Scarf Folding: The Ultimate Guide

If you were ever a girl scout, you will remember the hours upon of hours of torment, trying to perfect those ridiculous knots. I’ve got news for you girl: those skills and that patience are about to come in handy! Today, we are treating you to the ultimate guide to scarf folding.

Although scarves are often overlooked in the accessory world, they are undoubtedly one of the most versatile pieces out there. As a matter of fact, one pretty printed scarf can be worn hundreds (yes hundreds) of ways. We kid you not!

And we are all about getting the most out of our closet…

The Bow Knot


(Photo Source:

Ahoy there sailor! Although the phrase ‘bow knot’ may bring back memories of disastrous childhood fishing trips, we promise you, this one is easier than it looks!

Grab your favorite silk scarf and turn it into this on-trend, nautical pussy bow. This is the perfect way to dress up a plain t-shirt or add an on-trend bow to a button up shirt.

Fold This!

This look was made for nautical vibes! Get your sailor on and opt for a blue silk scarf. We think that our floral paisley scarf was made for this scarf folding concoction.

The Blanket Scarf


(Photo Source:

This one is perfect for beating that Spring chill. Wrap a large, wool scarf around to create oodles of volume and make a plain outfit totally pop.

This scarf folding option is also great for windier days when your scarf wants to blow off your neck and disappear into kingdom come.

Tie This

When creating the ‘blanket scarf’ look, opt for light wool or knit fabrics that are oversized. Our floral pure wool scarf is great for a Spring take on this look.

The Choker Square


(Photo Source:

With the 90s fashion revival still flying high, chokers are all the rage. But before you go ahead and spend your precious dollar, why not transform one of your smaller, lighter scarves into this cute tie choker?

To recreate, simply fold your scarf lengthways into a one-inch wide strip. Wrap around your neck twice and tie at the front. Then get ready to rock those 90s vibes. Kate Moss: eat your heart out!

Fold This

Smaller cotton or silk scarves are best for this scarf folding technique. Our exotic silk scarf will ensure you rock two trends in one: chokers and boho!


The Skinny Scarf


(Photo Source:

This effortless and long tied scarf has been seen on the street style circuit from New York to Milan. Lucky for us, it’s one of the easiest scarf folding techniques out there.

Begin with a skinny scarf, or alternatively, fold a thicker scarf until it is about two inches wide. Wrap once around the neck and pull the two lengths to the front. Take the lengths just above your bust and wrap around each other once. Take the underneath length and pull over the top, securing under a piece of the wrap knot made previously.

A Handbag!

Shock, horror! You can actually use scarf folding techniques to transform your neck’s BFF into a whole different genre of accessory! Mind blown.

Rather than confuse you with our waffling folding instructions, here’s a video on how to turn your scarf into a beach bag!


Fold This!

The bigger the better for this one! Opt for a large, wool scarf , such as our paisley wool scarf.


A Vest


Yep: we went there. If there was some sort of clothing Oscar for versatility, a scarf would win for sure! Simply take a large scarf and tie the ends into two loops and pull over your shoulders. Voila: a fabulous new layering piece for Summer!

Tie This!

Large scarves with pretty prints are a must! Get ready for Spring in style with our tropical floral scarf. This one is great to use as a beach coverup in Summer too!

The Double Scarf Wrap


(Photo Source:

Apparently, this nifty scarf tying trick was used by Grace Kelly to combine two of her favorite scarf styles! Simply take two small scarves, tie together, place around your neck and wrap around each other. Well, if it’s Grace Kelly approved…

Fold This

This double scarf extravaganza calls for two small scarves in complimentary prints or colors. We think that our striped print scarf in blue and green would look spectacular.

Ready to rock a scarf? Check out our beautiful range of printed scarves.

Want more scarf folding ideas? Check out these 10 chic ways to style a scarf.


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10 Chic Ways To Tie A Scarf

If you thought a scarf was simply a matter of ‘throw it around your neck’, I’ll stop you right there! In the world of the stylish, a scarf is not just a fashion accessory, it’s an endless source of self expression. In less waffly terms, there’s a whole lotta ways to tie a scarf that can add style and that little bit of quirk to your look. ‘Erm… so how exactly do I tie it then?’ I hear you ask. Fear not: I have searched far and wide, **cough** google, to find you the ten most stylish ways to tie your scarf!

So grab your fave scarf, pop yourself in front of the mirror and get ready to endure my mug for the next few minutes! It’s time for a scarf tying masterclass!

1. The French Knot


Fold your scarf in half so that it is one large loop.


Drape the loop over your neck and pull one loose end over and through the scarf loop.

Repeat with the other loose end.


Wearing Tropical floral scarf in berry

2. The Sailor


Drape the scarf around your neck, ensuring that one end is significantly longer than the other.


Wrap the long scarf length around once.


Wrap it around a second time.


Tie in a knot at the side. Ahoyyy matey!

Wearing Exotic silk scarf in berry

3. The Back Shawl


Drape scarf over shoulders and through the elbows.


Secure in a knot for an instant shawl.

Wearing Striped print scarf in red.

4. The Turtleneck


Drape scarf around neck, ensuring one side has most of the length.


Wrap around until both ends are short.


Tuck the excess scarf fabric behind your neck under the bulk of the scarf.

Wearing Floral paisley scarf in Autumn.

5. The Infinity Scarf


Begin with your scarf draped around your neck.


Make a DIY infinity scarf by tying both ends together.


Twist the scarf and place the loop over your head.


Wearing Solid color scarf in turquoise.

6. The Bandanna


Fold your scarf to create a square.


Fold in half diagonally to create a triangle.


Tie the two outer edges together and voila!

Wearing Solid color scarf in maroon.

7. The Boa


Pull scarf around neck from the back and cross around once.


Take one side of loose scarf length and twist it around the scarf around your neck. Do the same with the other scarf length, twisting around the scarf already around the neck.


Wearing Abstract floral wool scarf in brown.

8. The Parisian


Throw scarf around neck so that it’s cascading down your back.


Tie in a knot at the nape of your neck.


Wearing Exotic silk scarf in berry

9. The Braid


Knot your scarf around your neck.


Take the right hand side over the left and pull through. Repeat on left and right hand sides alternatively until there is no fabric left.


Wearing Abstract floral wool scarf in brown.

10. The Asymmetric Shawl


Throw scarf over one shoulder.


Wrap the scarf round your back and under your arm and tie.

Which way was your favorite? Did you manage to master them all? Let me know in the comments below…


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