Inside Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke’s Home

The Mother of Dragons can add Owner of Perfect Home to her long list of titles.

When she’s not donning a blonde wig and emerging from flames in the nude, Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke is conquering home decor goals in her perfect Venice Beach abode.

Today we play digital fly on the walls of Emilia Clarke’s home… and there’s not an unsullied room in sight!

The Outdoor Area

pool and outdoor area Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo source:

A modern Mareen perhaps? Game of Thrones references aside, the outdoor is the part of Emilia Clarke’s home that will haunt us in our dreams…


Those industrial walls, that greenery, those sofas and that blue pool. This is modern luxury in a nutshell.

A covered outdoor lounge area with a high ceiling and pendant lights makes a fantastic entertaining area. Printed floral and retro pillow covers add a little but of fun to this square and neutral area.

Get The Look

Uplift gray or beige sofas with pops of retro prints in sunshine yellow and luscious green.

Above: Jacquard paisley pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

The Library

library in Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo source:

Forget Sam Tarwell and the Maester’s library, Emilia Clarke’s home has a floor-ceiling library that would make any book worm squirm with joy!

A classic oak, expanding table and flocked grey chairs make it classically stylish. Don’t even get us started on those horse statues, they look like they have been taken straight off the set!

The Living Room

living room in Emelia Clarke's home


Is that dragons we see on that rug? House Targaryen represent!

The mild industrial themes are continued throughout the living room with exposed concrete floors and a cupboard spanning the length of the room.

We also spot some more medieval pieces here. A wheel? A chest? Perhaps Emilia is missing Westeros when she is not on set.

Surprisingly, this room may have just swayed our opinion on purple couches. This velvet lavender number adds to the regal qualities of the room.

Get The Look

Line an exposed floor with a printed table runner adjacent to the sofa.


The Saree border table runner may not be adorned with dragons, but its great for adding modern regal vibes.

The Bedroom

bedroom in Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo source:

Retro California vibes are in abundance here. However, we do think that Emilia could give this room a little bit of fire (excuse the pun). The psychedelic headboard isn’t exactly what we would expect, but it fits in well with the rooms 1970s vibes.

Despite this, the real saving grace of the room is the subtle, printed yellow bedding set.

Get The Look

Bring Emilia Clarke’s home, ahem, home with the subtle printed hand painted duvet cover set.

The Staircase

staircase in Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo Source:

This funky staircase looks like it could be leading to some sort of hidden art gallery. Despite this, we’d really like to see a dragon stomping down there.

Please note: we are well aware that dragons are fictional.

The exposed industrial wall and sleek glass panel make this staircase the perfect balance between polished and raw.

All we have to say is: Emilia, can we come and visit?

Love Game of Thrones? Check out the interior of Cersei Lannister aka Lena Headey’s home.


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Inside Game Of Thrones’ Lena Headey’s Home

We take a sneak peak into Game of Thrones star Lena Headey’s home.

Cersei Lannister has conquered the San Fernando Valley and she’s ready to gather her troops and move on.

Lena Headey, who plays iron-fist ruler Cersei, has just listed her Sherman Oaks home for sale. And although Lena Headey is ready to pack up shop and move her family across the narrow seas to England, we are still obsessing over her home.

Unlike the dark and dreary interior of kings landing, Lena Headey’s home is a bohemian mish-mash of styles inspired by Ibiza and France.

Winter may be coming, but Lena Headey’s home is like being on constant vacation.

More impressively, is the fact that that the British actress designed most of the home herself. Rather than calling in professional designers, Lena worked alongside builders to give her home an open, laid-back vibe.

Let’s take a peek inside Lena Headey’s dreamy abode…

The Pool Area


(Photo Source:

Bohemian elements such as a crochet hammock and mix and match parasols give this pool area is chic laid back edge. Bright tangerine sofas add to the retro vibes, whilst string lights add an edge of industrial glamour.

Although this pool may look like it belongs on the palm-fringed streets of Beverly Hills, Lena Headey’s home is in the surprisingly ‘average’ area of San Fernando Valley.

She told Dwell: “One of my oldest pals said it’s like the neighborhood in E.T”.


(Photo source:

The large and roomy outdoor area is perfect for entertaining guests. The Moroccan-print rug and striped cushions give the area that undeniable ‘vacation’ vibe. As a matter of fact, the feeling of a constant vacation is exactly what Lena was aiming for.

“I just wanted the house to feel like I’m on holiday. There are no goblets, but there are some wine glasses”, she told Dwell.

After swimming in her pool, Lena can enjoy her very own outdoor shower surrounded by real succulents and planters. This outdoor area gets an A plus for being unique!

Get The Look

PicMonkey Collage

From top left: damask style table runner, solid geometric pillow covers, floral embroidered pillow covers, elegant colorblock placemats

The Kitchen


(Photo source:

Lena’s bohemian-glam kitchen is pretty much the antithesis of King’s Landing. Stone walls have been swapped out for a funky ‘disco’ splash back, dreary candles have been replaced with glass pendant lights and that dreaded throne has been overthrown by some funky blue chairs.


(Photo source:

The stunning blue and white floor tiles were first spotted by Lena when she was filming Game of Thrones in Ireland and was browsing on Pinterest. Her builder searched high and low and eventually ordered the tiles from Sweden.

Lena describes her style as ‘mix and match’ and has found the pieces from her home from a range of sources. Strangely enough, the herringbone flooring was actually sourced from a Kentucky tobacco farm.

The Living Room


(Photo source:

The living room once again shows Lena’s impressive eclectic taste. Rustic bohemian elements are matched with a minimal palette to make something home-y and stylish at the same time.

The statement pendant light looks wonderful against the exposed beam roof. The abundance of square shapes in the rug, sofas and fireplace pulls the whole area together seamlessly.

Get The Look


From top left: jacquard paisley table runner, jacquard floral pillow cover, solid geometric pillow cover

The Bedroom


Lena keeps the bedroom simple and clutter free. The statement bed and rug are enough to make a statement alone.

Furthermore, the white walls and fittings enhance the rooms size, rather than making it feel boxed in.

Get The Look


From top left: hand embroidered duvet cover set, elegant dahlia pillow cover, modern two tone accent pillow cover, hand embroidered pillow cover

The Dining Room


(Photo source:

King’s Landing may have a spectacular dining hall, however, in real life, Lena likes to keep it cute and understated.

The starlet swaps regal hues for earthy woods and pops of greenery. Furthermore, she keeps the lines plain, simple and clean. She tells Dwell: “Visually, I like the simplicity of midcentury design. I like the lines of it more than the other styles you see here in L.A”.

Get The Look


From top left: floral paisley placemats,jacquard floral table runner, shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats, exotic Oriental table runner

Love watching Lena in the hit HBO series? Here’s 30 facts about Game of Thrones that will blow your mind.

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shocked goffrey game of thrones

30 Game of Thrones Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Warning: These Game of Thrones facts will cause inevitable longing for the new season.

Wannabe-Starks and Lannister lovers, rejoice! Game of Thrones is set to return this Sunday for it’s penultimate (sob sob) season.

While you count down the days and hum the theme tune repetitively to yourself, here’s some Game of Thrones facts that will make your jaw drop harder than the greatsword that beheaded Ned Stark…

1.Dothraki is an actual language that you can learn

A conversational Dothraki course was released in 2014.

2. There’s one episode you’ve never seen: the pilot

Yep: even die-hard fans will never feast their eyes upon the un-aired pilot that was apparently so awful, it never came to air.


3. Speaking of awful things, the part of Daenerys was originally cast to someone else

Tamzin Merchant was originally cast to play the part, but was replaced by Emilia Clarke after the unaired pilot.

4. The average episode costs $6 million to make

Which is more than we will earn in our lives, ever.

5. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, adopted her direwolf in real life


Ok… where can we get one?

6. In the book, Daenerys was 13 when she married Karl Drogo

Producers set is four years in the future as they thought the intimate scenes would be inappropriate.

7. The Stark kids are also waaaaay younger in the book

Bran, who is 7 in the book, was played by a 12 year old Isaac Wright. Jon Snow also would have been 14 or 15 in Series One. Erm… are we still allowed to find him hot?


8. King’s Landing is an actual place

It’s filmed in Dubrovnik in Croatia. No special effects were used.

9. Over 150 babies were named Khaleesi in 2012

All hail.

10. It’s the most illegally downloaded show ever

Ironic for a show with no pirates.

11. Sean Bean played with his own decapitated head on set

Finding the positive in having his character killed off.


12. The actors in House Stark have the highest combined social media following

Although Emilia Clarke has the highest amount of social media followers: a whopping 12.2 million.

13. George R R Martin himself makes a cameo

If you look closely, the author is a guest at Khal Drogo and Daenerys’ wedding.

14. Stannis is alive in the books

Perhaps the upcoming season will tell us his fate.

15. Catelyn Stark is Mrs Granger in Harry Potter

We knew we recognized her from somewhere!

16. Daenerys’ blue dress was designed to look like dragon scales

(Photo source:

Michelle Carragher hand embroidered the dress to give it its unique texture.

Get The Look

Rock this stunning blue hue with the solid color scarf.

17. Olly doesn’t exist in the books

Good. We hate him.

18. Ramsay could have been Jon Snow

Ok, let’s re-phrase that. Iwan Reon, who plays Ramsay, was almost cast as Jon Snow. Can you image it? We can’t either.

19. Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, has a song written about him

It’s by his sister songstress and is called ‘Alfie’. The video contains a very freaky puppet (don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

20. The title credits won an Emmy

Despite this, they still seem to be the longest credits in the history of television.


21. There was originally a bizarre love triangle between Arya, Tyrion and Jon

This is by far the creepiest of all of our Game of Thrones facts.

In George R R Martin’s original story outline, the trio were engrossed in a bizarre love triangle.

However, this detail was left out in later edits and eventually ceased to exist.

22. Maisie Williams almost missed the Game of Thrones audition

The actress was still in school and was about to go on a school trip to a pig farm.

23. Shireen is alive in the books

Why oh why did that horrible scene have to exist?

24. Jamie Lannister is Danish

Well, the actor is anyway. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was born in Rudkobing, Denmark.


25. And no, he is NOT Prince Charming from Shrek

Although Nikolaj looks pretty much identical to the Dreamworks cartoon character, he is not the voice of Prince Charming. Who started that rumour anyway?

26. The horse heart that Daenerys had to eat was a giant gummy candy

That apparently tasted like bleach. Despite this, we’re pretty sure it was better than an actual heart.


27. There is an official Game of Thrones rap album

Hardcore fans can get down to “Catch The Throne”, which includes tracks by Snoop Dogg and Big Boi.

28. Emilia Clarke was voted the sexiest woman alive.

And she has pretty great style on and off set.


29. The Turkish military banned the series

This was to protect young people in Turkish military schools from the explicit themes.

30. There’s 70 different ways to say Hodor

The actor playing the friendly giant came up with 70 ways to say the name, all of which expressed different emotions.

Game Of Thrones Inspired Decor

You’ve had the Game of Throne facts, now it’s time to bring the air of Westeros to your home! Here’s the products you need to embrace the regal, Medieval elegance of the series.


(Clockwise from top left: elegant color block placemats, ornamental embroidered table cloth, velvet table runner, game of chess checkered pillow cover, modern two tone accent pillow coverglamorous border table runner)

Which of our Game of Thrones facts surprised you the most? Comment below and let us know!



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10 Things We Can’t Wait To See In ‘Game Of Thrones’

WARNING: Spoiler alert! If you haven’t caught up to the end of Season Five, bookmark this page and come back when you’re all caught up!

When it comes to ‘Game Of Thrones’, I am like a twelve year old boy on ‘Halo’: Seriously addicted! And with Series Six premiering in April, I am counting down the days like Christmas is around the corner.

‘Game Of Thrones’ has proved itself to be one of the most successful shows in popular culture, with a whopping 8.11 million fans tuning into HBO to catch last years season finale.

But when it comes to the world of Westeros, what exactly are we nibbling our fingers in anticipation for?

Today we bring you ten things we can’t wait to see in Season Six of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Eeeek.. the anticipation is getting to me!

1. Where exactly is Daenerys?

The conclusion of Season 5 saw D on some random land surrounded by a circling of men on horses. Oooh! Hey D; where exactly are you?

After epic-ally escaping Meereen on-board her Dragon, our fave kick-ass female seems to have found herself yet another horseman tribe to tame. Will she ever make it to Westeros? Bring on a Cersei- Daenerys show-down!

(Photo Source:

Above: Daenerys’ and her dragon after they had banished slavery in Quarth.

Game of Decor

To bring an element of Daenerys’ conquered lands into your home, opt for ethnic and paisley prints in burnished oranges and reds. Compliment this with wooden or/and bamboo furnishings.

Above: Ornamental embroidered table cloth

Floral embroidered pillow cover

Hand embroidered brocade pillow cover

2. You Know Nothing, Jon Snow


(Photo Source:

Actually, it is us who truly know nothing. The end of Season Five left us fans in a total state when our favorite Stark was teetering on deaths door. **Blows nose in teary state**

After recruiting the ‘wildlings’ to the Night’s Watch army, his once loyal crew quite literally stabbed him in the back, completely sending viewers into a bamboozled state. How can such a key character be killed off at such an integral turning part of their story line?

But is he really gone for good? Some fans argue that perhaps the red lady Mellisandre will resurrect him from the dead. Others seem to think that he will come back as a white walker. Either way, Jon Snow is waaay too hot to kill off (shame on you HBO, killing the last good looking bloke left).

Melissandre: Please actually do some good and bring him back to life! Hey; we might even start to like you!

3. #GirlBoss


(Photo Source:

If there’s one thing I really admire about George R.R.Martin’s work, it’s that he represents such a range of strong female characters.

One brave and strong woman is Brienne of Tarth, who solidified her powerful status by avenging Renley’s death by killing the last remaining Baratheon, Stanus. Fingers crossed that Season Six will see a lot more of Brienne and her serious #girlboss ways!


4. Dorne


(Photo Source:

Ok…. we know that the Game Of Thrones cities are fictional, but there is something about Dorne that really floats our wanderlust boats. In other words, if we could literally hop into the books, this is the place that we’d really love to visit.

With a classic Mediterranean-meets-Moroccan vibe, we were surprised to find that the ‘real-life’ Dorne is actually the sunny Spanish town of Seville.

We are hoping that Season Six provides much more Dorne for our travel-hungry eyes. Ah… that turquoise sea!

Game of Decor


(Photo Source:

Bring out your inner ‘sand snake’ with this warm, earthy bedroom. For an East meets West feel, go for hand-embroidered detailing, subtle stripes and ethnic prints.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set

Exotic oriental table runner

Hand embroidered throw pillow cover


(Photo Source:

Although your view may not exactly be a Mediterranean wonderland, inject a little Dorish into your windowsill with vibrantly printed cushions.

Jacquard damask pillow cover

Paisley leaf pillow cover

5. Daenerys’ Outfits

After last seasons array of cape combos, we can’t wait to see what Season 6 will bring to the Mother of Dragon’s wardrobe. Whether in flowy, Grecian dresses or suited up for battle, Daenerys always looks oh-so-incredible. Let’s take a look at how she slayed the style stakes in the last seasons…

Game Of Style


(Photo Source:

Skirts over trousers are officially an in-thing and D rocks some serious layering here! Knee-high boots, pants, a dress and a matching cape all make up this catwalk-ready battle gear.

Get The Look

For an instant cape-shawl, throw the solid color scarf around your shoulders and tie at the front.


(Photo Source:

We are drooling over this silky, drapey Grecian number. To recreate this plunge neckline with an elegant cape, simply throw a scarf over each shoulder and belt at the middle.

Solid color scarf


6. Bran and The ‘Three Eyed Raven’


(Photo Source:

The second-youngest Stark boy and his supernatural story line was completely excluded from Season 5, making us think: ‘What on earth has happened to Bran?’ The end of Season 4 he was lead into a giant tree by some sort of pixie child. We like this supernatural element and are excited to rejoin Bran exactly where we left off.


7. Cersei’s Revenge


(Photo Source:

Surely  I don’t have to remind you of that intense ‘Shame’ scene at the end of Season Five? Left with zero hair, naked and covered in, ahem, feces, the finale of last season saw Cersei looking pretty darn angry! What do angry Lannisters do? Get even. And we are super excited to hear what evil plans this Queen has developing! **Muahaha**

Game of Style


(Photo Source:

Above: Exotic silk scarf

 8. Has Arya Gone To The Dark Side?


(Photo Source:

After betraying the ‘many faced god’ and killing someone out of her own vengeance, Arya Stark was last seen loosing her vision. Her ruthless killing under the training of Jaqen is waaay darker than the Arya we saw in previous seasons. It will be interesting if Season 6 will show her falling further to the dark side, or if she will redeem herself somehow.

9. The World’s Creepiest Love Affair


(Photo Source:

If you thought we were talking about Gilly and Sam, you better think again! We were referring to siblings and lovers, Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Before Myrcella’s death at the end of Season 5, we learnt that she in-fact knew about her mothers inbred affair. This brings to question: who else really knows? And will the can of worms that is their creepy incest finally explore for all to revolt at?


 10. Is Winter Finally Coming?


(Photo Source:

We’ve been hearing that ‘Winter is coming’ since Ned Stark first muttered the words back in Season One. Fast forward five seasons and the White Walkers still remain on the other side of the wall. I say ‘bring them on!’ After all, the un-dead make everything a whole lot more interesting!

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How To Look Like The Hottest Woman Alive

Move over Kim Kardashian; there’s a new hottie in town and this time she’s inspiring, empowering and undoubtedly beautiful. Not one for explicit paparazzi shots or diva behavior, it’s safe to say that this stunner is inspiring to women of all ages.


(Photo Source:

All hail Emilia Clarke, who has officially being named Esquire’s sexiest woman alive. The 28 year old was chosen for her multi-faceted sex appeal. Esquire commented that: ‘She manages to bring together a number of opposites, to make them natural: sweetness and toughness, emotionalism with a kind of cold-blooded determination.’ Sounds inspiring and empowering right? Long may she reign!

Not one to be inexperienced with crowns and titles, Emilia shot to fame through playing the Kalysses Daenerys Targaryen in hit HBO show ‘Game of Thrones.’ ‘The mother of dragons’ has been praised by men and feminists alike for her kick-ass attitude, whilst still remaining caring and understanding. In other words; Daenerys Targaryen is not a female stereotype, she’s a force to be reckoned with!

However, it’s not just Emilia’s acting skills and incredible beauty that have gained her millions of fans worldwide, she also has a certain sparkle when it comes to style. Want to be the Khaleesi of street style? Let’s take a look at Emilia’s hottest  looks…

Airport Chic

50987197 "Game of Thrones" actress Emilia Clarke arrives at LAX in Los Angeles, California on January 10th, 2013. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

(Photo Source:

Seriously: who looks this good after an international flight? Emilia keeps any signs of fatigue at bay through a bright and neutral look. Beat the post-flight dullness through a clean and crisp white blazer and pants combo. Then add a printed neutral scarf, such as the Paisley Wool Scarf in siver, to add a quirky vibe to an otherwise formal look. Perfect for snuggling up in on the plane too! If you suffer from dark under-eye circles, a pair of oversized sunnies wouldn’t go amiss either.

Summery Hues


(Photo Source:

We are loving this feminine and colorful look on Emilia. The simple combination of classic and timeless pieces makes it suitable for the office, drinks with the girls and everything in between. To re-create Emilia’s look, opt for a knee-length shift dress adorned with a handful of colors or prints. Then take one of these colors and make it pop with a statement scarf. This tangy, coral scarf has got me dreaming of summers on the Adriatic sea. No matter which color you opt for, the solid color scarf is a soft statement color scarf that comes in a rainbow of colors, so you are sure to find one that is the perfect fit for you.

To finish the look, stand tall in a pair of pointed mary jane heels in a neutral or soft silver tone. Keep makeup and hair soft and neutral like Emilia’s for that #IWokeUpLikeThis sex appeal.

Rocking The Red Carpet


(Photo Source:

When it comes to red carpet dressing, Emilia always opts for classic, Hollywood glamour. She looks sizzling hot in this deep berry plunging dress. This lady knows how to work her best assets! Check out how she’s highlighted her ultra-slim waist with an over sized ribbon belt. To add an instant waist to your next formal look, simply tie a silk scarf around your waist and you’re well on your way to the best dressed list!

Off-Duty Glamour


(Photo Source:

If one things for sure, it’s that Emilia is a fan of a classic and timeless staple. She combines a beautiful beige trench coat with thick black tights and beige heels for an effortlessly pretty look. Emilia has a talent for adding quirkiness to simple looks and with this look, she’s added a bright pop of color with this printed orange scarf. To inject instant sunshine into your winter look, try the Floral Paisley Wool Scarf in orange.

Daenerys Style

Let’s be honest, we love the mother of dragons’ style almost as much as we love her powerful attitude. From an array of dreamy and whimsical, Grecian dresses to tough-meets-sexy warrior gear, if there was any ‘Game Of Thrones’ characters’ wardrobe we would like to invade, it would be hers!


(Photo Source:

The first time we meet Daenerys, she is innocent, yet ethereal in this Grecian-esque wedding dress. Pair a flowy stone-colored maxi dress with an over-sized scarf draped over the arms. The mystic branch scarf would not look out of place in Westeros.

Game of Thrones (HBO) 2011 Shown: Emilia Clarke This is a PR photo. WENN does not claim any Copyright or License in the attached material. Fees charged by WENN are for WENN's services only, and do not, nor are they intended to, convey to the user any ownership of Copyright or License in the material. By publishing this material, the user expressly agrees to indemnify and to hold WENN harmless from any claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or connected in any way with user's publication of the material. Supplied by

(Photo Source:

We wouldn’t mess with this warrior! For an easy take on this undone bandanna-style top, simply tie the solid color scarf around your bust.


(Photo Source:

The latest season has seen Dany slaying the style stakes in matching cape and dress combos. To steal this fierce look, layer your favorite slit-dress over slim jeans and neutral suede boots.

Will you be stealing Emilia’s or Daenerys’ look? Let me know in the comments below…

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