6 Snowy Scarf Looks To Steal

As Bing Crosby once said ‘the weather outside is frightful’. Don’t take his advice and snuggle up by the fire, get out and enjoy the snow-filled wonderland by copying these warm and wonderful snowy scarf looks…

The Nippy Nordic


(Photo Source: theweekendertravel.com)

Just because the snow begins to Fall, doesn’t mean that prints have to vanish from your wardrobe…Unleash your inner Viking with the ultimate fair isle clash!

Keep the pants simple and opt for black pants, leggings or thermals. It’s all about what’s on top!

Invest in a fair isle print blanket coat. Not convinced? Here’s three reasons why you have to:

  1. It’s perfect for that nonchalent look. Throw it over anything for an instant style (and warmth) injection.
  2. It’s this seasons go-to style! And has been seen on all the A listers, including Olivia Palermo.
  3. It’s SO SNUGGLY!

Got your blanket coat? Awesome! Add to your Nordic look with a clashing scarf. The geometric print scarf in brown has Scandinavian Helga written all over it!


The Arctic Olive


(Photo Source: modelsjam.com)

Once upon a time, khaki was reserved for the army. Skip forward a few decades and this earthy green tone dwells in every fashionista’s closet!

This effortless khaki look comes with a huge air of ‘thrown together’ to it. So if you want a look that screams ‘I woke up like this’, this one if for you!

Team your classic black pants with a graphic black and white tee or sweater. You know that awful waterproof jacket that’s hidden away for camping trips? You’re gonna need it! Tie this round the waist to add further dimension to the look. Plus: you can totally throw it on when it starts to rain or snow! Who needs an umbrella?

Top your layered masterpiece with a khaki parka coat. Then mix up your green game by adding an olive-toned scarf, such as the mystic branches wool scarf.


The Toboggan Tan


Although the name of this look may seem to suggest otherwise, this luscious Winter look does not consist of ten hours on a sunbed (on a toboggan). We are not that desperate to warm up.

There’s something so inexplicably ‘Wuthering Heights’ about this look that it makes us want to run amongst the ice-kissed heather on the British moors. Perhaps it’s the combination of earthy tones and rustic textures. Either way, screaming Heathcliffe at the top of your lungs is optional.

Begin by topping your black leggings or slim-fitting pants with the shoe of the season: the knee high boot. We suggest opting for a tan or chocolate brown hue. Next add a muted, aztec-print cardigan over a jumper or a plethora of thermal vests. Ensure your layering game is strong by topping with a faux fur gilet, or a plain tan sleeveless jacket.

A bare neck is certainly a no-no when it comes to Winter, so snuggle up in a statement scarf in a complimentary mocha tone. The abstract floral wool scarf and the striped print scarf are both stylish options to keep the chill at bay.

If you are feeling paler than a pile of freshly fallen snow, feel free to add some fake tan to top off this tan-hued look.

The Marsala Melt


(Photo Source: thissillygirlslife.com)

Next years Pantone ‘colors of the year’ might be the talk of the town, but let’s not forget about the color of 2015: Marsala.

This cute, snow-friendly, look incorporates maroons brighter sister to perfection. Want to rock the official color of 2015 this Festive period? Here’s how…

Opt for Marsala slim-fitting jeans or pants and layer over leggings or tights if the Mercury is super low! Tuck into Chelsea boots to ensure those tootsies don’t have to endure frostbite.

Throw on a white chunky knit. Note: please layer up underneath. Dressing in a sheer number like the chick on our inspo photo looks so darn cold! An suedette aviator jacket would really suit this look too, and hey, sometimes warmth is a priority!

Add another cheeky injection of Marsala with the solid color scarf in burgundy. Layer over a pendant necklace for a little pop of bling.

Opt for a rustic, leather shoulder bag. We reckon this lady is hiding extra layers in hers. Girl: I’m getting pneumonia just looking at you!

The Frosty Fringe


(Photo Source: refinery29.com)

Pretty and feminine, this look is a quick and easy Winter winner!

Grab your classic trench or beige coat and simply add a statement, Paisley scarf in Spring colors.

The floral paisley scarf is a beautiful juxtaposition to the falling snow.

For beauty bonus points, team your scarf with a matching statement lipstick. If you’re into all things classic, opt for a Marilyn-esque red. Alternatively, if new trends are your thing, this scarf will look incredible with vampy, purple lips!

The Hailstone Hipster


(Photo Source: cosmopolitan.fr)

Super blogger Chiara Ferragni is totally my girl crush, and she is certainly melting the snow with this hot get up!

This look deserves a little wardrobe raiding; trust me, you probably already have most of these classic, black pieces hanging in your ‘drobe! Time to get searching!

The first item on the wish list is charcoal slim-fit jeans, which Chiara has funked up with some patent baseball shoes. If the thought of having bare ankles literally gives you the chills, feel free to swap the sneakers for some black boots.

Next, throw on your fave leather or pleather jacket and top with a statement scarf. Although Chiara’s Louis Vuitton scarf probably cost enough to make my wallet cry, there are plenty of affordable options to wrap up in. The floral paisley scarf would really pop from this all-black look and is in the same color palette as Chiara’s!

Keep the accessories simple with a hipster twist. Go for a black, felt bowler hat; perfect for keeping snow hair at bay! Team with a vintage-inspired, patent shoulder bag in black.

I hope these looks manage to keep you warm this snowy season! ‘Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!’

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