The NYFW Street Style Looks To Copy ASAP

Ladies. watch and learn: this is how you dress next season courtesy of the NYFW street style stars.

The hit list? Lashings of stripes, baker boy caps, fanny packs (yes really) and ankle boots.

Here are the NYFW street style looks you NEED to copy ASAP….


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Dear wardrobe, please may you magically create the following: one Gucci fanny pack (yes really)

Yours sincerely, Rachel.



Red seems to be a major hit on the street style scenes this New York Fashion Week. We have major heart eyes for this gorgeous, double breasted red suit.

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Embrace hot red with our mixed print scarf



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Sophia Richie roars the fashion paps in a statement leopard print coat.

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Get on the animal print bandwagon with our pure wool animal print scarf


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Despite the on-coming chill of Fall, punchy tropical prints were still going strong on the NYFW street style scene.

Team a leaf print top and bottom in different hues for a real showstopping look.


(Photo source:

Forget the statement earring, we’re crushing on these statement sleeves. #FringePorn


(Photo source:

Does Chiara Ferragni ever get it wrong? With that Little-Miss-Moffat frilled floral dress and those tough biker boots, we think not.


(Photo source:

The silk neck tie is still going strong.

To make it the talking point of your outfit, go for a brighter scarf and style with dark, layered separates.

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The exotic silk scarf will pop from darker Fall and Winter garments.


(Photo source:

The basket bag may have been synonymous with Summer holidays, but don’t pack yours away just yet!

Team with a dark midi skirt and clean white shirt and give the basket bag a whole new twist.

For an even stronger Autumnal vibe, tie a printed silk scarf on the bag handle.


(Photo source:

It’s never too early to start on the sequins! Buy now and wear all the way through the silly season.


(Photo source:

Check mate! These ladies show that everything checked and tartan will still be huge for Fall.

Give a Summer dress an instant Fall makeover by adding a military jacket.

New York Fashion Week - Street Style - Day 5

(Photo source:

One set of stripes is never enough! Layer up pinstripes and finer stripes to create an optical illusion.

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Our stripe print scarf is made to clash with its stripey sisters!


(Photo source:

Move over one shoulder, there’s a new neckline in town: the one shoulder!

I’ll take that bag too please!


(Photo source:

Did somebody call these two fashion superheros to the rescue?

Stars, capes and shiny leggings are Wonder Woman inspired in the best possible way.


(Photo source:

When orange and green work right together, it’s magic!

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Give clashing a go with our solid print scarf


(Photo source:

This is the perfect way to layer up your Summer dresses and make them appropriate for the colder weather.

Which NYFW street style look is your fave? Let us know in the comments below.

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Fashion Week Print Trends A/W 2017

It’s official: New York Fashion Week is here! As the fashion editors and glamoratti arrive to see the newest collections hit the runway, we are glued to our Instagram feeds to see what the Spring/Summer 2018 trends have in store for us.

Wait a minute, let’s hit the pause button! Aren’t we just going into Autumn Winter 2017?

True, but the fash pack always likes to be one step ahead. **Cue images of Anna Wintour in sunglasses scouting the hottest bikinis in the midst of a snowy December**

As we eagerly anticipate next seasons trends, let’s take a look at the Fashion Week Print Trends for Autumn Winter 2017. After all, these are the prints we can rock this season. Read on for the Fashion Week Print Trends from New York, London, Paris & Milan that you can wrap up in this chilly season…


This one should barely come as a shock! After gingham has conquered our wardrobes for Spring and Summer, it’s time to hand the crown over to the prints darker and more Fall-appropriate cousin: plaid.


(Photo source:

Tory Burch gave the pajama trend an androgynous twist with the incorporation of ‘Grandpa style’ plaid on trousers, skirts and button-up shirts. Well, as Macklemore once said… “I wear your Grandad’s clothes, I look incredible…”


(Photo source:

Mulberry has become synonymous with plaid over the years. The quintessential English label paired plaid trenches with retro style rainboots. This is the epitome of English country chic.


(Photo source:

Dior’s prints were less Grandad undies and more ‘stolen from your rocker boyfriend’. Leather berets and oodles of texture added to the 80s rocker vibe.

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Geometric print scarf

80s Florals

Laura Ashley nerds, rejoice: according to the Fashion Week print trends, chintz is going to be huge. Floral prints were in abundance and were couch-ier and more Princess Diana-esque than ever!


(Photo source:

Balenciaga goes all out ‘Little Miss Moffat’ with a crazy amount of volume, pleats and a print straight out of an 80s rom com.


(Photo source:

Alexander McQueen’s florals are inevitably a more wearable version of this print trend. A Victorian-style dress and silky fabrics makes this perfect for rocking the PJ trend too.


(Photo source:

Since Alessandra Michele took the reigns at Gucci, the label has become known for paving the way in print trends. The Autumn/Winter 2017 collection saw plaid and country florals clashed to perfection.

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Spring roses wool scarf

Magical/ Mythical

From Disney to the Bible, the A/W 2017 fashion week print trends were inspired by the magical and the mythical.


(Photo source:

Alice & Olivia took cues from Biblical and mythological elements for these magnificent printed dresses and skirts.


(Photo source: fashionisers)

Mary Katrantzou’s prints look straight out of a Disney movie. As a matter of fact, these intricate and detailed prints are inspired by the hit Disney film ‘Fantastia’.

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Mystic branches wool scarf



(Photo source:

Etro’s patchwork pieces were a stunning conglomeration of retro prints and textures. The puffer jackets are a colorful way to stay warm this Winter.


(Photo source:

Alexander McQueen’s patchwork prints payed homage to the 70s gypsett. Rich red and black hues make this print a great option for Fall and Winter.

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Exotic print silk scarf

After more Autumn/Winter 2017 tips and tricks? Check out our tips on how to style a scarf for Autumn/Winter 2017.







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These Jean and T-shirt Outfits Are Borderline Genius

Ah…  jean and t-shirt outfits. They are about as original as a knock-off Gucci purse.

But before I go off on a sarcastic sartorial rant, I’ll let you in on a secret: jean and t-shirt outfits can be totally stylish.

In fact, it’s all down to how you style it. These thrown-together, on-trend looks show that there may be more to that humble t-shirt and jeans than you think.

Get ready to have your mind (and wardrobe) blown! These jean and t-shirt outfits are so darn cool, that they are literally borderline genius!


(Photo source:

Who knew that a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit could give boho style icon Vanessa Hudgens a run for her money?

Take this simple duo and elevate it by investing in high-waisted flared jeans. Go for an effortless slogan tee for that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed California girl look.


(Photo Source:

Who needs makeup, a fancy dress or high heels when something this simple can look so darn stylish?

Grab your trusty boyfriend jeans and white tee and add some spunk with a boho printed scarf. Add those sunglasses and you’re ready for shopping, lunch with the girls and everything in-between. What hangover?

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With jean and t-shirt outfits, opt for a printed scarf that’s  bright and punchy to elevate it. In addition, a red scarf and red lipstick will always work wonders. Nowget ready to watch the boys stop and stare…


From left: mixed print scarf, exotic silk scarf, tropical floral scarf

jean and t-shirt outfits with boots

(Photo source:

A pair of cute heeled boots and killer statement sunnies are really all it takes to turn a jean and t-shirt outfit into something spectacular.

Roll up those cuffs and let the boots be the talking point!

retro jean and t-shirt outfits

(Photo source:

Forget boho dresses and crochet, jeans and a tee can give you that coveted boho babe status this Summer.

A bright orange tee delivers all the tropical vibes, whilst wide leg jeans add some retro luxe to something super simple.

To further elongate the legs, add wedge heels or platform sandals.


(Photo source:

This creamy jean-y concoction really is all things bright and beautiful!

Play with subtle hues and pair cream or beige jeans with a white tee. Next, add a white printed scarf for something really special.

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Use the white base as a starting point and branch out into a stunning array of colors and prints.


Paisley floral scarf, paisley wool scarf, mystic branches scarf


(Photo source:

We honestly love everything that super blogger Sincerely Jules wears and this jeans and tee combo is certainly no exception!

A striped Breton tee is made for Summer. Add black heels and a cross-body bag for a look that will take you effortlessly from brunch to bar.


(Photo source:

This Gucci tee is giving us literal heart eyes! Recognize it? It has been seen on enough style bloggers and street style stars to fill Texas!

The lesson here is: grab a statement tee, add a simple, dainty necklace and work it like you’re Olivia Palermo.


(Photo source:

Ok… so a Gucci belt and a Celine backpack will make absolutely anything look good. However, we sincerely believe that the raw hem crop jeans and slides alone are a oh-so-luxe jeans and t-shirt combination!


(Photo source:

When in doubt, wear black!

A black tee and jeans will draw the eyes to those teeny subtle details that are so effortless, they almost look accidental.

Exhibit A: that tiny bit of fray at the bottom of the jeans. Exhibit B: that belt buckle. Exhibit C: those killer earrings.

We likey. We likey very much.


(Photo source:

If you’re concerned that jeans and t-shirt outfits are a bit too tomboy to by up your alley, we kindly ask you to overt your eyes to the street style shot above.

Bow heels and an adorable printed scarf make this outfit as girly as pink, lace-y, frill-adorned gown. Well…almost.

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A green silk scarf is a luxurious way to add a little bit of girly glam to this timeless combination.

Does your wardrobe feel as about inspiring as the inside of an empty paint can? Check out these slices of fashion inspo:

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Vogue Covers Through Time: 1920s- Today

A lot has changed in the last 100 years, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s safe to say that the pre-World War One corsets worn by our Great Great Grandmothers are truly out of the window.

For over a hundred years, Vogue magazine has been a go-to mecca for fashionstas looking for the next big sartorial thing. So what better way to take a trip down fashion memory lane, than to look at Vogue covers through time.

Get out your notebooks: it’s time for a lesson in fashion history! Here’s Vogue covers through time from 1920s- today….



(Photo Source:

The 1920s was when fashion really took a turn towards the modern. Out were the dowdy underskirts and heavy petticoats, and in was the sexy and chic!

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel changed history with the camisole dress, which become a stunning staple of ‘the roaring twenties’. This fashion daredevil even paved the way for women to wear pants (you go girl!)

Get The 1920s Cover Look

Of all of the Vogue covers we have featured, the 1920s style is perhaps the easiest to rock today. Grab a drop-waist printed sun dress, or layer a long top over an ankle length, pleated skirt. Finally, top it off with the floral paisley wool scarf.




(Photo Source:

This 1939 Vogue cover makes us want to get in a time capsule and launch ourselves into the French Riviera.

When you put the exact date into historical context, the cover takes on a whole new meaning, one that is almost haunting. Released just one month before the start of World War Two, it presents a relaxed, utopian stance, much in contrast to the utilitarian suiting of the 1940s.

Get The 1940s Vogue Cover Look

Luckily, this look could be completely replicated today without you feeling like you have a glowing idiot sign above your head.

All it takes is a white tee, vintage-style sunnies and a slither of hot, red lipstick. Tie your hair back in a high bun and smooth back with the exotic silk scarf.


(Photo Source:

This resort-themed cover was surprisingly released in Winter. Perhaps the punchy, tropical prints acted as an escapism from war and depression.

Nonetheless, the giant sun hat and oh-so-40s high neck romper make this cover one of the most beautiful in Vogue’s history.



(Photo Source:

Funky monochrome and an outfit that is more pretty than practical marks the start of ‘art fashion’.

The 1950s is synonymous with shapes, and this cover is a literal representation of that. An artsy, monochrome cover makes the reader concentrate solely on shape and texture.

Pointed ties and scarves resembling ties? Could this be the start of ‘boyfriend dressing’?

Get The 1950s Vogue Cover Look

With so many dramatic sleeves around this season, grab a slouchy black shirt for something effortlessly cool. Tie the artistic print silk scarf around your neck with ends pointing upwards. Layer the solid color scarf over the top and wear it long.



(Photo Source:

Twiggy with flowers painted on her face: does it get more 60s than that? Yes, it does! Add floral printed, faux-fur, ponchos and huge, plastic, floral earrings into the mix and you have the 1960s ‘love child’ trend in a nutshell!

The 60s was all about the wild and wonderful, with mini skirts, shift dresses and crazy prints all taking center stage.



(Photo Source:

1970s fashion was immortalized by Bianca Jagger entering Studio 54 on that white horse. If anyone was the Queen of disco chic, it was her!

The 1970s were like the sartorial stepping stones between the flowy, flowery 1960s and the brash 80s. Wrap dresses, huge flares, floppy hats and maxi dresses were all born in this glorious era.



(Photo Source:

Loud and athletic are the two best ways to describe 80s fashion!

This decade was also the start of ‘The Supermodel era’, so it’s only fitting that Vogue would put Cindy Crawford on their cover. Her pink eye and lip makeup is perfectly matched to her headphones. The 80s was really about embracing all that chunky technology.



(Photo Source:

Remember when Supermodels graced the covers of magazines rather than celebrities? Before Kim Kardashian and ko (sorry, had to) were plastered all over Vogue’s pages, it was all about Naomi and Linda!

This famous cover marks Vogue’s 100th Issue and features some of the most prominent models of the era. Also, remember when everyone used to tie their shirts like this? The 90s was all about the midriff!



(Photo Source:

Kiera Knightley was such a 00’s ‘it girl’.

With the internet fast becoming the biggest source of fashion inspiration, actresses and singers became as known for their personal style as they were for their creative endeavors.

Vogue embraced this ‘fast celebrity’ culture by putting more actresses, singers and celebrities on their coveted cover.

What was your favorite fashion era?

After more fashion history? Check out these scarf trends through time.

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10 Reasons We Want To Be Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid= the model of the moment. If you don’t believe me, turn to Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, who recently dubbed her ‘class president’ of the current flock of supermodel starlets!

If you thought her 5 + million instagram followers and bucket loads of high end campaigns were enough to have you totally team Gigi, there’s a plethora of other reasons why Gigi Hadid is our total girl crush at the moment!

Scroll down for 10 envy-inducing reasons that make us want to magically transform into Gigi Hadid…

10. Her ‘it’ Gang

What do beautiful and famous people do in their spare time? Hang around with equally beautiful and famous people of course! Then, they post it on social media for us mere mortals to oogle at and go green over! **Gigi, you have succeeded**


(Photo Source:

Gigi’s regular crew includes Taylor Swift and her infamous girl gang. Gigi even joined Taylor on stage in front of thousands of fans in Detroit during her ‘1989’ tour. As for the above photo, I want to get my girls together and jump with matching towels ASAP!


(Photo Source:

But the trio we’d really like to be part of? The it-girl-model squad! Between them Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid walk in hundreds of shows and are often seen hanging together in the front row. THIS is squad goals!

9. Going ‘Vogue Official’

While most of us let our not-so-significant friends know about our new beau with a (slightly cringey) Facebook status, Gigi announced her relationship with Zayn Malik through this Vogue shoot, shot by non other than Mario Testino.

I guess Facebook official is so 2009…



As if bagging total hottie Zayn Malik isn’t enough, Gigi then pulls him in for a cheeky kiss in this totally perfect gingham look. Me? Jealous! Never!



If me and my other half tried this I’d probably end up fractured. Nonetheless, this upside down, Vintage-y shot is totally adorable!

(Photo source:


A kiss with a view! Gigi and Zayn scream their relationship from the top of Naples.

8. She’s An Advocate For Body Image


(Photo Source:

Ok, so as far as the whole world is concerned, Gigi is one heck of a skinny minnie! I mean, seriously, she is a teeny size US4! But in the world of modelling, her curves have landed her a whole load of negative comments. Fellow models, industry experts and the general public alike, have put her success in modelling down to her ‘Beverly Hills Housewives’ stardom, ‘it girl’ status and rapidly growing social media following.

Fellow Victoria’s Secret model Blanca Padilla went even further stating; ‘if it was me with your same measurements going to a casting they would send me home to lose weight… Well, then, why do they love you? Maybe your millions of followers on Instagram might have something to do with it.’ Oh no you didn’t

What ever happened to women supporting women?

Despite admitting that she ‘used to cry when agencies told her to be thinner’, Gigi solidified her status as #TeamBodyPositive with an open letter on Instagram hitting back at critics:

‘Yes, I have boobs. I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I’m not asking for special treatment. I’m fitting into sample sizes. Your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body.’

Well, I know which lady would convince me and my curves to buy a garment! Gigi; we salute your curves!

Get The Look

To add a quick and easy tropical edge to your swimsuit look, use the tropical floral scarf as a beach cover up or sarong.

7. Her Slaying Street Style


(Photo Source:

I have to admit that I have never seen a photo of Gigi that put a horrific expression on my face and made me think ‘oh my gosh, what on earth is she wearing?’ Most on the contrary to past ‘it girls’ and their less-than-classy fashion choices (**cough** Paris Hilton), Gigi always manages to look classy, cool, on-trend and oh-so-effortless!

Double denim is one of Spring-Summer’s must have looks and Gigi’s look is totally on fleek! She combines a distressed denim shirt and slim fit jeans with polished brogues and a vibrant red scarf. Fashionistas take note: mixing denim washes is the easiest way to nail this trend!

Get The Look

Give your double denim combo a bit of pizazz with our exotic silk scarf. On trend, colorful and boho, Gigi would certainly approve!


6. THIS Is Where She Grew Up

Did you ever watch MTV’s ‘Cribs’? Well, Gigi’s childhood Malibu home is about to put all those naughties rappers to shame… (Sorry Ja Rule and friends)


Isn’t this the definition of classic elegance? Add a timeless, airy living room, lit by natural light, to those views and you’re talking paradise!

Get The Look

Grey jacquard and damask prints are always classy and timeless. Add some Hadid into your home with our jacquard print pieces:

Jacquard floral table runner

Damask throw pillow cover

Jacquard floral pillow cover


This is the kind of closet I dream about at night. I wonder how many of those handbags are designer? **swoons**


A bathtub with a view! The Hadid home sticks to a neutral palette of white-painted wood, cream curtains and wooden adornments.


(Photo Source:

A cosy, outdoor living room  meshes seamlessly into an aqua infinity pool and an outdoor fire. Bliss. I adore how the home is decorated in such warm and homely neutral tones. Stone, wood and marble make this decor truly stand the test of time.

On-trend details are added through bohemian print cushions and bright bouquets.

Get The Look

If we can’t have the infinity pool, at least we can copy the cushions! Combine the exotic oriental pillow covers in ocean blue and silver for this modern Malibu vibe.

Exotic oriental pillow cover

5. She ROCKS Every Shoot

Gigi is one heck of a model! We only have to open the latest copy of our fave glossy to see her doing her thing in editorial shoots and campaigns alike. Hey Gigi: How do we perfect that sexy, pouty, open mouth thing?

(Photo Source:

Cowgirl meets boho. This shot makes us want to leave the normcore trend far in the past and go completely maximalist! Fringe, prints, colors, accessories… we’ll take it all!


(Photo Source:

Hows this for killer curves? Gigi is flaunting what her momma gave her in this S Moda shoot. Combine a classic leather skirt with a sauce red shirt and retro lippie to be the hottest cow girl in town!

Get The Look

The red boho scarf inevitably makes both of these looks! Style your floral paisley silk scarf around your neck or over one shoulder to steal her style.

4. #HairEnvy

If there was some sort of hashtag dictionary, the phrases #hairenvy and #hairgoals should be accompanied by photos of Miss Hadid.

Exhibit A: Calvin Harris’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ music video. Just mute it, and it seems like some sort of high-end hair ad!


(Photo source:

‘How deep is your leave in conditioner?’ We’ll have what she’s having.


(Photo source:

Now that’s a hair flick!

3. Fronting 11 Vogue Issues

In her relatively short reign on the fashion model throne, Gigi has already managed to rack up a huge 11 Vogue covers. One things for sure, this beauties face can sure sell a magazine! If only my face was so symmetrical and cherub like…


(Photo source:

I adore Gigi’s Seventies style on this cover of Vogue Spain. Although we do recommend wearing a shirt when you recreate this Woodstock-worthy look, take cue from the faux fur jacket, camel pants and printed scarf.

Get The Look

Opt for an earthy toned scarf like Gigi’s; the perfect adornment for camel and tan hues. This geometric print scarf is perfect.

2. She Walks For The Top Fashion Houses

Although some have labelled her body ‘unsuitable’ for the high fashion runway, Gigi has hit back at the haters by being one of the most booked models of 2016 when it comes to fashions big shots. She is a favorite of Tommy Hifigure, Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, and of, course King Lagerfeld of Chanel!

And as the stunning runway shots below show, she is certainly no one trick pony when it comes to high fashion…

Gigi Hadid- tommy hilfiger

(Photo Source:

An exotic American beauty for an all-American brand. Tommy Hilfiger recently cited Gigi as one of his model muses and by this oh-so-cute shot, we are totally not surprised! The blonde bombshell exudes youthful innocence in this playful dress with a nautical twist.

Get The Look

If Hilfiger’s neck tie is a little bit too much of a burn to your wallet, our tropical floral scarf is just as sweet and feminine!


(Photo source:

A smouldering Gigi oozes sex appeal in Versace’s latest collection.

1. That body!


(Photo Source:

It is strange to admit that I sometimes picture her body when I’m working out? Toned, curvy and athletic, Gigi’s figure is a far more realistic aim than many of the very slim models that rock the runway.

Elle McPherson may once have been named ‘the body’, but I honestly think that this title now belongs to Gigi Hadid!

I’m welcoming in the fashion era of curves with open arms (and 50 squats!)

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