How To Do Statement Wallpaper The Right Way

Statement wallpaper is back! But before you go ahead and pop all sorts of retro prints on every single wall of your abode, listen up. Statement wallpaper needs to be approached with caution.

If styled the wrong way, statement wallpaper can make your home appear cluttered, uncohesive and more dated than the back of your Nan’s attic.

However, when styled with class, statement wallpaper can add a fun, unique and uplifting edge to your home.

Here’s our guide on how to do statement wallpaper the right way…

Contrast With White


(Photo source:

Very vibrant wallpapers are the most fun, as this stunning palm print shows. Surprisingly, they are also the easiest to style.

When plastering your walls with a very brash print, keep everything else simple.

This tropical themed bedroom is a prime example of how to nail printed wallpaper. The white bedding and wooden table are simple, uncluttered and plain. The low-lying bed also ensures that the harsh print doesn’t make the room look too swamped.

However, all-plain, all-white everything is about as fun as a trip to the dentists. Keep it playful by adding fun accents in colors that appear in the wallpaper. This toucan cushion compliments the wallpaper and overall theme of the bedroom perfectly.

Enhance Less Occurring Colors


(Photo source:

Print clashing with statement wallpaper can be trickier than parking a car in a blindfold. The general rule of thumb is: find a color that is less occurring in the print and enhance it with a simple print.

This geometric bench highlights the pink of the flamingos in the wallpaper perfectly.

Get The Look


Do a fancy clash with a simple print. The jacquard paisley table runner is a simple print to enhance underlying tones in any printed wallpaper.

Go For Monochrome


(Photo source:

When in doubt, go for monochrome! The absence of color in black and white decor is a sure-fire way to avoid any unsightly clashes.

Keep the furniture in block black or white sections to ensure that the wallpaper really stands out.

We adore the combination of the retro printed wallpaper and modern matte black vanity in this bathroom.

The rounded mirror also enhances the stunning print.

Get The Look

Compliment monochrome statement wallpaper with white or black accessories.


Solid geometric pillow covers and hand embroidered table runner

Create Layers


(Photo source:

In theory, floral wallpaper, a blue sofa and printed pillow covers sounds far too much. However, as this photo proves, it’s all about how you style it.

To add interest to statement wallpaper without overpowering it, think of your living room as having layers. If you wish to add other detailed items such as multiple colors or prints, ensure that there is a block color in-between.

This living room cleverly layers a blue sofa in front of the floral wall, then adds extra color and pattern through printed pillow covers.

Get The Look

Pink, brown and yellow pillow covers really enhance this blue sofa.

YellowCoffee Brown

Damask throw pillow cover, hand embroidered throw pillow cover, hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

Try Bohemian Vibes


(Photo source:

If you love statement wallpaper and prints and patterns in all their glory, boho decor may be your home’s calling!

The best aspect of bohemian decor is that you can mix and match as many prints as your heart desires. However, it pays to have a method to the madness.

Notice how the floor of this living room is mainly orange toned, whereas the walls and sofa are gree-blue toned? This color chunking technique ensures that the room doesn’t look too crowded or messy.

The orange printed pillow covers ensure that the hues of the floor are complimented at eye level.

Get The Look

Orange, turquoise and brown hues seamlessly blend the statement colors of this living room.

GoldOcean BlueSilver

Vibrant floral throw pillow cover, floral embroidered pillow cover, exotic oriental pillow cover

Combine Scandi Prints With Pops Of Color


(Photo source:

Monochrome Scandinavian prints are some of the easiest to embrace in your home!

Add vibrant pops of colorful furniture to make the room truly come alive. Keep the rest neutral and the result will be stunning!

Combine Retro Prints & Soft Hues


(Photo source:

With retro floral prints comes images of country cottages, shabby chic and all things vintage.

Embrace these quintessential elements by pairing retro floral wallpaper with soft and demure tones and textures.

As the stunning bedroom above proves, the colors don’t necessarily have to appear in the print itself. However, keep your base tones beige and it will look effortlessly vintage chic.

Get The Look

Demure baby blue and beige will compliment country floral statement wallpaper beautifully.


Hand painted duvet cover set, paisley embroidered pillow cover

Embrace Opulence


(Photo source:

Nothing was ever too much for Marie Antoinette! Embrace regal opulence and team statement wallpaper with lavish and luxurious details.

Chandeliers, embroidery, draping and 3d florals will add to the opulence of any printed wallpaper in a demure palette.

Get The Look

Compliment the hues of your wallpaper with lavish embroidered details.

Hand embroidered duvet cover set, velvet sparkle throw pillow cover

After more print-spiration? Check out these rooms that are decked out in on-trend palm print decor.


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15 Stylish Ways To Use A Table Runner

On first glance, table runners may seem to be limited to fancy dinner parties, dining table-scapes and the odd picnic, but do not be fooled! These items are absolute gold when it comes to decorating! What if I told you that there were five stunning ways to use table runners in your bedroom alone? Yep: you got it!

Whether you want to uplift your lounge room or add a colorful edge to your office, here’s 15 unique and stylish ways to use a table runner. So get those table runners out of your linen closet and have a go at recreating some of these!

In The Bedroom

A Boho Wall Hang


Who needs a fancy bed head when a table runner can create just as stunning an effect? To recreate this look, blue tack your table runner above the center of your bed, securing with blue tack all the way down.

For my room, I used the exotic oriental table runner in purple and complimented with hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold.

A Runner For Your Vanity


A retro-print table runner will finish off your vanity to perfection! Plus: if you spill makeup, you can wash it and not sacrifice ruining your wooden furniture.

I gave my dresser a shabby-chic edge with the jacquard paisley table runner in purple.

A Bed Footer


You know the ugly part where your mattress meets your bed stand? Hide it with a table runner. Simply tuck in the top edge of the runner under your mattress for a regal look.

This exotic oriental table runner gives your bed that luxury edge.

A Bed Runner


A table runner is a cheaper alternative to a defined bed runner and looks almost identical.

I clashed this mandala print table runner with my mandala print bedding for a look that’s oh-so-boho. The hand embroidered pillow covers in black and gold adds some extra boho luxe.

In The Living Room

A Statement Throw


Break up a long or square sofa with a printed table runner. Compliment plain sofas with vibrant patterns, or tone down an overly-brash sofa with a solid-colored runner.

Keeping in line with the beach theme of my living room, I lifted my knit-grey sofa base with the suitably oceanic chic jacquard table runner. I injected a bit more tropicana with a stunning pair of floral embroidered pillow covers.

Ocean Blue

A Messy Shelf Hideaway


We all have that shelf in our home that is choc-o-block full of absolute random junk. If it’s things you really do need, you can hide it away from eager eyes with the simple addition of a table runner.

The chic jacquard table runner hides mine and my partners mess to a tee!

A Sofa Topper


If you want to add a simple embellishment to your sofa, add your runner to the very top!

I kept things simple and creamy with the hand embroidered table runner and made things a bit more boho with a jacquard damask pillow and a jacquard paisley pillow cover.


A Furniture Makeover


This old set of drawers NEEDS to go! But until we can afford a stunning TV unit, this chic jacquard table runner makes it look far more presentable!

A Rug


Me and my partner are not exactly electricians, hence the huuuuge, whopping, argghhh-look-at-it power cord running all the way down the room. What cord, I hear you ask? Well, this one has being chic-ly masked by the jacquard floral table runner. Yep: they make great rugs too!

A Breezy Window Blocker


Long, tall windows are about as 80s as Tina Turner’s hair. Give them an oomph by hanging a table runner over them. Extra points if your runner is an exact fit to your table!

The hand embroidered table runner lets the light through, whilst minimizing the chance of neighbors seeing me in my bloomers.


In The Kitchen


Our kitchen table isn’t exactly as hot as Channing Tatum. But with the simple addition of the deluxe floral table runner, it’s a fair Zac Efron.

Rustic Orange

Everywhere Else

A Boho Nook


A chill out area next to an office may seem crazy to you, but I adore it! Create a simple, but stunning, boho hangout by attaching and draping runners from the ceiling or walls.

To create my nook, I draped the embroidered floral table runner across the corner and highlighted with the jacquard floral table runner. The exotic oriental pillow covers really complimented the burnished color scheme.

A Hallway Rug


Before the addition of this damask-style elegant table runner, my hallway was about as interesting as a broken kettle.

A Chair Topper


Believe me when I say that you do NOT want to see this chair sans runner. A printed runner and pair of printed cushions are a comfy way to upgrade your office chair!

This ugly duckling became a swan thanks to the floral embroidered table runner and exotic oriental pillows! Pssst- spot the cute tissue box cover!

Rustic Orange

A Beanbag Cover


It’s official: you can throw a table runner on any cosy area and make it instantly look chic! The jacquard floral runner makes this beanbag look expensive!

Time to get those runners out and let the fun begin!




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Brown Decor: Beautifully Neutral Or Totally Dated?

One of my first home decor memories was my parents less-than-gorgeous sofas. Velvety in texture and in a hue that represents something you’d rather not see in a public toilet, these sofas ingrained a negative view on brown decor into my brain from a very young age. But in fairness to my parents, it was the 90s and tacky grossness was all the rage. Brown chintz anyone? **Shudders**

Whether you lived through the 70s obsession with everything brown, or had a love affair with brown decor in the 90s, this is inevitably one trend that is love-hate. So how exactly can brown decor look classy? Today we talk you through this tricky tone and answer the question; is brown beautifully neutral or totally dated?

What To Avoid


70s plaid decor

(Photo Source:

This room looks like a Burberry knock-off store exploded into it! Unless you want to feel constantly trapped in 1975, I would strongly suggest giving brown plaid a miss! Whilst were on the subject of everything that is so wrong with this decor, do NOT decorate an entire room in the same print. Just looking at this room makes me feel like I’m stuck into a roll of retro wrapping paper!

The Orange-Yellow-Brown Trio


(Photo Source:

Nothing says dated like the tacky trio of orange, yellow and brown. These warm tones make an unsightly clash and cheapen any wooden furniture, not matter how expensive it was. If you love orange and yellow, go for pops of chartreuse and compliment with lighter toned wood.

A Brown Overdose


(Photo Source:

As fabulous and classy as wood can look, too much dark wood can look a little strange. The muddy-looking kitchen above is a not so glamorous concoction of mahogany hued chairs, dull brown walls and an overly-wooden kitchen.



(Photo Source:

Just when you thought chintz couldn’t be anymore hideous, someone goes and adds brown to the equation. I beg you: please do not recreate the above look in your home.

How To Style Brown

Now that I’ve utterly terrified you with what not to do, here’s how to take brown and turn it into neutral home decor goodness.

Clean & Boho


(Photo Source:

Brown furniture and accessories can look incredibly stylish if contrasted with clean white walls. The room above uses brown accessories with a slightly nomadic vibe, such as the tasseled wall hang and the wicker vase. Brown is a wonderful color to use if you want to decorate  in a bohemian style, but still keep it minimal.

Get The Look

This trend is all about contrasting neutrals! Off-set a white wall with brown boho prints and light-mid toned woods.

Velvet floral embroidered table runner

Exotic oriental table runner

Mix Plain Brown Shades


(Photo Source:

Once upon a time I was convinced that all brown walls screamed Seventies. Until I saw this neutral bedroom. The cool, almost gray hue of the walls make it toned down and subtle, whilst the lighter and darker pops of brown stop it looking too uniform.  But the key to this look has to be the lack of patterns, and recurring square like shapes and blocks of neutrals. When mixing wood and fabric, make sure you use different tones, like those in the bed runner and bed head above.

Get The Look

Add a clean brown edge to white bedding with brown pillow covers.

Solid geometric pillow cover

Go For Rustic


(Photo Source:

Upon glancing at the photo above, ugly is the last word that would come to mind! That rustic, wooden wall cleverly combines shades of cool brown with lush gray tones. The gray tones are then brought out again in the bedding, with the brown tones being beautifully complimented in the wooden bedside table and beige carpets. The pop of ocher and the pot stag heads really add to the rustic vibe too. This is brown done Scandinavian style!

Get The Look

Compliment a brown wall or floor with cool gray bedding and a pop of muted color.

Hand painted duvet cover set

Brown Sofa

And now for the big one…. that dirty brown sofa! Can a brown sofa ever look classy, expensive and stylish? Although there was a fair share of ugly living rooms, the internet also plays host to some surprisingly stylish brown sofas!


(Photo Source:

The boho living room above has cleverly separated the dark brown floor and sofa with a statement cream rug and a complimentary throw and boho print cushions.

Get The Look

Go for an Oreo contrast of dark brown and cream! Make your sofa more 2016, less 1976 with some cream printed cushions.

Hand embroidered brocade pillow covers

The Verdict

So brown… is it totally dated or can it actually look lovely and neutral? As shown by the hard evidence above, brown can really add to your home decor, but it certainly needs to be approached with caution!



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A Beginners Guide To Feng Shui

Did you know that Feng Shui has been around for 3,000 years? So it must work right? Working on the balance of various energies, Feng Shui can give your home that little positive uplift that it really needs for the new year.

Literally translated, Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’, which are associated with good health and good fortune in Chinese culture. The ancient Chinese Tao culture placed an emphasis on ‘chi’ (energy flow) and believed that certain spacial arrangements resulted in a positive ‘Chi’.

Fast forward 30 centuries and Feng Shui has become a popular interior design technique. Want to know how to give your home a Feng Shui makeover? Read on for my beginners guide…

Living Room


(Photo Source:

The living room is a yang (public) space, so it is best to use a rich and saturated color scheme. Treat your guests to a warm welcome with lashings of deep blue and saffron red. If your living room consists of neutral tones, add some instant warmth with deep blue and red printed cushion covers.

Above: Hand embroidered throw pillow cover & exotic oriental pillow cover

For a relaxed and social vibe, furniture placement is perhaps the most important element when it comes to your living room. Experts suggest placing sofas next to the wall furthest away from the door for a sense of security. Other chairs and sofas should be sat on the edges of the room and guests should not be able to see the back of sofas when they enter the room.

Square coffee tables should be avoided, as the corners that point at potential guests could reduce the positive energy. Opt for a round coffee table and give it an extra positive boost by adorning it with a red table cloth. The floral round table cloth would make a wonderful choice. Add your favorite vase to this focal point for happy vibes.

Feng Shui acts on a balance of the elements. Round and oval items, such as this coffee table, represent metal. Triangle items represent fire and squares, earth.  For the most positive vibe, make sure you use all of these shapes in your living room. A positive and energizing way to add squares is through mirrors. Mirrors are also a wonderful way to bounce light off small windows, increasing their energy.

Although your living room needs as much natural light as possible, not all windows equal positive energy. Windows opposite doors can in fact drain the room of energy completely. To allow them to let in natural light, whilst covering them up, I suggest using a light and airy fabric, such as a wool scarf.





(Photo Source:

The bedroom is a ying (private) space, so you should aim to create a safe and secure vibe.

One way to create balance is to have an equal amount of juxtaposing masculine and feminine elements to the room. Examples of this can include a wooden bed with a soft, velvet headboard or a hard, marble floor topped with a soft, woolen rug.

A quick and easy way to add some femininity to a wooden bed, is to add floral bedding. This hand painted duvet cover is feminine, but still neutral and calm.

Ensure your bed is extra balanced by making it accessible from either side and placing a bedside table on each side. Be warned though if your bed faces the door, you have actually being sleeping in ‘the coffin position’. If this layout is inevitable due to your room size, place a higher table at the foot of the bed.

Sorry to break it to you guys, but TVs, laptops and other electronic items bring in bad vibes. They bring in the energy of stress and are distracting and damaging to your romantic relationship.

Fresh air should also be at the top of your priority list when it comes to the bedroom. Make sure the room is well ventilated and use natural oils to enhance its freshness.

As for your color scheme, go for neutral ‘skin colors’ to promote good sleep and sexual energy. Neutral pillow covers are a must!


Above: Paisley embroidered pillow cover & hand painted deluxe accent pillow cover

Dining Room


(Photo Source:

Even if your living room and dining room are physically connected, it is important to seperate them in your decor. Despite them both being yang rooms, the dining room needs to possess a ‘lucky’ energy and needs to be free of televisions and electronic distractions.

Neutral colors with splashes of vibrant hues is a must, this creates more ‘ying’ than ‘yang’. For a balanced table layout, begin by adorning your table with the ornamental embroidered table cloth in beige. Next, add pops of vibrancy with the embroidered 7 piece place mat and table runner set. Earthy, green tones are the best, as they are shown to be the most appetizing.

As for the table itself, both round and rectangle shapes work well. The table is most effective whilst placed in the center of the room, allowing adequate space for those seated. If you opt for a square or rectangle table, balance it with a round rug.

For ‘lucky energy’ place a few large, green plants near the table. Placing fruits, plastic or real, on the table also adds luck. However, avoid dried fruits as they symbolize decay.

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