9 Home Decor Mistakes To Avoid Like The Plague

Thought the plague was left in 16th Century London? Make these home decor mistakes and it could be dwelling in your home…

Here’s the home decor mistakes that you need to avoid like the plague.

1.Decorating Each Room As A Separate Entity

Imagine you’re walking into a home and are welcomed by a stunning bohemian-chic living room. You turn the corridor and see a 1920s style chandelier and shabby chic furniture. You walk into the bedroom and see a clean white space with a few modern cream furniture pieces. Confused yet?

Long story short, it’s important to imagine your home as one large book with many chapters. Although each chapter may vary slightly and build on the previous chapter, the overriding themes, characters and narrative voice remain the same.

Decide on an overriding theme, style, or vibe you want for your entire home, then build on this through the different rooms.

Decorate each room randomly and you’re left with a jumbled jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t quite fit together.

If you can’t decide on a home decor theme, check out our handy guide.

The home below has carried the neutral farmhouse theme through various rooms beautifully:


(Photo source: thriftyandchic.com)

2. Scrimping On The Details

When you’ve splurged on a large item, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest possible option when it comes to the smaller details. For example, combining $600 curtains with cheap plastic rods, or finishing off your new kitchen cupboards with cheap hardware.


Although you may think the small details go unnoticed, they will make the larger and more expensive pieces seem cheap and nasty.

On the other hand, a quick way to improve your home is by updating small details such as hardware, door knobs, taps and curtain rods.

Imagine how much this stunning marble kitchen would be ruined by cheap hardware…


(Photo source: maisondepax.com)

3. Wrong Rug Sizes

Pea sized rugs under sofas look utterly ridiculous. On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than a rug that is so huge it swallows up a whole room! A rug may be a relatively cheap decor piece, but choosing the wrong one is one of the most common decor mistakes out there!

If using a rug under a piece of furniture, opt for a rug that is larger than the piece itself. The rug should create an adequate frame around the furniture piece.

A perfect example is this bathroom rug below, which fits perfectly in the space between the bath and sink.


(Photo source: brepurposed.com)

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Our bohemian print table runners make great decorative rugs for those areas that need that little something extra.

SilverGolden Orange

From left: exotic Oriental table runner, Saree border table runner, hand painted deluxe floral table runner

4. Not Taking Location Into Consideration

A beach style home is going to look ridiculous in the middle of Manhattan. On the contrary, a farm style house is going to look ridiculous decked out like an industrial city pad.

Take your location into consideration and draw inspiration from this.

5. Too Match-y

Although we previously stated to run your theme throughout the whole home, it’s important that your home isn’t too match-y.

Rather than waffling on, we’ll let this photo do the talking:


(Photo source: hgtv.com)

Too much of one color, print or texture can be a serious eye soar.

Instead, add a varied palette, accent pieces and different textures to create an eclectic and welcoming look.

Our printed pillow covers are a fantastic way to add variation to any room.


From left: floral embroidered pillow cover, jacquard damask pillow cover, damask throw pillow cover

6. No Prints

Scandinavian minimalism may still be all the rage, but you can still nail this home decor trend with a few prints here and there.

Lack of prints will look boring, clinical and cold. And who wants that?

Here’s a wonderful example of how you can keep your decor minimal but still embrace prints:


(Photo source: liliinwonderland.fr)

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Solid geometric pillow cover, elegant dahlia pillow cover, jacquard paisley pillow covers

7. All Furniture At The Same Height

Some may think that furniture of the same height together is the way to go. On the contrary, it’s one of the biggest home decor mistakes out there! Furniture on one plane of vision looks flat and an make a room look smaller than it actually is.

Here’s a fantastic example of using different sized furniture to add interest:


(Photo source: bloglovin.com)

8. Bad Lighting

Even the most Pinterest-worthy room can be totally ruined by bad lighting. Avoid lighting that is insufficient, overly yellow or sickly.

9. Clutter

Clutter is literally the home decor devil!

Although many home owners think of clutter as ‘mess’, clutter can come in more organized forms. Common unsightly clutter includes too many ornaments or decorations, an overkill of photo frames, or simply too much furniture.

Stand back and assess each room and consider if there is enough clean space to keep it chic and tidy.

If you can’t bear to part with anything go by the old mantra ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Check out our hidden storage space ideas.


(Photo source: apartmenttheraphy.com)

Are you guilty of any of these home decor mistakes? Shop our range of on-trend Indian decor pieces to give your home an on-trend makeover today.

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10 Home Decor Color Combinations That Are Actually Magic

The home decor color combinations that are more magical than all of the Harry Potter films put together.

Home decor is a little bit like a painting; a tiny fragment may look dull, but it is the combination of colors and textures that make something truly breathtaking.

These decor color combinations may be unexpected, but they make a stunning statement in any home.

Get ready to be inspired!

Teal & Blossom


(Photo source: apartmenttherapy.com)

Deep and dusky teal look unexpectedly romantic with light blossom pink.

For a unique statement look, compliment a teal feature wall with light pink bedding and a light pink rug.

Alternatively, give a white-based room a new lease of life with a range of light pink and teal furniture and accessories.


From top left: Paisley embroidered pillow covers, Spring garden pillow cover, solid geometric pillow covers, Arabian velvet table runner

Navy & Walnut


(Photo source: mydomaine.com)

This kitchen is one of the most re-pinned decor photos ever and that’s undoubtedly due to this stunning navy and deep wood combination.

Navy kitchen cupboards pop whilst stunning marble surfaces make this kitchen sleek and on-trend.


From top left: hand embroidered table runner, shimmering spiral hand embroidered placemats, hand printed floral round tablecloth

Burnt Orange & Gray


(Photo source: designlovefest.com)

Burnished orange is a fantastic warming hue for Autumn and Winter. Steel gray is cool and contrasting and tones down this stereotypical Autumnal hue to make it suitable for the whole year.


Clockwise from top left: hand painted deluxe floral table runners, elegant dahlia pillow covers, exotic Oriental pillow covers

Navy & White


(Photo source: hotellook.com)

Navy and white is the ultimate recipe for nautical chic! Add pops of print for a home decor color combination that will never go out of style.


From top left: hand embroidered duvet cover set, ornamental embroidered pillow cover, hand embroidered throw pillow cover

Orange & Light Turquoise


(Photo source: jungalow.com)

Boho babes will adore this bright and beachy orange and light mint combination.

If decorating with prints, use neutrals such as gray and white to keep the room from looking too cluttered.


Clockwise from left: chic jacquard table runner, hand painted floral table cloth, floral embroidered pillow cover, vibrant throw pillow cover

Charcoal & Blush


(Photo source: adairs.com)

Deep charcoal walls are best reserved for the brave. However, if you want to take your room over to the dark side, add an angelic edge with blush bedding and accessories.


From top left: ornamental embroidered duvet cover set, Arabian velvet table runner, solid geometric pillow cover

Burgundy & Black


(Photo source: stylophileuk.com)

Black and burgundy may seem like a color combination that only Dracula would embrace, but as the living room above shows, it can look surprisingly chic.

Add super feminine elements such as floral prints to ensure that it doesn’t look overly Gothic.


Clockwise from left: hand embroidered duvet cover set and damask style table runner

Kelly Green & Emerald


(Photo source: we-are-scout.com)

Greenery is the shade of 2017, so mix up light greens and dark greens to create an on-trend and chic look.

Palm prints are another huge decor trend, so why not add them into the mix for a home that looks like a literal Pinterest board.


From left: jacquard floral table runner and elegant color block tablemats

Mustard & Brick


(Photo: instagram.com/satellitebohemia)

Mustard is one of those colors that many people avoid embracing in their homes. Despite this, when styled right, it can really work!

These velvet mustard sofas look fantastic against boho-print orange and red accessories.


Clockwise from left: hawthorn leaf table runner, jacquard damask pillow cover, glamorous border table runner, velvet hand embroidered pillow cover

Burgundy & Steel Blue


(Photo source: thestylishgypsy.tumblr.com)

Steel blue and white is a true minimalists dream. Add cheeky pops of burgundy into the mix for something interesting and unique.


Clockwise from top left: damask style elegant table runner, hand embroidered brocade pillow cover, damask throw pillow covers

Which of these home decor color combinations is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…

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10 Reason’s Lauren Conrad’s Homes Are Goals

Lauren Conrad has had us hooked since she first appeared as the tanned all-California highschooler on ‘Laguna Beach: The Real OC’. Over the years we’ve watched her wail her way through relationship turmoils,  fall outs with her BBFs (“I want to forgive you and forget you” anyone?) and don an enviable closet.

Now, at 31, the blonde bombshell is a multi-millionaire and business mogul. To add to this, she has a pretty impressive real estate portfolio for someone her age. And while the magic of Google (“searchgardium-lauren-os-aaaaa”) can’t give us an exact number of properties, we can concur that the babe owns or has recently owned a Beverly Hills Penthouse, a house in Pacific Palisades, a house in Brentwood Hills and one in Laguna Beach.

Now join us as we put on a bit of Natasha Bedingfield and drool our way through 10 reasons that Lauren Conrad’s homes are absolute goals…

The rest is still unwritten.


1.Her $6M mansion has an actual waterslide.


(Photo source: popsugar.com.au)

Jaw, meet floor.


Just when you thought that a hot tub and a large pool were enough, she goes and gets a darn tree house slide!

This gorgeous spot of paradise is part of Lauren’s Pacific Palisades abode, which is worth a reported six million bucks.

We can imagine her having heaps of fun in the sun with her hubby and baby here.

2.The living room is the epitome of ‘Cali chic’


Just when we thought that Lauren Conrad couldn’t be more dictionary definition ‘Cali chic’, we see this gorgeous living room.

With large wooden windows, leather couches and pops of boho goodness, her living room is more ‘fetch’ than Gretchen Weiners entire wardrobe.

As a matter of fact, if we had no morals we would just totally rob this room bling ring style.

But we’d rather keep our morals and just deck out our abode with these goodies:


Solid geometric pillow covers and paisley embroidered pillow covers

3.Her entranceway is prettier than our whole house put together


(Photo source: mydomainehome.com.au)

No lie: If we added all the prettiness of our abodes together and compared it to Lauren’s entraceway, it would fall short.


This stunning tiled archway welcomes guests to her Pacific Palisades home in the most stunning way possible.

4.She has a luxury bar. In her home.


(Photo source: instyle.com)

Mind blown.

Her Beverly Hills penthouse has its very own high-end bar equipped with black marble kitchen tops, gold taps and beautiful glasswear.

Jealous? Us? Never!

5.Her bathroom is like walking into a Pinterest board


(Photo source: mydomainehome.com)

It’s decked out with a stand-alone bath, subway tiles and a boho rug. So yep: it’s basically everything we’ve collected on Pinterest made into one drool-worthy room.

Get The Look

Black & WhiteRustic Orange

Hawthorn leaf table runner and hand painted floral table runner

6.Her office is what every #GirlBoss dreams of


(Photo source: instyle.com)

Who can forget Lauren’s hilarious days at Teen Vogue?



These days she’s her own boss and gets to work from this seriously dreamy office in her Los Angeles pent house.

Decked out with stylish, colorful furniture and a mixture of classic and trend pieces, this office offers the best of both worlds. We would totally eat, sleep and generally exist in here too.

Get The Look

Golden OrangeYellow

Saree border table runner and elegant dahlia pillow covers

7.Her Pacific Palisades mansion is straight out of Romeo & Juliet


(Photo source: popsugar.com.au)

We could easily imagine Juliet up on that balcony, or a Montague vs Capulet showdown outside this stunning, ivy-covered home.

8.This walk in closet


(Photo source: variety.com)

A round walk in wardrobe? Going to a balcony? It looks like Lauren has picked this straight out of fairytale!


Floral wallpaper and an antique-style couch make our inner princesses just scream!

Get The Look

Rustic Orange

Hand painted rectangular tablecloth and hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

9.This sea front view


(Photo source: zillow.com)

Lauren’s sea views from her Laguna Beach home were so pristine that her home may has well be on stilts and placed smack bang in the middle of the ocean!

10.She has NAILED minimalism


(Photo source: glamour.com)

Lauren Conrad’s kitchen is an absolute minimalist dream!

Pops of rose gold, black taps and subway tiles are all on our must-have list and Lauren has managed to put them all into this gorgeous kitchen!


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10 Stunning Ways To Style Red Home Decor

Red is one color that is known for making a statement. Despite the beauty and drama of this hue, many homeowners steer clear of red home decor, due to its overpowering nature.

However, when styled well, red can be a beautiful and uplifting statement to any home.

Here are 10 stunning ways to style red home decor in your home…


(Photo source: roomdecorideas.eu)

This is a fantastic example of how red home decor pieces can completely warm up a room.

The white walls and leather sofa have been given a modern, luxurious edge with detailed pillow covers, an embellished mirror and vases.

When styling red decor with dark leather, add some white or light pieces too to ensure it isn’t too dark.


(Photo source: laurelberninteriors.com)

We are all for a styling with color clashes and this printed blue and red contrast is undeniably stunning.

A piece of red furniture will make a great color pop against a printed wallpaper. However, it’s important to add solid white or neutral pieces to tone down the decor and keep it classy.


(Photo source: redohomeanddesign.com)

This minimalist bedroom has been given a sleek, bohemian edge with the addition of a red rug.

A statement red decor piece, such as a rug, or large throw, is a wonderful way to try out red decor in your home. Alternatively, dot smaller pieces, such as vases and photo frames around the room.


(Photo source: pinimg.com)

Once again, a red rug takes a Scandinavia-style bedroom and totally warms it up.

Mix red pillow covers in with gray and neutral ones to add even more red.


(Photo source: ourthrifdecor.com)

Once upon a time a red sofa would have made us cringe to our core. However, this perfectly styled red piece shows that it’s all about how you place your pieces.

The sofa seriously pops from the monochrome hallway and is toned down and given a retro edge with printed monochrome cushions.


(Photo source: decophotoblog.blogspot.com)

A red splashback stops this shiny white kitchen from looking overly clinical. Live greenery provides a further contrast and ensures that this stunning kitchen is home-y and comfortable.


(Photo source: sharonscrapbook.blogspot.com)

Much in contrast to the clinical white kitchen is this adorable farmhouse kitsch set-up.

A checkerboard print floor looks incredible against white cupboards and painted red walls. Pops of retro red prints throughout the kitchen are the perfect addition.


(Photo source: issuu.com)

Although this kitchen is choc-o-bloc full of color, it’s the red that really stands out.

A red printed splash-back and red cupboards may be too much for the faint hearted, but it works well in this colorful, bohemian kitchen.


(Photo source: eyefordesignlfd.blogspot.com)

This is the definition of ‘cozy red’! With Fall just around the corner, add red additions to your bed to warm things up.

Red, brown, beige and black work wonderfully together in this bohemian, Western-style bedroom. Alternatively, this palette is a fantastic option for Fall too.


(Photo source: bloglovin.com)

Plaid, chunky knits and brick red make us feel like we have been transported to a snug ski lodge.

Orange-toned reds look great in Fall or Winter palettes. On the other hand, scarlet and crimson are great for warming up your home decor for the cooler months.

Our Red Decor Picks

Red Table Runners


Red Pillow Covers


Red Place Mats


Red Tablelcoths


Red Bedding Sets


Looking to add color to your home? Here’s how to add pops of color to your home decor.

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Inside Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke’s Home

The Mother of Dragons can add Owner of Perfect Home to her long list of titles.

When she’s not donning a blonde wig and emerging from flames in the nude, Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke is conquering home decor goals in her perfect Venice Beach abode.

Today we play digital fly on the walls of Emilia Clarke’s home… and there’s not an unsullied room in sight!

The Outdoor Area

pool and outdoor area Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo source: housebeautiful.com)

A modern Mareen perhaps? Game of Thrones references aside, the outdoor is the part of Emilia Clarke’s home that will haunt us in our dreams…


Those industrial walls, that greenery, those sofas and that blue pool. This is modern luxury in a nutshell.

A covered outdoor lounge area with a high ceiling and pendant lights makes a fantastic entertaining area. Printed floral and retro pillow covers add a little but of fun to this square and neutral area.

Get The Look

Uplift gray or beige sofas with pops of retro prints in sunshine yellow and luscious green.

Above: Jacquard paisley pillow cover and damask throw pillow cover

The Library

library in Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo source: la.curbed.com)

Forget Sam Tarwell and the Maester’s library, Emilia Clarke’s home has a floor-ceiling library that would make any book worm squirm with joy!

A classic oak, expanding table and flocked grey chairs make it classically stylish. Don’t even get us started on those horse statues, they look like they have been taken straight off the set!

The Living Room

living room in Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo la.curbed.com)

Is that dragons we see on that rug? House Targaryen represent!

The mild industrial themes are continued throughout the living room with exposed concrete floors and a cupboard spanning the length of the room.

We also spot some more medieval pieces here. A wheel? A chest? Perhaps Emilia is missing Westeros when she is not on set.

Surprisingly, this room may have just swayed our opinion on purple couches. This velvet lavender number adds to the regal qualities of the room.

Get The Look

Line an exposed floor with a printed table runner adjacent to the sofa.


The Saree border table runner may not be adorned with dragons, but its great for adding modern regal vibes.

The Bedroom

bedroom in Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo source: la.curbed.com)

Retro California vibes are in abundance here. However, we do think that Emilia could give this room a little bit of fire (excuse the pun). The psychedelic headboard isn’t exactly what we would expect, but it fits in well with the rooms 1970s vibes.

Despite this, the real saving grace of the room is the subtle, printed yellow bedding set.

Get The Look

Bring Emilia Clarke’s home, ahem, home with the subtle printed hand painted duvet cover set.

The Staircase

staircase in Emelia Clarke's home

(Photo Source: curbed.la.com)

This funky staircase looks like it could be leading to some sort of hidden art gallery. Despite this, we’d really like to see a dragon stomping down there.

Please note: we are well aware that dragons are fictional.

The exposed industrial wall and sleek glass panel make this staircase the perfect balance between polished and raw.

All we have to say is: Emilia, can we come and visit?

Love Game of Thrones? Check out the interior of Cersei Lannister aka Lena Headey’s home.


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