased from a thrift store! Check out how good those hideous, standard, dorm room drawers look: yes really! This bunk bed provides a perfect basis for a hidden sleeping area underneath. All you need to do is cover it up with a mandala wall hang. There’s being disturbed by your night owl room mate instantly sorted!

Best of all, the top bunk makes a really cool ‘living area’. Simply add cushions and throws and voila!

The Dorm Ingredients

  • A mandala hang
  • A hammock chair
  • An old sofa cover
  • Various cushions
  • Fleece throws
  • Fairy lights

If you can’t find a mandala hang, a boho print table cloth would make just as chic a cover up!

Ornamental embroidered table cloth

The Minimal & Neutral


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If you are after a more polished take on the bohemian bedroom, this one is for you! What this stunning minimalist boho dorm room lacks in color, it most certainly makes up for in texture. So get ready to embrace lots of fluff, knit fabrics and natural wood!

What makes this boho dorm room so appealing is the stunning mix of geometric shapes. The shelves are a great way to store pretties and those faux deer horns mean that your necklaces will never be tangled again!

The Dorm Ingredients

  • 2 x triangle shaped hanging shelf units
  • 1 x hexagonal hanging shelf unit
  • Shell chandelier/hang
  • Faux deer horns
  • 1 x knitted cushion
  • 1 x faux fur cushion
  • Faux fur throw
  • 2 monochrome printed cushions, we recommend:


Solid geometric pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover

  • Plain white or cream bedding. We recommend:

Hand embroidered 7 piece duvet cover set

The Wanderluster


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Whether you are a seasoned traveler, or you are just holding out for that gap year, this boho dorm room is what you’ve been dreaming about girl!!

With a colorful world map as the ultimate focal point, this dreamy dorm room picks out the colors from the map and pairs them with stunning cushions.

As the rest of the room is quite basic, this is great for all those ladies out there who want a dorm room that is #goals, but do not want to spend a fortune. All it takes is a world map throw and some colorful cushions…

The Dorm Ingredients

  • Plain bedding
  • A fringed cream throw or blanket
  • A world map wall hang
  • A dreamcatcher
  • A wooden arrow
  • 7 cushions, a mix of neutral and colorful prints. We recommend:


Floral embroidered pillow cover, paisley leaf pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover, paisley embroidered pillow cover

The Finishing Touches

Integrate these into your dorm room for something really special!


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Get some glue and faux flowers and make this statement mirror!


(Photo Source:

Crystals can make surprisingly nifty candle holders…


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Dorm rooms are often stuffy with no windows, making it hard for plants to survive. Cacti are hardy little dudes, so they are perfect for adding a bit of life to your room.

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How cute are these fringe wall hangs? What’s even more amazing is that you can make them yourself. See the tutorial here.

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