Vogue Covers Through Time: 1920s- Today

A lot has changed in the last 100 years, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s safe to say that the pre-World War One corsets worn by our Great Great Grandmothers are truly out of the window.

For over a hundred years, Vogue magazine has been a go-to mecca for fashionstas looking for the next big sartorial thing. So what better way to take a trip down fashion memory lane, than to look at Vogue covers through time.

Get out your notebooks: it’s time for a lesson in fashion history! Here’s Vogue covers through time from 1920s- today….



(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

The 1920s was when fashion really took a turn towards the modern. Out were the dowdy underskirts and heavy petticoats, and in was the sexy and chic!

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel changed history with the camisole dress, which become a stunning staple of ‘the roaring twenties’. This fashion daredevil even paved the way for women to wear pants (you go girl!)

Get The 1920s Cover Look

Of all of the Vogue covers we have featured, the 1920s style is perhaps the easiest to rock today. Grab a drop-waist printed sun dress, or layer a long top over an ankle length, pleated skirt. Finally, top it off with the floral paisley wool scarf.




(Photo Source: art.com)

This 1939 Vogue cover makes us want to get in a time capsule and launch ourselves into the French Riviera.

When you put the exact date into historical context, the cover takes on a whole new meaning, one that is almost haunting. Released just one month before the start of World War Two, it presents a relaxed, utopian stance, much in contrast to the utilitarian suiting of the 1940s.

Get The 1940s Vogue Cover Look

Luckily, this look could be completely replicated today without you feeling like you have a glowing idiot sign above your head.

All it takes is a white tee, vintage-style sunnies and a slither of hot, red lipstick. Tie your hair back in a high bun and smooth back with the exotic silk scarf.


(Photo Source: vintagevenus.com)

This resort-themed cover was surprisingly released in Winter. Perhaps the punchy, tropical prints acted as an escapism from war and depression.

Nonetheless, the giant sun hat and oh-so-40s high neck romper make this cover one of the most beautiful in Vogue’s history.



(Photo Source: whowhatwear.com)

Funky monochrome and an outfit that is more pretty than practical marks the start of ‘art fashion’.

The 1950s is synonymous with shapes, and this cover is a literal representation of that. An artsy, monochrome cover makes the reader concentrate solely on shape and texture.

Pointed ties and scarves resembling ties? Could this be the start of ‘boyfriend dressing’?

Get The 1950s Vogue Cover Look

With so many dramatic sleeves around this season, grab a slouchy black shirt for something effortlessly cool. Tie the artistic print silk scarf around your neck with ends pointing upwards. Layer the solid color scarf over the top and wear it long.



(Photo Source: flickr.com)

Twiggy with flowers painted on her face: does it get more 60s than that? Yes, it does! Add floral printed, faux-fur, ponchos and huge, plastic, floral earrings into the mix and you have the 1960s ‘love child’ trend in a nutshell!

The 60s was all about the wild and wonderful, with mini skirts, shift dresses and crazy prints all taking center stage.



(Photo Source: agnautacouture.com)

1970s fashion was immortalized by Bianca Jagger entering Studio 54 on that white horse. If anyone was the Queen of disco chic, it was her!

The 1970s were like the sartorial stepping stones between the flowy, flowery 1960s and the brash 80s. Wrap dresses, huge flares, floppy hats and maxi dresses were all born in this glorious era.



(Photo Source: voguegraphy.wordpress.com)

Loud and athletic are the two best ways to describe 80s fashion!

This decade was also the start of ‘The Supermodel era’, so it’s only fitting that Vogue would put Cindy Crawford on their cover. Her pink eye and lip makeup is perfectly matched to her headphones. The 80s was really about embracing all that chunky technology.



(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Remember when Supermodels graced the covers of magazines rather than celebrities? Before Kim Kardashian and ko (sorry, had to) were plastered all over Vogue’s pages, it was all about Naomi and Linda!

This famous cover marks Vogue’s 100th Issue and features some of the most prominent models of the era. Also, remember when everyone used to tie their shirts like this? The 90s was all about the midriff!



(Photo Source: vogueandcoffee.tumblr.com)

Kiera Knightley was such a 00’s ‘it girl’.

With the internet fast becoming the biggest source of fashion inspiration, actresses and singers became as known for their personal style as they were for their creative endeavors.

Vogue embraced this ‘fast celebrity’ culture by putting more actresses, singers and celebrities on their coveted cover.

What was your favorite fashion era?

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